wall tower

kagehina, 1k, “welcome home.” 

from the guild au.

The Karasuno Guildhall had been a farmhouse, once, a large but simple structure set amongst the rolling hills. Local lore has it that the great Ukai line of mages were farmers, once, and when the first Guild Master converted his home into the guild’s headquarters, the generations began piling on their own additions. Now, the hall doesn’t look so much like a farmhouse as several farmhouses smashed together. There’s no rhyme or reason to the shape of it, extra wings attached and walls knocked down and towers added without permission over the years. A single metal spire rises out of the center of the building, a large black banner unfurling from it and blowing in the wind. Sugawara-san, the guild’s ranking wind mage, is responsible for the current enchantment that keeps the banner billowing even on the stillest of days. But as a result, anyone can look up and see the clear white characters printed across the ink-black fabric. Fly.

It’s been three months since he’s been back. Kageyama had left just before his birthday, in early winter. It wasn’t an occasion that anyone would mark, anyway, and he only noted it because years and numbers are powerful things, with potent and often unpredictable effects on one’s magic. He’s twenty-one, now, and it’s early spring. The world is bright and new and the fields around the guildhall are bursting with white and orange flowers. It’s quaint and idyllic, and before Kageyama can help himself he calls up his wind magic, letting it blow through the flowers until they’re swaying in a comfortable breeze, dancing around him.

Your magic is so… tame. I didn’t expect you to be such a goody two-shoes.

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No words can describe how incredible it is to experience camping in Yosemite National Park. Sleeping under the stars and waking up to towering granite walls and tremendous raging waterfalls is something so beautiful and spectacular within itself. I can’t wait to camp here again soon.

By: Corbin Callaway

If President Trump announces that North Korea launched a missile that landed within 100 miles of Hawaii, would most Americans believe him? Would the rest of the world? We’re not sure, which speaks to the damage that Mr. Trump is doing to his Presidency with his seemingly endless stream of exaggerations, evidence-free accusations, implausible denials and other falsehoods.

The latest example is Mr. Trump’s refusal to back off his Saturday morning tweet of three weeks ago that he had “found out that [Barack] Obama had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower just before the victory” on Election Day. He has offered no evidence for his claim, and a parade of intelligence officials, senior Republicans and Democrats have since said they have seen no such evidence.

Yet the President clings to his assertion like a drunk to an empty gin bottle, rolling out his press spokesman to make more dubious claims. Sean Spicer—who doesn’t deserve this treatment—was dispatched last week to repeat an assertion by a Fox News commentator that perhaps the Obama Administration had subcontracted the wiretap to British intelligence.

That bungle led to a public denial from the British Government Communications Headquarters, and British news reports said the U.S. apologized. But then the White House claimed there was no apology. For the sake of grasping for any evidence to back up his original tweet, and the sin of pride in not admitting error, Mr. Trump had his spokesman repeat an unchecked TV claim that insulted an ally.

The wiretap tweet is also costing Mr. Trump politically as he hands his opponents a sword. Mr. Trump has a legitimate question about why the U.S. was listening to his former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, and who leaked news of his meeting with the Russian ambassador. But that question never gets a hearing because the near-daily repudiation of his false tweet is a bigger media story.

FBI director James Comey also took revenge on Monday by joining the queue of those saying the bureau has no evidence to back up the wiretap tweet. Mr. Comey even took the unusual step of confirming that the FBI is investigating ties between the Trump election campaign and Russia.

Mr. Comey said he could make such a public admission only in “unusual circumstances,” but why now? Could the wiretap tweet have made Mr. Comey angry because it implied the FBI was involved in illegal surveillance? Mr. Trump blundered in keeping Mr. Comey in the job after the election, but now the President can’t fire the man leading an investigation into his campaign even if he wants to.

All of this continues the pattern from the campaign that Mr. Trump is his own worst political enemy. He survived his many false claims as a candidate because his core supporters treated it as mere hyperbole and his opponent was “untrustworthy” Hillary Clinton. But now he’s President, and he needs support beyond the Breitbart cheering section that will excuse anything. As he is learning with the health-care bill, Mr. Trump needs partners in his own party to pass his agenda. He also needs friends abroad who are willing to trust him when he asks for support, not least in a crisis.

This week should be dominated by the smooth political sailing for Mr. Trump’s Supreme Court nominee and the progress of health-care reform on Capitol Hill. These are historic events, and success will show he can deliver on his promises. But instead the week has been dominated by the news that he was repudiated by his own FBI director.

Two months into his Presidency, Gallup has Mr. Trump’s approval rating at 39%. No doubt Mr. Trump considers that fake news, but if he doesn’t show more respect for the truth most Americans may conclude he’s a fake President.


Wall Street Journal Editorial Board on “President” Trump’s (lack of) credibility and his repeated lies (03.21.2017)

Tonight’s The Wall Street Journal​ Editorial nails our serial lying “President” who is currently under FBI investigation very good for the untruths that he’s uttered over the course of his “Presidency” and beforehand.


Nuraghe Arrubiu, Orroli, Sardinia

The Nuraghe Arrubiu is the most imposing monument of Sardinia and among the most majestic of all the European West. Its name means “Red Nuraghe” in the Sardinian language, which derives from its red lichen covering the basalt stonework of the buildings.

Construction began in the 14th century BC and continued on into the 12th century BC. The main structure of Nuraghe Arrubiu is one of the few five-lobed nuraghi of Sardinia and stands out both for its considerable size and complex structure. It consists of a central tower surrounded by a five-lobed bastion and and a defensive wall with towers. The main tower originally reached a height of about 98 feet (30 m), making it one of the tallest structures in Bronze Age Europe.

The area covered by the whole site is roughly 9,842 square feet (3,000 m) and has large courtyards, stairs, entrances, hallways and domed rooms. The site seems to have been abandoned in the 9th century BC and repopulated again in the 2nd century BC by the Romans. It remained inhabited until the early Middle Ages.


France is building a bulletproof glass wall around the Eiffel Tower to prevent attacks

  • French officials are taking new measures to protect tourists visiting the Eiffel Tower, an attraction that draws some 6 million visitors a year.
  • According to the Agence France-Presse, the landmark will soon be surrounded by an eight-foot-high glass wall made of bulletproof glass to prevent individuals or vehicles from “storming the site.”
  • “The terror threat remains high in Paris, and the most vulnerable sites, starting with the Eiffel Tower, must be the object of special security measures,” deputy mayor, Jean-Francois Martins, said.
  • The glass wall would replace the metal fences that currently line the perimeter of the tower. Read more (2/9/17 1:03 PM)

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On this day in music history: January 24, 1980 - A large billboard to promote Pink Floyd’s album “The Wall” and their four city tour of the US, is erected above the parking lot of the Tower Records store on Sunset Blvd. in West Hollywood, CA. The billboard has a giant brick wall pasted up in front of it, resembling the cover artwork for “The Wall”. Bricks are removed each day from the billboard, slowly revealing a massive blow up of artist Gerald Scarfe’s artwork from the inner album cover gatefold underneath. The artwork is fully unveiled by the end of the bands’ Los Angeles tour dates in February.


silmweek: day 4

Angband was a primarily subterranean stronghold under the three volcanic mountains of Thangorodrim, the largest mountains in Middle-earth. Before the Great Gate, there was a somber court area flanked by frightening cliffs and walled by the towers of a great battlement. Through the gate, there was a long great tunnel leading to a ‘labyrinthine pyramid’ of stairs to corridors, tunnels, smithy chambers which a tall chimney went up through the mountain to the smokey towers of Thangorodrim, which spewed poisonous fumes.

Do You Want Me or Not?

Summary: Your’s and Bucky’s relationship is kept a secret, although it made the sex incredibly hot, not being able to hold your hand or taking you out on public dates took a toll on Bucky.

Warnings: angst, light smut (fingers and oral -reader receiving-)

A/N: I just really wanted to write a super angsty fic. I hope you enjoy it! Not my best fic but this has been sitting unfinished in my drafts for months now and I really wanted to finish it and get it out there. Not every fic is perfect and I accept that, I hope you guys do, too :)

The bass of the music shook the walls of the tower as people danced and drank, grinding on each other while swooning over the Avengers. Sam’s birthday party was in full swing and instead out enjoying the festivities you were stuck in your bedroom with Bucky. For once, you wished you were anywhere but there. You were having a fight.

Bucky had spent the first half of the party watching your entanglement with one of Sam’s friend, Alex. Bucky watched as the two of you danced, hugged, held hands, and occasionally snuggle on the couch. Bucky finally snapped when Alex dropped his head down and placed a tender kiss on your lips.

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preasoiaf meme: 3 historical events/legends (1/3) » The Tourney of Harrenhal.

For seven days the finest knights and noblest lords of the Seven Kingdoms contended with lance and sword in the fields beneath the towering walls of Harrenhal. At night, victors and vanquished alike repaired to the castle’s cavernous Hall of a Hundred Hearths, for feasting and celebration.

Mile High


Logan Howlett X Reader

A/N: rip me oml

Words: 2.4K

Prompt: It’s filth man. Pure, unadulterated filth.

Warnings: it’s smut yo, thigh-riding, unprotected sex ( IT WOUDLN’T BE A SHOCK IF YOU WRAPPED UR COCK )  need for holy water, swearing, i think that’s it? maybe? possibly? idk I’m too focused on logan pray 4 me


Stryker was an absolute son of a bitch. That much was fact.

Two missions over the span of a week had you pissed beyond limits. Sitting stiffly on one of the seats with the belt strapped tightly around you, rendering you nearly immobile, you kept your eyes focused on your feet, thinking about why you had even wanted to join the general’s secret band of misfits.

Little did you know how Logan was looking at you, with his nostrils flared and jaw clenched as the jet shook lightly from turbulence. He buried his head in his hands, a soft, barely audible groan leaving his lips.

“Will you guys shut the fuck up?” You demanded, growing annoyed at the banter, glaring at Wade’s remark to Victor about his ‘fingernails of a bag lady.’

It was then that you noticed how uncomfortable Logan looked, his eyes glazed over and hands clasped tightly together.

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Your Worst Nightmare

Summary: Dan can’t sleep–he never can. And it’s thanks to the demon under his bed.

TW: uhhh scary demon shit. idk when @mangothatismelancholy was reading it she was legitimately scared so idkkk

Genre: angst

Word Count: 5k

(here’s a drawing @societyshottheunicorns01​ made!)

(and a drawing @haleykinz​ made!)

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Summary: Draco has one person in mind for the yule ball.  One person who makes his insides flip upside down, his palms sweaty and his knees weak.  The one person he can’t talk to.  Guess what?  Y/N does too.

Word Count: just over 2400

Draco’s Journal – December 7, 1994

There’s going to be a stupid ball on Christmas Day.  Father will probably make me go with some daft bimbo.  I’ll have to get dressed up.  I’ll have to dance.  I’ll have to look at all the ridiculous couples act all lovey dovey on the dance floor.

It’ll be awful.

Draco’s Journal – December 9, 1994

Father said I could pick someone to go with.  He gave me a few suggestions but Mother made sure I knew that I could ask anyone.

Maybe I’ll ask her.

No.  That’s ridiculous.

I barely know her. She would never go to a ball with me.

I’ll have to look at the suggestions.  I’ll take whoever is the prettiest.  Yeah.  That’s the plan.

I need to forget about her.

Draco’s Journal – December 12, 1994

I did not forget about her.

I saw her in the Great Hall and nearly asked her right then and there.  She just looked so perfect talking and laughing with her friends.

No.  I need to get it together.

I’m asking Pansy Parkinson.


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