wall of jericho

Generally the men always tried to appear strong; they walked tall, heads upright, arms steady at the sides, and feet firmly planted like trees. Solid, Jericho walls of men. But when they went out in the bush…and nobody was looking, they fell apart like crumbling towers and wept…

And when they returned to the presence of their women and children and everybody else, they…erected themselves like walls again, but then the women, who knew all the ways of weeping and all there was to know about falling apart, would not be deceived; they gently rose from the hearths, beat dust off their skirts, and planted themselves like rocks in front of their men and children and shacks, and only then did all appear tolerable.

—  We Need New Names, NoViolet Bulawayo

Here is our tree
That primitively grows
When you go to bed
Scarecrows from the far east
Come to eat
Its ten fruits
And I thought the best way to perfect our tree
Was by building walls
[Walls like unicorns?]
In full glory
[And galore?]
And even stronger
Than the walls of Jericho
[But glad then my friend?]
[Out of the few we shall reap a better day?]

What we have always dreamt of having
Are now for the starving
It is love, that is the root of all evil
But not our tree
And thank you my friend
For trusting me

Hallelujah money
(Pass the [interest?])
Hallelujah money
(Hallelujah money)
Hallelujah money
(Hallelujah money)
Hallelujah money
Hallelujah money

How will we know?
When the morning comes
We are still human
How will we know?
How will we dream?
How will we love?
How will we know?
(We know?)

Don’t worry my friend
If this be the end
Then so shall it be
Until we say so
Nothing will move
Ah, don’t worry
It’s not against our morals
It’s legal tender
Touch my friend
While the whole world
And whole beast of nations decide

When the morning comes
We are still humans
How will we know?
How will we dream?
How will we love?
How will

(Hallelujah money)
Hallelujah money
(Pass the interest)
Hallelujah money

Hallelujah money
Hallelujah money
Hallelujah money

WinterIron Fic Recs 1/?

You Only Live Twice by Amethystina
Anonymous: Imagine that Tony was there during WW2 instead of Howard, and somehow (extremis??) he’s lived through until the 21st century thinking that Bucky was dead and then lo and behold Cap2 happens and Tony rescues Bucky and he has to be Bucky and Steve’s guide into the new world
Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

Tony Stark Is Not A Mother Hen (Unless He Is) by Potrix
Tony doesn’t mind being Bucky’s crutch, he absolutely doesn’t, but it makes him wonder sometimes, how healthy their behaviour and constantly growing co-dependency really is. Because he wants more for Bucky, so much more.

Walls of Jericho by antigrav_vector
After the events of CATWS, Tony discovers something in the leaked SHIELD data that catches everyone’s attention. A list of HYDRA research bases. When the team starts taking them out, however, things go sideways in ways they didn’t expect. Director Fury pulls his support, the HYDRA bases are not what they seem, and a certain ghost is testing the edges of their mission parameters… And through it all, Tony can’t seem to help but dig until he gets to the bottom of things.

In Silence We Speak by Akira_of_the_Twilight
After having his life threatened numerous times; the fate of the planet resting on his shoulders just as many times; and living with deadly assassins, enhanced super humans, and Norse gods, it took a lot to truly scare Tony. Which was why Tony glared at Bucky Barnes—the Winter Soldier, the man who had been a ghost story for decades and could probably mess up Tony worse than Natasha if the man was having one of his off days. All of that didn’t matter though, because the asshole was blocking Tony from his coffee.

Hopeless Wanderer by JensenAckles13
James Buchanan Barnes died when he fell from that train in the mountains; not in the literal sense, but very much in the figurative. He’d been molded into the Winter Soldier, the perfect assassin, by Hydra. But Bucky? He was still very much alive, trapped in his new Winter Soldier body, watching as this new him kills and hurts and demolishes. He doesn’t know what he would call himself- a ghost, maybe, a spirit. A soul? This goes on for seventy years, until one Tony Stark comes along and completely fucks up the life he’s trapped in. He watched the man struggle and hurt, seen him at his best and at his worst and somewhere along the way, Bucky fell in love with the self-made genius.
And then.
Then Tony almost dies, and suddenly, he can see Bucky- the ghost Bucky, who has been tied to him since he met him years ago, no longer stuck to the Winter Soldier.
Its been one helluva ride, and Bucky’s new goal?
Get his body back so he can kiss Tony senseless.
Easy, right?

Apartment Crasher by silver_drip
Tony’s just there to water his friend’s plants. He didn’t think he’d walk in on an assassin.

Whatever It Is by Averia
Bucky was not really caring about the insults, even though it should have hurt him. He knew Stark would fix it and that was really all that mattered. If it also meant that Stark would be propping his arm forever, then so be it.

If I promise to do better (will you maybe change your mind) by Captain_of_the_sass
Tony was a superhero. He’d built himself a heart out of scraps in a cave, he could totally handle five kids and a super-soldier who hated his guts. Or at least that’s what he kept telling himself.
AKA the one where the rest of the team is de-aged and Bucky and Tony are saddled with babysitting duty.

Translation Failure by Akira_of_the_Twilight
Tony didn’t know what he was doing.
No, that was an inaccurate statement. He knew exactly what he was doing; he just didn’t know how he could have fallen so far.
Four bottles of four different types of alcohol huddled around him like close friends, but they weren’t that; they were really his enemies, mocking him for all of his weaknesses and faults. He’d sworn years ago that he would never drink so much again, yet here he was on the living room floor of his suite, utterly drunk, and crying silently.

Life’s good by Sandra_Taylor
Bucky’s recovery was a procces. Tony helped.
Following movies up to Winter Soldier.

Boom, Boom by Shi_Toyu
The team gets together to fight off Doom but the doesn’t stop Tony and Bucky from doing what they do best.

Winter, Soldier, Bucky by Jake_Matthews
Not quite Bucky Barnes, but no longer the Winter Soldier, the man Steve brings back to the Avengers facility would much rather have stayed on his own. The Soldier tries his best to fit in, but around the one man he most wants to befriend, he can’t help but stare.

Peppermint Marshmallows Are Not A Food Group by Enicia24
Look all I know is that Tony loves these marshmallows, and maybe James falls a little bit in love with him at first sight.

Talk Warmth into Me by InsaneJuliann
He’s not Bucky, but he’s not the Winter Soldier. Stuck somewhere in between, he struggles with all left behind from  his time with HYDRA, the fear and the memories, but receives help from Tony. Slowly, he gets better, and the two of them get closer.

A Burden Taken by Akira_of_the_Twilight
When soul mates cross paths, they take away each others’ pain, whether or not they ever meet again.
Tony crossed paths with his soul mate at a young age.
It was during a murder.

The Embarrassing Truth of Crushes by plirio
Tony Stark is absolutely too old for crushes. Certainly too cool for it. He does not need to be this close to half a century spending so much of his brain power thinking about the fact that a beautiful man smiled at him today.
It’s embarrassing, that’s what it is.
Or, in which Bucky Barnes charms Tony, makes friends with robots and eats a lot of cake pops. There’s also an attempt at world peace.

Imagine Tony and Bucky tumblr
A gold mine, people, seriously check it out! 

Part 2 | Part 3


get to know me meme - [18/25] films
↳ the music man (1962) dir. morton dacosta

“Please folks.  May I have your attention please?  Attention please!  I can deal with this trouble, friends, with a wave of my hand, this very hand!  Please observe me if you will. I’m Professor Harold Hill, and I’m here to organize the River City Boys’ Band!  Now think my friends, how can any pool table ever hope to compete with a gold trombone?  Remember my friends, what a handful of trumpet players did to the famous, fabled walls of Jericho - oh billiard parlour walls come a-tumblin’ down!  Oh a band will do it, my friends, oh yes, I say a boys’ band, do you hear me?  I say, River City’s gotta have a boys’ band, and I mean she needs it today.  Well Professor Harold Hill’s on hand, River City’s gonna have her boys’ band, as sure as the Lord made little green apples - and that band’s gonna be in uniform!”


Are You Not Entertained!?

- The fact that Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose are friends, and that these pictures exist make me so happy. Dean had been on some pretty interesting episodes of Jericho’s podcast. I just had to recreate these moments with my figures.

Quick Thoughts on every film I watched this week

It Happened One Night (1934) Dir. Frank Capra - Hilarious and entertaining screwball comedy with great performances and incredibly sharp dialogue. Fast paced and still very emotional. I loved the use of the “Walls of Jericho” to humorously represent their dichotomy perfectly. Strongly recommended, 10/10

Basic Instinct (1992) Dir. Paul Verhoeven - Interesting though flawed take on the murder mystery genre, I was thoroughly entertained by the entirety of this film. Michael Douglas does a fine job as the leading protagonist, but it’s Sharon Stone who really steals the show. The movie diverts expectations so much that even when you understand that this is the intention, it still manages to deliver something you might not see coming, and still it does feel warranted. Like any other Paul Verhoeven film, Basic Instinct has its fair share of tongue and cheek humor. The reason it doesn’t work as well here as it does in, say, RoboCop or Starship Troopers, is that it seems reliant on you to be in on the joke rather than allowing you to accept what’s on the surface. Still, I had a fun time with this one. I’d recommend it immediately to any fan of Paul Verhoeven, but to anyone else I’d say make sure the premise already interests you going into it. 8/10

Rocky III (1982) Dir. Sylvester Stallone - Definitely not as good as the first two in the series. While Rocky’s character has developed in a believable enough way from the first film, Paulie has been given a 10 minute subplot that goes absolutely nowhere in the rest of the film, and Adrian stays static and bland until she has a sudden artificial burst of assertiveness that just came out of left field. It doesn’t help that Talia Shire isn’t very good at acting aggressive. Though the film is still decent. What elevates this film to an entertaining enough experience is the newfound relationship between Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed. To see the two work together and finally build a friendship was both refreshing and incredibly enjoyable, and it made the movie. 7/10

Rocky IV (1985) Dir. Sylvester Stallone - A better film for sure. DEFINITELY not deserving of all those razzies it won in 1986. This is a genuinely good movie. Though it starts out very clunky, and way too campy for the Rocky franchise, by the 30 minute mark it really changes for the better. What initially seems like another half assed way to raise the stakes is soon transformed into something much more emotionally profound, and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t moved by it. Where this film falls apart for me is its ham fisted message at the end, and some over the top campiness during certain scenes that just totally took me out of it. But the good parts absolutely outweigh the bad. 8/10

O Lucky man! (1973) Dir. Lindsay Anderson - When I saw If…. many months ago, I liked it enough despite some major flaws I felt worked heavily against the film. O Lucky Man! is a different story. Despite its much longer run time, I was significantly more entertained through this film. Malcolm McDowell does a fantastic job as Mick Travis once again, and his character is more interesting than ever in my opinion. I loved this epic tale about a bright eyed young man exploring every tier of capitalistic lifestyle, from the very rich to the dirt poor, and still he cannot seem to grasp where it is true happiness can be found. The soundtrack by Alan Price is so catchy and fits the movie so well that I had to download it immediately after I finished watching it. There are plenty of callbacks to A Clockwork Orange but they never take away from this films own unique voice. This movie gets downright disturbing at times, in ways I cannot spoil. Lets just say I’ll never look at sheep the same way again. I genuinely loved the mixing of emotions in this film, it’s a giant amalgam of joyful and depressing feelings, mixed in with hilarious comedy and thoughtful satire. For the most part the outlandish style complimented the film just fine, but there were times when its presentation became a bit distracting. Its editing techniques make the changing of film reels a little more apparent (clearly on purpose, as the film establishes multiple times) and at some points it adopts silent film techniques seemingly out of the blue (Though to be fair, the second time it’s used felt much more warranted than the first). At times the casting of actors for multiple roles worked just fine, adding to that stage play feel it is (sometimes) going for, but I wouldn’t say that this films presentation mixed stage and screen quite as well as a Julie Taymor film would. (Oh, and having Warren Clarke play multiple roles and NOT having him dress up in a constable uniform? Why would you ever miss such a golden opportunity?) Also one particular scene involving a presentation drags on for far too long. But overall, I really loved this film, I found it to be far better than If…. and if it’s ever released on blu ray I’ll be the first to pre-order it. 9/10


Monday, March 20: Helloween, “Oernst of Life”

The Noise Records Death Metal compilation turned out to be rather misnomered: although Running Wild clumsily attempted satanic themes, only Hellhammer plausibly fit the term.  But inaccurate title aside, the album was significant because it featured not only Hellhammer’s final recordings, but also the earliest released material from both Running Wild and Helloween.  “Oernst of Life” showcased Helloween at their fastest and most inexperienced: the band had not yet learned to harness their sense of melody and dynamics, and Kai Hansen didn’t so much sing as yelp.  But the band’s charm was in full flower even back then, as the then-four piece played with enthusiasm and youthful joie de vivre.  Even more than on their self-titled EP or Walls of Jericho, “Oernst of Life” presented Helloween at their most joyous and thrashy, and while they would ultimately reap greater rewards by adding a measure of professionalism and maturity, this song illustrated the charisma the band had from the very beginning.

anonymous asked:

omg you are such an amazing writer i read only one coming home last night after a few drinks with some friends and oh god it was so good it made me feel things that usually reading fics don't but yours are just so f u c k i n g good that it always makes me feel something and i'm rambling so much so what i wanted to say is that you are amazing and thank u thank u thank u so much for writing i love u bye

Anon, I hope you got home safe! Thank you so much for your kind words. I wasn’t sure how well folks would receive Only One due to it being for an older Superstar, but WHOO you guys sure showed me! I’m so glad you liked it, it was very entertaining to write. I know I tend to pile on the feels but I hope the funnier parts shone through as well.

(can you tell I’m proud of the ‘Walls Of Jericho’ innuendo?? Because if not here’s an official statement.

“I’m very proud of the ‘Walls Of Jericho’ innuendo.”)