About a year or so ago one of my friends in a computer class I took in my senior year of high school asked me if I could make an edit/edits where Wirt’s cloak is made of stars/galaxies.

I finally got around to making them just now, and here they are!


This will be the first storyboard I have shown from my storyboarding class!

For this assignment we had to pick a show a create a scene in these storyboard formats (we called them keyboards because they are not exactly storyboards but the frames that will be handed to the animator in a studio!)

So I chose Over The Garden Wall and created the events that lead to Beatrice’s bird state!

I would like to thank my good friend Sarah ( @jadebots ) for creating the curse the blue bird puts on Beatrice!<3

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Okay so I stumbled and watched this movie online the other day and…


Feature: SonderServo, a local pyrographer, and new partner-in-art

A local friend, Wade (@sonderservo​), approached me a while ago about using my works to practice pyrography with, and I sent him some pieces, and was -floored- by the results! His work is incredible, and with each piece he only gets better in technique and style.  

The photos don’t do these pieces justice. I got to see them in-person recently, and they make amazing wall-hangings and subtle, rustic pieces for decoration - a pretty large departure from my own loud and bright tendencies. 

We’re considering selling some of these at the table at C2E2 and any other conventions I find myself tabling at.  Keep an eye out for these, guys - they’re truly going to be a one-of-a-kind piece to take home, one I would never had thought was possible without Wade’s ideas behind them.  I’m inspired and awed!  Go follow him on Instagram, Tumblr, or Twitter! 

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Here are the Kingdom Hearts World Logos of several cartoons that is made by PortadorX from Deviant Art. Enjoy

Update! New stuff coming in so be sure to reblog again if you like.

me: ah, i’m glad i’m finally over that obsession i had awhile back

my brain: *kicks door down* buddy you’re not gonna believe this

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Steven Universe 

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Star vs The Forces of Evil

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Samurai Jack Season 5

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We Bare Bears 

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My Little Pony Friendship is Magic

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Rick and Morty 

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The Legend of Korra

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Adventure Time 

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Infinity Train

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Over the Garden Wall 

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Wander Over Yonder

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Danny Phantom 

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