tumblr’s perception of japan is getting really fucking annoying to be honest
-not everything is anime and mangas
-not everything is senpai and cherryblossoms
-yes our language sounds cool but can you all stop using it for ~tragically beautiful poems on a black background~ ESPECIALLY when we can tell its google translated shit
-you are being rude stop it


After their outstanding victory at this year’s People’s Choice where they were awarded for the category “On-Screen Chemistry”, Damon & Elena bring home another PHYSICAL AWARD:

SHIP OF THE YEAR at the MTVu Fandom Awards 2014!

Congratulations to the entire DEfamily on another legendary WIN

“We want to thank you guys for all of your love and support of Delena.” (Nina Dobrev)
• “Our ship has been through some ups and downs and we are not sure where we would be without your support. So thank you, and we will try to keep it interesting for you.” (Ian Somerhalder)

PHOTO CREDITS: Hollywoodlife.com