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Hello. Many of you know me, my name is Millie and I have this nice blog where I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. Sometimes I feel really thankful for this platform, tumblr has been a great experience for me. However, I’ve decided to write this post and try to help my wonderful friend, who really is struggling a lot at the moment.

She lives in poor living conditions - her family home is very small and old, the walls of her home have started to fall down and it doesn’t even have a roof. The house is loaded with mold, wet walls because of broken pipes and unhealthy air to breathe. Her mom doesn’t have a job and has been unable to find one for quite a long period of time now and her dad has a part-time job.  She is in the 4th year of high school and barely no one knows her story, that’s why I’m not revealing her identity. Here, in the winter time, temperature can drop under -20 degrees C and having wood, blankets and fabric plastic as a roof is not much of a help!

I’ve discussed this with another wonderful friend of mine and we are going to do our best to help and raise some money, because hey - it’s great to be humane! We had already done some research and we found several used houses with very good living conditions, for the minimal price.

Our goal is to raise $35.000 to buy this modest and wonderful family a proper home to live in! And that we cannot do without your help!

Our wish for this post is to reach as many people as possible. Our ideal way of achieving this goal is to reach 35.000+ people who would donate only $1. Every cent will be appreciated from top to bottom of our hearts.

If you are able to help, in any way, please send your $1 donation to the paypal account we made for this specific case.

Paypal: loveandhumanity@outlook.com

I will continue to share this post through my blog and youtube. I will kindly ask you, with a lot of love, to reblog and share this post, you never know how many people your post might reach. $1 is just the first step of creating the whole road.

Christmas is slowly approaching and just imagine this family having this big gift that we all have created together. I will keep you all updated! Thank you very much for your help and time, and please, share. ♥

Hey y'all. Disabled QTPOC needs a lil help

So, short version is I need 750$ by January 31st for a deposit on a rad queer house. Without the deposit, I won’t be able to move in. My paypal is ft_max@yahoo.com and my venmo is junebugflowers

Long story- in October I finally moved out of a very toxic, and…..I can’t even explain it house, after having major surgery. I moved into this cute lil queer house, and started feeling allergy symptoms, but I mostly ignored it. Same with increased auto immune systems. On January 1st I noticed the wall in my room was caving in, and a fricken MUSHROOM was growing on my wall. We alerted the landlord, and he came by unannounced a few time, and then he randomly came in when I was out and PUT A BIG ASS HOLE IN MY WALL, LETTING ALL THE MOLD INTO THE AIR, on my stuff, everything. At that point, I couldn’t go in my room, physically without experiencing extreme symptoms like migraines, shortness of breath, more. More stuff happened, the landlord is refusing to clean it properly, and he is now in the process of illegally evicting us. He changed the locks, with all of our stuff inside.
We are fighting him, but can’t safely return. My old roommate is a fucking champ, and basically found us both housing, because I have been so so sick from the mold, and so fucking depressed about being homeless for the SIXTH TIME. I need to be able to pay the deposit tho, no options there.
I need help. I’m a multiply disabled QTPOC who runs (well, wheels) them self ragged at a social work job that is for homeless lgbtq youth. I do my very best every day. I’ve survived so much abuse, hospitalizations, homelessness, hate crimes…….I need stability to survive. This place has a three year lease. Three years of solid housing where I live is so unheard of, specially since my job under this administration is on shakey ground funding wise. Please, if you have anything to spare, please.
Again, my paypal is ft_max@yahoo.com or venmo is junebugflowers
I’ll make a post soon about selling my stuff, and herbal creations.
I love you all. Stay safe and take care of each other regardless ❤️

you have left your mark on me,
a scar etched onto my skin,
a lone reminder that your
hands have held me close,

when dark was enough for me
to hide in and your arms
were the only warmth i needed.

you are playing over and over,
your voice like madness,
like sweet and soft,
like chanting as if hearing you
enough can somehow mold the
walls of my brain into your body.

but do i miss you or do i just
crave the idea of you?

did you really love me or were you just
disappointed with the girl you
thought you could love?

—  molecular stories #2 || g.l.
Vanilla Haunted house

@ask-atlas-golurk (I changed the thread since the last one was a photo post and I don’t know how to delete the photos)

The reception table was a mess. Mushrooms grew on the rotting wood. the computer and screens were broken. Pens and moldy papers were thrown everywhere and there was a burned cavity in the floor. Near the reception table there was a big hole in the wall surrounded by mold.