hamilton + their bedrooms headcanons

aha i need to stop writing headcanons i’m insane


  • you’ve never seen a bastard orphan more in need of a cleaning lady
  • seriously eye of the hurricane
  • more like surrounding of a hurricane
  • there’s papers everywhere 
  • on his bed, on the floor, all over his desk
  • he has waist high stacks of books lining one of his walls
  • that’s not including his overflowing bookshelf on the the other wall
  • drawers have clothes hanging out of them
  • bed is never made


  • a messy room but not uncleanly messy 
  • the ‘i know where everything is, trust me’ messy
  • he has the chair (if you aren’t aware of what the chair is, it’s just a chair in your room that’s just stacked with clothes)
  • lots of posters all over his walls
  • he has lots of photos of his friends all around too
  • always leans dirty glasses and dishes on his nightstand from late night snacks and drinks


  • really neat??
  • like everything just looks nice and clean and organized
  • his closet is probably color coded
  • his shoes are lined along his bed too
  • he’s very proud of his bedroom


  • you cannot see the floor of his bedroom
  • like it’s been years
  • there’s just clothes all over the place
  • he does laundry 
  • like what’s the problem why is there clothes everywhere 
  • knows where everything is though


  • is also very neat
  • has a cute little bookshelf full of his favorites
  • he has multiple copies of some of his favorites with notes all over the page and the spines are broken from reading them so much
  • scented candles kind of guy
  • keeps a photo is his family on his nightstand


  • tumblr is that you
  • fairy lights all around her room
  • lovely scented candles 
  • probs a tapestry 
  • little succulents too
  • really aesthetically pleasing
  • probs has a van gogh painting hanging somewhere


  • vintage in the best way possible
  • she owns a record player
  • and has a little table in the corner with overflowing amounts of records
  • she has a desk with lots of notebooks in the drawers
  • nobody has ever read them though
  • super organized
  • too many pillows on her bed


  • has polaroids of her family and friends hanging on her wall
  • probably owns a loft bed
  • lots of little succulents and plants too
  • a bit messy at times
  • but otherwise usually clean
  • never allows shoes on her carpet


  • super fancy
  • and big
  • and has a balcony
  • and silk sheets and shit
  • has one of those big four poster beds with the drapes that you pull down before sleeping
  • really spacious


  • nice color schemes
  • really pleasing interior designing though
  • his bedroom is the most organized 
  • like it looks like a movie set it’s so nice
  • has a big bathroom connected 
  • most likely has one of those fancy bathtubs 
  • has one of those clothing racks he puts all his week’s outfits on


this is blind Weiss learning how to be mute and mute Ruby learning how to be blind.. It was a bet…. XD

(((Sorryabout theterribleart Ihadtofinishitquickly because it'sgettinglatewhereIlive)))

— OMYGOOOOSHHH THIS IS SO CUTE IM THANK THANK YOU SO SO SO VERY MUCH your art isnt terrible shhh its awesome and cute and i love this idea ALSO THESE TWO DORKS ARE GONNA RUN INTO A WALL

Drawing by @pumpkinsunshine !


Etam Cru | Sainer & Bezt (Poland)

Moonshine, Richmond, VA, United States (2013)
Surprise, Sofia, Bulgaria (2013)
Madamme Chicken, Lodz, Poland, (2013)
Monkey Business, Warsaw,Poland (2013)

Polish graffiti duo Etam Cru, composed of artists Sainer and Bezt, create murals of epic proportions. Spanning entire high-rise buildings, their works are heavily dosed with fantasy, even fairytale elements. Hints of Easter European folklore (mushrooms and forest creatures make frequent appearances) make their way into the action-packed scenes reminiscent of graphic novels. Every aspect of the color-saturated murals seems to be in motion: animals and houses alike come to life, human characters gain abilities that defy the laws of physics. (source: Hi-Fructose Magazine)

[more Etam Cru | artist found at actegratuit]


Art Writer’s Wednesday 24 - Artist on Tumblr

Bault | on Tumblr (France)

Bault is a graffiti artist based in Paris. He has developed over years a world where populate monsters, hybrid animals and grotesque characters half-human half-machine. The creatures that he draws are often deformed, amputated or unfinished. We met Bault at Streets Hotel where he has painted three rooms (TBC). Captured by his fantastic creatures, Artchipel invites the Artist to share with our audience his personal story and creation process.

Artchipel: Who is Bault? Tell us a bit about your educational background and your practice.
Bault: I have studied in Avignon Fine Arts School and then Decorative Arts School in Strasbourg where I practiced exclusively videos, sounds and contemporary illustrations. I am currently a graphic designer and visual artist. I develop more and more my creative activity. It is a recent project that allows me to express my graphic experiment without limit. I am in a period of artistic turbulence witch is very challenging.

A: When did you start to paint or stick your characters on the street? How has the graffiti initially captured your attention?
B: I started painting at an early age. I come from the southwest of France, near Toulouse, where I had my first direct approach to graffiti. Back then, I listened to a lot of hip-hop, while I was in an environment rather punk-rock-anarchist. All these subcultures have led me to paint on the street: hip-hop for the atmosphere, and punk-rock for the attitude.

I like to paint on the street because I like to paint with people, to choose walls, to push my limits, and to share something… When you paint a wall, there is the freedom of movement, the apprehension of space that is unique. It’s like going back to the ancient cave paintings. I’m a caveman with an iPhone.

A: Could you share with us your process and how did you come to develop your aesthetic?
B: Sketches, scribbles and notes are the basis and the ingredients of my work. Find the right medium for the best expression is my recipe. I often work in terms of series and try to develop a consistent body of work. I also keep an important part for the hand improvisation and the automatic writing. Graffiti allows that: starting with an approximate mass of color and revealing gradually the line. I refuse to remain static in my mode of representation. I like to move between the very naive, abstract and realistic representation.

A: You like beautiful designs but have trouble drawing “cute” characters. What do you aim to convey through your art?
B: First, I like to draw profusely and hope to communicate the pleasure of drawing. I also like to show that we can play with the modes of representation by mixing styles without being “cute”. The meaning of my illustrations is somehow obscure. There are often several readings but with the central themes: hybridization, biomechanics, body worship and ecology. That having been said, before finding the original and unexplored denotations, I try not to politicize my creations.

A: Why did you choose to place your art in the public space? Is graffiti and street art more susceptible to viral art in some way?
B: I don’t paint in the public space by opportunism. It wasn’t the initial purpose, but it is true that the impact is immediate. People are very receptive to ephemeral works and to artists who give their time to offer / impose images. I like the idea to share something with the general public, that a painting can touch everyone of the society. And if my work make the viewer stop and think 10 seconds, that’s positive.

A: You had your first personal exhibition last year at Le Cabinet d’amateur. How do you feel about the movement of graffiti and street art into galleries?
B: The world is changing and so is the graffiti movement. This is the “nebula” of the art market that, I admit, often makes me sick. One of the main causes is the lack of discernment. On the other hand, the galleries can reveal another facet of street artists and allows the public to rediscover it, to show new faces with original work. It helps artists to create new challenging projects.

A: Could you name 3 young artists to keep an eye on?
B: Kouka (cf. previous posts), a street artist who is having a show at Taglialatella Gallery this month. He has painted 2 amazing warriors in Vitry. It’s one of my favorite French paintings of the year. Kashink, one of the few very active female artists in the French graffiti/street art scene, a very nice person. She paints huge four eyed characters, with thick lines and vivid colors. I like her style. And my friend Saint Oma. This year, with La galerie du jour agnès b, he has participated in the 8th contemporary art fair “Drawing Now Paris”. Champion!

A: What is your project for the coming year?
B: Lot’s of exhibitions, big walls, a big ride in Latin America…

Thanks Bault for taking time out to answer these questions. Bault can be found with updated posts on his Facebook and Tumblr. © All images courtesy the artist

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Ernest Zacharevic (Lithuania/Malaysia)

Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic turns the corners of towns into a brilliant series of interactive murals. He first creates a setting mixing paint and real objects in an ordinary alley, then invites people to interact with this scene and takes pictures of their propositions. The goal is to guarantee the consistency between the setting and the participant to make the scene as lively as possible. Since Zacharevic was given the mission to embellish the Malay city of Penang, he settled there and spread his participative art through the run down streets of the city. His interactive murals have become a landmark in Malaysia. (cf. Street art community)

© All images courtesy of the artist

[more Ernest Zacharevic | artist found at actegratuit]