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I have a genderfluid assassin oc raising Tsuna idea but. to write or not to write.This would basically be a reboot of my very first khr fanfic.

Title: Clematis: genus name of about three hundred different species of flowers.
(Etymology - Ancient Greek, “a climbing plant”). 

Summary: Rokujou Tsunayoshi took his first breath of life when Sawada Masako died at ten years old, an hour after her parent’s funerals. He was a quiet child, determined and eyes blazing-bright when he wasn’t clumsy and shrieking. A bit of a wallflower, fitting in everywhere and talking to everyone but never really quite close to anyone in particular. The most significant thing that everyone knew about him: he was dedicated to his very strange older brother. Rokujou Akito.

“I cannot be what the Vongola wants me to be, Reborn-san,” Tsuna said calmly, looking down at the Arcobaleno hitman. “They want a dead girl to be the wife of whoever wins the lottery of being the heir. I am not a girl right now. And even if I was, I would not want to be a wife.”

“Then what do you want to be, Tsunayoshi?” Reborn asked. He’d long learned that calling the teen “Masako” would earn no response.

Tsuna smiled at Reborn. “Whatever I want to be. And that and what the Vongola wants me to be will never be the same thing.” 

Tags: unfortunate misgendering, genderfluid OC, genderfluid Tsuna, slash in regards to ocs, distant parents that tried their best but accidentally assigned an identity-changing-assassin to take care of their kid, gen in concerns to Tsuna, because Tsuna has other shit to think of, confused Reborn, confused everyone.

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