wall mounted toilets


Mostly the old sets squashed together properly into a 512x512 format with some new items added in. Please forgive the spaces in the hospital one, I ran out of ideas. x.x;

Along with the old items are a few new ones including an MRI, Xrays, Xray machine, vending machines, phones, wall mounted tvs, new toilets and sinks, wheel chairs, gurneys, nursery basinets, walkers, scale, arm pressure, bio hazard recycling and trash receptacles, crutches, a mini chainsaw ( I edited it from an icon set and I don’t know who the original artist for it is so aside from adding it in I have no real claim to it ), some new little books, a notebook, and a couple new bulletin boards.

Credits to Enterbrain, whoever made the original chainsaw, and Flaming Teddy Productions.
Day 4: Snowball

written for #HanniHolidays

Of all the rooms in their home, Hannibal had only been interested in remodeling two. The kitchen, Will had expected. Anticipated, even. Hannibal having anything less than a top-of-the-line kitchen was anathema to both of them, though they’d certainly made do with cruder appliances along the way.

Will had not, however, expected Hannibal to have so many opinions about the bathroom.

“Facilities at the hospital were…limited,” Hannibal told him, and Will had snorted in reply.

“Understatement of the century.”

Hannibal narrowed his eyes. “Tell me, Will, was your toilet ever taken away from you?”

“No,” said Will, a little confused. “Was yours?”

“Two words, if I may,” and Hannibal cleared his throat. “Dignity pants.”

And that had solved the issue of who would renovate the bathroom.

The results were nothing short of glorious. A white marble trough sink; a free-standing bathtub that Hannibal had literally knocked a wall down to have room to install; some ridiculous wall-mounted toilet that Will still wasn’t sure how he’d inevitably have to fix. Best of all was the curbless shower with its absurd three shower heads, one waterfall and two handheld. It made cleaning up after hunts simple, and Will suspects that it was Hannibal’s silent invitation for Will to make as much of a bloody mess as he liked.

There was, unfortunately, no expectation of privacy. Hannibal always wound up sticking his head in for some reason or another. But Will had grown used to it–the interruptions, at least.

Will’s been in the shower an entire three minutes when Hannibal pops his head around the door and asks, “How do you feel about nuts?”

He licks his lips and reaches for the shampoo, some stupid, prissy, expensive shit Hannibal insisted on. “Is that a trick question?”

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