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" 'Sup." Sly said, smirking at him. "Ya got my stuff dude?"

Ronald leaned back against the wall, earbuds stuck in his ears, drowning out the world, but he felt the presence before him and it was enough for him to slowly lift his lids as he took in the sight of the boy in front of him, with wild, electric blue hair and a grin like a slash from a knife.
“Depends on wha’ kinda ‘stuff’, mate…” he pulled out an earbud, “What’re you interested in?”


“Balloon in the Sky” by Wall of Ears.


Wall of Ears “Autosky” really unique sound from former As Cities Burn dudes. super amazing guitar work!!!!!

Midnight Masquerade

Inspired by this beautiful artwork by @inkodoodles of Denmark and Norway in masks. They graciously allowed me to write a little ficlet based on it. ^.^
Thank you <3


The dance room is packed full of people – laughter bouncing off the walls and ringing in his ears.
He’s thankful for the free wine and champagne paraded around on silver trays, but it doesn’t lessen the noise levels down enough for his liking.

Still, Norway knows he can’t complain.

It’s a nice gesture of Italy, inviting them all to a masquerade – even if the mask is beginning to itch slightly.

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Perfect Organ Assembly: Wall of Ears (2013)

written by Alexander J. Ige

Wall of Ears is the latest music project from Cody Bonnette (As Cities Burn, Hellohighwater, and Hawkboy) and Chris Lott (As Cities Burn, Twin Killers) and I bought it because As Cities Burn usually has some provocative lyrics for a YUCCKie such as myself—especially a self-doubting [post-]postmodern one, considering the lyrics of Contact

The premiere album of Wall of Ears, however, is not appealing for lyrics—and perhaps not appealing at all, as it’s highly experimental: And this is the first time I feel comfortable using that word, as three songs on the album are the same songs as three other songs on the album, except played backwards and remixed. And the last song is a recorded reading of a fairy tale with a beautiful princess and evil prince.The experiment does work, but not well. There is enough pattern in the music to play them backwards, and perhaps some beauty in tweaking it to make its own—but this is not enough. And the fairy tale is interesting and terrifying enough, but relies apparently solely on wordplay: the affair of prince and princess that is incestuous—making clear that incest is almost in the word princess; but I have yet to attach significant meaning beyond the realm of wordplay. Again, it works, but not quite enough. The rest of the songs, such as “Heavy Hologram” and a few others, are normal enough for fans of more moderate avant-garde rock.

But I learned a couple of things from this experiment. 1) Chris Lott’s voice [who seems to have taken more lead in this project than Mr. Bonnette, at least vocally] is good. 2) I would listen backwards singing if only it didn’t make bystanding listeners chuckle. 3) Mr. Bonnette and Mr. Lott can make good music, sometimes; it was worth the five dollars on Bandcamp. Experiment: learn: refine.

At this moment, I don’t believe in just functioning within a band; I don’t think that it’s always a good idea to try and write something within that box. 


Before, we would have to write with bigger goals in mind; today we don’t need reach the next point because we already have the means to support ourselves, we don’t need to do this for a living. Now this is a hobby, which, to me makes it more pure. It doesn’t matter if I write the silliest stuff that no one ends up liking – it’s just something that I wrote because it was real at that time. I’ve been silent these past couple of years, and I think that’s OK. If you’ve lost your voice musically or lyrically, it’s ok to take a step back for a while, it will come back when it’s ready.­

 - Cody Bonnette in a 2012 Punktastic interview

Watch on hazeldrift.tumblr.com

“Perfect Organ Assembly” is the debut nine song EP from Wall Of Ears, the new project from As Cities Burn members, Cody Bonnette and Christopher Lott.


this is honestly all there is to say at this stage really

And will you ever tell me whose blood it is
That stains your bedroom carpet? Will you ever tell me
Why there is always blood on your hands?
Is it from rebirth?
From self-sacrifice?

(Doesn’t matter. Blood is blood
Is blood is blood is blood.)

Your bedroom smells sickly sweet, like flowers, like death,
And will you ever tell me whether it’s perfume
Or rot that I am smelling?
And will you ever tell me how all of the teacups
Found themselves shattered on the bathroom tile?
And will you ever tell me what you say
To the walls late at night?

(The walls have ears, you know.)

Somehow you’ve managed to mimic the marks of claws
Dragging down the glass of the window.
Will you ever tell me how you’ve done it?
And will you ever tell me why there is always blood
In your teeth?
And will you ever tell me why there is always blood
On the walls?
And will you ever tell me
Why there is always blood
On your hands?
Is it from rebirth?
From self-sacrifice?

(Doesn’t matter. Blood is blood.)

Does it make you happy?

(There is always some benefit to glean
From blood.)

—  “Will you tell me/Will you tell me/Will you tell me,” Casey Rose Shanahan

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''What would History do to turn on their partner? They got any special talents or tricks up their sleeves ;)'' but for got7 (and excluding yugyeom if you are uncomfortable with it) please?

Sorry for the wait!I made you wait so long that Yugyeom’s 18 now anyway so it’s alright, haha. If any of the members were under 18, I’d do everyone but them~

Enjoy ouo

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Dean's New Companion

Here’s a short drabble of sorts requested by @1800-fan-fics for a Blind!Dean AU. It’s a little rough but I hope you like it!

Plot summary: after an accident leaves Dean permanently blind, the reader and Dean must find a way to adjust.
Dean x reader
{This} means reader is thinking, my italics button isn’t working :(


The echo of Dean’s nervous tapping filled the empty room, bouncing off the walls and into your ears. You look down at the clipboard balancing on your knees, rifling through the multiple pages of forms all signed and completed that were clipped onto the plastic. Shifting your gaze, your eyes fall upon your right hand, nervously gripping the pen, your knuckles and fingers a pale white, incredibly contrasting to your normal tan skin. For a moment, you’re taken aback by how observant you are being, then you remember why you’re even here in the first place. With that in mind, you examine the small room more, taking note of the various colors and shapes you see. The light grey of the receptionist’s desk, the creamy tan square tiles under your feet, the vivid blues and greens out the window, forming the trees, grass, and skies, as well as the rest of the world.

{I wonder what it’s like to be…blind…}

You use that word hesitantly, even in your head, because you’re afraid that saying or thinking them will make it all too real.

{But it is real. And we can’t change it. This is just how it is now… }

A small sigh escaped your lips, and Dean turned his head to you, and you quickly looked at your knees again, almost afraid to look at his face.

“Y/n,” He says softly, his gentle but coarse voice washing over you like a wave of relief.

“It’s okay, I’ll be alright.” His voice trembles briefly, and you recognize the uncertainty and terror hinting in his speech. A small tear gathers in your left eye, and you feel your lower lip begin to tremble. Closing your eyes, the tears start falling, and suddenly you feel Dean’s soft and calloused hand caressing your cheek, his thumb finding then brushing the tears from your face. The sensation of his pink lips brushing your eyelids surprises you at first, but then brings a small smile to your face, then a light giggle as you open your eyes to see Dean smiling half-heartedly at you.
“You know, the thing I’m going to miss the most about my eyes is not getting to see you smile again.” He brings his trembling hand back to your face and he brushes his fingers over your lips, slowly tracing the outline of your smile, only causing you to smile more and relax into the soothing motion, taking in the feel of his fingers glazing over your lips, dipping into your dimples, then back over the arch of your lip and the sudden coolness of air as he takes his hand away.

“Mr. Winchester?”
The receptionist comes back in, closing the door rather loudly, then walks over to where you are seated, her heels clicking on the tiles. Dean looks away from you, tilting his head toward the sounds.

“Have you completed his forms?” She asks, taking the clipboard from you, then proceeds to flip through the pages.

“Yes, its all there.” You sigh, waiting for her approval impatiently.

“Hmmm, yes, everything seems to be in order. Follow me please.” The lady smiles and tucks the clipboard under her arm, motioning with the other towards the door she entered through.

“Right this way, Mr. Winchester, Miss (Y/L\N”

She abruptly turns around and leaves the room, holding the door open as you take Dean’s right hand and lead him out, watching his cane in his left hand awkwardly swing back and forth. The receptionist leads you to a room with more chairs, but this one has something different inside. Dean looks up expectantly as a sharp bark echoes in the room. His face lights up as he drops his cane, holding his arms out slightly as he stumbles into the room, kneeling once he feels the soft fur brush up against his leg. You smile brighter than you have in a while as you watch Dean get to know the adorable German Shepard that has been assigned to him as his guide dog. The trainer comes in shortly and helps Dean strap on the vest and leash and then explained the proper procedures and commandss. You quickly pulled out a notebook from your bag and began taking notes in case Dean forgot. Or perhaps when he forgot. Watching Dean interact with his new dog inspired a flicker of hope deep in your chest.

{Maybe everything would work out after all. Maybe Dean would have a chance to live normally again, even go hunting, with his new companion at his side.}

Dean stood up, gleefully holding the leash, and grinned, ecstatically saying,

“(Y/n), this is amazing! I could even go hunting with him, eventually, right?! Everything could be okay.”

“Yeah, yeah you could.” You smile, tears forming and gently trickling down your face, and you reach out to wrap your arms around his neck, deeply inhaling his pine-trees-and-leather scent as he tilted his head to pepper your neck with kisses. Pulling back, you glanced down at your shirt to find it covered in dog hair.

“Dean, you’re covered in dog fur, and so am I. Sam is going to hate that, we’re gonna have to pick up some lint rollers.” You try brushing the hair off your shirt, then shake your hands, watching the fur float down.

“And maybe a brush…” You frown for a moment, then shake you head briefly, dismissing the minor issue. Dean chuckled, crouching down to pet the dog again.

“Ah, I don’t care about the hair, or fur or whatever. We’re keeping him. That is final. Come on, boy, lets go!”
Smiling, you thank the trainer and follow Dean, already noting his newfound confidence and teamwork with his new friend. You hurry to catch up with the both of them, grabbing Dean’s free hand and squeezing it supportively.

“We can do this, Dean, all four of us. I know it.“

The end!

(Disclaimer! I don’t know about the process of getting a guide dog, this is just my guess at how it would be. Hope you enjoyed!)

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duuude imagine getting in a fight with calum and ur screaming at him and in the middle of you nagging him for being so inconsiderate he pins you up on the closest wall and whispers in ur ear "the only time ur allowed to scream at me like that is when im fucking you so hard you can barely breath" and then his hand trails down to go teasingly rub your clit and says "i wasnt inconsiderate when i gave you all those orgasms last night but maybe tonight ill show you just how inconsiderate i can be"

I think I’d knee him in the groin if he tried pulling this shit while I was angry with him, ngl




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