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RIP old wallet– quite literally since I had to actually rip it to get that shot of the spread.

I got a new one to replace it though!

Gonna miss having the USS Enterprise in my back pocket, but at least I get to show my DnD love.

Yo tumblr!  We’ve added some new tiers to Floral Frolic Kickstarter!  Including wallets!  They are pretty nifty- made from denim with lots of nice pockets!  We had debated about adding them as a tier, but everyone was really enthusiastic about our other merchandise, so we decided to go for it!  

You can pick them up on Kickstarter (and help fund our book goal!)  Or they can also be found on the etsys: here or here!

We hope you’ll like them, as well as the other updated tiers!

Go visit now!