walle and eva

Eva: did Nooras room survive?

Noora: got here just in time. Eskild was about to draw a picture of himself on the wall

Eva: come over

Chris: don’t come. Vilde and Magnus are in the bed making out

Noora: I think I’ll pass

Vilde: she’s lying. We’re just enjoying ourselves

Sana: peace girl
Let us know if you change your mind

For a long time I was going to make humanization on the characters of the cartoon WALL-E. All the versions I’ve seen are people in space suits. But I tried to bring this couple as close as possible to the real world.

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okay so i'm watching WALL-E and I s2g Wall-e is steve and Eva is Tony. Hear me out: for the first 30 minutes of the movie Wall-e is looking like a lovesick puppy, watching Eva with rapt curiosity. And also the designs of the robot. Like Wall-e is older and less polished whereas Eva is sleek and modern and it's just yeah. thanks for listening to my lame rambles 😂 (i love your blog)

What a lovely headcanon anon, it is so perfectly Stony! Thank you so much! I can imagine sad Wall-e Steve trying hard to impress sleek and technologically advanced Tony, but Tony falls in love with Steve’s courage and heart of course! Hope you like this tiny sketch!

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Translation by myself (and Google Translate)
Chat : “Olafia clinic” (Sana, Chris, Eva, Vilde, Noora)


Eva: Did it go well with the room Noora?

Noora: I arrived just in time. Eskild was about to paint a picture of himself on the wall

Eva: Come here then

Chris: don’t come
Chris: Vilde and Magnus are laying in bed and making out

Noora: I’ll pass

Vilde: She’s lying. We’re just having fun

Sana: Peace girl *peace emoji*
Sana: Let us know if you change your mind then <3


Ok this movie man is one of my all time favourites mainly because there is hardly any dialogue through out the film just Wall-E pretty much making noises and saying his name with other characters. Also Wall-E and Eve (or Eva which I prefer to call her) show the concept of love way better than some humans ever could.

Like the end scene just fucking tugs at the heart strings and I feel all warm inside when wall-e comes back to his normal self after Eve gives him that little “spark” which is the robot form of kissing. Just gah it’s so fucking cute I can’t even.

wall-e trying to teach eva to dance to hello dolly is one of the greatest love scenes of our time….. when will i finally achieve my dream of becoming > 50% robot 

this scene was one of the most powerful scenes to me in season 3
it was the first scene we get to see isak by himself in the whole show and it breaks down walls and shows us how isak is battling against who he really is and the front he is putting up for everyone
and he knows he can’t keep hiding it bc he had almost given himself away when he was hooking up with emma and he just couldn’t do it. he wasn’t able to no matter how much he wanted to or tried to.
this scares him and embarrasses him because he has internalized homophobia which keeps him from being who he really is. he can’t be gay. he has to be interested in girls. he’ll show his friends…he’ll hook up with emma and show his friends he has game and get them off his back for not thinking other girls are attractive
but he can’t keep up this facade forever and the walls are started to crack…
how long until he’s found out
remember that this is just one clip we see of isak but he’s been battling this since before season one and there has definitely been countless other moments just like this
this show is truly remarkable because just in these three or four seconds without words or any other actions we can see just from isaks expression this battle and facade he’s been putting up for years

Chat - Olafiaklinikken - at 17:39, 12.04

Did everything go okay with the room, Noora?

Made it just in time. Eskild was about to paint a portrait of himself on the wall.

Come over, then

Do not come over
Vilde and Magnus are on the bed making out

Think I’ll pass..

She’s lying. We’re only cuddling.

Peace girl ✌️
Let us know if you change your mind  ❤️

Fate | Chapter 1

Announcement: Hey, folks! So, i decided to write more of a “horror” fanfic because it’s almost Halloween. I really hope you guys enjoy reading this as much as i enjoy writing it! Thanks so much for reading!

Summary: A world where humans and vampires live peacefully sounds great, but what about when a group of vampires organize a retaliation against humans? And what happens when a human not only crosses a vampire’s path, but also falls in love with him? What happens when a vampire’s fate is to fall in love with a human, but it’s too dangerous?

Genre: Fantasy, Romance

 POV: Reader

Words: 3,347

It was cloudy and dark, which was no surprise especially since it was late September. It was early on a Saturday morning, sun hiding behind puffy, gray clouds. The wind whipped through the trees from time to time. You loved it, autumn was your favorite month.

You were sitting in the passenger seat of your father’s car, your father beside you, your three year old brother directly behind you in a car seat. Your feet were up on the dashboard, your old Converse making little marks appear on it. Luckily your dad didn’t mind. You wore a pair of skinny jeans, ones that you thought suited your body well. You also wore a baggy college hoodie that unzipped down to the center of your cleavage.

You buried your sweaty hands into the pocket of your hoodie. You were trying to keep your nerves down a bit, but trying was becoming a waste of time. There was nothing more nerve wrecking than a three hour drive to college. Not to mention, you were a complete newbie, a freshman starting at the bottom again. Luckily, classes started on Monday, so you had time to acclimate to the campus and the new life you were entering. But, you were still jittery, shifting positions every five minutes and the news coming on the radio, surely wasn’t helping your nerves. You reached over to change the channel, but your father stopped you before your hand even touched the button.

“Wait, wait, this is important and you should be listening too, dear.” He said and you sighed, but you listened.

“It was reported Friday night that two more people were found dead after leaving a convenience store at about 11pm. Investigators are saying that both of the victims had two punctures in their neck and died of blood loss. The creatures who did this crime have not yet been found. Investigators are saying that this incident is tied with all of the other incidents that have happened this month. The reason being? Investigators are suspecting that this is a retaliation between the world of humans and the world of vampires. Even though we have been able to live peacefully together for years, there are sudden rebels who are rejecting the system. This information has been gathered by a vampire interrogated by investigators. It seems that this violent breakout is even worse than the one that happened ten years ago. This is all we have for now, we will update if more information comes in.” The lady on the broadcast said.

“Goddamnit, i just don’t understand why they’re suddenly rebelling by killing innocent people” Your father sighed heavily.

“They haven’t said anything about it at work?” You asked. Your dad was a VI, vampire investigator, himself. The VI was an organization that studied vampires and practically were the most educated on all vampires whether it was about the history of them, or their physical characteristics. They formed after the first violent breakout that happened ten years ago. The VI also were the people who handled and investigated all crimes that had to do with vampires. And if a vampire was caught killing a human for food, that vampire would be caught the next day by the VI. The government had a strict rule with the vampire community. Vampires were only allowed to get their food from animals and from blood donations. That’s it. Anything that had to deal with a vampire attacking a human stranger for food was prohibited for understandable reasons.

“No, i left early yesterday and had today off for your special day.” He answered and you nodded. “But, this is the second time this happened. When are people going to realize the human world and the vampire world just don’t combine well? This country’s going to go into a war between man and creature if this doesn’t end soon.

“Dad, they’re more than just creatures. I’m sure you and the rest of the VI will catch the bad ones soon and things will be peaceful again. You have to be optimistic.” You patted his shoulder and he finally loosened his body up a bit. “Besides, today is suppose to be a fun day, even though i’m nervous, i’m still excited, so don’t stress me out even more.”

“Okay, okay i’m sorry. Sometimes i just worry. The last breakout wasn’t as bad because it was so far from where we live, but this one seems to be so close to home and i just-”

“Dad. No more vampire talk, okay? Relax a little.” You chuckled, cutting him off from ranting.

“Okay, okay, i’m sorry.” He laughed and he finally changed the subject while focusing on the road in front of him.

An hour later, you finally arrived at the college. You could feel your adrenaline rush through your entire body as your father parked the car in a lot near the dorms.

“Well, here we are. College.” He shrugged as he got out of the car. You did the same and met him at the trunk.

“Can you believe this day is here?” You said in awe as you examined the new atmosphere. The buildings stood tall, looking new and inviting. Suddenly, your nerves were replaced with a sense of excitement. You were about to start a whole new life, something different than you had ever experienced before. It was hitting you all at once.

“I actually can’t.” He said as he opened the trunk, grabbing your bags and placing them beside you. “Feels like just yesterday it was your 4th birthday and you were shoving frosting up my nose.”

“Good times, even though i can’t remember that at all.” You giggled, grabbing a couple of your bags. You only had three, a bookbag and two rolling bags.

Your father shut the trunk and stood before you. He didn’t say much and you weren’t sure if it was because he didn’t want to say goodbye or because he was on the verge of tears. Or maybe both.

“Well, i guess this is it.” He sighed.

“Don’t say it like that!” You whined and he brought you into one last hug, patting your back.

“Listen, don’t get into any trouble. Remember you’re here for educational purposes. And be on your look out, stay alert and don’t trust people. Any of these students could be vampires, good and/or bad. Just take care of yourself okay?” He rambled, but you nodded sincerely, hugging him tight before he let go. “Also, call your mother sometime today. I know she wishes she could be here, but you know how jobs can be.”

“Yeah, i know…” Your eyes dropped as you shrugged. You missed the presence of your mom especially on such a significant day, but you understood her reasons for not being there. “I’ll be fine, dad. I’ll try to call and text you guys frequently to keep you updated okay? Also, tell the little squirt in the back that i love him when he wakes up.”

“Okay, i will. Stay safe please, i love you.” He said, giving you one last pat on the shoulder.

“I will, love you too, dad.” Your voice cracked as you teared up a bit. And with that, you headed towards the dorms, taking one last look behind you.

As you walked to the dorms, you took a look at people, observing them. Then it hit you that any of the people surrounding you could be vampires. Maybe even all of them. Vampires nowadays came across as human at least until they told you otherwise. Over the decades, they learned to adapt to the human lifestyle. They don’t burn in the sun, crosses didn’t freak them out, and they could eat and drink like humans, even though it didn’t give them any energy. It was impossible to tell whether a stranger was a human or a vampire. You kinda found the thought fascinating, but also a little terrifying at the same time. Any of the people around you could be looking at you as their next meal and you’d never know it.

“Hey, you need some help?” A voice said from behind you, bringing you out of your deep thoughts. You turned around where you were greeted by a boy, a taller boy. He was handsome. He had tan skin, biceps that looked more than just defined by his tank top that was revealing them, and blonde hair that was slicked back.

“Um, i’m good, but thanks.” You awkwardly smiled, continuing your way to the dorm doors.

“It’s no problem, i just figured i’d ask. So, what’s your name?” He asked and to your surprise, he continued to walk with you.

“I’m Y/N. Freshman. You?” You responded.

“I’m Jackson, i’m a Junior.” He answered and you nodded in acknowledgement, not really knowing what to say back. “Well, i better get going, but i hope to see you around more.” He said as you two got closer to the dorms.

“Yeah, for sure. I’ll see you around.” You smiled and wave. In a matter of seconds, he was out of sight.

You finally made it to your dorm, a bit exhausted. Maybe you could’ve used Jackson’s help after all.

You put the key into the keyhole, twisted it, and the door opened without a problem. You opened it to see a bed with at least 10 different outfits laying out on it. As you entered, you saw a girl sitting at a desk, straightening your hair. You figured she was your roommate.

“Oh, hello there! I’m so sorry for the mess, oh my.” She immediately put down the straightener and walked over to greet you as you shut the door behind you. She was about the same height as you, very pretty, very energetic.

“It’s okay, don’t worry about it. By the way, i’m Y/N, i’m a freshman. And you are?” You asked, setting your bags next to your bed against the wall.

“I’m Eva, i’m a Sophomore here. Like i said, i’m so sorry for the mess! I was unpacking, but me and a few other people planned to meet up for lunch later on and i wanted to do my hair. Do you wanna come? One of them is bringing food and we’re all just going to meet up on the campus park.” She asked as she returned to the desk to finish straightening her hair.

“Me? I don’t want to barge in on you and your friends.” You said. The idea of finding a group of friends on the first day sounded great, but you didn’t want to be that person who just invites themselves into a group.

“Oh, dear, that wouldn’t be the case! They’ll love you, i promise.” She turned around and batted her eyes. You could tell by the tone in her voice that she was just trying to be a nice person, something you could appreciate.

“Then, sure, thank you so much.” You smiled and began unpacking your clothes, putting them into the closet and small drawers.

“Great! I’ll call them and tell them to get some extra food. Be ready to jet in 20.” She said and you nodded, walking into the bathroom to touch up your makeup and hair.


20 minutes passed quicker than you expected and before you knew it, you were headed towards the main park with Eva. The temperature had dropped a bit, but it was still comfortable, at least to you.

After a few minutes, Eva pointed out a group of people a few yards away. They were all sitting out on blankets, trays of food laid out from what you could see. There were about four boys and only another girl. You were surprisingly a social person, but situations like these still intimidated you. You could feel your hands turn clamy at the thought of being surrounded by a group of people who you didn’t know, but it was now or never.

Eva picked up her speed, skipping over to a blonde haired boy who had his back turned to her. You eventually caught up to her.

“Guess who?” She teased the boy, putting her hands in front of his face.

“Hm, i wonder who that could be.” The boy played along, reaching behind him to wrap his arms around Eva’s legs, making her fall into his lap. She laughed loudly, attracting the attention of a few people passing by. Once she stopped laughing, she gave the blonde boy a peck on the lips. They were cute and all, but you felt like the odd one out and you were almost tempted to leave as soon as you could. Before you could do so, Eva motioned you to sit between her and a dark haired boy who was too stuck on eating to engage in any conversation with the others. You sat beside him and he gave you warm smile.

Then, your eyes wondered off to the boy across from you in the circle. Your mind went fuzzy and you found yourself unable to look away from him.

He was stunning. He had pretty, dark eyes and a pair of full lips that could be compared to a newly bloomed rose in color. His skin was flawless, you failed at finding an imperfection on it. The only thing that stood out were the little beauty marks that rested on random parts of his face, a few on his neck. He had hair the color of chocolate that was kinda long, but short enough for you to see his eyes. And when you made eye contact with him, that’s when you realized he was staring right back at you. The thing was, his stare was cold as ice. It wasn’t a stare of interest, it was the opposite, which made your stomach uneasy. It was a stare of dislike and it made you feel uncomfortable. You didn’t know how to feel about it, all you knew was something that you were afraid to admit: he was the most beautiful boy you had ever come across and the fact that made it scary was you were fixated on him, but he didn’t return the same look back. Coming back to reality when Eva nudged your arm, your eyes dropped and you felt dizzy. Luckily nobody else noticed besides Eva and that boy that you were lost in a weird trance with. Eva must’ve sensed the same tension you felt, so she spoke up.

“Guys, this is my new roommate, i invited her to have lunch with us. Her name’s Y/N, be nice to her or i’ll kill you.” Eva announced and all of them turned to you and waved. That is, everyone but that one boy. He wasn’t staring at you, instead he was staring back at the orange chicken dish in his hands, eating like nothing had just happened.

Looking over at the others, you made eye contact with Eva’s boyfriend. You recognized him. He was the same handsome boy who asked to help you with your bags. Jackson.

“Hey! I remember you.” He yelled louder than necessary when he caught a good look at you. He politely reached into a plastic bag beside him and pulled out a small container of food. The scent was already filling up your senses.

“Nice to see you again. Eat up, i ordered for you, hope you like it.” He said as he handed you the container. You nodded toward him and thanked him.

“Hi, i’m Youngjae.” The boy next to you said, reaching out to shake your hand which you kindly accepted. It was nice to feel somewhat welcome. He had a sweet face. His dark hair was messy, but pushed back to reveal his brown eyes. He offered some of his own food, but you denied, not wanting to come across as greedy.

“I’m Jinyoung.” The other dark haired boy spoke up. He was sitting next to Youngjae. There was a girl on the other side of Jinyoung, but she was sound asleep, resting her head in Jinyoung’s lap. From what you could tell, she was very gorgeous.

“Her name’s Giselle, but i call her Ellie. She had a long day so far, so she’s resting up, but i’m sure you can meet her sometime later.” He briefly explained, tossing a few chips into his mouth.

And when Jinyoung stopped talking, it was silent. An uncomfortable kind of silent and that’s when you realized the boy across from you didn’t bother to introduce himself. He was still eating, but now he was scrolling through something on his phone. You sighed, taking the negative hint. You opened your food container and began eating, trying to ignore the clear hint that you were unwanted by him. You didn’t know why the thought of him not liking you affected you, but it did.

“Yugyeom…” Jinyoung trailed off, breaking the thick silence. That was his name. Yugyeom.

“Hm?” He responded, not taking his attention off of his phone.

“Are you going to say hi to her?” Jinyoung asked, nodding towards you. Once again, Yugyeom made uncomfortable eye contact with you, but after a split second, his eyes dropped back to his meal. He set his food to the side and stood on his feet. He was very tall, he’d probably tower over you.

“Yeah, i’m gonna get going. I’ll see you guys tomorrow, thanks for the food.” He said and without a word from any of the others, he left. You waited until he was out of sight to finally speak again. Just as you were about to, Jinyoung spoke.

“Don’t take that the wrong way. Yugyeom’s a nice person, i think he just has a lot on his mind.” He assured you in a calm tone. “He’ll warm up to you, don’t worry.”

“No, yeah it’s fine, i understand.” You nodded, trying to act as if you weren’t affected. But you were. You didn’t know why, but you were definitely affected.

“Goddamnit.” Yugyeom mumbled, gripping onto the bathroom counter. For a second he thought he was going to break it, but he didn’t care. He was too engulfed in anger to care about it. He looked at himself in the mirror, disgusted by the person, or thing, that was staring back at him. His eyes had gone a dark red, his pupils jet black. Tiny, red veins were pulsing under the skin below his bottom eyelid. His fangs were visible, digging into his bottom lip, drawing tiny beads of blood. He looked terrifying. He looked like the monster he was.

“This can’t be happening, it can’t be. That can’t be her…” He told himself, his voice ringing throughout the empty house. But, he knew he was lying to himself. It was happening and the more the vision of your innocent face clouded his head, he knew it was happening.

“God, what am i saying? Of course that’s her. I know it’s her.” He cried out, leaning against the counter with his elbows and burying his face into his hands. Hot tears streamed down his face, falling onto the marble counter below him.

“She was beautiful, more damn beautiful than i could have ever imagined.” He murmured, gripping at his hair, his dark red veins popping out of his arms.

“But, no, Yugyeom…” He glanced back at his reflection, infuriated.

“She’d be terrified of you as she should be. You’re a monster, you’ll only hurt her, Yugyeom.” He continued yelling at himself and out of anger he punched the mirror with full strength, shattering it into a dozen pieces. A few of the tiny shards were stuck in his hand, but he didn’t care. Blood trickled down his cold arm, dripping onto his jeans, drying to a black color, but he was no longer angry now. He was filled with sadness and pain.

He collapsed to the cold, tile ground, burying his face into his bloody palms once again. He cried loudly, yelling and sobbing, but nobody was home, nobody heard him.

The following day, Yugyeom wasn’t seen by anyone.

Note: Thanks for reading! Likes, reblogs, comments are much appreciated! I’m sorry if this chapter was kinda boring, but it was mainly introduction. I promise the next chapters will be eventful! I will also try to update at the least once a week. Thank you, much love.