as promised

Mob Psycho 100 x Over the Garden Walls

Episode 3, featuring:

Kurata Tome as Ms Langtree
Alien Nelia (cough) as Jimmy Brown
The Telepathy Club male trio as animals of the school
Tokugawa as Mr Langtree

(character ideas for this episode courtesy of @onepunchmusical)

Entry #22

I think Mabel and Pacifica are dating.

I heard Mabel talking to Ford about his and Pacifica’s “anniversary”. And I know it’s not their friendship anniversary, because that’s in March. It may be a different anniversary. They’re really good friends, after all. I saw them wearing the same lipstick, except Mabel’s was kind of smudged. She’s never really been good at makeup. I don’t know, I’ll investigate it further.

Ford and Stan started telling us their plans for their next adventure. They’re going to Puerto Rico. Apparently that’s the place to go for weird land creatures. They’ll be leaving after the summer is over, so they can spend the rest of the summer with us.

I met a cute boy named Robert. We met at the pool! He’s deaf. I know sign language, though! I think I really like him.