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Apps every SB needs:
•PayPal/PayPal here- here is a free card scanner that they will send you. I use my paypal for nannying so it’s a “business” account but if I ask for something and daddy doesn’t have cash or PayPal I can take plastic this way lol also, PayPal has a card that they can send you where your $ can actually be used off.
•Venmo- I really use this more with my friends than with SDs BUT this is an easy way to request cab $ or whatever and you can set it to private. Huge perk is customizable profile so you don’t have to use your real name. Also, this dumps into any account you want to add and doesn’t have any fees.
•Cash- this one I’ve only used once but it is also customizable so you can use a fake name and everything else. This one is for people who don’t want to download an app, they can pay online with a link through here.
•Google Wallet- hooks up to your e-mail (see: fake Sugar e-mail) and also gives you a card. This is another money transfer app that I like because if it’s using your sugar e-mail everything should be locked down and private and because having a card is nifty. This is the card I use to pay for flights that I’ve sent SDs through Google flights.
•Google Hangouts/Google Voice- you have to have google voice but hangouts allows you to send/receive pictures which is huge. You can also choose your area code with this which makes it a more “real” number than most other apps I’ve seen.
•SA- because while it’s salty as hell sometimes you find a good one, and it’s always good to stay online.
•Airbnb- I love this for when I’m traveling to be with my SDs, hanging out with friends, or in between travels. It’s also amazing because you can find last-minute rooms reasonably which is important if something goes awry with an SD/POT. I never would stay with an SD here and use these as my places to decompress that they don’t know about. & they’re usually super homey.
•Hotel Tonight- for when you’re traveling with your SD or for when you/your SD just can’t wait to get home. Last minute hotels as opposed to Airbnbs.
•Truecaller- search anyone’s number to see if they’re a real person/who they say they are! There are better sites for this but Truecaller ain’t bad.

Feel free to let me know if there are any that I need to add. I know I just reblogged some info about PayPal/Venmo/Google Wallet & SW that’s really helpful and important so check that out too.

Castle Ficlet: An Official Debrief 1/1 (Rated M)

So a little while ago I received an awesome prompt (which I’ve placed at the end), but as always, I was super slow in filling it. Once it was done, I realized I wanted to hold onto it until today’s Castle Pornado. To my prompter, thank you so much, Anon! I hope you enjoy this. And to everyone else, I hope this fits the bill Pornado-wise! 

An Official Debrief

Rated: M

Pairing: Caskett

“Well, guess this is it.”

“It doesn’t have to be. We could go to dinner, debrief each other.”

Her lip works its way between her teeth, the late afternoon sun bringing out shining embers of gold in her hazel eyes.

“Why, Castle? So I can be another one of your conquests?”

“Or I could be one of yours.” His smile deepens, one part naughty, one part hopeful. Energy has been building between them since she hauled him into an interview room, dancing at the edges of their senses, pushing, pulsing, eager.

He rocks on the balls of his feet, watching a gentle flush spread over her neck. She knows it, too, how phenomenal they could be if they just had the chance.

“Okay,” she clips, pushing on his chest with a slim finger. “Five minutes to finish up here, and you stay put.”

“Staying put,” he swears, pectoral thrumming where her finger jabbed.

“Mmm.” She lifts her eyebrows, spinning on her heel to join her fellow detectives. She knows what she’s doing to him, knows his eyes have slid down the line of her back to savor the gentle sway of her hips.

She’s driving him insane and driving herself a little bit crazy in the process.

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I was tagged by @analcoholic-grantaire ❤️❤️ thanks for helping me procrastinate my painting assignment 

 five things in my bag:

Some kind of food

A ball of yarn + crochet hook

 Tiny sketchbook

 five things in my bedroom:

My bedroom is boring because I only use it for sleeping but-
A wall tapestry from my weaving phase
 Way too many pillows
My husband, quite often
 A cool thing I did to organize my jewelry
 The laundry basket 

 five things I’ve always wanted to do:
Being able to support myself through my art
 Draw comics
 Learn how to play an instrument
 Stop being like this

 five things that make me happy:
Sunny winter days
Cloudy summer days
Literary any animal, except for bugs who invade the apartment
 When random people on tumblr send me nice/weird messages
When I draw/paint something I’m proud of

 five things I’m currently into:
Figuring out Procreate
 Recording videos of myself drawing
The raven cycle
 Audiobooks! All the audiobooks!
 Err.. les mis? That’s been going on for a while-

 five things on my to-do list: 

The painting I’m currently procrastinating

Stop being a baby and make a fanfic into a comic so I can learn how to comic
Painting more so my teacher won’t notice I haven’t been painting at all through summer
 All the many things I want to draw
Have another coffee

 I tag: @just-french-me-up (I know you don’t do these but shhh ily), @kvxtch, @montparnassee, @kirschtein-sexual, @petalprouvaire ❤️❤️


What if Cora didn’t protect Hook from the curse? She just prevented him from ending up in Storybrooke?

On FF.net  

Emma loved her apartment. Well, except maybe her front door. One night she’d stood outside for a full fifteen minutes trying to decipher the text and numbers so carefully designed by what she decided was an insane interior decorator, but could make no sense of it. Gibberish, plain and simple, about spells and curses. If it weren’t for the beautiful apartment that lay on the other side, it almost would have been enough to turn her off of the apartment entirely.

Oh, but once she’d opened the door it was all a different story. It was shiny and new, unlike anything else she’d ever had in her entire life, and it would all be hers. Her one true love: a spacious kitchen, floor to ceiling glass with a view, and hardwood floors. Oh, and a bathtub she could lose herself in for hours. She’d never had a home, but maybe this could become one? She worked hard to earn a good living, and spending money on somewhere she could relax and call her own was priority number one. She pictured herself coming home from long days at work running after god knows who, and kicking off her shoes, turning on the fireplace, yes, there was a fireplace, and relaxing with a glass of wine and a maybe even a book. When her application was accepted, she happily wrote the check for the exorbitant rent and moved her belongings in.

So last night when she got home and she went to start her long, long overdue laundry and found that her machine was broken, she felt betrayed by her one true love. And on her birthday too. That was the real kicker. Another banner year, indeed.

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