wall mural

So I was observing Claire Keane’s wall mural model for Rapunzel’s tower, and I found so many incredible details that made me love this mural even more: pardon the flash

Markings for young Rapunzel’s height progress with age

This illustration showing her stitching her own dress at the same time, holding a piece of fabric and all around her are drawings of dresses and corsets

At the bottom, clearly showing what best she could paint as a kid

and scribbling on the bottom still when she was young

This painting is beside mother gothel’s bedroom door, so I assumed it was to depict her nature since it had more gloomy color compared to the rest of the mural

This amongst many paintings of her dresses (Maybe she painted these as a young teen maybe??)

And just these beautiful paintings which I probably reflected what Rapunzel loved doing most of the time

Floral Mural | The Cheekiest Monkey Of All

Ages ago I came across a picture from a Scandinavian blog of a really gorgeous wall mural of a floral cross stitch. I loved it but the thought of trying to work out the scale, the amount of ‘stitches’, the colours, etc. was put in the 'too hard basket’. So when I saw this amazing DIYwithpattern, I was beyond thrilled! The suggestion of using a 'cross stitch’ stamp is great because you get consistent stamps. If you’re not allowed to stamp on your wall, get yourself a giant canvas and stamp that.


Should private-property murals be banned?

Los Angeles has long maintained a ban, with some exemptions, on murals painted on private property. Enacted a decade ago, the ban is now facing a challenge from citizens who want to see the bold, colorful works return to the city’s walls.

But beyond fears of graffiti, some worry that the return of murals could inadvertently spark a spree of commercialized messages. From muralist and founder of the Social and Public Art Resource Center Judy Baca:

“Do we allow our city to become a kind of place of visual blight, like a Hong Kong kind of visualization of ads in every inch of eyespace? Or are there places in which…. public art can have its diverse expression?”

But the proposed ordinance, as it stands now, would not permit “commercial messages.”

Read more over at Culture Monster.

Photos: Al Seib / Los Angeles Times