wallingford seattle


Dinner 1/ 2/2015: Musashi’s, 1400 N. 45th Street, Seattle, WA

Me: Chirashi bowl with unagi, salmon and tobiko.

The husband: Chirashi bowl with unagi, salmon and yellowtail.

Shared: Onigiri and spicy tuna roll.

If there’s three things you’ve got to know about Musashi’s, it’s these: long waits, cash only, and the construct-your-own, off-the-menu chirashi bowl.

You don’t actually build the chirashi bowl yourself, but you basically tell the waiter the kinds of fish you want and it will be made accordingly. If all you want is unagi, you’ll get a heaping bowl of rice and unagi, period. Best of all, it’s only about $12. Onigiri was OK - a bit on the dry side - and the roll was a nice supplement, though we probably didn’t need it since the chirashi was so substantial on its own.