Dear Mirron,

Now we’re getting into areas of dubious canon. I suppose Sunscreen White was perfectly fine as a character, but I never quite understood her introduction and I find the comics since it are much more enjoyable if you ignore her backstory entirely and just assume she was with the group the entire time.

Heresy! Sunscreen White’s introductory arc is a defining part of her characterization and one of the most acclaimed storylines in Sunscreen Rangers history! And there’s nothing confusing about it at all, a child could understand it!

I have to disagree. The time travel aspect convoluted a relatively grounded universe too much for my tastes and I think it speaks volumes that it’s seldom been referenced since.

The rules of time travel weren’t even that difficult to grasp! It was almost entirely stable time loops and-

Oh dear, there they go again….


 One of my new favorites, wow!

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