waller is a bamf


I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think I finally figured out why these movies mean so much to me. This is going to long and rambling but I’ll do my best.

1. The relationship between Lois and Clark is so real and true. Not only do they show an older woman with a younger man, it’s okay that there is an age gap. For a long time, I thought it was weird when a girl was older than a boy and they were dating. Thanks to my sister and this movie, I’ve learned it’s okay. Additionally, they are so filled with love for each other. Lois gets a helicopter to make sure Clark is okay even when she knows she may not come out all right on the other side. Clark literally professes his love (slightly cliche) before getting killed. 

2. Women seem to be the center of the universe. Bruce is totally devastated by his mother’s death. He loves her and has such a strong connection to her that the mention of her name literally stops him in her tracks. Clark is a mama’s boy. He calls her for advice and sends her an engagement ring. Lois makes Superman, well, Superman. Amanda Waller creates Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman is a BAMF.

3. El Diablo. Look, I’m only 25% Hispanic but seeing a Latino on screen like we did in Squad (I won’t post spoilers) made me so happy to be Hispanic. They made his character so multi-layered. He wasn’t just typecast as the gangster or the drug dealer. He had real life characteristics and I can’t thank DC enough for giving us such an amazing Hispanic character. (The Spanish in the movie could use some work though).

4. They showed origins. Everyone knows the origin of Batman but no one shows it. We got to see how traumatic that was for Bruce. We also finally get to see why Supes doesn’t kill anyone. That is so vital to these characters.

5. The movies are dark and gritty. I enjoy Marvel movies because they make me laugh and everything works out in the end, but DC gives me the real life. They show me what superheroes and villains are really like and it makes everything worthwhile.

6. Diversity. I’ve had people ask me how DC is diverse when so many characters are still white. DC is trying to add POC into their films. They cast so many black, Hispanic, Asian, etc. characters into (some) roles that in the comics are white people. Seeing an Asian character and a Hispanic character and strong black men and women on the big screen is so damn important. Sure, these guys are bad guys but they show that there is more to them than just their deeds and the Justice League has 3 out of 6 characters as POC… Marvel has 0 out of 6.

7. Hope. Despite the dark, gritty tones of the movie, you feel hopeful at the end of every movie. At the end of MOS, that little smile Clark gives makes us feel protected and safe. At the end of BVS, the little heart beat makes us feel so hopeful. At the end of Squad, well you feel good. Every movie ends on an upbeat note despite the darkness of their reality.

8. Katana. I want more from this character and I really wish we had been given more of her, but she is everything. She is strong, smart, talented and still allowed to show emotions. She is grieving and yet she is still focused on the moment she’s in. And to see an Asian character as strong as her that isn’t stereotypical gives me all kinds of life.

9. Journalism. I’m a journalist and seeing journalism in action in two out of three DC movies is so cool. We get such a bad rap for doing (or not doing) our jobs and when movies cast us in a good light, it makes me happy.

10. They keep making movies. Fuck what the critics keep saying about these guys. I can’t wait for their films. Wonder Woman is going to break records. I’ll tell you that now. Thank you DC for being you.

Suicide Squad (Spoiler Review)

Okay. Where should I even start with this???


-The use of the music was amazing. All of their song choices worked very well, most of them fitting directly with all of the characters. I’m seriously gonna buy the soundtrack when it comes out.

-Harley, of course, was AMAZING. Just… Perfection. You can tell Margot truly loves the character and that she wanted to portray her as accurately as possible.
She was both fun and cruel, and she kept it pretty real with the squad about how they’re all bad guys and they need to “own that shit.”

-Joker, of course, was ALSO AMAZING. Truly great. I was still worried going into the movie that I wasn’t going to like his version as much as Heath’s, but he did a wonderful job. I just feel so terrible for Jared as about 80% of scenes (if not more) seemed to have been cut.

-I actually really liked Deadshot??? He was a little bit like “regular ol’ classic Will Smith” in some scenes, but he actually managed to be pretty funny sometimes. And the motivation he had to get his daughter a good education was great. And thEY FUCKING PLAYED “BLACK SKINHEAD” OVER HIS LITTLE AUDITION SCENE IN THE BEGINNING AND IT WAS SHEER PERFECTION F U C K

-Amanda. Motherfucking. Waller. What a true BAMF. Holy shit. She killed it. She was intimidating and brutal in literally every single one of her scenes. SHE LITERALLY CALLED ENCHANTRESS A BITCH AFTER SHE THREATENED HER!!!

-Boomerang is my shitty, garbage son. Fuck, I almost hate how much I loved him. He’s the true asshole of the group, you know? Also, him carrying around his stuffed unicorn named “Pinky” was just priceless. And when he just straight up left the fucking bar the second without hesitating the second Rick said they were free to go cracked the entire theatre up. Oh my god.

-Katana was a goddess, good lord. I loved that she was so ruthless and brutal in all of her scenes, but she let her walls down and got so emotional while talking to her husband. Awesome performance by Karen. I only wish we saw more of her.

-Croc was also great, but again, we really didn’t get to see much of him. His “I’m beautiful” scene was the best, and the makeup they used for him was just… incredible. Can’t wait to see more of him.

-Poor, poor Diablo. My child. He was so smol and pure. I completely felt for him and his reasons for not using his powers anymore and the flashbacks were haunting. I also loved when he decided to accept what Harley told him about them being bad guys and not being able to get happy endings like they saw in their hallucinations. I hope he eventually comes back to the DCEU somehow…

-Slipknot is… Well, he’s Slipknot. We all knew he was gonna be the first to go. He didn’t even get a backstory! Didn’t really get to see enough of him, but Adam’s performance was good.

-I liked Rick way more than I thought I would. He managed to watch over what was essentially a group of kindergarteners while keeping all of his emotions and feelings inside, not letting them know why defeating Enchantress was so important to him.

-I also didn’t really mind the relationship between him and June, though it felt kinda forced…

-Batman was awesome, as usual. It was really cool to see a new perspective where he’s actually seen as a scary jerk instead of a hero. And Flash’s cameo, though brief, was perfect, and I really hope we get to see him have a real battle against Boomer in the Flash solo film.

-June was a cool character, but I didn’t care much for Enchantress. Cara did a fairly good job for such a new actress though.

-The overall aesthetic of the movie was fucking great.

-Also, Harley calling Deadshot a pussy was iconic. I think they might be one of my biggest brotp’s coming out of the movie, tbh.



-Enchantress didn’t have much of a villainous motivation except for: 1) wake up my brother, 2) get my heart back, and 3) take over the world, which felt pretty generic.

-The editing felt sort of hard to follow in some places.

-I don’t like the jokes about mental illness. I know that- at least, in this version- Harley actually is mentally ill, but her saying stuff like “I’m off my meds” made me a bit uncomfortable as someone who knows what being on medication for mental health problems is actually like.

-They cut SO MUCH out. Mainly Joker’s scenes. Joker went from being in half the movie like people from earlier screenings said to being in maybe 15-20 minutes overall. And his entire role was basically done by the first hour and a half (maybe even just the first hour) of the movie until he came back in the ending.

-There were a few sexist and racist jokes (mainly from the guards) that I didn’t care for at all.

-Sometimes, the music did feel a bit out of place for the tone of the scene.


Anyway, that’s enough for now. I’m sure I’ll have more to discuss later. By the way, if anyone has any questions about the movie, feel free to send them in!

So….. SUICIDE SQUAD. I really liked. There are only two problems: they cut a lot of scenes (waiting for the extended version…..) and Will Smith is always so Will Smith, you know? (but, anyway, he had some nice scenes).

DO NOT COMPARE Squad with Guardians of the Galaxy or any other movie. They are villains, ok? Don’t say it’s a superhero movie, because IT’S NOT.

DO NOT COMPARE Jared to Nicholson and Ledger. 1- he didn’t have enough time on screen, but you can see he did his best. And 2 - this Joker was made for Harley and vice versa. Yes. Just accept. Go watch with open mind, because they changed some things about their story. 

Margot’s Harley is PERFECTION. She is funny, crazy, adorable and mean, all in the same time! And she is not a silly stupid blonde, she is not less than the Joker, they are a duo, a couple, a crazy couple. By the way, she was already a bad ass before turning into Harley. 

Harley’s transformation and Harley’s dream/illusion… oh my God, my favorite scenes! These scenes killed me!

Katana I want to see more of her. Killer Croc “I’m beautiful” is really nice. Boomerang is the funny guy of the squad. Enchantress, I actually liked her! She was scary as fuck! And I think Cara did a good job for a new actress. People are complaining the villain doesn’t have a “reason”, uh…? I’m sorry, I think you didn’t pay attention. El Diablo was more like a good guy. Slipknot…. uh…?Amanda Waller is a BAMF, she is the Devil (Flag says she is God, but… nope!), Viola was amazing!

I honestly don’t understand these critics. I’m not going to say the movie was PERFECT - maybe with all the scenes they cut could be perfect - but is not that bad at all! Come on! GO TO THE MOVIES! WATCH IT! HAVE FUN!

And the last scene (not the middle credits scene)…. OH. MY. GOD. I can’t wait to see what’s next! Because this DCEU is so well connected, and Suicide Squad left some “doors opened”, oh man… i CAN’T WAIT!