Animation is for all ages.

Hey guys! So my friend keeps claiming that only kids actually watch cartoons and animation and that all the cartoon fandoms on here consist of kids pretending to be grown-ups. I don’t agree and kinda want to see if I can show her that animation is for everyone.

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I was so excited to draw the 2017 holiday card for Cartoon Network Studios. I love where I work, what I get to make, and the people I work with, top to bottom. Happy holidays, and here’s hoping for a way better 2018!

me as a kid: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because my parents don’t want me watching mature content and I want to respect their wishes

me as an adult: watches kids cartoons and family friendly films because its more entertaining/engaging/fun than the adult content 

“Coffee? Hot chocolate? Cappuccino? Milk tea? Milk or tea? … Eh who knows. They’re enjoying anyway.”

Multi fandom doodle drawing this time -w- You wouldn’t believe that this idea came out while I was having a bath XD

All: … It’s true ^^’

I am a strange artist ^_^’


Hey guys! I’m Nicole, just a self-taught cartoonist/animation student from Perú who’s trying to get noticed in an industry that’s not meant for a country like mine. These are some examples of my better known drawings ^^

Since I don’t have many followers, I mostly post fanarts and keep my original work, even tho I’d love to show you guys what I create too! But I don’t even get enough comments to help me improve or feel confident about my art (and I’m sure I must not be the only low-key artist that feels that way, so every time I get the honor of finding one, I leave an encouraging comment because they deserve it)

The reason I’m writing this is because one of my New Year’s resolution is to get more followers on either Instagram (wandering-ghostgirl) or Tumblr and for that I need your help, my friends. Please, help me achieve this little selfish dream of mine before the year ends, it’d mean the world to me… and send me your IGs so I can check them too!

Thank you so much for your time and happy holidays ❤

Malcolm’s Nightmares

The 3rd-floor installation at Inferno 4.0 in the Macbeth’s stone garden was probably, imo, one of the most impressive set pieces I have seen in 4 years of parties. It was stunning, the visual effect of the nest was really great! I don’t think I have come across any photos yet that really did it justice. I imagine it was the kind of haunting scene that keeps Malcolm up at night. 

The first party we attended, we completely missed that the birds came out of their nest. We wandered through the garden a few times but never saw the performance unfolding. It wasn’t until Tuesday night that we followed one of the clowns as he was ushering a partygoer from the 4th to the 3rd floor that we noticed the scene. So here is a 5 ½ minute video of birds if that is your thing. I do like this video for the fact that it really shows the depth of the set toward the end when the birds start to retreat back to the nest.

Featuring Kelly Todd, Austin Dale Tyson, and Quinn Dixon.