If you find a lost wallet somewhere, skip lost+found, bring it to a bank branch that issued the CC's

They’ll be able to look up and contact the person based on their account numbers and you’ve got a much higher chance of getting it returned.   Lost my wallet a year or so ago by driving off from gas station after setting it on the trunk and someone returned mine to my bank, who called me right after it was returned.  

It’s a little more effort than just bringing it to an employee or manager of where you found it but you greatly increase the chances of that person getting their stuff back.  

Untitled #1514 by victoriamk featuring a chain wallet

T By Alexander Wang white shirt, 535 AUD / Giambattista Valli short skirt, 430 AUD / Lingerie bra, 175 AUD / Stuart Weitzman black sandals, 575 AUD / STELLA McCARTNEY chain wallet, 400 AUD / Forever 21 band ring, 11 AUD / Larsson Jennings white watch, 440 AUD / Michael Kors pom pom key chain, 53 AUD / MICHAEL Michael Kors tech accessory, 33 AUD
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Greasy as fuck.
Tired as hell.
I smell terrible.
My hands are blistered.
My right foot is burnt and cramped.
My wallett is near dry.
Definitely tired as hell.
Just rolled into town.
Work in half an hour.

10/10 would drive 15 hours again to have a weekend that fun.

Seriously though. So tired.

I want to shower and sleep so bad.


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