eve has a breakdown. world : not surprised

This is a quick post to say that you really shouldn’t underestimate how damaging phobias can be, and how easily one can fall into a panic attack.

I know that not everyone is used to someone being so easily triggered, but it is important to not carry on if someone has said it upsets them!

@trashmoutheds you are a godsend, you ultra saint!! good guess on the wall colour, too. I love you tons💛

She was wrapped
in a blanket of petals,
surrounded by thorns—
a soft beautiful heart
guarded by strong walls.
—  ma.c.a // Rose, Lovely Rose

I am almost 18 years old and I STILL love cartoons 

I like Adventure Time

I like Regular Show

I like Steven Universe

I like MLP

I like Rick and Morty 

I like Gumball 

I like Star Vs. the Forces Of Evil

I like Wander Over Yonder 

I like the original Teen Titans 

I like classic Spongebob episodes 

Some good old Simpsons episodes amused me 

I like the old Powerpuff Girls 

I like Over the Garden Wall 

And i ESPECIALLY love Gravity Falls <3

Like I said before, am I almost 18 and I still love cartoons 

My grandma still makes fun of me for liking cartoons but i don’t think there’s really an age to liking cartoons. 

Reblog if you’re old and a cartoon lover like me. :)

Εγώ θέλω να κοιμάμαι πλάι σου.

Και να σου τρίβω το σβέρκο σου,

Και να σου κρατάω το χέρι σου,

Και να βγαίνουμε για φαγητό, και να μη με νοιάζει που θα μου τρως το δικό μου,

Και να γελάω με την παράνοια σου,

Και να βλέπουμε καταπληκτικές ταινίες, και να βλέπουμε απαίσιες ταινίες,και να μαλώνουμε για το ραδιόφωνο, και να σε βγάζω φωτογραφίες όταν κοιμάσαι, και να σηκώνομαι πρώτος για να σου φέρω καφέ και κουλούρια και γεμιστά κρουασάν,

Και να σου λέω τι είδα στην τηλεόραση χτες το βράδυ,

Και να μη γελάω με τα αστεία σου, και να σε θέλω το πρωί αλλά να σ’ αφήνω να κοιμηθείς λίγο ακόμα.

Και να φιλάω την πλάτη σου, και να χαϊδεύω το δέρμα σου.

Και να σου λέω πόσο μα πόσο αγαπώ τα μαλλιά σου, τα μάτια σου, τα χείλη σου, το λαιμό σου, το στήθος σου,

Και να κάθομαι στις σκάλες ώσπου να γυρίσεις σπίτι εσύ,

Και να τρελαίνομαι όταν αργείς,

Και να σου χαρίζω ηλιοτρόπια,

Και να ‘μαι δυστυχισμένος όταν έχω άδικο,

Και να 'μαι ευτυχισμένος όταν με συγχωρείς,

Και να χαζεύω τις φωτογραφίες σου,

Και να παρακαλάω να σ’ ήξερα μια ζωή.

Και ν’ ακούω τη φωνή σου στο αυτί μου,

Και να νοιώθω το δέρμα σου πάνω στο δέρμα μου,

Και να τρομάζω όταν θυμώνεις,

Και να σ’ αγκαλιάζω όταν σε πιάνει αγωνία,

Και να σε κρατάω σφιχτά όταν πονάς,

Και να σε θέλω όταν σε μυρίζω,

Και να σε πληγώνω όταν σε αγγίζω,

Και να κλαψουρίζω όταν είμαι πλάι σου, και να κλαψουρίζω όταν δεν είμαι,

Και να σε πλακώνω και να σε πνίγω τις νύχτες,

Και να ξεπαγιάζω όταν μου παίρνεις τις κουβέρτες, και να ζεσταίνομαι όταν δεν μου τις παίρνεις,

Και να λιώνω όταν χαμογελάς και να διαλύομαι όταν γελάς,

Και να μην καταλαβαίνω οταν λες ότι σε απορρίπτω

Και ν’ αναρωτιέμαι πώς σου πέρασε ποτέ απ’ το νου ότι εγώ θα μπορούσα ποτέ να σε απορρίψω,

Και ν’ αναρωτιέμαι ποια είσαι αλλά να σε δέχομαι έτσι όπως είσαι,

Και να σου λέω για το μαγεμένο δάσος, τον άγγελο του δέντρου, το αγόρι που πέρασε πετώντας τον ωκεανό επειδή σ’ αγαπούσε,

Και να σου γράφω ποιήματα, και να αναρωτιέμαι γιατί δεν με πιστεύεις,

Και να σ’ αγαπάω τόσο βαθιά που να μην μπορώ να το βάλω σε λόγια,

Και να μη σ’ αφήνω να σηκωθείς απ’ το κρεβάτι όταν πρέπει να φύγεις,

Και να σου λέω να παντρευτούμε, και συ να μου λες πάλι όχι, αλλά εγώ να στο λέω και να στο ξαναλέω, γιατί όσο κι αν νομίζεις πως δεν το λέω σοβαρά εγώ πάντα σοβαρά το έλεγα, από την πρώτη φορά που στο είπα,

Και να τριγυρίζω στη πόλη και να τη νοιώθω άδειος χωρίς εσένα,

Και να νομίζω πως χάνομαι, αλλά να ξέρω πως πλάι σου είμαι ασφαλής,

Και να σου μιλάω για ό,τι χειρότερο έχω μέσα μου,

Και να προσπαθώ να σου δίνω ότι καλύτερο έχω μέσα μου γιατί δεν σου αξίζει τίποτα λιγότερο

Και να σου λέω την αλήθεια αν και κατά βάθος δεν θέλω

Και να προσπαθώ να είμαι ειλικρινής γιατί ξέρω πως το προτιμάς,

Και να νομίζω πως όλα τέλειωσαν, κι ωστόσο να περιμένω άλλα δέκα λεπτά πριν με πετάξεις έξω απ’ ζωή σου,Και να ξεχνάω ποιος είμαι,

Και κάπως με κάποιο τρόπο να σου εκφράζω έστω και λίγο

Τον άνευ όρων τον τα πάντα πληρούντα, τον δίχως τέλος και δίχως αρχή, έρωτα μου για σενα

Sarah Kane ( ..)

  • BTS


BTS reaction to male stranger pulling your bikini string

BTS reaction to S/O trying to be cute but ends up turning them on

BTS reaction to S/O crying because of shitty prank

BTS reaction? to S/O having big boobs?

BTS reaction to finding waterproof lipstick on their lips

BTS reaction to S/O giving them unexpected hickeys

BTS reaction? to S/O having a nice ass?

BTS reaction to cheating

BTS reaction to pregnant S/O talking to their belly

BTS reaction to twins drawing them a picture

BTS reaction to member walking in during shower sex

BTS reaction to S/O hitting something and letting out a moan

BTS reaction to breaking bed from rough sex

BTS reaction to their kid telling the two of you to kiss more often

BTS reaction to S/O loving their child

BTS reaction to S/O having an asthma attack but not knowing they had asthma

BTS pet names

BTS reaction to S/O teasing them in public

BTS reaction to S/O having a miscarriage

BTS reaction to S/O top coming off in pool

BTS reaction to S/O gamer videos

BTS reaction to S/O unable to swim

BTS reaction to S/O accidentally showing cleavage

BTS reaction to child calling cops on them

BTS reaction to walking in on you dancing and singing

BTS reaction to S/O having a mommy kink

BTS reaction to getting a new pet

BTS reaction to S/O can’t feel pain

BTS reaction to one night stand

BTS reaction to S/O hugging them from behind

BTS reaction to S/O having a daddy kink


(NSFW) BTS giving oral

(NSFW) How BTS would finger you

(NSFW) How BTS would fuck you


BTS MTL enjoy wall sex

BTS MTL love hickeys

BTS MTL fingering you at a fancy dinner

BTS MTL public sex

BTS MTL into cum play

BTS MTL to date a quiet but kinky S/O

BTS MTL into breath play

BTS MTL to be into sadism


Yoongi’s little sister series; 01 , 02 , 03 , 04 , 05

Big brother Jungkook; 01 

Namjoon halloween texts


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Steam (M)


  • Hoseok

Innocence (M)

  • Taehyung

First (M)

  • Namjoon

Nothing yet

  • Jungkook

Endearing (M) - Halloween special

  • Jimin

Ingenuous (M)

  • Jin

Stress Reliever (M) - COMING SOON

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  • GOT7


GOT7 reaction to S/O having an intimate scene for a drama

GOT7 reaction? to S/O burping?

GOT7 reaction to cheating

GOT7 reaction to realizing they love you

GOT7 reaction to Daddy kink

GOT7 pet names

GOT7 reaction to Mommy kink

GOT7 reaction to their crush getting hurt

GOT7 reaction to S/O being their first

GOT7 reaction to S/O teasing them constantly


(NSFW) GOT7 giving oral

(NSFW) How GOT7 would finger you

(NSFW) How GOT7 would fuck you


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nothing yet

  • Mark

nothing yet

  • Jackson

nothing yet

  • Jinyoung

Insane (M)

  • Youngjae

nothing yet

  • BamBam

nothing yet

  • Yugyeom

Birthday Boy (M) - Birthday special

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MariChat Tropes

MariChat is my brotp, so most of these aren’t romantic.

-Marinette paints Chat’s claws bright colors.

-Game nights

-Marinette braiding Chat’s hair and he’s so excited “princess, I’m so beautiful, thank you!”

-Chat constantly eats all of the snacks Marinette brings up. “I can’t help it. Saving Paris works up an appetite.”

-”You have a lot of pictures of your friend on your wall.” “Yeah, I love him.” “Aww, you’re such a good friend, Marinette. I’m sure he loves you too.”

-Adrien then puts up a lot of pictures of his friends on his wall so as to not be a bad friend.

-Chat laying in her lap purring while she strokes his hair between his ears.

-Chat carrying Marinette bridal-style around the roofs at night because the view is better from above.

-Chat wearing Marinette’s unfinished dresses so she can hem them. (and secretly he enjoys them)

-Chat stays for dinner a few times, and Tom and Sabine want to adopt him. You’re our cat son now.

-Alya catching Chat leaving Marinette’s balcony at night and harping on Marinette for banging a superhero. Adrien’s face is unusually red, bro, you good?

-Chat likes to sneak in and scare Marinette while she’s washing her face at night.

-She squirts him with a spray bottle as punishment.

-Bonding over their love of anime.

-Chat teasing Marinette about all the cat plushes in her room. “You really love cats, princess.” “Wha- no, I just, my dad bought them for me. I don’t even like- why would you assume?” “*eyebrow waggle*”

-Chat playing with Marinette’s yarn when she’s not looking.

-Chat practicing his pick-up lines for Ladybug on Marinette.

-”Fewer puns, Chat.” “But puns are all I’ve got!”

-Chat getting his tongue stuck to his staff in winter. “Chat, again?” “I don mae tha bes decisions, pwincesth.”

Will finish other ones later.


Jodhpur, India


14.09.17 | New room ✔️ 

I redecorated my room a couple of weeks ago, but thought I’d share some pictures now that it’s almost time to start uni again 📚The main change was moving the desk under the window to get some more light and moving my bed away from the wall. So far I’m loving it! 💗 

University starts in less than 3 weeks. Actually can’t wait to go back! 😱 


let’s hurt tonight

hello, this was loosely based on a request that i will put below, that scene is in here but it’s definitely not the main focus of the one shot, hope you like it!!

anonymous: hiii i was wondering if you could do something where harry is eating you out but your work calls and you have to answer while he keeps going down on you???

Heels in one hand, purse and phone in the other, you skipped down the stairs to where Harry was waiting, hands in his pockets.

He turned at the sound of your bare feet padding on the hardwood and a grin stretched across his face when his eyes landed on you. You still weren’t used to that look; his eyes flaming with desire as they made their way across your body. You would never admit aloud what that look did to you, but you were sure Harry knew anyway.

His eyes slowly made their way back up to yours, but darted traitorously to your mouth, “I like your lipstick.” Was all he said as he admired the redness of your mouth as it stretched into it’s own grin.

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Photographer Will Scott celebrates the varied architecture of London Underground stations

Will Scott’s Architecture of the Underground photo series showcases the diverse designs of London’s Tube stations, from the art-deco of Arnos Grove to the high-tech of Canary Wharf. The photo series also hones in on the design details both inside and outside the stations, such as the typography used for signage and the tiled illustrations applied to platform walls.“I love the level of detail that went into both the individual stations and the overall network, it was an incredible labour of love,” said Scott.