wall street protestors

it’s no coincidence to me that liberals have taken aim at women holding signs about vaginas, uteruses, and specifically female-centered issues during the women’s march, but these very same liberals wouldn’t dare suggest that “black lives matter” activists should include “white lives” or “blue lives” in their signs and slogans too. these very same liberals did not see fit to inform occupy wall street protestors that its “not all rich people.”

women are the ones who have to step aside and make room at the podium for others. women are the ones who have to be reminded that it’s not okay to put ourselves first. women are the ones who need to sacrifice precious time, space, and voice at a public demonstration to make sure others are heard and seen, too. women are the ones who have no specific experience worth naming and discussing, no specific interests worth protecting.

woman does not exist.

protesting on Wall Street

…doesn’t mean that the protester shouldn’t be using all the fancy products made by those corporations which are being rallied against, and it doesn’t mean that the protester is looking for a government handout and doesn’t want to work.

protesting on Wall Street is (should be) about taking a stand against the unethical business practices our government and this free market capitalistic society have created.

Corporations aren’t the main offenders here.  Our economic philosophy has basically told them to do exactly what they’re doing.  Go wherever you want, take out whoever you need to take out, cheat the system as best as you can, screw the little guy, just make more money.  that’s capitalism!

don’t blame the dogs for getting to fat, we’re the ones that overfed them.

Protesting on Wall Street should be about curbing these corporations–whether that means stricter environmental laws, imposing foreign import tariffs on US companies (or any company really) that manufactures outside of the US or whatever.

Our government is corrupt and infected with financial contributions from corporations and lobbyists. THIS IS THE PROBLEM.

Wall Street protesters, if you want to take the government back take control of your elected representatives.  We like to think that we voted them in but we didn’t.  They bought their seats with dirty corporate money.  The top demand, which I believe will address the clusterfuck of issues that we hear and see in your chants and signs, could all be addressed by demanding the enactment of a law which would forbid corporations from making any financial contributions whatsoever, to any person who holds any type of public office.

Once that’s gone, maybe our politicians won’t be so afraid of corporations.