wall piece


Things that are still funny to me:

- Thrawn cutting out a piece of wall that has graffiti on it and putting it into his office

-Ezra doesn’t notice it in Through Imperial’s Eyes, or if he does, he never addresses Thrawn’s weird collector shenanigans to others

- He never tells Sabine about this, who would be probably mad and essentially gives her another good reason to help out the Rebellion


I did the 20 styles meme ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ this took me 8 hours but it was super fun I really enjoyed the Jojo, nanbaka, and DanganRonpa styles

there’s a rock station in allentown that will play young lust without playing empty spaces first to segue into it… so the dj will finish talking and abruptly you hear david gimour bark “I AM JST A NEW BOY” and it fckin STARTLES me! like it’s prompted me to swerve when im driving bc it’s loud and comes out of nowhere. and that’d be a rly pathetic way to die