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I’ll post a full weekend recap later on (if I can even find the words to process all of it). But for now, I’m working on my Wall of Awesome.

For the longest time I thought I’d be really freaked out about 30, but I’m living an incredibly blessed life with the greatest family and friends. I can’t even kind of complain. All things considered, as I mentioned last night, 29 was a year full of accomplishments that I would have never imagined myself even attempting. But 30 is about to be even better.

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It’s here. Homestuck.


Indy Mini Recap

It was a race I had said for weeks I was going to just cheer on and not run, simply because I had not been running much since the Marathon.

It was a race that comes a weekend before the official end to DietBet challenge.  And being away from home would mean eating out all the time.

It was a race that I was going to alone for the first time (as I have always raced with my group of local running friends) and specifically with my runner partner Jen.

It turned out to be a race that I felt full of life and energy the entire time!  It was probably my best run ever in terms of my body/mind both feeling good. 

I think between only drinking water for almost 2 months now I am hydrated.  I think that by eating mindfully I am fueling myself more proper than ever before and that made a huge difference.

I think that having Nava there to run with me was also great.  I am so used to running with a partner  that I feel very comfortable racing along side someone else.  And Nava was a good sport as I joked around (sometimes at her expense) and kept us both moving.

I proved to myself that I could maintain healthy eating while away.  Which in the past would have been harder for me than the 13.1 miles. 

I got to add a super cool checkered ribbon medal to the Wall of Awesome and it stands out quite nicely!

But most of all there is a group of people “the internet” who are just as friendly, warm, inviting, funny, crazy and awkward as you might expect them all to be.  Its hard to explain how you can meet them for the first time but because you have been following along in glimpses of their lives on here you feel like you have always known each other.  Sure some are shorter than you may have imagined but then some are much taller (Shortmom).  About the only thing your not sure of is what their voices might sound like - kind of the opposite of listening to your favorite DJ on the radio and wondering what they might look like. 

In any case, if you are ever able to meet up with one/some of them at an event or race or meetup - please do.  You will be so glad you did, I know I am :)

This was a great race and a great weekend.

P.S. A very special thank you to jBizz and her family for being such nice hosts and opening up their home to everyone!

Until next time….

Linkara will be in a Video Game!

Yes, Linkara from atop the fourth wall, will be appearing in Chibi Brawl! For those who are not in the know, Chibi Brawl is a video game where all 100% of the profits will go towards charity. It’s a game still in recruitment and processing stages but a game that will take different characters from different franchises and bring them together. Linkara will fight or “Brawl” alongside Magical Warrior Dimond Heart, and Sherlock Holmes! 

He will be introduced as one of the heroes with pure hearts. This is not a model sheet, but a simple sketch of his character. Basic simple concept art of his design and outfit.

Would you like to help with chibi brawl? Contact us about your skills at Braincakellc@gmail.com


Not sure if you can tell by these pictures but Annie leads a very rough life.

Also any chance I can get to show off the wall of awesome I’ll take!

Did not work out this morning as I was up a few time coughing in the night again and could not afford to be dragging all day at work. So I slept in and am now running a bit late. I guess I really needed the rest.

Wall of Awesome: People Who Never Forget to Be Awesome and You Should Totally Follow

(in no particular order)

  1. rubaba
  2. privatekatoftherebels
  3. takethatyourock
  4. myothertardisistheimpala
  5. on-a-moonlit-night
  6. comealong-oswin
  7. loveatomb
  8. rose-tylah
  9. thatgleekywholockianhead
  10. renkateishu
  11. your-wise-uncle
  12. the-toilet-paper
  13. chongthenomad
  14. katara-of-the-water-tribe
  15. poisonousstrawberries
  16. dr-42
  17. noblehasbeensaved
  18. deanishlove
  19. llamawithapencil
  20. hey-beach-bums
  21. cheekbones-and-feels
  22. muggle-born-dauntless
  23. winterquay
  24. sarahthepossum
  25. byebyemyponds
  26. bowtied <–seriously amazing 11th Doctor RPer!
  27. eldunariliduen / themanwhomakespeoplebetter
  28. themeghanchakra
  29. meggannn
  30. underwoodsee
  31. doctor-korra-holmes-in-hogwarts
  32. spaceywaceypond
  33. isortofknowwhatimdoing

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