wall shina

‘I just don’t want my bones calcined and no one can recognize them.‘ 

- Jean Kirstein.

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Chapter 90 Thoughts.

This post is mainly a meta post. May contain some salt, but trust me I tried to be like a lake, not a sea.

Main titles I want to talk about this post:

  • Historia and Walled People .
  • Flocke.
  • Marlowe and Hitch cameo.
  • Ceremony and Eren’s flashback about Reiss Cave.
  • Timeskip and The Ocean.

Let’ begin!

I am really proud to see how much Historia has grown, as a leader and an individual. She became most suitable person to be a queen, even though she was not sure how to handle this. I am so proud.

When other soldiers, probably they were there to tell the same things when Rod was ruling as well, wanted to hide the information from the public, Pixis rose out of ruck and be the voice of logic. Information must be public, if we hide this then where is our difference from the regime before, he said.

Historia listened both sides and agreed with Pixis. She has really become the Queen that Walled people needs, the coup has not made for nothing. She became the goddess that unites all people within the Walls, I am so proud of her indeed.

Of course, Walled People are in chaos now as the older journalist at Berg Newspapers said so. They find out the things they were believing over 100+ years were all lies. Their reactions are all, be it believing the regime, be it scolding, be it making conspiracy theories, are all natural. I hope they will be able to accept the truth, otherwise this might have bad consequences to Walled World. We’ll see this in upcoming chapters!

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