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Plant of the Day
Monday 8 February 2016

The skilfully fan-trained Prunus persica ‘Early Rivers’ (peach) and Prunus persica var. nucipersica ‘Pinapple’ (nectarine) in a restored Victorian Peach House. Nectarines and peaches are similar in appearance and differ in the skin of their fruit, with peaches having a fuzzy and dull texture while nectarines are shiny and smooth. Soon these plants will be covered in flowers and the garden staff will have to ensure they are pollinated to result in fruit, traditionally this was done with a rabbits tail or a paint brush. These trees must have good ventilation so for that reason there are vents at the base of the low wall of the glasshouse.

Jill Raggett

the many faces of Peri~

this is gonna be the back cover for a sketchbook I’m making. In hindsight, I should’ve planned ahead and made both covers related somehow, but…. they’re not ; )


theOUTlet - A Wall Plug Innovation

Since electronic devices need to be charged frequently, people sometimes run short on power sources needed for all devices. That’s where theOUTlet can help. This little add-on can double or even triple the amount of outlets with a simple push of a button. In addition to this, it features an attractive and compact design so it won’t take any room and it’ll fit in the surrounding décor perfectly. 

Jarus - Montreal, Canada

Photo by Luna Park