sowwy for long silence, got a lot of work to do (i’m drawing some new Over the Garden Wall comic now so if you liked the previous one hope you’ll like the new one too)
and here’s a panel from the OTGW comic #5, this panel is my favourite 

Inktober kinda
Commemorating Halloween

Over the Garden Walls x Mob Psycho 100

In this episode:
Ritsu Kageyama as Wirt
Shigeo ‘Mob’ Kageyama as Greg
Katsuya Serizawa as Woodsman

The frog is the frog, because Mob isn’t really the type to give complicated names to animal.


So my copy of the Over the Garden Wall soundtrack arrived today, and I just wanna scream to the world about how perfect it is.  Not only is the art gorgeous and the vinyl colouring a dream, but oh god this soundtrack is so beautiful.

And the liner notes.

The liner notes


Long story short I’m sworn-off all non-OTGW music for the rest of my living days thank you and good night.