When people ask me why do I get all obsessed over cartoons and fictional characters:

Me:  Because I can? 

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  • [During the Gem War]
  • Rose: You’re scamming her?
  • Bismuth: I was thinking more like flat-out stealing from her.
  • Rose: What? No way!
  • Bismuth: Why not? We already stole a Pearl.
  • Pearl: Hey, guys.
  • Rose: No, we didn’t. Pearl's her own gem, she can do whatever she wants.
  • Pearl: I wanna steal.

Hi, I have to admit that I have never photographed food before and it didn’t feel particularly sexy photographing a tomato on my garden wall but once I squirted some salad cream on it, phwoar! We are now going steady and are planning a dirty weekend in Paris together.

LOL…love it @mojomojomojomojo!  Great color and composition.  Not sure if you noticed or not but the shadows cast by your subjects plays nicely with this week’s theme as well.  ;)

- RK

And those Lorna headcanons that everyone’s been waiting for for twenty years:

- Uses a grimoire that’s surprisingly plain; however, a pentacle lock sets her book of spells apart from the others. Is the lone tome that requires a key in order to open. Filled with more recipes than one would believe is physically possible to fit into such a small space, but somehow there’s always enough room to cram in more.

- Has smudges of flour somewhere on her more often than not. Absolutely will blush if you point this out to her and probably respond with “oh, aye, it seems I do.”.

- While an accomplished cooker, baking is where Lorna truly excels. If you name it, she can likely make it. Breads, cookies, pies, cakes, tarts, custards, and so on.

- Great at banishing poltergeists, negative entities, and unsettling energies. Definitely the individual you should seek out if you’re having trouble with something that goes bump in the night. She may appear fragile, but she’ll kick its ghostly ass faster than you can say “who you gonna call?”. If you’re smart, you fear Lorna just a little.

- Sews poppets. Auntie Whispers taught her this skill, but warned her that she must be careful when (or if) she decided to distribute them as people sometimes didn’t have as pure of intentions as she did. She took this advice to heart, and only makes the dolls when she knows for certain that more good than bad will come of them.

- Perpetually cold to the touch. Believed to be a side effect from the banshee possession.

- Can become invisible.

- Owns a besom that she uses right before rituals. Said besom is quite powerful as it has protective sigils carved into it by Beatrice and is routinely splashed with full moon water lovingly provided by Sara and Wirt. Greg also made Jason (his frog) kiss it once so whatever phantom that wished to inflict harm at the time will be infected with warts which will “make him think twice before he messes with us again!”.

- Gained the ability to hold entire conversations with black turtles. She didn’t talk to them as much as soon as she figured out where they came from and who they serve.

I was introduced to Over The Garden Wall in 2015 by Jin, and I loved it. It’s become one of my favorite cartoons.

Never did I imagine that years later, I’d be doing a cover for the official comic by BOOM! Studios. It will be released this September. The solicitation may be found here: http://www.cbr.com/boom-studios-september-2017-solicitations/

This time around, my art is going to be on the main cover! And it feels surreal that the creator, Patrick McHale, saw my work. As a fan of the show, I’m very honored to have been given this chance.

I hope you guys like it <3