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ah gosh, anon! i’m not really… great at giving advice, haha! half the time i hardly feel like i know what i’m doing. but, i guess there’s a few things that i have picked up from past teachers that i can try to pass on.

i have to clarify though: these are things that work for me. they’re certainly not the be-all and end-all, and some of it may not work for everyone! and there’s a lot i can’t even begin to give advice on (like composition, colouring, lighting, etc.) because i simply lack any knowledge about it. but for just drawing/sketching, here are a couple things i’d suggest trying… (and please forgive my ineloquence when it comes to writing!)

  • Draw from life: i know everyone gives this advice, but it is important! if you study from paper, you are losing part of what you see. whatever you’re drawing has 3 dimensions. (i try to train my brain to be able to take anything i’m drawing and be able to turn it around in my mind.) study how things overlap when they turn.
  • Stare at people: no joke. i sometimes feel like i need a t-shirt that says ‘i’m really sorry i’m staring at you like a creeper i’m just studying your legs so i can draw legs better really i promise.’ but honestly, take note of the angles and curves, the way parts of the body flow into one another. look at people of all different body types, look at how they hold themselves and dress themselves. people are fascinating!
  • Remember the line of action! think about how the pose is flowing through the body. 
  • What was the character doing before they struck this pose? What are they going to do after? What are they thinking/feeling? think of each drawing as part of a sequence. it can help add nuance to a static pose. 
  • Challenge yourself! if you tend to draw a lot of people just standing around, or busts, or people looking to the right in ¾, take a break and say, 'i’m not going to draw any of those for a while!’ do some action shots, try some backgrounds, animals, etc. 
  • When you’re sketching on paper, lose the eraser: this is a hard one. the point of this is to not be afraid of making mistakes. draw and draw, and if something’s not coming out right, scrap it! now, i’m not saying that, if you have a piece that’s coming out great but you mess up on the eye, that you can’t erase the eye and just draw it back in. it’s more along the lines of, if you’re doing a pose, and you find yourself redrawing the arm over and over and over again to try and make it fit, instead scrap everything and start again from the top. everything will flow better that way
  • Don’t be afraid to make ugly drawings: sometimes what you draw won’t look like how you want it to. that’s okay!! every sketch is a learning experience (:
  • Once you have the fundamentals, speed it up! this was actually something that’s helped me a lot recently. instead of taking your time and being super precious in your sketches, go fast! once you have knowledge about form, draw things as quickly as you can, even if it’s messy! let it be intuitive. you can always clean it up later
  • And above all, draw because you love it! It doesn’t matter what you’re drawing, as long as you enjoy yourself and have fun <3

i’m sure there’s more. if anyone else has drawing tips, please feel free to send them to me, and i’ll make another list later(?) 

anyway. i hope that helps a little, anon! let me know if you have any other questions! :D

so for the past 2 years i’ve often mentioned being buried under schoolwork. today, that changes.

today, officially, i am finished my course at Animation Mentor

i’m still putting the finishing touches on my reel, and then i have to light and render it, but it should be up fairly soon. but now, i will finally have a bit of free time again, which is exciting. as for right now tho

i am going to probably sleep for the whole weekend

well, except tomorrow maybe. because tomorrow is my birthday

hey guys!

so i got an email last week that i have officially had this blog for three years, which is kind of amazing considering i had no idea how tumblr even worked back then. and i had no idea the kind and wonderful response my stuff would get when i joined 

so i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has joined me here on my little blog so far. everyone who has ever liked, or reblogged, or commented or sent me an ask, or even just followed quietly: thank you so much! you’re all super lovely, and i truly appreciate it

thank you <3


So I’ve been a little quiet around here for the past month. Sorry about that!

It’s mainly because, at the end of the month, I am moving to Vancouver!

I’ve been hired at an animation studio out there, and I’m starting in just a couple weeks, so it’s been a mad dash to find housing and arrange the move from Calgary.

Hopefully once I’m there and settled I can get back to doing and posting more art. Thanks for your patience, guys!

( also any general Vancouver tips from any followers out there would be awesome shdjfha)

work in progress, gotta lot more work to do on the facial but uh