Timeline where Dipper and Wirt don’t meet until they are career-driven adults.
Dipper achieves his dream of making paranormal investigation his life. He travels along the west coast in an RV with a small team of like-minded guys. Together, they investigate strange happenings and local legends. Dipper and the guys come across a small town that seems to attract the supernatural.
“Or maybe it’s just full of highly impressionable people,” one of the team remarks.
Because of the time they spend there, they catch the local media’s attention. Granted, this is just a small-town newspaper and new visitors get the top headlines. The paper sends out their newest journalist, Wirt Elwood, to interview them. How hard can it possibly be to get interesting answers out of ghost hunters?
Mr. Elwood finds it very difficult indeed. Their leader, Dr. Pines, is just too cute and for some reason Wirt keeps dropping his pen. Dipper picks it up off the floor and pulls a scrap of paper out of his pocket.
“You know, Mr. Elwood,” Dr. Pines says. Wirt is surprised to hear his name so formalized. “You seem distracted. It’s a possibility that there may be some force in here causing a disturbance the only you seem to pick up. Here…” Dipper hands the journalist the paper he scribbled on. It’s a phone number with an area code unfamiliar to Wirt. “We should go to the café instead; My team has already called it clear. I’m sure you know it’s small, so maybe it’s better if it was just you and me. Call me whenever you have an opening.”
And with a soft rumble of chuckles and “Yeah man"s, the team leaves Wirt in his office, trembling from embarrassment and anticipation of a date with Dr. Pines


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Description: A person in a pink skirt, white blouse holds a blue scarf attached to a stick. In the background is a garden wall, trees and grass. Road traffic can be heard in the distance. They spine around waving the scarf around them, their skirt billowing out widely. They stop spinning, making a tired sound before twisting on their heel in jerky motions, flicking the scarf around in circular motions in the air. They spin a few more times before stopping, breathing deeply.

⭐ 10 Fandoms Meme⭐

Thanks so much @alteanbae for tagging me in this ask meme! I have a crap ton of fandoms I’m in…so top 10 and fav characters…here we go…

(I will be honest I have a ton of art…for fandoms I never post…sorry)

1. Voltron Legendary Defender: Pidge (my child, my beautiful sassy child)

2. Gravity Falls: Mabel (also my child)

3. Steven Universe: Peridot ( Alien Aesthetic!)

4. Miraculous Ladybug: Alix ( love her!)

5. Over the Garden Wall: Beatrice (sassy birb)

6. Danny Phantom: Sam (Love her so much)

7.Invader Zim: ZIM! (Alien Aesthetic)

8. Mystery Kids: ( I love all of them)

9. Teen Titans: Beast Boy ( the fur son!)

10. Pokémon (I guess…): Misty

I hope this was what I was supposed to do. But I’ll tag @roxan1314 @lunacy13 @badwhalenikki @simply-nerdy-gal @luxurioushope @goldenandsilvereternity @the-majestic-space-pigeon @thesuperdoubleg


Rules: Shuffle your music and write down the first ten songs. I was tagged by the absolutely wonderful @purearcticfire who is mine and @alittlebitoftheuniverse‘s child who I love very much

1) Friday Don’t Need It by the Little Comets

2) Oblivion by Bastille

3) Everything Stays from Adventure Time

4) Potatoes and Molasses from Over The Garden Wall

5) A Lecture on Quantum Behaviour from Professor Richard Feynman (I know I’m an absolute nerd)

6) Superstition by Stevie Wonder

7) Prologue from Natasha, Pierre and the Great Comet of 1812

8) I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

9) Fire of Unknown Origin by Blue Oyster Cult

10) Asleep by the Smiths

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