somewhere 👀🔍❓ lost in the clouded ☁️☁️ annals of history 📜📕📝📰 lies a place📍🌎 that few have seen 🚷👀 — a mysterious❓🔮 place called the
where long-forgotten stories 📖⁉️😂 are revealed 😮❗️☕️ to those who travel 🏃through the wood 🌲🌳🍂🍃🌾🍁

As far as my dream comic-writing gig goes, I would love to do a real soulful, simple little story about Wirt adjusting to life after his journey. Nothing earth-shattering or anything. Wirt going for a walk, drinking a cup of tea, having a chat with Sara at the bus stop, stopping at the library to read about the Puritans. Wirt watching birds. Talking to Greg. Walking past the graveyard on his way home. Doing all the things he would normally do, but with a new tenderness and with new eyes.