walla arts

Alright here we go!

Got a few people who said they’d be interested in these so, I am opening up Sketch Commissions! A few slots to begin with. So, a few things on how this will work:

  • Note me on here if you’re interested, and what you’d be interested in! I’ll put you down for a slot.
  • Send me any reference material required! Ref sheets and the like, and anything you’d potentially like for a pose. I CAN work from written descriptions, but please be aware that everyone’s visions of characters are different! The more info you give, the better, but I can’t promise it’ll be exactly like what’s in your head. Payment will also be required before I start on the commission.
  • I will get to it! Once again, I will say that the turn around on there might be a little slow, due to the fact that I will be working and in school. But I will do everything I can to get your commissions to you ASAP!

And that’s about it! All of the above options can also come with a simple solid/gradient shade background. 

EDIT: For multiple characters please add the same price per character as listed above. 

I will draw: OC’s, fancharacters

I will not draw: Porn, Extreme violence, Fetish art, etc.
Fanart commissions are a bit iffy, and will depend on the series in question.

If you’re not sure on something, or you have any questions at all, please feel free to ask me! <3

Thanks, guys!