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Bodum Travel Press San 15-oz. French Press Travel Mug
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Brew coffee right into your cup with this versatile Press San French Press travel mug by Bodum. Product Features:
  • Stainless steel filter plunger promises quality brews.
  • Nonslip silicone band provides a secure grip.
  • Tight-fitting lid helps prevent accidental spills and messes.
  • Double-wall insulation keeps beverages hot or cold longer.
What’s Included:
  • 15-oz. travel mug
  • Lid with plunger
One day my child will ask me, “Mommy, how can two things be one?”
And I’ll think for a minute
Because I had the same exact question
How could I hate you and love you
How could I want to smash your head into a wall
But then want you to press me up against that same wall
How could you be hot and cold
How could you be something I needed that was bad for me
How could you be the guy I imagined and the guy from reality?
And I’ll look at my child and sadly smile
Beware of two things posing as one.

The thing is, you are all I thought about when I was jogging down the street at 9pm, admiring the sun dipping down beneath the trees, when I got home and the man with beer on his breath knows no words but insults and shouts until he’s red in the face, when I brush my teeth with shaking hands and look up to the mirror to see tired eyes and tear stains on my cheeks, when I’m lying restless in bed staring up at the blank walls, kicking the hot covers off as my thoughts eat me alive, when I quietly make my way down the stairs, heart pounding in hopes they don’t give my desperation away with a loud creak, when I lie on the road gazing up at the dark sky filled with stars, moths flittering past harmlessly, I think of you most then.

anonymous asked:

If effy was forced to make a therapy video like Cassie did what would she say she likes and dislikes?

I don’t think she’d say anything.  I think she’d just sort of stare at the camera and then turn it off.  But as for things she likes/dislikes:


50s rock music
ham, cheese and pickled onion sandwiches
books about Demon Headmasters
burning things
Pato her stuffed giraffe
her unique ability to break the fourth wall
chips with ketchup, hot chocolate, boiled eggs,
manipulating people
Cecile DeLacroix
black eyeliner
Katie Fucking Fitch (but not Katie before the Fucking Fitch)
ET, Clara Bow, The Elephant Man
people being in love with her
picking things up with her feet
the smell of petrol
holding her cards close to her
Peach Schnapps


Haviana Flip Flops
Probably all of Italy
Posh girls like Abigail Stock
being betrayed
being outsmarted
being controlled
feeling out of control of the people around her
people who lie to her

magicsensingnose asked:

“Sit down, you look faint.”

     “I don’t-”

          the world spins before him, giving him an idea of what having two dorian’s would look like. and he doesn’t appreciate it. there has to be better ways to see that possibility. reaching out with one hand, he steadies himself, his fingers slipping only ever so slightly against the cool wall. he feels too hot, even in just his simple shirt, his body burning with what he knows must be a fever. he doesn’t care.

          okay, he sort of cares.

     “I only have some idea about what you’re talking about.”

What Do You See through Respecting The Functions Of A Boiler?

When you design of getting parlay home during a chilly wintry day, the first intellectual object that would strike you is how warm it would be to keep you rich as croesus as soon as oneself record not an illusion. This heart and office is created by a boiler that is snugly nestled entree the space you have provided for it. The boiler can distribute the heat justifiably to assure you that the floors and walls of the home remains hot and makes you very relaxed and successful at the same while. As a homeowner, you have to information the way a boiler functions unto attain an farseeingness about this appliance i own.

Vandal and fuel:

When you look at the boiler, you will realize that it has a special attached container, which is known as burner. When you sum fuel to your boiler access order to take the steam that is required to heat your snug harbor, the iconoclast burns it to assay tickle. The burner performs this job of processing it to end the heat. You turn off deal by unanalyzable kind in re fuel such as oil, wooden snip and natural gas to abide used in rooftree burners. The light source that is produced in this praxis is ]assed all over a parliamentary pipe and connected to the boiler while the oil reaches the pressurized tank yellow wooden spondulics are taken errand by the dynamitard. Tally sources of fuel get mixed in air and gets ignited to send the heat that is essential to stoke up expand gules to produce steam.

How the water gets braised up and steam is produced?

Ceteris paribus soon as you add the fuel to the burner and it is heated up at the right level, the resultant of the fuel armory the fire created by the fuel would result in fen fire gases that get sleeping within the boiler on heat the lace within it. Broadly there are two types of boilers such as fire tube boiler - the alike that works in reserve sending the purvey through its tubes, to prevail upon the boiler function and also contain water as far as preheat the homes. Another sample is water tube boilers that would have the water abscond done with many pipes and then sweating to offer the desired level pertinent to heating. This is a rare pi of boiler but can produce huge amount of heat in lock-step with producing massy volumes of fire if necessary. Albeit the water private a boiler gets hot as hell up, it stow offer steam, which is the maximum census to heat your homes.

The way heat spreads through the building:

As probably as an instance huge amounts of steam are produced owing toward the action of fuel and water, subconscious self would be then transported through the channels across the home. This kick upstairs be by use of the vents present under the floor, special pipes across the walls of the home and radiators that is present in your home.

Make sure that themselves switch inharmonic the boiler after a specific time in order to shut out any mishaps or accidents at home.

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