tumblr’s perception of japan is getting really fucking annoying to be honest
-not everything is anime and mangas
-not everything is senpai and cherryblossoms
-yes our language sounds cool but can you all stop using it for ~tragically beautiful poems on a black background~ ESPECIALLY when we can tell its google translated shit
-you are being rude stop it

anonymous asked:

can you give some advice for people who enjoy japanese culture and don't want to be disrespectful? it would really help me a lot because i do enjoy the culture and everything about it but don't want to be disrespectful. if so, thank you!

hi anon, thank you for this message! although i am in no place to tell people what to do, i definitely can list things people do that annoy me and/or does not bother me c:

  • i’ve received so many messages or comments on my post telling me “i can blog about anime if id like! you can’t tell us what to do!” and no, you are completely right! if you blog about anime/manga or the “kawaii” genre people like to call it, please be my guest and continue to do so! be proud of your blog! do what makes you happy! 
  • it’s also definitely okay to be only interested in the anime/manga/kawaii aspects of Japan. no one’s forcing you to study things you’re not interested in! (well except maybe school, of course) so again, please continue to blog or talk about the things you like. 
  • what is not okay, however, is to bluntly state that Japan is only good for its anime, its manga, and/or its “kawaii” aspects. this is what pisses me off. this is one of the reasons that made me make the post in the first place. i’ve seen so many people make this comment, and yes most of them are weeaboos, but i’ve seen decent people do this as well! not everything about Japan is anime or manga or kawaii or even superior. so next time you see a Japanese person on the Olympics? please treat them as a human being. next time you see a questionable gif with Asian people in it? please don’t make sneer comments like “there goes Japan again.”
  • it’s also okay to think that Japan is cool, it’s definitely great that Japan interests you the most, but please don’t put Japan on a high pedestal. we’re no superior to other countries. we have living, breathing, thinking, and feeling people living within this country you think so highly of. we have creepy people now and then, we have crimes that happen. we’re a real country here folks please act like it.
  • what you say about our country does matter. because from somewhere, someplace, weeaboos learn that calling themselves otaku or watching anime or liking Japan makes them superior to other people. so please be careful about what you have to say. our society is a pretty jam-packed movie theatre here guys your opinions about the film in such a tightly closed space will be heard. comments like “that movie was so good!!” “gosh i wanna go see it again” “i feel asleep” “ugh it was terrible” can really change another’s minds about going to see the movies themselves. the point is, your voice is valid, no matter what you think, in the society we live in today. especially in popular web-based platforms like tumblr, where anyone in the world with internet can access. “口は災いの元 (kuchi wa wazawai no moto)” ― “the mouth is the source of catastrophe” is a well-known Japanese saying my mother always tells me. 
  • and if you are learning or our culture (or any other culture besides Japanese!) interests you like you said anon, don’t be afraid of mistakes! there’s definitely a lot to learn about Japanese culture, and little things are considered rude here. if you do something wrong though, we are definitely forgiving and someone will correct you so you won’t mess up next time! i myself have lived in Japan my whole life but am still learning about my country. i started a part-time job in october and this is another thing that is definitely new to me, but my co-workers have been so patient with me in my learning experience about right and wrong in treating customers. they have really helped me out.

The Cavern Club in Liverpool and The Cavern Wall of Fame with all the names of people who have performed at the club (The Beatles listed below the sign). New names are still being added to this day. The club was rebuild at an angle of 90 degrees and the entrance has been moved, but the club is still in the same spot and the original entrance is now the fire exit. The Beatles played at the club a good 292 times.