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turncoat: in defense of andromeda tonks nee black

The day after Andromeda’s world ended, she woke to a house full of life.

She rolled out of bed in soft pajamas, bare feet. One pillow was mussed and crumpled. The other was untouched, plumped just the way Ted liked it. She leaned against the headboard, pale fingers gone paler from squeezing the wood.

Her knees were creaking, her joints aching. She was forty three and she felt like she had at least a century brittling her bones. Morning light, grey and dim, dropped through the crack in the curtains, shattered to the floor. There was a sniffle. There was a crescendo of an infant’s cry. Andromeda wrapped an old blanket around her shoulders and went to her grandson.

If she had picked up the newspaper on her front step (she wouldn’t) she would have seen the garbled headlines first trying to make sense of the smoldering remains of the Battle of Hogwarts. THE END OF OUR TERROR? the Prophet screamed.

When Andromeda went out into the rest of the house with Teddy nestled into her shoulder, she had to step cautiously over sleeping bodies. In one corner, a boy with disheveled hair and crooked glasses was passed out on her living room floor, wrapped around a lithe redhead. Harry had insisted on coming to tell her about Nymphadora and Remus in person. The rest of the snorers on her floor had insisted on coming with him. Andromeda had insisted that if they tried to leave again in that state, exhausted and unfed, they’d end up passed out in a ditch somewhere and not just because she’d send a curse after them.

She didn’t know them yet. She didn’t know Harry would spend hours on all fours when Teddy was learning to crawl, demonstrating proper form, while Ginny laughed and cheered them both on with Lee Jordan-style commentary. She didn’t know Molly Weasley would fold herself bossily, comfortably, into Andromeda’s Saturday afternoons with teacakes and preserves, her mending and her sharpest gossip, kindest words.

Andromeda didn’t know that the bushy haired girl curled up on the couch would teach Teddy to read, buy him Muggle science books and help him make a potato battery for a lightbulb, that the lanky redhead bent like a long-limbed question mark at the foot of the couch would become Andromeda’s newest, brightest chess arch nemesis.

Little Teddy on one shoulder, Andromeda went barefoot into the kitchen to get down her daughter’s favorite mug and fill it full of steaming tea. Andromeda let it overbrew, watching sleeping chests, backs, ribs, stomachs rise and fall, breathe, shake. When she finally rolled the bitter liquid over her tongue, she clung to the mug, didn’t let it break the silence.

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Whether old

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So pay homage…

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…to your favorite things…

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—by grabbing a friend,

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some popcorn,

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and the remote;

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yeah here’s the video that had been rendering for like two millenias 

I filmed this whole thing with my phone and edited it with the program that I illegally cracked just for the purpose of editing this hope you enjoy it 

My James, Your Bucky (One Shot)

You’ve had it way too sweet and fluffy from me for a while now, so I’m gonna bring you right back to the pit of despair and angst with this one shot.

Something tells me this is something @sebbys-girl would particularly enjoy;)

Summary: You and Bucky live together in Bucharest. One day you come home to find your flat completely trashed.

Word count: 2.3k

Warnings: angst, aggressive behaviour.

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It was shaping out to be a great day – it was still pre-noon and you had an extra spring in your step as you walked through the cobbled streets of Bucharest. The city you fell in love with, it had it all – alleys lined with tall brick townhouses and red roofs, atmospheric cafes and bars, an impressive market square – where you stopped to pick up a box of plums from ‘your guy’. That’s how you wanted to celebrate, with a cheeky nod to how you two first met.

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A mix of a lot of Cartoons ^^ I hope you will like it :D

What’s your favourite cartoon?

People have walls, often used to protect themselves from the outside world. Some individuals may come and try to break them because they are noisy, curious. We do not have another option but to let our guards down. They made us trust them, telling us that is going to be fine, that is going to be harmless.

Turns out that it was a lie. They came into us and destroyed us like a hurricane, leaving fragments of yourself and themselves behind.

We have to build new walls again, piece by piece. This time they will be stronger, outsiders will not enter here easily anymore. However, they have become more and more discreet… We wish we could build a fortress, but it would mean that genuine love would not be allowed to get in as well, and we cannot take such risk. Love is what makes us whole as humans. And we cannot let that happen to us, we cannot lose what makes life beautiful and good. What would we be without love?

But you came and you did not break my new walls; you made me reveal myself to you, one by one, gently and well timed. You were different from the others that once tried to fracture me ruthlessly. You did not give up. You stayed despite my coldness and my apparent careless image. You did not try to find ways to infiltrate yourself, looking for a flaw of my infinite walls that I built carefully through time. You made me guide you through my inner maze, in the direction towards my heart. You made your intention clear from the moment our paths crossed; that warm smile of yours when you first saw me is still engraved on my mind. You were patient, you were caring.

A risk was taken with you and I hold no regrets. Even if you end up destroying me at some point, it was worth it whilst you were here with a defenceless me. It is amazing when you expose yourself to everything and feel safe about it. You have shown me how the world can be compassionate, comprehensible, despite its cruelty, by loving me so fiercely and tenderly at the same time. You inundated my soul with your love, by kissing the scars you would find, just like I have drowned yours with my love, complementing you, since you do not need to be completed.

It is never enough.

It is never too much.

Maybe one day we will reach a limit, the beginning of a closing chapter. A memorable one, for sure.

—  cristianaxw