wall piece

Brown-haired nerdy mystery bros in the forest who should have thought to bring real flashlights. Or: Dipper, Norman, and Wirt go on a poorly-lit adventure.

Haha this was on the backburner for sooooo long because I was terrified of the shadow layers I had yet to do–I mean, three light sources?? What was I THINKING?? :’D But last night I decided to stop hesitating and just jump in and finish, whew.

Bonus: who they might have run into…

mystery foes for our mystery bros.


More sketchbook things :)

Today is technically my last day on break. I signed up for our program’s Winter Figure Drawing session, which lasts for the next four days, and then I’ll be down at school working on a special project that lasts throughout Spring Semester. Hopefully I’ll have time aside from schoolwork to still draw for myself~ >u<

Again featuring older!Hiro inspired by non-fatmilk :)