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bts when they accidently slap you

babe I don’t know how accidentally slapping someone works ( i mean you either slap them or you don’t) so I am going to make it a slap out of anger

Also, right now I’m doing only Jin, Rapmon and yoongi, maknae line and jho(p)e will follow soon. I hope that won’t be a problem! Thank you for requesting! 💜



You would be arguing about something stupid and Jin would be shouting on the top of his voice, telling you to get your shit together. You could tell he was really angry. You had observed that he had been losing his temper at the drop of a hat, the past few days, but listening to him screaming at you would make you angry as well. 
“What’s gotten into you, Jin? Why the fuck do you have to be so angry all the fucking time? Stop behaving like a fucking lunatic-”

The crack of skin contacting skin echoed off the walls. He had slapped you. 

Immediately, after releasing all of his tension in that act, he would stare at you wide eyed. You would have your hand on your cheek, equally shocked. 

“I’m sorry, y/n I just-I didn’t want to-please oh god I am so sorry” He would try to come closer to you in an effort to comfort you but you would flinch and back off, eyes red-angry, tearful and betrayed-, you would look at him, tears now freely falling. 

“You shouldn’t have done that.” you would say, taking your bag and leaving the apartment, leaving behind a crying Jin. 


Namjoon would barge into your room, picking you up from your bed, violently yanking on your hand. He would drag you out to the dining room-despite your strong protest at the way he was treating you-and there you would see his bratty female friend sitting on one of the chairs, crying her eyes out. 

“What the fuck, Kim Namjoon?” You would ask him, yanking your arm out of his grip.

“How dare you, y/n? I knew you could be crazy but this is just crossing all the fucking limits. How could you bully her?” 

You stood in shock. YOU…bullying HER

“What the fuck are you talking about? Why would I do that?”

“She told me, she showed me the marks. You hit her. What the fuck y/n? How could you?” 

You looked at his friend, sitting behind him giving you a smirk and all you could see was red. 

“Get the fuck out of my house, you lying bitch.” You would start towards her when Namjoon would forcefully turn you towards him and slap you across your cheek. 

A sharp pain would hit you, leaving a throbbing sensation in your cheek. 

“Did you just fucking slap me?” You would say through the angry tears. 

“Yah namjoon-ah, i was just kidding..you went too far.” His friend would stand up out of fear and mild nervousness and just take her leave.


“Save it. I’m leaving.” 

“no..no please, no no, I am so sorry. I thought you were going to hit her- and I just lost it- oh god I didn’t know she was lying-yah y/n please don’t leave. Please baby, I’m so sorry.” He would try to stop you from leaving but you had already packed your stuff and walked out of the apartment before he could finish whatever explanation he was giving you. 


He would be furious, blaming you for throwing some of his important work away. This would just be a stimulus to an already irritated Yoongi. He would be exhausted and frustrated by the sheer amount of work and even though you will have thrown out nothing, he would take this as an opportunity to release all his anger. 

“You threw out my things didn’t you? When the fuck will you grow up?” Yoongi would step into the kitchen, where you were making yourself and him some sandwiches. You would turn around to look at him with your eyebrows raised, giving him an uncomfortable smile, trying to calm him down. You knew how exhausted he was. 

“I didn’t throw out anything, love.” you would step towards him.

Shut the fuck up. You have been really annoying lately, you know that? The stuff you fucking threw out was my production work. I had to submit it tomorrow, do you fucking understand what that means?”

You tried to control your anger, remaining calm and maintaining an indifferent expression towards his hurtful words. 

“Honey, I did not throw anything out, okay? Just check around. You’ll find it.” 

“I DON’T HAVE THE FUCKING TIME TO CHECK AROUND!” He roared and you took a slight step backwards because you were startled. You had never seen him like this. 

“What’s wrong, Yoongi? Are you okay?” You would ask him slightly concerned at his outburst. 

He would look at you with red eyes, “Do I look like I’m fucking okay, you bitch?” 

You would stand there with your mouth open. “What the fuck did you just call  me?” 

“A bitch. That’s what you are. Why the fuck are we together? You threw out my stuff and now you’re acting like an innocent fuck who doesn’t know what’s happening.” He would be on a roll, enraged. “You probably don’t have to work this hard because I’m rich and your boss is all over you but I WORKED DAY IN AND DAY OUT TO MAKE THAT SHIT!” Yoongi would shout as he came closer to you. 

“MIN YOONGI, THAT’S ENOUGH!” You would shout back, holding your ground as he stood only half a hand away from you. “All this for a fucking music sheet, that I didn’t even throw out? Please stop-” 

Rage boiled through Yoongi’s body as he tuned you out. He barely had a chance to think of his actions as he threw his hand forward as hard as he could, whipping it across your face. The sound resonated off the walls of the apartment.  You could feel the vibration of his hit and pain spread across the left side of you face. His palm was bright red, the same red mark that matched the one on your face. You stared at him with your eyes wide as your hand slowly made it to your fire red cheek. 

Yoongi looked at you with wide eyes, realizing what he had done. He stumbled forwards, his expression blank but eyes leaking tears. He had hit you.

“Y/n..I..oh god what have I done” He would come forward to hug you but you would push him back.

“Don’t you dare touch me, you bastard.” 

You would immediately walk past him but he would yank you back and hug you from behind, putting his face in the crook of your neck, holding on to you for dear life. “NO! No..no don’t leave me please-I didn’t mean to do that-i just-i was so angry-baby I am so sorry. Shit-please, y/n don’t leave me please”

You would stand in his desperate embrace for a minute, your own tears now falling rapidly, and then you would forcefully pry his hands off and walk out without saying a word, leaving Yoongi on his knees, crying out for you. 


WHOO that was…really angsty. *THIS IS NOT EDITED*

Just a little note: There is no way in which hitting your partner can be justified. Never EVER EVER stand for it. Stay blessed my babies. 

Much love,



Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Warning: Swearing, things get hot?

When you and Buck just aren’t getting along, you’re ready to bail. Can he convince you with one last night to give it another chance or will you still want to go when morning comes?

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“Y/N,” He breathes your name. You pause leaving the half filled bag resting on the open drawer, your hands on the edge of the dress as you breath in, a sob shaking your frame. “Don’t.” His voice was a plea all in its own.

“Why?” You shake your head, your hands covering your face as you attempt to control the sobs rushing from your body.

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(1/2) In my story I have an MC (Iranian) and her best friend (white) who are hacktivists. After seeing more and more stories of police brutality in the news, the MC wants to do something about it, and they begin to take measures against police officers committing crimes without consequence.

(2/2) As a character who is not black and does not experience police brutality first hand, is it considered “not her fight” and something she should stay out of? As a white person, is it wrong for me to be writing this? This is an issue I feel passionate about, but I don’t want to steal someone else’s voice. 

Police Brutality & Ally Activist Characters

American Police Brutality directly affects a lot of people and helping with the cause is what being an ally is about; Black people should not have to do all the labor and marching alone. So no, I don’t think it’s a problem to have Iranian and white activists investing in the cause. 

I’m not sure what means they go about it (besides hacking systems maybe?) so can’t give advice there, but also note that police brutality, while very much an issue of anti-blackness and racism, also happens to non-Black People of Color and white people (but just notice the common difference between what white people experience vs. Black people and NB-PoC. Smaller amounts of brutality, quick discipline to the offending officers, and white victims usually survive the incidents (And let’s not forget all the footage of police cowering and resisting all use of violence against white people who are pointing guns and/or swinging at them! Yet a Black person lifts their hands to sneeze and it’s shoot first, ask questions later) 

There’s other marginalizations to consider too, such as Trans People of Color being huge targets of violence. Then there’s disability, which Shira and Lesya will talk more about (ever hear about people calling the police to help their mentally ill family members only for the one in need to be murdered by them?). And women, particularly Black women! #SayHerName came about to support the countless Black women who die from police violence but are not given widespread outrage and attention like Black men whatsoever. 

Now, it’s not like you need to cover every issue out there and it’s fine to hone in on just one or a few, but mind the intersections of police brutality to avoid erasure and inaccuracies and be very, very well-researched so you know what you’re writing about.

As for not speaking over people; know that you can’t know all or exactly how it feels from that character’s perspective, but through listening to the stories of people who’ve had these experiences or were affected, and live in regular fear of police brutality and discrimination, you can get a strong impression. Research from the sources helps with authenticity. And as always, try to pass these works through the hands of appropriate beta-readers.

~Mod Colette

I don’t know if it’s relevant but I’ve heard that the one group of white people who are under greater threat from the police than other white people is disabled people. If the white character had one of the disabilities that police treat badly, that might make it more personal for them. 


50% of police killings have been disabled people.

Not even just mental health calls. But like. Actually actively thinking that disabled people existing— not making eye contact, fidgeting, loud voices, soft voices— is “resisting arrest” and it escalates in a similar fashion to “living while Black.” Living while disabled is a thing, too. Especially for autistic folk, who, when overloaded, tend to have a fairly extreme fight or flight. 

I recall one Black autistic kid was charged with a felony for kicking a trashcan while he was upset, which is a 100% normal response for anyone but especially for autistic folk who stim via large movements (I’m a puncher, myself, and have released energy by shoving/slapping walls)

So yeah, it’s something hardly anybody talks about but is a huge problem. The intersectional of Black/disabled is super dangerous, but that’s cause both of them have weight. So even white+ disabled is dangerous. And I would love to see ableism explored more in fiction, since we’re so often forgotten.

~Mod Lesya

A propos of absolutely nothing, here are all the things I love about the ‘get Erik out of prison’ sequence in XMDoFP …possibly more than the ‘get everyone out of the mansion’ scene in XMA because I’m a sucker for even the slightest hint of dadneto.

  • Why exactly do Charles and Hank have a blueprint of the Pentagon???
  • And how much of the overall plan were they able to come up with just by looking at that? Did they know how many guards would be between the elevator and Erik’s cell?? Or did they have to wait for Peter to ask him if he could do this?
  • Charles was driving and Logan hated it.
  • Charles, Logan and Hank were all crammed into the front bench of that car.
  • Peter’s mother’s car is turquoise.
  • She keeps the chain lock on the door like that’s going to stop Peter doing shit.
  • There was a car ride with Charles, Logan, Hank, and Peter. Did they stuff Peter in the back by himself? Or did someone have to sit next to him? Was it Charles, please tell me it was Charles “he’s a pain in the arse” Xavier.
  • There had to be a moment where they explained their idea to Peter but how much did that cover? Did Peter know he’d have to break the glass like that or did he just come up with that on the fly?
  • Also there’s a truncheon on the guard’s uniform that he steals - he could have just used that but since when did anyone related to Erik ever pass up the chance to be all Extra with their powers?
  • How was Erik not covered in tiny cuts and pieces of glass.
  • MIND THE GLASS means ‘get out of the fucking way,’ Erik.
  • Do you think Fassbender did that pull up all by himself or did he have help
  • Peter had his hair tucked under at the back to make it look short, since guards probably wouldn’t be allowed chin-length hair.
  • Then while Erik is climbing up out of the cell, Peter undoes his hair.
  • Erik is totally up for being rescued, even though it’s by this crazy kid who showered him in glass. “Lol don’t care who this is or what he wants, let’s blow this popsicle stand.”
  • How did those slidey doors work without any metal anyway?
  • How long did it take Peter to work out that anybody he takes on a superspeed run is in danger of whiplash? Or did Charles or Hank casually mention that maybe Peter should try not to break this dude’s neck while escaping?
  • I LOVE Erik’s little quirk of a smile when they stop in the elevator like “holy shit that’s a cool power” before the nausea catches up with him.
  • Peter changing his clothes back - were they just lying in a heap in the corner of the elevator? Because I can imagine him making a little duct tape bag with those wide gaping moments and hiding them there, taped up against the wall like the guard.
  • That guard was not paid enough for that shit
  • Charles, Hank and Logan did not tell Peter who they were breaking out. They probably told him “his name is Erik and he controls metal and we need him” but never mentioned the ‘maybe shot JFK’ thing.
  • “I don’t know karate, but I know crazy” like Erik you really like this kid, don’t you? I see you. You think his powers are cool and you’re joshing with him, even while you struggle not to puke.
  • Evan Peters’ smile is very cute <3
  • “My mom once knew a guy who could do that” Twin faces of “… wait” because both of you are smart little beans.
  • What kind of conversation did Peter have with his mother like “no you’re not alone, there other people out there who can do things like you, I knew a guy one time - well, a few times - who could control metal” but like leaving out the fact that that mutant is his father????
  • Erik robbed of the chance to go down the “and who is your mother, exactly?” road because Charles punches him in the jaw so hard he spins.
  • Peter’s face when the door opens like “hey, see I got him”
  • Peter continuing to make conversational faces at the guard while Charles and Erik bicker.
  • But also nobody else ever bats an eyelid at the guy being strapped to the wall.
  • Erik’s little nod to Charles, like was that actually agreeing “okay we won’t kill anybody” just moments before flinging a bunch of kitchen knives up into the air or???
  • Peter waiting until the very last second, when all the guns have been fired, to say “hey yeah I don’t think this was in their plan, I should probably do something. But let’s make it fun.”
  • He’s going so fast that every step he takes along the wall smashes the tiles
  • He slaps that guy and pokes the other one in the face. The speed he’s going at, that’s two very concussed humans. Maybe a broken jaw.
  • That other guy is getting a plate frisbee-d into his face
  • The bullets have barely left the barrels at this stage and Charles, Erik and Logan are still exactly as they were when Peter started.
  • How do plastic guns work anyway. Don’t guns get hot when you fire them?
  • Haha these hot plastic guns are going to smack these guys right in their faces it’s gonna be great gimme that hat
  • Oh fuck right bullets
  • He zips back to the guys EVEN FASTER than he was going before
  • He moves the bullets and this is where i get emotional because to me at least it echoes a page in the comic Magneto: Testament* where Erik and his parents are lined up by soldiers and shot, falling back into a mass grave. You see the bullets coming towards them and you infer that Erik’s powers instinctively protect him but he doesn’t really even know he has them never mind controls them so everybody else dies. My sappy, over-analytical brain loves that this time it’s his son moving the bullets. And although Peter moves the bullets heading for Charles first, he’s standing directly in front of Erik and smiles at him
  • before zipping away to stand at the opposite side of the room, just in case the guys were in any doubt who just saved their collective bacon.
  • Erik’s face going from “wtf was that” to “holy shit it was him” then looking to Charles like “who tf is this guy because really you could have just waited in the car”
  • And then secondarily looking at Logan like “I don’t know you either, who the fu- ew”
  • Ok let’s get the fuck outta here
  • Did they just casually stroll back to the parking lot, all soaking wet and with Erik in his prison PJs??
  • What was going on upstairs - did they evacuate the Pentagon when the fire alarms went off or when the alarms for Erik’s cell went off? Or is everyone else still getting on with their day? Like Hank is still on the tour or waiting in the car?
  • Holy shit there was a car ride to their airport with Charles, Logan, Hank, Erik and Peter.
  • Did they stop to get Erik some clothes? Or did they bring spares? Like it’s been ten years but Charles still has Erik’s shit lying around the house.
  • The plane has an Xavier coat of arms on the tail holy shit
  • Peter kept the hat
  • “I saw your flight plan in the cockpit, why are you going to Paris?” like they literally told him nothing about the plan just “break into the Pentagon and get Erik” and Peter’s just like “haha yeah ok sounds fun”
  • Logan, just let Erik have the newspaper, he’s been in jail for a decade he has no idea what’s going on.
  • “Take it slow” hahahahahahahahahahaha I wonder what ever happened to that poor car. Can Peter even drive? Like it wouldn’t take him long to learn, and he’d have killer reflexes but like why would he need to drive anywhere???
  • “You’re going to find this hard to believe but you and Charles send me here from the future.” Erik’s face like What The Actual Fuck, it’s been a really weird day today and that’s still the biggest crock of shit I ever heard.

The end, mostly. I could go on like, did Peter ever admit to his mother he helped break Magneto out of jail and what kind of chewing out did he get? That guard who was taped to the elevator wall, like, did he get shot by the plastic bullets? Or was he just totally shellshocked by the whole experience and when people question him afterwards he’s just like “nuh-uh, that guy could be anywhere, listening, and I wouldn’t even know he was there until after he got me so no I ain’t talking.” “you mean Lehnsherr?” “what? No, Lehnsherr’s the least of your worries. It’s his friends you have to look out for.”

*Magneto: Testament is a really good comic. And by good I mean harrowing and intense.

The Joker x Reader - “Broken”

After you got shot in the head you were in a coma for a while. When you woke up you were quite broken and The Joker doesn’t like broken things. Getting rid of you seems like the perfect solution.

The Joker immediately turned when he heard the gunshot. You felt the sharp pain for a split second before you blacked out. J opened his mouth in disbelief, wanting to say something but for once he was speechless. He just stood there, stunned, watching Frost as he killed the security guard being heroic enough to attempt a small rebellion on his own.

“WHAT…THE FUCK??!!” The Joker’s voice finally echoed in the building while stomping towards you. Some of the hostages on the floor whimpered in fear, knowing that it won’t end well after what just happened.

“I thought you were watching everybody!” he pointed at his henchmen, mad as hell, kneeling so that he can turn you around. J saw the nasty bleeding head wound and he lost it:

“Kill everybody!! NOW!!!!” He lifted you and your arms went limp, hanging down on the sides of your body. “God dammit! Frost, let’s go, you drive!!” Blood started soaking his purple coat and he squeezed you closer to him, trying to wake you up.

“Hey, Princess, open your eyes! Open your eyes!“ No answer came and he took a deep breath, grinding his teeth, not even discerning the screams coming from the slaughter happening behind him.

He got in the back of the van with you and realized he wasn’t even wearing a shirt that night.

“Frost, give me your jacket!” he impatiently demanded and wrapped it around your head as soon as he got it. Jonny started driving and the Joker kept on wiping the blood off your face with his bare hands, not realizing he got all over his cheeks and hair too. “Baby doll, can you hear me? Don’t make Daddy mad; open your eyes, hm?”  he kept on trying to reason with you, nervously biting his lips.

“Where to, Boss?” Frost shouted, driving so fast he was afraid he will get unwanted attention, the last thing that was needed that night.

“Our doctor, Frosty, where else???!! “ The Joker snapped back at him, irritated about the question. “I don’t care who else we need to get, I want her fixed!… I don’t like…b-broken things…” he muttered the last words to himself, stammering with anxiety, still trying to clean you up.

*** You were in surgery for 10 hours. It was a clean wound, the bullet wasn’t inside: it pierced the left side of your head, above your ear, slightly under the skin surface which was very lucky but still created quite a lot of damage and brain hemorrhage. The best doctors that Gotham’s underworld uses were brought in to help you. J didn’t care about the money they asked or the supplies needed. What was he going to do with all his possessions if his Queen was dead?  It wouldn’t matter, it would be no fun.

The Joker was told there was no way to know when you will wake up or if there will be any nerve damage following your recovery. They didn’t have the courage to tell him you might never wake up. Afterwards, you were taken to the penthouse and one of the spare bedrooms was transformed into your own medical ward. The doctors took turns in coming and checking up on you, changing your bandages, updating your IV medications and the blood tests were coming back pretty good, except for the fact that you wouldn’t wake up.

Since J couldn’t sleep without you, he moved the bed in the master bedroom to your room, this way he could at least doze off for a few hours. All those beeping noises from those machines you were hooked at annoyed him to death but he learned to ignore them after a few days.

The Joker talked to you all the time, sometimes falling asleep waiting for an answer that never came. Most of the times he was answering for you.

* “Hey, Y/N, do you remember when you told me you were pregnant and I panicked, almost pushed you off the balcony? Lucky you told me you were joking before I did it, huh? “ and he started laughing maniacally, ending it with a deep growl, pleased at the memory. “Good times, Doll…”

* “Oh my God, I’m so bored!” He would roll his blue eyes in your face.” Would you wake up, Pumpkin? Let’s have some fun, I’ll take you for a ride. Wanna blow up something? Hmmm? Deal?” J cupped your face, caressing it with his thumbs until he got fed up with that too. “Jeez, Doll, why are you doing this to me?” he would finally rest his head on your tummy, pouting, not liking the fact that you were still like that after 3 weeks.

* “Princess, do you remember when I got angry and I shot you in the leg and you stabbed me? You were soooo pissed,” he snickered, kissing your hand. “We almost killed each other that day.” His crazy laughter filled the room again. “Ahhhh, good times, Doll…” he sighed, delighted at that treasured remembrance.

* J thought you need more tattoos, it was about time he gave you another one. He tattooed “Wake Up” all around your right hand wrist, like a bracelet, and a lot of “I love J” and “Sleepy Head” going up your arm just like bracelet charms . “You like it, Pumpkin?” he brought it closer to your face and when you didn’t react he just replied, proud of himself: “I think I did really good.”

* He pushed the girl he brought from the club inside and she was so scared she was shaking like a leaf.

“ Y/N, if you don’t wake up in 5 seconds, I’m getting a new girlfriend!” J shove her right on your bed. “ 5,4,3,2… 2 and a half…1…one and a half…Doll, come on!!!… Zero!”  Nothing. “Get the hell out of here!” he pushed the girl and she run out of the room so fast she almost fell when she opened the door. “Shit, that didn’t work,” he passed his fingers through his green hair, sulking. Another week went by.

* The Joker brought in a target matt and hanged it on the wall in front of you. He liked to place his gun in your hand, holding it with his, aim and shoot at the target. “Perfect, Y/N, this way you don’t lose practice. You’re such a good girl,” he would kiss your knuckles, smiling and then frowning when he realized you didn’t even know he was there.

* First time you opened your eyes was after 4 more weeks. It was late at night and J was on his laptop,still awake, looking at all the naughty pics you always sent him. He noticed the movement and jumped out of bed, not really believing you’re awake.

“Jesus, Princess, it was about time! I’m sooo horny,” he whispered in your ear and grinned when he noticed your chest going up and down in a silent, faint laughter.

“…My… poor… baby…” you barely uttered, struggling to reach his pale face and he purred, relieved, firmly holding your shaky fingers on his cheek since you couldn’t do it on your own. “…What…happened?…”


At first, you had a really hard time using your left side of the body. You had bad days and good days. On your bad days you used one of J’s canes to walk around. He used to hide it and watch you struggle, scoffing:

“You don’t need a cane, Doll. Just walk, you’re fine!”

You held on to the wall, fighting really hard to keep your balance.

“I do need it, give it back!”

“Nope,” he simply stated, observing you from the couch until you got to your old room where he still kept the target matt so you can practice shooting again. It almost brought you to tears when you kept on missing; such an embarrassment for a skilled assassin. But it was so hard to control your left hand that kept on trembling. The Joker always sneaked to watch you since you kept the door opened and it made him uneasy to see you were so distressed. And it made him even tenser when he noticed he still liked his broken Doll.

First time you were able to have sex again after your recovery was… challenging. (And to be honest, many more times afterwards.)

He started complaining after 5 minutes :

“Christ, Y/N, your hand is twitching around my neck, it’s freaking me out! Stop it!” and he kissed you again, annoyed.

“Well, baby, I can’t control it, you know that! Especially when I get…excited,” you panted, adjusting your head on the pillow.

“Why are you excited?” J snickered. “Hey, keep your legs around my waist, you know I like it,” he moaned in your ear, kissing his way down your neck.

“I can’t, my left leg keeps on sliding down, I can’t even feel it anymore. I’m sorry, baby,” you arched your back, giggling, amused on how worked up he was about it.

“Can you get on your knees, Doll?”

“I doubt it,” you fakely sobbed, wanting him to shut up and make love to you.

“Can you get on top of me?”

A snarl coming from you gave him the answer.

“Can we do it against the wall?”

You slapped his side, aggravated.

“Jeez, woman, what can you do?!” You covered his mouth, impatient.

“I’m just gonna lay here, ok? That’s all I can offer for now. I’m…helpless so you can totally take advantage of me,” you winked, uncovering his lips so you can kiss him.

“Hmm, I never took advantage of a …ummm…incapacitated person before,” The Joker smirked, suddenly liking the idea.

“Good, because I thought you like challenges,” you laughed, content he is finally satisfied.

“Ohhh, Daddy never backs out from a challenge, Pumpkin,” he gave you that devilish look and pulled your hair while pinning your hands above your head. “This way you don’t freak me out with your twitchy hand.”

“Jerk…” you moaned, lifting your head so you can kiss his Jester tattoo.

“You wait until you see what Daddy has in store for you and then we’ll talk about it…yes?” he closed his eyes, enjoying feeling you again. It made him so ecstatic.


After 3 more months you are better, but not fully recovered.

He tosses his gun on the floor and urges you to get it.

“Come on, Princess, be sexy for me. Bend over and grab that gun! I’ll pay you!” and he pushes the pile of hundred dollars from his desk on the floor.
“Are you serious?” you lift your gaze from your phone, not knowing if he meant it or not. You’ve been fighting a lot recently and his behavior towards you changed.

“Yes, do it,” he hums, putting the map aside and rolling away on his chair so he can see you better.

“ ‘Kaaayyyy,” you do as asked, and half way through your left leg gives out and you land on your knees.

“Wow, that’s pathetic!” he hisses, and you feel your face burning. “Seriously, I don’t even know why I keep you around: you’re crippled, you can’t kill for me, you’re not great in bed anymore and I’m sick of waiting for you to recover. As you are fully aware, I don’t like broken things, hence it’s time for you to go,” J barks at you and you just watch him, stunned.

“W-what are you talking about?! I’m so much better and I am getting better. I AM NOT crippled!” you almost yell, struggling to get on your feet, not understanding what’s going on.

“You’re useless, that’s what you are!” The Joker raises his voice, having a hard time controlling his temper. “I want you out of here!”

“Are you serious?!” you ask, furrowing your eyebrows, thinking about his cold behavior lately. That’s why, he’s just sick of you.   “After…all these years?”

He sarcastically grunts, crossing his arms on his chest:

“Is that supposed to mean anything to me?! OUT! Don’t make me repeat myself; you can stay tonight so you can sort out the things you want to take.”

“I…I don’t need anything, I have my own stuff,” you reply, backing out slowly, trying to swallow the lump in your throat and maintain your equilibrium.

“God, you’re soooo pitiful, still can’t control your body. How am I even supposed to be with someone like you?! The King of Gotham needs perfection, not trash.”

You gasp, feeling your heart beating faster and faster.

“I am the Queen of Gotham, with or without you, not trash!”  

“Used to be Queen, Doll, now look at you: just another lost cause. Don’t test my patience, get out of here.” He points out towards the elevator.  “ Awwww, are those tears? You never cry. I told you you’re pathetic and broken, this proves what I just said.”

You shake your head, turning around and limping towards the elevator, tripping on the carpet because your bad leg is misbehaving. You hear him laugh:
“Ha!Ha!Ha!Ha! So useless!”

You swallow your tears all the way down when your cell rings. You see it’s your informant and you answer right away:

“When Mister J is going to his “Savage” club tonight, it will be an ambush: Sully’s men; they’ll try to kill him. Pass the word.”

“Thank you, Axel,” you mumble, turning off your phone and placing back in your pocket.

I am not telling him anything, the jerk deserves anything coming his way! You decide as you reach the basement’s garage and the elevator’s door open. Let them kill him.


First thing you do when you get to your apartment is wash away the neon green highlights from your bright red hair. It makes you feel better until the little thoughts pop in your mind: “Are you going to let them kill him?”, “Yes, I don’t care.” “But…it’s J.” “I really don’t care; his men can protect him if they can.” “But…it’s J.”

“Ughhhh,” you cover your face with the small pillow, attempting to erase any feelings you might have from your conscience. “But…it’s J…Come on, it’s J…” the idea keeps on repeating and echoing in your mind until you get up from the loveseat, exasperated.

“Shit, fine, I’m going, just shut the hell up!” you admonish yourself, looking in the mirror. “The asshole doesn’t deserve me…” you conclude, getting the duffle bag with your rifle out of the closet.


You go and place yourself on the top of the tallest building, about half a mile away from “Savage”. You watch everything through the scope, but so far nothing out of place. Your left hand is shaky again and you put so much effort into controlling it you’re starting to sweat. “Not now, please” you reason with your weak side of the body, cracking your neck. Another two hours pass by and you finally see The Joker’s Lamborghini approaching followed by 3 SUV’s.

You wipe your forehead and concentrate more, looking around carefully as he parks and gets out of the car. Suddenly, you see the four men in black suits, wearing running shoes and you know it’s them: Sully’s men trademark attire. They approach from different angles and you wait until they are fairly close to the Joker and his henchmen. They noticed the assassins too and surrounded J, protecting him. He takes out his gun, waiting, and he watches as suddenly one by one they fall to the ground, their brains splattered on the concrete.

He lifts his eyes, searching the buildings around as his goons get him to his car so he can safely leave. Three more assassins start running towards his Lamborghini and you shot again, the last one collapsing right in front of the Joker’s car. He looks up, but he sure doesn’t have the right building you’re on top of. He knows it’s you and bites on his cheek, growling, taking off with his men before the cops show up.

You wipe your forehead, exhausted, resting your head on the trigger:

“I’m not pathetic and broken.”     Did you want to prove that to him or yourself? Probably both.


J drove straight back to the penthouse, laying low for the rest of the night. He gets in bed, trying to sleep and can’t because you’re not there. He looks at your empty side of the bed and moves over, burring his face in your pillow-it smells like you. Another hour and he’s still awake, tossing and turning.

“I don’t like broken things,” he whispers, opening his eyes just to see your items scattered all over the bedroom since you didn’t take anything with you. It really makes uncomfortable realizing he feels the exact opposite of not liking you. Or so he believes.

“I really don’t like broken things,” he gets mad, exasperated, forcing himself not to think of anything.


The sound of your cane hitting the wood floor startles you and you wake up, leaning over so you can reach and turn on the lamp. You see The Joker kicking it again, and again.

“Stupid piece of crap!” he shouts, his green hair all over his face.

“What are you doing here?!” you rub your eyes, not glad to see him at all. “Get out!”

He just comes over and yanks at your hand:

“Let’s go, Doll, you’re coming back, I can’t sleep without you.”

“Screw you!” you pull back, upset he broke into your apartment and has the nerve to act like nothing happened.

“Yes, you can do that too, you naughty girl, I know you can’t wait,” he tries to yank you away again.

The evil glare you give him makes him stop and he regains his posture, sighing:

“You’re coming back; you know I can’t sleep without you.”

“I don’t care!!!!” you cover your body with the blanket like it’s going to help any. He sees your watery eyes and decides to drop it.

“Fine, then I’ll sleep here.” He goes around the bed and gets under the blanket, scooting over so he can be close to you. “Now shut up, I have to sleep, I’m tired as hell!” He places his head on your pillow, waiting for you to get down and join him. You watch him with indignation, sniffling, and kick him:

“Get out of my apartment!”

The Joker ignores your behavior and decides to talk with his eyes closed:

“I don’t like broken things…”
“I’m not a broken thing you presumptuous …” you start your rant, getting ready to kick him again when he interrupts:

“…but you’re my favorite thing. Good, I thought that would shut you up,” he grins, forcefully pulling you in his arms as you struggle to escape. “Ahhhhh, I like it when you’re feisty. Queens are feisty…” he nuzzles in your hair for a few seconds then pecs your lips and holds you tighter. “Don’t think I didn’t notice your green highlights are gone. They’ll be back first thing in the morning, got it?”

“You can’t tell me what to do!” you try to make a comeback but he cuts you short again:

“The hell I can’t! Now shut up, I’m so worn out,” he gets your left leg around his waist and holds it, this way you’re glued to him. “There, I know you can’t hold it yourself.”

When you don’t answer he opens one eye and sees you stare at him with that hurt expression on your face that makes him uneasy.

“Stop it, Pumpkin, I really need to rest,” J kisses your forehead and you whimper, upset:

“You’re such a jerk.”

“Pffft,” he scoffs, “is that supposed to be news to me? Now zip it and I mean it,” he scolds you, annoyed.

“Jerk…” you faintly mumble before closing your eyes.

He just smiles, knowing he will finally be able to doze off.




John Shelby x reader

Request: Could you please do #46 with jon

#10 John Shelby please

Author’s note: I put two prompts together for this one, really enjoyed writing it.

Warning: Violence, assault, swearing, suggestion of smut

“Ok (Y/N) your first family meeting, welcome officially to the blinders.” Tommy said staring at you as you sat shyly across the table.

“John said I was only going to be needed this one time, I don’t want to be involved anymore than that.”

“So you’ll listen to Johnny boy but not the big man,” Arthur winked at you whilst chuckling to himself.

“Shut up Arthur.” John scalded. Everyone knew something was going on between you two but no one exactly sure what. To be honest the two of you didn’t even know what.

“So what do you need me to do?” You asked getting the conversation away from the topic of you and John. John looked extremely uncomfortable when you asked this, he was avoiding eye contact with you and squirming in his chair.

“John will discuss that nearer the time. Anyway to the rest of the plan..”

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That Wasn’t A Kiss (Nessian NSFW Fic)

Hello! Sorry I’ve been gone for awhile :/ Lots of work to finish and little time to write. But, because of that, here’s a 2K Nessian Fic based on this prompt:

I hope you guys like it! I might open drabble requests soon.

Characters used are not mine. All copyright of Sarah J. Maas.


Nesta hated, hated, studying for tests.

Especially now that she’s in her junior year of university. It’s been almost five hours since she started this morning at exactly ten A.M. She had woken up groggy and disoriented with Cassian’s alarm blaring out a nasty tune she had grown to despise.

She thought the worst part of it all wasn’t that she was exhausted, it was the fact that Cassian had to leave their dorm so early in the morning with only a simple kiss and quick ‘I love you. He had chosen to participate in early morning classes on purpose for a reason that Nesta could never understand. Thankfully, Nesta’s classes were cancelled today - the professor falling ill or something of the sort. She didn’t bother reading the whole email, after all the subject was explanation enough: No Class on Wednesday. Yet, she didn’t have time to spare for herself. She had an upcoming calculus test this Friday on seven units that were taught so far this semester. So that means Nesta needed to delve into all seven units, practicing questions over and over again until she finally memorised the concept.

I’m alright with math but this is a little too much for me sometimes.

Nesta shook her head, willing herself to concentrate. She had to pass this. Her grades had been border lining between a B and an A all year long and she hated the sight of it.

Concentrate, Nesta. Concentrate.

The pages of the textbook glared at her, the equations on her notebook set beside it burning my eyes. Within a span of a week, she had managed to review five units already, now on her sixth and most dreadful one. All the units taught to her in calculus was reasonably understandable. But this one unit, this particular unit, was just so boring and complicated compared to the rest. Nesta didn’t know what about it made it so bad to study, she just knew.

“If the integration of-“

“Oh, Mother.” Nesta groaned, slamming her head down against her wooden desk softly. She hated this with a burning passion. All she wanted was to bury herself back in the sheets of her bed. Preferably with Cassian for a week or so.


“Where is he?” whispering to herself, Nesta rubbed her face with the palms of her hands.

Concentrate. No more procrastinating.

Nesta faced the next question once more, working on it step by step. She knew that if she just took it one question at a time she could make it through this and, maybe, even finish early.

Her mind quickly diverted to only math. After an hour, question by question passed by quicker and-


A loud bang resonated the room when Cassian’s backpack hit the wooden floor of their dorm. Unfazed, Nesta continued to study - her eyes darting from one side of the textbook to the other as she read her question and wrote the equation.

“Bad day?” She referred to her boyfriend slamming the door.

Vaguely from her mathematical stupor, she heard Cassian’s shoes hit the floor as he pulled them off his feet. The sound of his soles padding across the wooden flooring of their dorm resonated as it came closer and-

“I didn’t get to kiss you all day!” Cassian’s voice was a few steps behind her now, his voice sounding like he was a little boy not given his candy.

Nesta paused her line of through for the equation she was working on, looking up at Cassian with a raised brow.

“You kissed me before you left.”

Cassian sighed exasperatedly, as if Nesta didn’t understand what he was saying. Nesta watched as he walked closer to her, step by step, before he brushed her books away from the desktop as if they were dust and picking her up. She let out a small gasp as Cassian settled her onto the desk, himself between her legs as he leaned close to her ear.

“That was a peck, sweetheart. I didn’t get to do this.”

Before she could let out another breathe, Cassian’s lips were against hers. His hands that were curved around her hips slid upwards to rest around her waist, underneath her shirt. His thumbs rubbed the skin right underneath her bra softly in slow circles that made Nesta burn with need. Their bodies were pressed against one another, Nesta’s hands quickly finding purchase of Cassian’s hair as she tugged him closer.

“Why couldn’t you kiss me like this in the morning?” Nesta breathed out, their lips tingling and touching.

“I’ll do that from now on.” He replied quickly before pressing his lips to her’s once more. He broke apart for a short while only to pull her shirt, well, more like his shirt that she now took the liberty to own, over her head and tossing it behind him to some corner of the room. His lips found purchase of her neck, tilting her head slightly sideways so he could suck the soft skin there.

Nesta’s moans were like the sounds of angels to him as she wrapped her arms once more around his neck and pressed her semi-bare body against his clothed one. She was only in a pair of her black boy shorts and sports bra but Cassian found her delectable anyways. She could show up in a trash bag and he would still think she’s beautiful.

Fuck. I’m so in love.

You wouldn’t want it any other way, though - his mind seemed to reply.

“I want this off.” Nesta breathed out, tugging at the waist band of Cassian’s sweatpants. Her voice brought him out of his thoughts as he obeyed her commands. He pulled off his shirt sloppily off his body before tugging his grey sweatpants down his legs. They went along in a pile with Nesta’s shirt somewhere in the room.

Nesta couldn’t help but stare at Cassian’s body. To say it simply, he looked good. She could never get over how fit he was, considering he took kickboxing classes with his brothers (or best friends, whichever a person prefers to call their friendship).

“Sweetheart,” Cassian breathed out, pressing himself against her body once more in only his boxers, “Stop staring. Or else this’ll end faster than we want it.”

Nesta pouted for once, pouted, before deciding to leave small kisses against her boyfriend’s neck instead as an alternative.

“Nesta.” Cassian groaned out, tilting his head as her kisses moved down to his chest. His hands slither around her delicate waist instead, squeezing the soft skin there as his lips parted from hers against his skin.

“Don’t do that.” Nesta replied, albeit weakly as she actually enjoyed it. She faintly heard Cassian chuckle before he pushed her away slightly so he could attach his lips to hers once more.

“We can play later,” Cassian mumbled between kisses, “I’ve just missed you so much. Play later. Please.”

“You say me this morning, Cass.”

“Still.” In one swift movement, Cassian tugged off Nesta’s sports bra. His lips moved immediately to suck one of her nipples softly, his hand teasing her other breast.

“Cassian. Cassian,” Nesta kept repeating, “I-,” she had to pause from good his lips felt, from how long it has been since they had the time to do this, “I thought you said play later.”

Cassian groaned, taking his lips of her breast and leaning his forehead against her collarbone. His eyes were closed and his face strained, as if he was holding himself back.

“You look so good, Nesta. So good, baby.”

Nesta couldn’t help the smile that slithered onto her face. Tugging Cassian by his long hair, she pulled his head up until he faced her.

“Stop teasing me and just get on with it. It’s been too long since I’ve had you for myself.”

It didn’t take long for Cassian’s shit eating grin to appear on his face before he pressed his lips to hers once more. Their lips moved together as one, Cassian’s tongue slipping into Nesta’s mouth without her knowing.

With quick hands, Nesta tugged off Cassian’s boxers. His length was already hard and heavy with need.

“You see what you do to me, Nesta.” He whispered against her lips as he rubbed himself against her covered heat.

Nesta could only moan as she leaned back against the wall. Only then did she realize she was still on her desk. Frankly, she didn’t care at the moment.

It didn’t take long for Cassian to tug off, or more like rip off, her boy shorts. She didn’t bother looking at the direction it was thrown at as Cassian’s fingers started rubbing her soaking heat.

“Cassian,” Nesta breathed out, her eyes falling shut from his fingers playing with her, “Cass. Please.”

“Anything you want,” he groaned out. She watched as Cassian quickly opened a drawer and pulling out a condom, putting it onto his length quickly and surely. Without wasting a moment, Nesta felt Cassian push himself inside her as her moans grew louder from the pleasure.

“We need to do this more often, Cass.”

She heard him chuckle as he buried himself inside her entirely, “I’m not denying anything.”

Before she could reply, Cassian had pulled out from her before pushing back inside. Nesta gasped quietly, spreading her legs wider for him. He moved back and forth, their moans filling the room as Nesta gripped onto the edge of the desk tightly. The sound of wood hitting against the wall, skin slapping against each other and moans resonated everywhere. They were sure their dorm neighbours could here - but they didn’t care.

“Faster. Faster.” Nesta gasped out as Cassian shifted her legs so it rested atop his shoulders. The moment he moved her legs, Nesta could feel him move deeper inside her as he hit all the right spots.

“Cassian,” Nesta moaned out, her grip on the edge of the desk tighter than ever as he moved faster, harder-

“Sweetheart. If you keep doing that I’m going to come right now.”

“What’s stopping you?”

Nesta felt his lips press itself against her ankle before kissing down her leg as he continued to move in and out of her. She clenched her sex around him as she tried to hold herself back, only because she wanted the pleasure to last longer.

“Don’t hold back, baby.” Cassian mumbled against her skin, leaning down to suck on her nipple now, “I’m going to come too.”

With his lips on her skin, she hit her high as the pleasure of his tongue against her nipple was unbearable.

“Cassian. Cassian. Cassian.” His name was the only thing leaving her lips as she came, her sex clenching his length and her her head tossed back. Her fingers were gripping the edge of the desk so tightly, she was sure there would be marks.

Cassian followed right after, his groan vibrating her body as his lips were still pressed against her skin.

They both collapsed onto the desk, their bodies slicked with sweat and their breathes coming out in pants. Silently, Cassian discarded the used condom before picking Nesta up and settling her onto her side of the bed before he settled into his. With Nesta on her back, Cassian leaned over and buried his face against her left breast and leaving a soft kiss. He slung his left leg over her torso before wrapping his arms around her and pulling her closer. Nesta smiled, bringing one of her hands up and stroking his hair while the other rested on his arm that was resting across her stomach.

“If you didn’t take morning classes, we could do this so much more often.”

Cassian laughed quietly, the sound vibrating through her whole body.

“You’re just saying that cause you don’t like waking up alone.”

“That’s true.” she whispered with a smile, kissing his forehead softly.

“I changed my classes, by the way.”

Nesta’s stroking hand paused as she looked down to see him with a smile on his face and his eyes closed.


“Frankly, I don’t like waking up early and leaving you with only a small kiss. I want to give you a long kiss in the morning,” he paused, “and maybe more.”

Nesta laughed, her hand going back to brush through his hair.

“It was about time.”

Cassian laughed once more, opening his eyes and leaning up to give his girlfriend a sweet kiss.

“Love you, baby.”

Nesta grinned, waiting for him to settle back to his previous position on her. She kissed his forehead once more before burying her face in his hair.

“Love you too.”

Pre!Fall Gabriel Relationship Preferences

Turn Ons

  • Semi-public sex
  • Watching you fight
  • Whispering dirty things in his hear (Especially if it’s in Spanish)
  • Talking in a foreign language
  • Having different interest than him (he wants you to be independent)
  • Being called Daddy (inside the bedroom only)
  • Calling you his princess/prince or baby girl/boy

Turn Offs

  • Disapproval of his long work hours
  • Disapproval of his Blackwatch missions
  • Not getting along with McCree
  • Rudeness to staff members and his recruits
  • Flirting with others
  • Taking advantage of others

His Sweet Spots

  • His neck
  • His stomach 
  • His earlobe

Sexual Preferences

  • He has defiantly come back from a mission in the middle of the night to see you asleep in the bedroom. Will proceed to slap your ass in order to wake you up and yell “Daddy’s home”. Expect rough, sweaty, dominating sex after that. (probably taught this to McCree)
  • Prefers to be dominate in bed
  • But does love to watch you bounce on top
  • He likes to whisper sweet nothings into your ear in Spanish
  • Loves to have you warp your legs around his waist while he fucks you against a wall
  • Will slap/grab your ass in public when you’re not watching and proceed to walk away and pretend like nothing happened

Intimacy Preferences

  • He won’t admit it in front of people but loves it when you bandage him up after missions
  • Likes to snuggle when you two are on the couch    
  • Being the big spoon at night
  • Laying your head on his lap
  • Comforting him about missions that have gone bad or his people that he’s lost
  • Loves it when you cook for him
  • Loves seeing you in nothing but his sweater

Dates/ Spending time together Preferences 

  • Working out/training together
  • Cooking together (especially if they are meals from when he was younger)
  • Helping him prep for missions
  • Going on missions together
  • Low-key hanging out

i’ve been watching gopher’s settlement building series and while it may sound boring to watch a guy ambiguously between the ages of about 30-45 fiddle around for hours in the fallout 4 settlement system, i am enjoying myself immensely. he just fixed the holes in the castle wall. he timeskipped between start and finish, so i’m having fun guessing how many hours he spent getting that perfect

Haul Away Bro


Fluffstravaganza commission for @garrulousgibberish! Their prompt was “sea shanties”

Thanks to @thesnadger for providing most of Stan’s jokes :) 

“Well,” said Stan. “That didn’t work.”

Beside him, Ford groaned and rolled over onto his back.

“Brilliant observation, Stanley,” he grumbled. “Truly enlightening.”

Stan shrugged. “Nah, if it was enlightening we’d be able to see better.”

He couldn’t see his brother’s expression in the dark, but the tenor of the groaning beside him changed.

“Besides, you’re the one who’s always going on about the importance of negative results.”

“Ah, yes,” said Ford. “Scientific query: Can we get out of this hole? Preliminary results: No. I’m sure all the big journals are just dying to read the abstract.”

“Oh, I don’t know,” said Stan, grinning preemptively. “A research paper about holes sounds pretty … deep to me!”

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@kidgeweek day 6: storm. aka everything goes to shit >:3c superhero au, start at the beginning, etc [prev]

This time, when The Witch lifts her hands, Keith knows to dodge.

He ducks to the side, taking cover in the branches that thrust through the living room wall. Across the room Shiro and Permafrost are huddled behind the trunk itself, and Tinkertoy has helped Pidge out of the line of fire too. That’s good.

What’s not good is that the tree that bought them time to get free is now thoroughly in the way. There’s a gap in the branches but that means taking The Witch head-on.

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The business Meeting Pt,1

The business meeting was boring as usual. Talking and listening to a bunch of business men who think they are all that rambling on about absolutely nothing. There were a few fellow colleagues from another branch that kept the meeting interesting by chatting and flirting with me. I was going to go for it, but, I had plans to meet a lady by the name of Jennifer at the hotel bar this evening.

I met Jennifer on line about 6 months ago and the time finally came when we were both in the same city. So we made it a point to meet for some drinks.

Once the meeting was over we all walked up to our rooms to get ready for dinner. I had a quick shower and changed. Chatted to hubby for a bit then made my way down to the lobby where a car was waiting to take us for dinner.

Dinner was yummy, grilled steak, pasta, red wine. The two guys were still flirting with me. We ended up exchanging contact information. After we were driven back to the hotel, I went into the hotel bar to meet Jennifer. It wasn’t too hard to spot her. She looked just like her pictures. Long blond hair with black highlights, big blue eyes. We kissed and hug each other at the table. My God she smelt amazing.

For a couple of hours we laughed and talked. We have a lot in common except that she is single. A beautiful woman like her, single. I still can’t believe that. Anyway, the war was getting louder so we decided to finish our conversation up in my room. I ordered some more wine from room service. We sat on the love seat and continued to talk and laugh.

It was getting late and I had to be up early for another boring meeting. I was about to say goodnight to her when she asked me a question.

“well sweetheart, do you want to see it” she smiled and played with my hair.

My heart started pounding. “I do” I replied. Don’t know why, but I was very nervous.

She unzipped the fly on her jeans and reached inside pulling out her gorgeous 9 inch long cock. She started stroking it making it thinker in my hands.

“it’s been hard most of the evening talking to you. Feels good getting it out. ”

I couldn’t believe my eyes. For a long time now I’ve fantasized about this, and now it happening. To make it even better, she is amazingly gorgeous and hung like a horse.

I sat beside her watching her stroke her cock beside me. Licking my lips, I leaned in to lick her cock head causing her to moan out. She put hands on my head and guided my down further onto her cock. I took her as far as I could.

“God you mouth feels wonderful. ” she moaned as I sucked her.

Her hands guiding my head up and down on her cock. My mouth making sucking noises. After 5 more minutes of sucking she stopped me. “ sweetheart, your going to make me cum if you keep going. ” she said looking at me. “ take of your dress pants slowly, I want to watch you. ”

I stood up and did as she asked as she stroked herself. I turned around and slowly removed my girls string. “ girl, you are gorgeous. ” she said as I turned around showing her my freshly shaved pussy.

She took my arm and pulled her towards her and we kissed passionately. Then she pulled me up on the couch standing up with my pussy in her face. She looked up at me, licked her lips, took hold of my ass Cheeks and pulled my into her.

Her mouth and lips her instantly licking my pussy. Omg, I was so wet. She moaned as she licked and tasted my juices. My hands were on the wall bracing myself as my hips trusted into her, fucking her face. It didn’t take long before I came. Jennifer gave an approving groan as she tasted it.

After I came, knees week, she pulled my down and I straddled her. Her big cock slowly entering my wet pussy. We were kissing as she entered me. All the way to the base, I started thrusting up and down, forward and backwards riding her as we kissed. Our tongues playing with each other as we both breathed heavily. Then she kissed my neck driving my insane with desire. Then my breasts and nipples and in between as well. She was so big inside my wet pussy stretching me. It felt amazing.

After I came a second time, she pulled me off of her. Her cock was glistening with my juices. She stood up and kissed me again. “lay down on the bed” she said as she undid her jeans and took them off. Then she removed her shirt exposing her medium size breasts, her nipples were hard. She climbed up on the bed, laid on top of me and inserted her cock back inside my pussy.I She fucked me missionary. Hard long thrusts. Her breasts against mine, kissing me. I held her tight ass feeling her ass Cheeks tighten with each thrust. The bed was squeaking loudly.

After a while she turned me around on all fours and fucked me doggystyle. Her deep thrusts causing me to cry out. The bed banging against the wall with each slapping thrust. I’m sure my coworker knew I was getting fucked in the next room. Her soft hands were on my hips as she fucked me. I came again.

She slid out of my married pussy and I turned around to face her. She climbed off the bed and I laid on my back with my head hanging off the side of the bed. She moved in closer and I took her long cock back into my mouth. She fucked my mouth groaning with long slow thrusts until she started to breath heavy.

“omg, omg, omg “she cried out and came in my mouth then popped it out and finished on my face and tits. She came a lot.

We both collapsed on the bed breathing heavy. By this time it was already 1130 pm. Knowing I had to be up and moving early in the morning I got up and went into the washroom to clean myself off.

I thought Jennifer was getting dressed until she came into the washroom, he hard cock very prominent. She stood behind me as I washed the cum off my face and tits. I watched as she stroked behind me. Rubbing her wet cock on my ass Cheeks before moving up closer and entered my pussy from behind.

We both moaned as she slowly entered my pussy. Her hands were on my shoulders as I watched her fuck me in the bathroom mirror. Her hips slapping into mine, her tits bouncing with each thrust was enough to make me cum again. Shortly after that she came deep in my pussy. I slept good last night lol.

I lied. When I got this request I said that I didn’t know the song but the minute I put it on and heard the guitar riff, I recognised it. So yeah, my bad. I’m horrible with song names; when it comes to my music knowledge I live under a proverbial rock. This was requested by @arabella-loves-coffee and I hope it turned out as you liked, a lot of it is out of my depth (aside from silently having crushes on people - that bit I’m very much practised in). Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt: so the Reader is VERY shy and has a crush on Steve but she’s to scared to tell him and at a party she gets kinda drunk and after the party she keeps quoting Do I Wanna Know from Arctic Monkeys (I think it would fit very well) and Tony keeps asking for who is she suffering like that and she keeps glancing at Steve and he plays stupid but he knows what is this about and I don’t know a cute ending :D

“Do I Wanna Know?”

You could feel the bass and drum resounding through the elevator the minute you stepped inside. You clutched a bottle of champagne in your hands and felt it slipping between your fingers as a result of the condensation and the sweat on your hands. Parties were most definitely not your scene. You weren’t keen on people, your music taste was quieter than most of the charts, and you didn’t own an outfit that would be worthy of the atmosphere.

Yet here you were trying to fathom which of the multiple floor numbers held the crowd of gyrating people upon it. Before you could press any of them, however, an anxious voice caught your attention and you looked up. Hurrying for the elevator was Steve Rogers. He wasn’t dressed extravagantly (which you now felt yourself to be) but in a simple dress shirt and trousers. The blue of the former matched his eyes, but the minute you realised as much your cheeks began to scorch.
“Hold the elevator!” Steve’s voice burst through your hazy head and you placed a foot between the closing doors just in time. 

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