wall of destruction

In Another Life

Summary: A series of moments in a life that never was.

A short fic I wrote after seeing Rogue One the other day. Also on AO3. Tagging @mollyandherjumper because we were crying about the movie together yesterday. I hope everyone likes it!

Jyn grips his hand as the giant wall of destruction moves ever nearer, the contact a comforting reminder that, for perhaps the first time in thirteen years, she is not alone.

She’s envisioned her death before, of course, the consequence of a life spent running. She had expected to be fearful, panicked. Regretful, even.

Instead, she feels content.

Maybe it’s because she has just helped save millions of lives. Maybe it’s because her father will finally get the redemption he deserves. Maybe it’s because of the man sitting beside her.

Maybe it’s all three.

Whatever the reason, she is grateful for it.

Jyn Erso has always been more of a doer than a dreamer, but as she stares out at the horizon, she clutches the necklace her mother gave her and allows herself to imagine.

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MASTERLIST (sorry if there’s any mistakes!!)

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you’re toxic / you’re toxic pt.2 / me, you, her

Josh Zerkaa imagines

mum /

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It’s one thing to support Hillary out of fear for a Trump presidency. It’s misinformed and incorrect, but at least it comes from a place of misguided optimism. But to outright gleefully support Hillary despite the thousands upon thousands of dead and dismembered Middle Eastern people, the dead and deported Mexicans and Central Americans, the Hondurans and Haitians earning slave wages after she lobbied to prevent them from getting raises on behalf of corporations, the murdered indigenous activists, the dead and imprisoned black Americans, the silenced victims of sexual assault by Bill Clinton, the millions of voters defrauded in the primary, the birtherism her campaign started against Obama in 2008, the huge amounts of people defrauded by Wall Street, and the purposeful destruction of our planet for profit, then you’re an outright dick. You are saying you don’t care about any of these people. You’re as bad as any of the Trump supporters you love to condescend about. In fact, you’re probably worse, because you like to go around pretending you’re a progressive with ethics.

welcome to the elder scrolls V skyrim where you can be a man cat werewolf nightingale dragon but you still can’t stack 2 cheese wheels properly in your own damn house without them flying through the walls leaving destruction in their wake

You deserve it. Everything in this world. Things like love and friendship and not a corner with walls and self destruction. Mistakes happen. It’s not purposeful. We are not at fault, this world has a mind of its own sometimes. Destiny too. They twist and turn, they test you. Endure. Slowly, softly. You will live, tattered soul maybe.
But just because your path was vicious, does not mean you choose to be unloved, stray away from the society. You deserve everything the world can give. You deserve someone new, helping you. Live.

I saw something in you,
something others didn’t see,
a most beautiful soul
hidden behind
a near impenetrable wall
of self-destructive negativity.
Long have I hoped
to see you be freed –
from your doubts and fears,
from yourself,
and watch you live the life
you always wanted to lead.
Now I realize you’d rather
not have the responsibility,
you’d rather have others
dictate your life;
your fear of self-reliance
will always be a liability.
Can’t you see?
You and you alone
are your greatest enemy.
Don’t you want –
don’t you need to be free?
… maybe you don’t,
I guess some people
are just like that.
But still…
it makes me sad,
‘cause I’ve seen
many souls shine,
and even though
I only saw a flicker,
was the brightest
—  The brightest flicker, by M.A. Tempels © 2015

And once again she built up her walls.
Looming slabs of darkness,
As dark as her mind.
Designed to keep all beauty and all evil out.
Afraid and alone she remained in desperate darkness.
Slowly stitching her severed heart whole.
Boldly building her wall of self destruction.
So no one could see her broken being.
So no one could shine through her darkness.
And here the stony limits would remain,
Until she was prepared to watch them crumble.
And bare her patchwork heart for all to see.