wall sky

not even bards

Takes place in a 5e campaign with several level 8/9 characters. The players had just navigated an invisible sky-high wall and found what it was hiding behind it, which the DM was explaining. 

DM: So you enter this—this portal type deal, and you find yourself standing in a, in a 20-foot diameter stone cave stretching forward into darkness, with smooth walls and a— 

Fighter and Rogue, simultaneously and at the top of their lungs:

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Interiors by Suzanne Moxhay

In Suzanne Moxhay’s recent work she has been exploring concepts of spatial containment in montages built from fragments of photographed and painted interiors. Architectures are disrupted by anomalous elements – contradictory light sources, faulty perspective, paradoxes of scale. Light casts shadows in the wrong direction, walls fail to meet in corners, an area of the image can be seen either as an enclosing wall or dark overcast sky.

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The secret of blue is well kept. Blue comes from far away. On its way, it hardens and changes into a mountain. The cicada works at it. The birds assist. In reality, one doesn’t know. One speaks of Prussian blue. In Naples, the virgin stays in the cracks of walls when the sky recedes. But it’s all a mystery. The mystery of sapphire, mystery of Sainte Vierge, mystery of the siphon, mystery of the sailor’s collar, mystery of the blue rays that blind and your blue eye which goes through my heart.
—  Jean Cocteau, from “The Secret of Blue,” Tempest of Stars: Selected Poems (Enitharmon Press, 1997)