wall of movies

me: ah, i’m glad i’m finally over that obsession i had awhile back

my brain: *kicks door down* buddy you’re not gonna believe this

The Great Wall (2017)

hello everybody. Bonafide Chinese person, here, raised in a Chinese household with Chinese parents born on the mainland, to talk about This Movie

First things first, GO FUCKING SEE IT. This movie is a work of art and you’ll encourage more diversity in Hollywood by supporting a Chinese director and production team. SHOW people that we want diversity by making this movie a hit.

Now I’m going to tell you why you’re going to go see it, and hopefully I won’t get arrested. I don’t remember any of the names except that Matt Damon was Williams something or other. They aren’t really important.

  1. I’ll put your first worries at ease. Matt Damon does not save the day. The badass lady in the blue armor does. But Matt Damon does help in a major way. He is the main character, after all.
  2. There are a total of 10 white people in the movie. Only 3 play a substantial part, and only 2 survive.
  3. The movie states right at the beginning that it’s based off a legend. Stop being snarky about the wall keeping out the Mongols.
  4. No romance.
  5. Speaking of the lady in the blue, she’s commander of a squad of leaping warrior women. Holy fucking shit, am I right?

I am in no way a film critic, so I can’t comment on the movie’s general quality. But please please go see it. I can answer any questions in private you might have, just send me an ask. Also, do everybody a favor and hit reblog for me.

The accusations of white-washing being leveled at The Great Wall are almost funny because there are only 2 white actors in the movie (both playing European characters) (plus Pedro Pascal), and the rest are Chinese. As the director has stated there five key players in the final victory and four of those characters are Chinese. The movie has a Chinese director. Half the movie’s dialogue is in Chinese. Most of the crew is Chinese. The movie is filmed in China. It’s a Chinese film company partnered with an American film company. The title flashes on the screen in both English and Chinese. The fantasy elements are the movies own but are rooted in Chinese culture. The film is made in a style that incorporates elements of Chinese film making. It’s essentially a Chinese movie that is using Matt Damon to gain access to an American audience. 

People got mad and called this movie racist but it’s easily one of the most Chinese movies to ever get a wide theatrical release in the US.