wallace breen,

Been thinkin about this game again ❤ It’s been roughly four years since I did this thing over here and it’s absolutely showing its age lol

Tbh I just wanted to draw some fun profiles again, I don’t think I ever actually realized how ~~handsome~~ Barney is, that boi is fine

so i did hunger games sim and

basica l l y


hl2 ep 2 summarized

good. die weenie. die.



okay thats. thats quite in character. but sad.

things that need to happen in hl3: this


izzy. izzy are yo u o k


same here gordon

Half Life - character’s name meanings part  1

[part 1][…]

While part 1 contains their names’ meanings and origins, part 2 will focus on their further analysis. I will post it in the near future.

HL1 + expansions characters’ names

Gordon - “Green hill”, “From the cornered hill”, “From the marshes“, from Scottish

Barney - ( Bernard ? Barnaby ? ) “Strong as a bear”, “Comfort”, “Brave”, from Ancient Germanic

Adrian - “Black”, “Dark”, from Latin

Gina - “Great”, “Well born”, from Italian

Colette - “Victorious”, “Necklace”, from French

Richard - Brave power“, from Ancient Germanic

HL2+ episodes characters’ names

Alyx - ( Alexandra ) “Defender of man/mankind”, from Ancient Greek

Eli - “Defender of man”, “Ascension”, “My god”, from Hebrew

Isaac - “Laughter”, “He laughs”, from Hebrew

Wallace - “Foreigner”, “Stranger”, “From Wales”, from Scottish and English

Judith - “Young”, “The praised one”, “Woman from Judea”, from Hebrew

Arne - “Eagle”, from Ancient Scandinavian

Small extra

Azian - ( Azyan ) “Virtue”, “Adornments”, from Arabic

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anonymous asked:

Would you please sort the Portal/Half Life universe characters?


Gordon Freeman: Ravenclaw
The G-Man: Slytherin
Barney Calhoun: Hufflepuff
Adrian Shephard: Gryffindor
Dr Rosenberg: Ravenclaw

Half-Life 2:

Alyx Vance: Ravenclaw
Dog: Hufflepuff
Dr. Isaac Kleiner: Ravenclaw
Dr. Eli Vance: Hufflepuff
Dr. Arne Magnusson: Slytherin
Dr. Wallace Breen: Slytherin
Dr. Judith Mossman: Slytherin
Father Grigori: Ravenclaw
Colonel Odessa Cubbage: Hufflepuff


GLaDOS: Slytherin
Chell: Slytherin
Cave Johnson: Gryffindor
Doug Rattmann/Ratman: Ravenclaw

Portal 2:

Wheatley: Hufflepuff
ATLAS: Gryffindor
P-body: Ravenclaw


Collete Green: Gryffindor
Gina Cross: Ravenclaw 

-Justin (Slytherin)