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For the love of wall maria you little shit… *scowls* It’s a good thing I love you

We know that:
1.) There are English, German, and Scandinavian names in SnK
2.) We have a singular Native American name (Nanaba) when there would
likely be more if this was North America
3.) Armin expresses both wonderment and bewilderment at the concept of 
“Fire Water” - Lava, “Snowfields of Sand” - Deserts, and “Continent[s] of Ice”
- Tundra. These are all types of environments that they are unfamiliar with
living inside the walls. This means that Volcanoes, Tundras, and Deserts/Arid
lands are all foreign. There are very few locations on the planet wherein
all 3 of these locations do not exist within 3,015 kilometers of one another,
which is the total size of Wall Maria.
4.) There are Giant Redwoods dotting the landscape, and we see mountainous
terrain almost all over.
5.) We know that some of the wall is bordering an ocean and that the evacuees 
came over from an ocean

With the information we know, we can only assume that the walls are located
in central Europe, taking up areas of Germany, especially northern Germany,
bordering the North Sea. This area is the only area of the world with 
no tundra environment and no desert environment that would also contain
giant redwoods. It also matches an area that would be directly connected 
to both Britain and Scandinavia.

All of our knowledge of SnK’s location points towards central Europe,
with the North Sea bordering the walls to the North near Germany. The walls are 
also not perfect concentric circles, they are uneven and could go further into one area
than they go into another.

The walls could not be located in California, as Deserts are common there, or
certainly would be within the 3,015 kilometers of the perimeter of the walls.
They could also not be further north, in Washington, because snowfields would be
common there as it gets further into Canada and so would “continents of ice” or areas
of permanent frost.

Finally, if the walls were located any further to the East than central 
Europe, you’d again have to run into issues dealing with Tundra.

Finally, we are given flashbacks of medieval knights fighting off Titans
with armor around medieval castles. We are not shown any signs of 
Western or American civilization.

The walls must take up central Europe.


Here we go. My first Upload Q///Q

Wall Maria and Rose of Shingeki no Kyojin!

We had worn the Cosplay to the Leipziger Bookfair in march….
We had a lot of fun with all the Shingeki Cosplayers!!!! <3 Thank you very much!!!!  

Wall Maria = me
Wall Rose = http://hoodoo-queen.tumblr.com/
Shingeki no Kyojin =Hajime Isayama
Photographer = https://www.facebook.com/lichtspielfotografieundcosplay


I wanted to draw a titan in my wall, to i took a pick from the manga and started drawing on my wall. btw it looks way better in person