wall of lettuce

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Imagine Bucky (who knows 20 languages) likes to go to parks or night markets or other bustling places just to eavesdrop on EVERYONE. Lots of people will say incredible things in front of him (or about him) because they think he won't understand. Imagine one day Bucky uses his abilities to start his own gossip or a little trouble.

“That’s Mrs. Fischer,” Bucky whispers, leaning over Steve’s shoulder while he pokes through a display of apples. “Her daughter - the one that goes to UCLA - is coming home for a visit next week.”

Steve grunts, picking out a few apples and dropping them into the shopping cart. Across the aisle a short, grey-haired woman is inspecting a honeydew melon, unaware that Bucky has been watching her intently for the last 5 minutes. “So?”

“Her daughter doesn’t know she has a new boyfriend,” Bucky hisses. “She’s worried she’s not going to like him, hey, stop looking, Jesus.”

Steve stops short of literally putting his head in his hands, and instead asks, “Why do you care about her boyfriend, Bucky?”

“I don’t care about her boyfriend. I care that she has no filter at all,” Bucky grumbles, reaching over to steer their drifting cart toward the wall of bagged lettuce, “and she’s a loud phone talker. Steve, that is the worst thing about cell phones.”

“Lots of people talk loud on their phone.”

Bucky sniffs. “And she called me scruffy. In German.”

“Well, hell hath no wrath,” Steve says, side-stepping lightly when Bucky swings at him. “C’mon, let’s go talk to the butcher. He’ll like that; you can gossip in whatever language you want while I get the cereal.”