You know, the only thing that’s pushing me to keep studying and striving and to not give up on my ambitions is the fact that once I’m qualified, my title will be Dr. Khan and then, I will have finally made it. Achieved what I’ve always wanted. My parents will be happy and I will be happy too. For the sake of Allah swt and my aim to become a doctor, I will keep studying and crying and keep pushing myself. With the help of Allah swt, I will achieve what I want to help this ummah ☺️


Hump Day Hunk!

The Gods Of Footy Have Blessed Us With The Perfect Muse…Matt Arnot!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!

Introductory to wallah bro 101

*Tells girl they should be modest *
*goes to bars drink alcohol, uploads half naked pictures of himself on I.G*
*wants a wife who cooks*
*doesn’t know how to do laundry*
*can’t even boil water*
*wants someone who wears hijab*
*introduce himself as Mo to everyone even tho his name is Muhammad*
*hates being compared to other people*
*compares women to fruit*
*wants to make more money then his wife(just for the sake of Ego)*
*tells his wife she shouldn’t work because its bad for her ovaries*
*forgets kadijah was the prophets wife*
*wants to marry a virgin*
*forgets kadijah wasn’t a virgin when she married*
*forgets kadijah was making more then the prophet*
*wears short while out with his Niquabi sisters*
*isn’t a virgin himself*
*wants to marry someone who is religious*
* Goes for basic white girl in bio class*
* forces girl to have sex with him*
*tells her I’m looking for someone religious so I can’t be with you *
*thirst over basics*
*shame women of color*
*wants someone who pray *
*Don’t even know what time the prayers come in*

Duas for exams

1) Allahumma infa'nii bimaa alamtani wa'allimni maa yanfaa'ooni

Oh Allah benefit me with what you have taught me and teach me that which will benefit me.

2) Allahumma la'sahla ilma ja'altahu sahla wa'anta taj alu al'hazna idha shi'ta sala

Oh Allah, nothing is easy except what you have made easy and only you can make the difficult easy for me.

3) Rabbi zidni ilma

My Lord, increase me in knowledge.

4) Allahumma inni asaluka ilmun nafia

O Allah, I ask of you knowledge which is beneficial.

5) Rabbishrahli sadri wayassirli amri wahlul ukdatun milisaani yafkahoo kowli

My Lord expand my chest and make easy my affair and remove the impediment from my speech in order that they may understand what I say.

6) Hasbi allahu la ilaaha illala huwwa. Alayhi tawakaltu wa huwwa rabbul arshil adheem

Allah is sufficient for me, none has the right to be worshipped but He. In him I put my trust and he is the Lord of the Mighty Throne.

In Sha Allah, we are blessed with the results we want. Include me in your dua’s please. Thank you. 💖