wall of china marathon

  • Tony: I'm cold
  • Steve, Bucky & T'Challa: *Run over water, trample lands flat, strip a good portion of forests, break through the great wall of china, unintentionally win marathons after marathons, reform mount rushmore with faces of Tony, create a new extreme sport and get named the biggest catastrophe of the year* Here, take my jacket!

5 things meme

Got tagged by the lovely @poisonous-panda to share some things about my self.

1) 5 things you’ll find in my bag or my pocket:

- wallet

- phone

- lip balm

- pen

- keys

2) 5 things you’ll find on my room:

- computer

- sketch pad

- coloring pencils

- flowers

- books

3) 5 things I’ve always wanted to do

- run a marathon

- run marathon on Great Wall of China

- visit my ancestral homelands

- complete a novel

- improve my art

4) 5 things that make me happy

- sweets

- my cats and kids

- writing

- drawing

- music

5) 5 things on my to do list

- close on the house I’m buying

- complete writing projects

- survive the semester

- start hardcore exercising

- get caught up on video gaming, specifically Nier

I’ll @faierius @imaginationisme @nemo-ne-impune-lacessit and @valkyrieofardyn

No pressure. If anyone wants to do this feel free to tag me.


Good morning⭐️

“A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles.” – Tim Cahill

Ahh, that is so true. I woke up to several emails and messages inquiring about my next adventure, encouraging me to try different races and challenges. I appreciate to my core that people think of me in this way. More than any experience I’ve had in the last year, it is the friends I’ve made along the way that I treasure most (insert prayer-hands emoji). I love you so very much.

Happy Sunday!