I got a little lazy midway through _(;3JL)_ But I managed to get it done ~ Will scan them later along side with the character concepts~

Shall call this AU “Bad End Heroes Song”

Btw, I made an Instagram, the name is Tanoshiisan96, I’ll be posting lots of traditional work in progress there so if you interest in any sneak peek for my up coming work, follow me~

Wirt laughing while grading his students’ papers Friday night, and Dipper bringing him some hot cocoa and being all like, hey, baby, I’m pretty sure those papers can wait for a day or two, it’s Friday night, relax! But Wirt will be all like, oh my gosh, you just look at what Tim wrote here! And they would eventually proceed to grade everything, cause Dipper would get into this as well, since he’s a writer and all that. Just a nice evening! So yeah, this is a story behind this art.

in otgw the three tasks the beast makes greg do are to gather a golden comb, a spool of silver thread, and the sun in a china cup. thread and combs made of precious metals have precedent in fairy tales, but i’m pretty sure the final task comes from a poem by emily dickinson called “Bring me the sunset in a cup”

Bring me the sunset in a cup,
Reckon the morning’s flagons up,
 And say how many dew;
Tell me how far the morning leaps,
Tell me what time the weaver sleeps
 Who spun the breadths of blue!


Hey folks, Paul here for a second FEATHERED FRIDAY FANART!

Today’s paintover is Beatrice from Over the Garden Wall.

This week I was in a hurry–I’d love to go back and revisit some rough edges, but it’s time to call it done. (Summer classes just ended for my students… so I have finals to grade!)


  • The still I painted over is from this clip of the show, uploaded to YouTube by Cartoon Network Australia.

  • Over the Garden Wall was created by Patrick McHale (whose own tumblr is @oldsidelinghill!) for Cartoon Network. The show is not my intellectual property, and I have no intention to use my paintover for profit. The series is amazing, so please support it any way you can!

  • I was inspired by Tyson Murphy, lead character artist at Blizzard Entertainment, who’s done some brilliant paintovers of Disney frames (e.g. 101 Dalmations and The Sword in the Stone). His own tumblr is @tysonmurphy–his work is amazing, so check it out!

meowth1256  asked:

What's your favorite shows?

*cracks knuckles* 

Invader Zim, South Park, anything and everything having to do with HTTYD, Gravity Falls, Family Guy, Avatar, Teen Titans, Penguins of Madagascar, New Girl, first couple seasons of Glee, Friends, Rick and Morty, Over the Garden Wall, Spongebob, Powerpuff Girls, Ed Edd n Eddy, Ghost Adventures, and now Steven Universe! There’s more though. There’s always more.

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• Over the Garden Wall • | Wirterberker/burker

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