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Imagine Person A of your OTP is afraid of thunder/lightning. Now imagine there is a freak thunderstorm, and Person B has to comfort them. Bonus: Person A actually has gotten over their fear, but they like Person B’s attention, so they pretend they’re still afraid so that Person B will pay special attention to them. Please do aleheather in this prompt :3

(yes Emily and I headcannon that this fanfic actually happened)

Word Count:843


Heather slammed her back against the steel wall of the plane, effectively hitting her head. How was everyone asleep during this stupid storm? She looked out the window, noticing that they were flying over an ocean. The contestants had just left the Amazon and were heading to their next location.


She quickly ducked as the plane shook from the loud noise. Of course Heather would never admit it, but she was deathly afraid of storms. Especially when thunder and lightning played a roll. Her whole family thought the small phobia would go away, but after a traumatic experience in her tween years, the fear only grew. By now, it was her worst fear.


The newest crack of thunder caused one other person in economy to wake up. Alejandro’s eyes shot opened as he looked around to see if anyone was awake. His gaze darted to Heather, her knees close to her chest as her entire body shook. She looked genuinely scared.

“Heather…” Alejandro barely whispered to her,”Are you okay?”

Her eyes went wide as she turned directly to him, her breathing now heavy,”I…I,”



“Hush!” he ran to where she sat and put a finger to her lips,”Do you want the whole plane to see you in a weak state?”

Heather stared at him, looking down at his finger and then shook her head no. She hated to admit that he was right, This was the weakest she had ever acted on the show.

“No…” she finally mumbled,”I don’t want anyone to see me like this. It’s embarrassing and I’m already embarrassed that you are seeing me like this,”


“Why are you embarrassed?” Alejandro asked, making room to sit next to the shaking girl,”And why are you afraid of storms?”

“I just don’t like storms,” Heather snapped, turning to him,”Everyone has something to be afraid of…I just so happen to not like storms,”

He put up his hands in defence,”Is there something I can do to help you? I mean despite our rivalry, we need sleep and I won’t be able to fall asleep with you screaming at any little crack of thunder,”


Heather basically jumped into his arms, trembling with the overwhelming storm. She didn’t even care if it was Alejandro who she gripped onto for dear life, he was just the only one awake and she wasn’t willing to wake up anyone else.

“You’re actually scared…” Alejandro said in concern,”You really aren’t faking this Heather?”

She turned to him, almost looking upset,”Why would I fake this? Especially if it makes me look vulnerable,”

“You do have a point…there is nothing for you to gain at all. Do you want me to stay here?” he questioned.

“I mean…” Heather started,”It would be nice to have someone help me with this storm…and you’re the only available candidate. So yes…would you stay here for the night?”

Alejandro immediately nodded,”Yeah…of course. Get yourself comfortable. We can just talk for a bit, outside the competition,”

“Me cuddling up to you is a stretch, and now you want to gave a gossip session at possibly three in the morning?” she rolled her eyes,”Fine..”


“Um…how about we do icebreakers,” he suggested,”It’ll get your mind off this. What’s your favorite color?”

Heather gave him a small laugh,”Cheesy much. Okay…pastel purple or red. What about you?”

“Red or green. Seems like we do have some things in common. Um..favorite


“Cat…definately a cat. Or maybe a dolphin. Probably a cat,” she contemplated her options,”And by your necklace..I assume you like bulls,”

“It’s the family crest,” Alejandro looked down at it,”I got it when I was four. Anyways…I assume you have a cat. What is it’s name?”

Heather smiled,”Bruiser…I’ve had him since I was twelve. The closest thing I ever got to a friend…how about I start asking the questions,”

“Fire away chica,”

“I heard Chris say you were an honor roll student…what’s your favorite school subject?” she questioned, interested to hear his answer.

He thought about her question,”I’d have to say…anything math related. It may be difficult sometimes, but it is also interesting,”

Heather cringed at his answer,”Math, I expected different from you. Don’t tell anyone…but I like science…”

“A science nerd,” Alejandro chuckled,”But don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone. Just don’t tell people I’m a math geek,”

She laughed,”No promises,” Heather yawned and shut her eyes,”I’m going to try and sleep…sorry if I snore,”

“I’ll just have to wake you back up if you do,” he smirked, shutting his own eyes,”If someone sees us, we’ll say it was an accident, deal?”

“Obviously, I don’t want any of these losers knowing I was cuddling up to you on purpose,” Heather noted,”Goodnight jerkface,”

Alejandro looked down at her with a smile,”Goodnight señorita, sleep well,”

And she did just that. Heather got a good night’s sleep, not just because Alejandro was a comfortable body to lay on, but because he was a comforting person. From that day forward, she knew despite the competition the first person she would go to incase there was another storm.