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Trend Alert: The Power Suit 

From the office to the streets, we’ve been fan-girling over one of the hottest trends to hit our Instagram feed: The Power Suit. Simple, bold, and SO easy to rock on your own. Masculine tailored suits and minimal accessories are contrasted by the casually cool Sk8-Hi and Old Skool. Style mavens such as Kristen Stewart and Jayne Min have made this look a closet staple, and we can’t wait to get on it. Got a new trend we should try out in our closet? Tag your style shot on Instagram with #VansGirls, and let’s see what you got! 

The Ferret of Wall Street
  • My mom: You should write a Drarry story where they're American Muggles, and Harry is participating in Occupy Wall Street with Hermione and Ron. And Draco, who's a successful stockbroker, comes out to threaten the protesters. But he runs into Harry and they can't stop staring at each other and soon begin a secret affair.
  • Me: I- what?! Where did that come from?
  • My mom: I was thinking about it when I watched The Wolf of Wall Street last night. Draco would look good in a suit.
  • Me:
  • My mom: Oh, and throw Blaise in there too. He'd be perfect on Wall Street.
What Remains

Nick pushed away from the side of the truck and brushed at his shoulder. Paint chips flaked like the rind of burnt citrus fruit. So unprofessional. “How does this look to the clients?”

“We’re estate movers.” Finn wiggled his asymmetrical brows, giving his face the expression of a disturbed cartoon character. “The clients are dead, Nick.“

“Not those clients.” Nick rolled his eyes. “The ones who pay us.” He nodded in the direction of Wall Street suited man exiting a cab. “Sharpen up.”

The man was all business and got straight to the point. “It’s upstairs.” He paused and looked the young men over twice each. “You come highly recommended. It’s to be moved exactly as is. I don’t mind if you shift the pillows and the other detritus, but nothing else is to be disturbed.”

“Of course.” Nick and Finn followed the man through the cadaverous brownstone to the second floor sitting room. Finn’s nose wrinkled and he turned away from the stiff room for a moment. But Nick showed no outward sign he even noticed the stench. Opposite the window, a claw-footed settee had been pushed against the wall. In front of it, there was a spot on the floor without dust.

Nick asked, “Where’s the rug? It was included in the contract as part of this particular estate.”

The man pointed to the closet in the corner.

“Shit.” Finn grunted. “Any stains are now going to be smeared.”

But Nick cut him off. “We’ll take it as is, of course. Besides, we need it to cover up the couch before taking it out, unless…”

The man hesitated. “It…uh, already has a stain on it.”

“No problem. We’ve got a tarp.” Nick waved Finn downstairs and pulled the contract out of his pocket. They finalized the details and the man handed over a check.

“I believe that covers it.”

Nick pocketed it without looking. “I’m sure it does.” Finn returned and the two movers set the rug on the unoccupied side of the couch, then covered the place of rest with the tarp, making sure to keep the dangling legs covered so they didn’t bump anything on the way out. “Open the front door for us and we’ll make sure this is all taken care of.”

The man shook Nick’s hand. “I’m counting on your discretion.”

“That’s what the check is for.” Finn grabbed the side of the settee with only the rug and smirked. With care, they made their way out to the truck.  Nick manoeuvred the beast rather well considering the dead weight was all on his side.