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The NYPD sent video teams to film Black Lives Matter and Occupy protesters over 400 times

  • Since 2011, the New York Police Department has deployed officers with cameras to film protesters over 400 times, according to police documents obtained by the Verge.
  • The documents were obtained by New York City lawyer David Thompson, who discovered that the NYPD’s Technical Assistance Response Unit has been deployed to Occupy Wall Street protests as well as Black Lives Matter demonstrations.
  • The revelations come on the heels of a New York Supreme Court judge’s ruling that police had to turn over the records of the NYPD’s undercover surveillance of Black Lives Matter demonstrations after the death of Eric Garner. Read more (3/23/17)

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Those on the left represent a threat to capitalist hegemony, whereas those on the right do not – in the above picture and on the political spectrum. You see the same disparity regarding the number of (and responses from) cops between the Occupy movement/Black Lives Matter and the Tea Party bullshit; one set of movements is challenging a dominant paradigm that the system is built around (white supremacist capitalism), while the other is pushing for further entrenchment into said paradigm. The Tea Party challenges nothing (“don’t tread on [the capitalist bosses]”); Occupy and BLM hint at a resurgence of leftist movements, and the establishment (yes, the capitalists and the state) doesn’t like that.


Charlottesville, Virginia: Smash the Klan counter-protest, July 8, 2017.

“UNION JOBS NOT RACISM! Wall Street & their political servants say there’s no money for people’s needs, but they have millions today for hundreds of potentially thousands of cops to protect a few Klan white supremacists!”

Photos and report by Bryan G. Pfeifer

The Ferret of Wall Street
  • My mom: You should write a Drarry story where they're American Muggles, and Harry is participating in Occupy Wall Street with Hermione and Ron. And Draco, who's a successful stockbroker, comes out to threaten the protesters. But he runs into Harry and they can't stop staring at each other and soon begin a secret affair.
  • Me: I- what?! Where did that come from?
  • My mom: I was thinking about it when I watched The Wolf of Wall Street last night. Draco would look good in a suit.
  • Me:
  • My mom: Oh, and throw Blaise in there too. He'd be perfect on Wall Street.

14 yr olds nowadays know how to apply the perfect smokey eye and contouring but i was here only putting eyeliner on my bottom waterline

I went to new york in 2008 and took a fucking picture in front of the occupy wall street protest lmfao

I used to walk to the Trump Tower after work when I was interning at the Met Museum. It was around the time of the Occupy Wall Street protests, and I would go sit in that gaudy temple of doom to reflect on how trickle down economics function (aka disfunction).

The Trump Tower is a dead mall. When you take the escalator upstairs, all that’s there is shuttered stores that used to exist to attract tourists, but now are out of business shrines to nothingness. It is a metaphor for what this presidency is going to look like.

So, my fellow Americans, it is up to us to fight back and to reclaim justice against those who seek to destroy & silence us in the name of greed & exclusionary uses of power. The next four years require strength & mobilization, and for us to come together to fight for what we believe in. Let’s get to work.

From there, I went wandering. I bumped straight into the movement’s social media call-out culture, where people demonstrate how radical they are by destroying one another. It felt like walking into a high school locker room. In this universe, we insist on perfect politics and perfect language, to the exclusion of experimentation, learning, or constructive critique. We wear our outsiderness as a badge of pride, knowing that saying the right thing trumps doing anything at all. No one is ever good enough for us — not progressive celebrities who don’t get the whole picture, not your Facebook friend who doesn’t quite get why we say Black Lives Matter instead of All Lives Matter, not your cousin who mourned the deaths in Paris without saying an equal number of words about those in Beirut. Instead of organizing these people, we attack them. We tear down rather than teach each other, and pick apart instead of building on top of what we have.
And of course, the politic of powerlessness doesn’t only live on social media, but in our organizing spaces as well — and it’s in the realm of identity that so much of the battle takes place. We confuse systems like white supremacy, patriarchy, and capitalism with individuals we can use as stand-ins for them. We use the inevitable fuck-ups of our potential partners as validation that we should stay in our bunkers with the handful of people who make us feel safe instead of getting dirty in the trenches. We imagine identity as static and permanent, instead of remembering that all of us — to borrow terminology from organizations like Training for Change — have experiences of marginalization that can help us support one another, and experiences of being in the mainstream that can help us understand the people we want to shift. We forget that, while identity gives us clues and reveals patterns, it doesn’t fully explain our behavior, and it certainly doesn’t determine it. We abandon the truth that people can transform, that ultimately we all — oppressed and potential oppressors alike (if such simplistic frames should even be entertained) — can and must choose sides. So we shirk this ultimate responsibility we have as organizers: To support people in making the hard and scary choices to be on the side of freedom. In all of this commotion, we turn inward. We forget the enemy outside, and find enemies in the room instead, make enemies of one another.
—  Yotam Marom, The Politics of Powerlessness. Read it, tumblr, read it and realize how much this site’s toxic identity politics and self-righteous one-upping puritanism is nothing but self-serving, smug, individualistic, selfish bullying and not the foundation for solidarity and genuine change.

Detroit, Michigan: Hundreds rally outside bankruptcy court to protest austerity plan, April 1, 2014.

Photos by Kris Hamel

Emergency Manager Kevyn Orr is offering the court a “Plan of Adjustment.” . This austerity plan asks the more than 20,000 city retirees to take a 34 percent cut in their pensions if they reject the plan, or a 26 percent cut if they accept the plan.

On April 1, Detroiters will rally outside the bankruptcy court and let their objections be heard in the streets. Union members, active employees, retirees, residents and community activists are expected. Some of the collected objections will be turned in to the court at that time.

The deadline for objections to the austerity plan of adjustment has been extended to April 28. They may be delivered in person or by U.S. mail to the U.S. Bankruptcy Court, Judge Steven Rhodes, c/o Clerk of the Court, 231 W. Lafayette St., Detroit, MI 48226. If done by letter, please reference case no. 13-53846 on your objection. A downloadable “People’s Objection” instructions and form can also be found at detroitdebtmoratorium.org.

An objector is not required to live or work in the city of Detroit to file. According to Moratorium NOW! organizers, the banks’ austerity plan for Detroit retirees and residents is a test case for the rest of the country and must be stopped.


Dozens Greet Ben Carson in Baltimore to Decry his Cruel Cuts to Public Housing


i really want preestablished relationships?? i want atticus & uni students spending nights outside wall street, camping and protesting. i want atticus meeting and hearing other people’s stories and genuinely empathising? i want atticus being shaped & inspired by each and every new people he meets whether be they’re young or old, tall or small. i want atticus, who lived the first quarter of his life by books making human connections and trusting people and going on wacky adventures. 

I feel like Dunkirk is so good specifically because it steers clear of the issues I usually have with Nolan. Like the fact that it’s based on an actual event automatically precludes it from having the convoluted, ill-plotted narratives he usually has. And the minimal dialogue in the movie is really good, mainly because now we don’t have to listen to his shit writing. And plus it’s about war, which means the usual mind-numbing assault from Hans Zimmer’s score actually kind of works here. And most surprisingly, it doesn’t really have the politically reactionary, conservative elements that usually permeates his movies (i.e. the post-Bush surveillance state being a good thing in TDK, wall street protests = chaos in the TDKR).

i’m making a lgbt+/black lives matter/women’s march/occupy wall street (and similar protests)/etc edit for “champion” because i feel like that’s what the song was made for. stay tuned