wall of valor

  • Candela: I was thinking more like flat-out stealing from him.
  • Blanche: What? No way!
  • Candela: Why not? We already stole a boyfriend.
  • Spark: Hey, guys.
  • Blanche: No, we didn't. Spark's a consenting adult. He can do whatever he wants.
  • Spark: I want to steal.

MCU Ladies Week | Day 2: Unsung Hero | Raina

Who doesn’t like flowers?

Fight me.  At the end of the day, the tiny girl in the flower dress was in fact a hero.  She did some pretty non-heroic things along the way but in my humble and very biased opinion she was never a villain, only an antagonist, and while her being a gorgeous, slightly mystifying woman of color means that fandom at large has never rushed to romanticize her, it makes her just that more compelling.  Raina was self-interested by necessity (nobody else was going to take care of her if she didn’t take care of herself) and chaotic neutral to a fault, but she also wanted to be more, to be special.  Even though a rebuilt SHIELD Wall of Valor probably won’t sport her name and there might not be anyone to plant flowers at the grave she doesn’t have, she went out nobly to help our Daisy grow, and I can’t imagine a more appropriate resolution (if there indeed had to be one, which there did because Ruth got another job, but if that doesn’t pan out I would love a surprise twist not-really-dead!-line) or more beautiful redemption than that.

  • Willow: Blanche, you will lead Team Mystic and show the value of wisdom.
  • Willow: Candela, as leader of Team Valor, your aim is to show the true strength of your Pokémon.
  • Spark, approaching from behind: [claps Willow on the back] What've you got for me, chief?
  • Willow: Spark! Uh...
  • Willow: You're the comic relief.
  • Spark, grinning: Can do, sugartits! [to Candela] Heh, I'm hilarious!
Expectations for Season 4

FitzSimmons of course

FitzSimmons in lab coats, both of them, in the lab. Goggles would be a nice addition.

FitzSimmons shipping MackElena/YoyoMack around the base and bickering between them about who’s gonna ask the other one out first.

Mentions of Bobbi and Hunter. It’d be perfect if they show up for a few episodes also.

FitzSimmons discussing their sleeping arrangements. which won’t be happening because this upsetting time jump.

FitzSimmons trying to hide their relationship from other, but failing terribly. which won’t be happening because this upsetting time jump

Daisy putting Lincoln’s name in the Wall of Valor.

Mack and Elena chatting around the base in SPANISH, because yeah, that’s cool and sounds so nice.

Daisy using her time apart to help another inhumans, the ones still popping out because the fish oil pills, helping them accept their powers and everything.

Fitz or Simmons being in contact with Daisy secretly and covering her tracks when they’re out in a mission for Director Who, who probably also wants to capture her back.
If it’s Simmons, please, let her try to lie about her secret and being all weird while doing it. The manscaping thing again hahahah

More cool gadgets in Coulson’s super arm.

Mack and Fitz playing video games and Simmons sitting in an armchair near them, drinking tea and grimacing to their gaming choice.

Jemma making Fitz blush by awkward flirting in the lab. NO CHILLS JEMMA

May collecting the money of Hunter’s pool in FitzSimmons getting together. OF COURSE MAY WON.

Kissy times of FitzSimmons that last longer than 30 seconds. PLEASE.

Longer scenes of FitzSimmons would be nice in general. Please, let us have more of them.

I’m afraid of the day Agents of S.h.i.e.l.d. ends. I don’t want it to be gone. But on the other hand, I wish for a day in which I read that a season is going to be the last. That there is going to be a finale. 

I want Jemma and Leo to build a Cottage in Perthshire.

I want Daisy to finally find her place in this world.

I want Coulson and May to finally realize they complete each other, and in this way they can fill the hole created in their souls by their pasts.

I want Mack to hug Bobbi again.

I want Hunter to be the best men of Leo at his wedding with Jemma.

I want Lincoln and Tripp to be in the wall of valor.

I need all this and I’d rather have less seasons than an uncertain finale. I really hope they’ll realize when It’s time to put an end because these characters deserve this.

Wall of Valor

The Wall covers the years from 1941 to 2015.Skye first finds Bucky’s name,which I am now sure was foreshadowing for the Winter Soldier and End of the Begining and HYDRA.That’s four episodes before the reveal.

Also,I’m pretty damn sure Steve’s name must have been close nearby while Coulson’s would probably be on the second to last line of the 1991-2015 section.