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Don't Care if it Hurts:pt.2

(Dog hybrid! + Gaurd dog!Jimin x Reader) (ft.olderBrother! + Mafia boss!Namjoon)

Part 1  Part 3 Part 4

Summary: After a rival gang makes an attempt on your life, Your older brother, the infamous leader of Seoul’s largest gang; Kim Namjoon gets you a guard hybrid; Park Jimin, The reigning champion of Seoul’s underground hybrid fighting ring.

Pairing: Jimin x Reader

Warnings/tags: Past abuse, Blood, Mafia!reader, Mafia!Namjoon, Older brother!Namjoon, DogHybrid!Jimin, fighting, slow burn, general angst, hurt/comfort, fluff, eventual smut.

Wordcount: 6.1k

A/N: I probably could have split this into two parts but I didn’t want to leave you hanging after the Jimin/Jungkook fight scene. This part was particularly hard to write because I knew where I wanted to be by part 3 but not how to get there. I know it’s not as good as part one but  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Song to play during this chapter: House of cards~

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Jimin and his new master arrive at the compound inside of the hour.  On the front gate (guarded by 3 guards- probably armed) hung a golden sign; Serendipity Gardens. Jimin felt his eyes widen as they pulled through the gate and into a wide circle, a fountain spitting water in the center.

The place was emptier than a graveyard. There where no children playing in the park. Not a person was walking in the gardens and not a soul on any of the balconies of the two upscale apartment complexes or the smaller but no less grand private residences. 

The car pulled left and into an underground parking garage. Other sleek cars were parked here. Namjoon didn’t wait for the driver to open his door when they stopped, and Jimin scuttled after him careful not to fall behind.

In the space that should have been parking, rooms had been erected- some with clear dividers and others out of plain brick. A safe was tucked into the wall as people walked this way and that; some carting crates off to storerooms.  

Everywhere there were cameras. Every door had a key card and every person was armed in some way. Revolvers where Tucked into waistbands, or in holsters on their sides, and machine guns where slung casually over shoulders as a man cleaned dirt out from under his fingernails with a switchblade. 

People nodded or cast his master greetings some even bowing. Jimin cast his gaze to his master scanning him for any budges- it didn’t look like he was armed- but Jimin was beginning to think that his new master wasn’t the kind of man who ever gave secrets away for free. 

He stopped for no one- even as they made their way down a set of stairs almost running into a group of people who were attempting to carry a large box up the flight of stares. 

“Take the fucking ramp it will be easier you idiots.” Monster growled. The youths almost dropped the box. Yes, boss, they muttered shaking in their boots. they all Scattered the second they both had passed. 

The training room on the third floor stank with the smell of sweat and blood just like his old one, Jimin’s sensitive nose stung. Blue mats where tossed on the floor while a makeshift platform with a circle made a ring in the center, while exercise equipment was pushed against a wall.

Around 20 people were clustered around the ring- watching a fight that Jimin could tell would be over in seconds. Most of them turned to bow to his master. Some of their eyes landed on Jimin- and flashed up quickly to his ears, which twitched anxiously whenever he caught someone staring. Hybrids where a common thing- most people had either met one or seen one, but most people had never seen a hybrid that looked like Jimin. Eventually, their gazes returned to the fighting ring and the two battling it out in the center. 

The mint haired man hit the floor with a final thud and did not get up. he groaned “Kook it’s a fucking Sunday- can’t you just go easy on me one time.“ 

His opponent, Kook; a boy that was both buffer and younger than Jimin smirked. “Ain’t no rest for the wicked Yoongi.” Jimin watched curiously as Kook held out a hand to Yoongi- why would he help his opponent up- it was something Jimin had never seen done.

Yoongi snorted, “Whoever said that obviously hadn’t met me Jungkook.” Yoongi slapped his offered hand away.  

“I’m just going to sleep here- wake me up if the boss shows up.” his master cleared his throat. Jimin had never seen someone get up fast as Yoongi; who snapped to attention. Namjoon merely leveled him with a slight smirk.
“You know the rules Yoongi- everyone trains.” 

“You know I’m more deadly at long distances boss.” Namjoon jumped onto the platform, and Jimin followed carefully, he felt the eyes of the assembled gangsters slowly shifting to him- the newcomer, their master’s shadow. Jimin’s black ears twitched, and his tail swished back and forth. he could sense eyes on them- and on the blood that still stained his knuckles. But no one asked his master who he was. 

Namjoon jerked his head, and Yoongi made to get off the platform, Jungkook, however, stayed put. Namjoon’s eyes flicker to Jimin and before he could ask- Jimin entered the ring with a sick feeling curling in his stomach. 

“Who’s this?” Jungkook asks, his eyes flicker to Jimin’s tail and ears. 

“Y/n’s new guard dog- but I want to see if he’s a good fit before I give her too him.” Jimin bristled. Was the fight from last night not enough to convince him that he could fight? He was good- and though he could tell by the way Jungkook moved that he knew how to handle himself, Jimin was better. He could tell by just looking at the way he placed his feet. His master’s eyes flickered to Jimin.

“You know what to do.” He said, and Jimin turned.

Jimin had Jungkook pinned in under a minute- though the young man was obviously skilled- he had never gone up against a hybrid before. People usually underestimated his strength, but his speed was Jungkook’s downfall. Jimin could smell Jungkook’s fury underneath his fingers. Jimin raised a fist- intent on knocking him out and ending the fight.  

“Stop,” Namjoon commanded, every inch of Jimin’s body froze, and surprisingly Jungkook stopped too. “Stand and face me.” He commanded Jimin did as he asked. 

Shock colored every face around the ring as Jimin turned to face his new master, dread filling up his stomach. His master appraised him with a new eye, slightly amused- but mostly pleased. “Do you know why I just had you do that?” Namjoon asks Jimin. 

Jimin could feel every pair of eyes on him and while he’d never been uncomfortable with someone’s eyes on him before- this somehow felt more intimate. 

“Because you needed to know if I would hurt a human.” As a hybrid- Jimin’s DNA was programmed to be obedient- to be pliant and not harm his human master- or any human master. The instinctual aversion was something that had been trained out of him by his previous masters again and again until it didn’t matter what species his opponent was.

“Smart and strong- what other surprises do you have?” Namjoon says, not looking for an answer.  His master turned and left the ring. Jimin scrambled to follow. Behind him, he heard the others rumble- the quiet hum of conversation. “Who’s that?” Yoongi asked Jungkook.  Jimin could feel the man’s eyes on him as he trailed away. “Trouble, I think.”

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“The gray sky above made everything greens and blacks, forest and shade, growing and mysterious. […] When Ronan opened the door, the car was immediately filled with the damp-earth, green-walled, mold-stone scent of home.
‘It looks like another country,’ Blue said.
It was another country. It was a country for the young, a country where you died before you got old.”


Summary: Marriage and a contract…from the cold, intimidating man who was next in line to run the multi-billion dollar, Lodi Industries. 

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The opportunity he offered you was too great to pass up. There was no other choice. You had to save your family.

“Mom it’s okay. You don’t have to worry anymore. You and dad can live peacefully now. If I accept, he’ll pay off the rest of the debt and the interest. Everything’s okay now.” You cried, packing your bags and comforting your parents.

“But why do you have to go like this? So suddenly? Don’t go Y/N, if he wants to marry you then he can do it properly.” Your dad said grimy.

“It has to be this way, I’m sorry. When everything’s settled then I’ll call you guys I promise.” You smiled, trying to stay strong. “I love you.”

Dragging your bags out of the apartment, you rushed downstairs and got into the cab he sent.

You felt scared, unsure if this was the right decision but it was a decision that you made nonetheless. There was no turning back now. It’s for your parents’ sakes.

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January 17, 2018

drank hot chocolate with rosewater all day. met a man with really big gentle eyes who sat at the counter with me while i cooked food. he traveled to India recently. some people pull you in and make you soft and kind of forgetful. strangers do it the easiest because there are so many gaps you can fill in by yourself, make up bits of their lives to add to the stories they tell you. i woke up early this morning and watched the sunrise far off to the right. i scraped away the frost on my window and drew a face. my only face. my boss told me stories from the Quran that he thought were so beautiful and i loved hearing his interpretations, his passions with god. he saved all of the roses drying for the past month and gave them to me. i walked up our dimly lit stairwell with its green molding walls holding this big box full of them. now they rest on my dresser, and later they will be in homemade paper with poems written on them. they’ll be made into tea. be put in my holy water. 

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Okay i looked back at my request and yes it does sound like rape and I'M SO SORRY. I'M ASHAMED.. maybe you just were having sex and he hurt you by accident and you got upset but he comforted you and apologised sincerely


The door slamming shut was enough to joust you awake from the sleep that you had been entertaining for hours. A thin trail of spit was connected from your hand to your mouth causing you to curse silently and wipe off your face rolling on your back. You knew that Namjoon was home, but being so exhausted from your own work day you simply laid there in bed waiting for him to come to you. The air was chilling your bones, but it was nothing the comforter couldn’t fix. You felt yourself drifting back to sleep, but then the door was being pushed open by a fuming Namjoon that was red. His shirt rolled up on his arms and tucked to show his biceps, his black sweat pants baggy and around his waist. You licked your lips watching him move around the room with his freshly dyed purple hair back. He was sinful and beautiful without even trying. You didn’t say too much you just admired him as he threw off his clothes getting ready to shower was what you assumed.

“Come here..” You mumbled with a slight yawn reaching out for him and sitting up so that he would notice you and jump out of his thoughts.

“No jagi. No.” Namjoon warned sternly looking at you with his clothes balled up in his hand as he made his way towards the bathroom.

“I always help..” You pouted looking at him defeated sighing and crossing your arms. Every time that Namjoon was in an uproar you would always help letting him fuck you until all his anger was gone. Usually it got him to calm down enough to have him talk it out with you, but tonight it seemed like he wasn’t budging. He looked at you paused in his stance, gritting his teeth you heard him mumble ‘fuck it’ and set his clothes onto your shared counter before he was walking back to you eyes dark and hooded. Towering over you Namjoon gripped at the back of your hair his hands in your messy disheveled hair pulling it back a little too hard for your liking. His lips crashing roughly against yours Namjoon yanked the cover down passed your exposed thighs letting his free hand hungrily trail up your body until he was sliding it under the only thing you had on which was one of his blue shirts that was loose on your body.

Plunging his fingers inside of your wet heat, Namjoon was anything but gentle his anger consuming the monster inside of him slowly. Your hand reached out to grab at his wrist to slow him down a bit, at least until you adjusted but he was not giving in keeping the same pace up because he knew that you could take whatever he gave to you. Namjoon pulled back from the kiss quickly flipping you on your stomach lifting the shirt up so that he could see your ass. Delivering slap after slap onto your heated skin the male gripped at your hips aligning himself with your entrance.

“Namjoon wait-“ You tried to call out but it was too late, he was surging his hips forward releasing a strangled moan as your walls stretched out and molded to his shaft. He didn’t let you adjust pulling out and slamming back into your heat. Your hands gripped at the sheets as you whimpered and felt your eyes brim with tears trying to take the rough fuck he was giving you.

It wasn’t that you didn’t like rough sex, you did you craved it most of the time he even touched you. But tonight, it wasn’t as if he was fucking you so that you could take care of him like always, he was just so consumed by his anger it was as if he was taking it out on your body and that was something that you didn’t like to feel at all. His hands holding onto your hips too tight, his nails biting into your skin caused you to whine as you buried your face into the sheets shutting yourself up. Namjoon lifted one hand letting his nails rake up your back until he was grabbing at your hair pulling your body up causing you to arch your back. Namjoon’s balls slapped against your ass, as his dick buried deep inside of you cutting your breath short and letting your head spin. He let your hips go completely to let his other hand busy itself with your clit rubbing the throbbing bud like there was no tomorrow. Moaning his name because of the pleasure you couldn’t help but cum for him, all too quickly for your liking. And Namjoon after a few more harsh thrusts followed suit cumming inside of you and letting you go. He walked into the bathroom once he was done turning on some rap music on his phone leaving you there on the bed feeling like a cheap hookup.

Sighing you told yourself not to cry, hands fumbling with the oversized shirt you reassured yourself it was ok as you crawled back under the covers letting more tears pull from your eyes as you stare at the wall in front of you. A lot of thoughts raced through your mind and you didn’t understand how come you couldn’t shake this hurt feeling. It wasn’t like you guys never fucked this way before and most times you did enjoy every second of it, but here and now you felt bitter and you didn’t even know if you really wanted the male to touch you for the rest of the night. You didn’t know how long you had stayed in the same position but soon Namjoon was coming out singing and moving his hips as he climbed onto the bed and under the covers with you. His hands reached out to hold you but out of instinct you jumped from him, your heart beating fast as you sat on your ass looking at the male who immediately went from a dimpled grin to a concerned frowned.

“Jagi?” He questioned reaching out for you but you slapped his hand away curling up into yourself.

“D-don’t touch me.” You whispered softly hands hugging your legs. Namjoon sat up a bit his eyes never leaving yours.

“Did. Something happen while I was in the shower?” He questioned clearly confused on everything.

“Why didn’t you stop when I asked you?” You asked softly looking down at the bed.

“What the hell? When did you say stop?” Namjoon asked again his voice raising causing you to flinch.

“I said Namjoon wait. And you just kept going.” You said softly feeling your eyes brim.

“So, you didn’t want it?!” He questioned again and the harshness of his tone made you jump because now it just sounded like he raped you and that was not at all what you were trying to say. Sighing softly your hands reached up to play in your hair and you shook your head no trying to steady your voice and think of what you wanted to say.

“It’s not that.. You just, usually talk to me about what’s going on before we do it.. And you were so mad, I didn’t feel like you were coming to me to let me comfort but more like we were hate fucking?” You asked yourself nodding. “I tried to grab at your hand but you didn’t take the hint. I told you to wait because I wanted to adjust to you. Usually I’m all for the rough sex but not when you don’t talk to me. I just feel like I’m an object and not your girlfriend.” You admitted chewing on your jaw. Emotions flooded over Namjoon’s face before he was grabbing you to gently pull you into his arms and under the cover. Opening his mouth to let his soft deep somber voice soothe you.

“I tried to warn you Y/N. I knew the moment you called my name what you wanted. And I was so angry, that’s why I told you no. It wasn’t because I didn’t want you. But I know my strength and I know how I get when I’m mad. That being said, you wanted me and I’ll never tell you no, that you know already. I am sorry that I hurt you, and I’m so sorry you felt like an object. Whenever I touch, taste or feel you I just lose myself and it is hard to regain it because you make me lose my mind. That’s still no excuse. And I promise from now on I’ll never touch you like that again until we talk about it. Do you forgive me?” Namjoon asked softly his eyes staring into yours as he tried to get you to smile. His dimples popped out even when he was trying to be serious and the regret mixed with sorrow was enough to make you poke at his dimples and nod your head kissing his lips.

“I forgive you Nams.” You said sweetly cuddling into his side letting him hold you and kiss it better.


Alright even in the midst of this, I really had a hard time writing this because it still seems like force and once again anon this subject is a bit too close to home. But I did it, please guys don’t request anything like this or close because I don’t think I’d be able to write it if it’s along the lines of sex and someone getting hurt. Because sex shouldn’t be like that especially when you’re thinking about your favorite bias ;)

Broken Bones - Bucky X Reader



Summary: You’re a SHIELD agent and somehow Hydra has found out about your intimate relationship with Bucky, which takes a lethal turn for your part.

Warnings: Graphic violence, torture.

Words: 1 753 (+ a few cause I added some)

A/N: This is short with a cheesy ending but I’ll try and make my posts longer in the future! Alos, please send me requests, or just message me to chat tbh. I’m always up for a good convo.

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Her breath was ragged, her entire body pulsing from the pain. Blood dripped from her bottom lip and her nose and slowly cascaded down her skin from multiple wounds across her body.

“Tell me.” The Hydra agent ordered again, grabbing a firm grip of her trigger finger. She felt her heart begin to race and her breathing increase. “Tell me where the Winter Soldier is.”

She would never tell them where Bucky was. They could kill her if they felt like it. Never would she risk that man’s safety. He had been with Hydra before and god knows he had been through enough.

The agent forced her finger back abruptly and a loud crack echoed in the room as her finger laid flat against the top of her hand. She let in a sharp breath, somehow managing to not scream from the pure agony she was in. Blood rushed to her now broken finger which caused it to both swell and turn purple along with the already forming bruises around the base of her finger.

She looked down as the agent let go and her finger laid still, her muscles unable to move it. He then moved on to the next finger in line but hesitated.

“Maybe finger isn’t enough?” He said in his heavy, german accent, his hand beginning to travel across her body disgustingly. “Maybe leg? Or arm? Maybe even rib? So many possibilities…”

“Stop touching me, you twisted fuck.” She spat out angrily. “You and your psychotic little bitch friends will never find him. You’re going to have to kill me first.”

The agent looked down at her, eyes cold as stone. “Maybe we will.”

Without warning, he snatched a metal pipe from a cart of tools nearby and slammed it with all his strength into her leg. The bone splintered and pierced through her flesh, causing blood to splash onto the pipe as well as the floor. She couldn’t keep her voice back that time but screamed as loud as her vocal chords would allow her to. She felt the taste of blood from the raspy scream which tore at her throat as an unimaginable pain radiated from below her knee. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel the unnatural angle her leg was in and she felt sick to the very core of her body.

“Where is he, Agent Y/L/N?” The man sang out, walking around her. “I know you know where he is. After all, you two are rather intimate, are you not?”

She was on the verge of passing out but his sentence sent a shiver down her spine that woke her up.

How could he know? Not even the rest of the Avengers knew. Her and Bucky had slept together a handful of times, all of them which were more than secluded and private. Not even the team could find them at those times if they wanted to.

Throw her in her cell, she’s useless at the moment.” The man ordered in German which she knew from five years of studying when she was younger.

Two other agents, clearly underdogs, grabbed her under her arms and hauled her off of her seat and down the hallway. Her body was shaking in pain and she felt her leg dangle behind her, the pieces of bone cracking and crunching inside of her.

They took her to the cell where she had been held for almost a week already. The walls were covered in mold and roaches crawled in the ceiling, but at least she was alone.

They threw her inside and she fell flat on her stomach, hitting her head against the concrete floor which was enough of an impact to knock her out. She laid lifelessly in the murky puddle of old rainwater that had seeped in, peacefully unaware of her surroundings for just a moment.

Bucky fired yet another shot which killed yet another Hydra spy. Steve was ahead somewhere and Natasha behind him. Sam was circling the premises incase reinforcement would show.

He carried his machine gun as steady as a rock, turning quickly around every corner of the labyrinth like facility which gave him the creeps.

“East wing cleared.” Natasha informed over the intercom. In the distance, bouncing down the long hallways, Bucky could hear the whistling sound of Steve’s shield flying through the air before hitting something, followed by multiple gunshots. He didn’t doubt Steve’s competence for a second though and paid more mind to his own surroundings as he knew Steve would be able to handle himself just fine.

Bucky turned another corner and was faced with a steep corridor with a door guarded by two men. He opened fire instantly and killed the two guards before proceeding. He snatched the keycard from one of the them and slid it through the scanner beside the door, the mechanism buzzing before unlocking the reinforced, steel, barrier.

The room inside was free of Hydra but amongst the cells which stretched from one end of the narrow room to the other, he could see Y/N. She was laying on the floor, eerily still and bloody.

“Y/N!” He shouted out, throwing his weapon to the ground with a loud slam and running to her cell. He gripped onto the electronic lock with his metal hand and began to crush it brutally until sparks began to fly and its lights faded to black. After that, he managed to rip the entire door loose off its hinges and he threw it down the room and rushed inside.

His heart ached as he saw her sickly twisted leg and her blue and almost black finger which was just as twisted. Her grabbed her body, his heart stopping completely as he felt how cold she was and upon noticing how truly pale her skin was.

No…” A tear instantly fell from his eye. “No, please…”

Steve rushed into the room suddenly and in the blink of an eye, Bucky had grabbed his handgun from its holster and aimed for the entrance to the cell room. When seeing it was Steve, his hand began to tremble until the gun slipped from his grip.

He grabbed a hold of Y/N again and began to turn her around. As her leg began to move with her, she suddenly jolted to consciousness and let out a scream of pain. Bucky could feel his heart drop to the bottom of his chest and his lips parted as he grabbed Y/N’s cheek, laying her in his lap.

“Oh thank god…” He knelt down and rested his lips against her wet forehead. Steve stood by the ripped open cell door, seeing a new side to Bucky and Y/N’s partnership which he had found plausible multiple times but had never though they would ever let happen.

Bucky pressed an obvious kiss to Y/N’s forehead which was enough for Steve to confirm his theory. “I’m so sorry.” Bucky cried out, knowing damn well that Y/N had been abducted because of him. Ever since he was put in the public eye after the dispute between Steve and Tony, Hydra had risen from their grave and had began their search for him. The Avengers had taken extreme measures to keep Bucky out of Hydra’s hands, but they hadn’t thought about everyone else on the team being possible victims.

“I need blood.” She stuttered, whimpering. “I’ve lost a lot, I don’t know how much exactly, but a lot…”

“We’re taking you home, Y/N, I swear.” Steve promised and her eyes looked past Bucky and to the entrance of her cell where Steve was kneeling, pity overtaking his features for the girl who had been a SHIELD agent for less than a year.

Her eyes suddenly opened. Her eyelids hung low and her vision was blurry but she could still see. She felt a needle sting in the fold of her arm as she moved slightly and could feel a slight pressure around her left leg and right index.

“Hey…” She would recognize that soft and rumbling voice anywhere at anytime.

She detected movement to her left and forced her eyes open, spotting a red-eyed Bucky smiling painfully down at her. “Hi there, you big looser.”

He let out a short laugh, making his tears stay inside for her sake. “I see your personality survived?” It was both a question and a statement as he was assuming but needed confirmation.

“All of me did.” She assured, but then doubted herself as she focused on the pressure around her leg and finger again. “At least as far as I know?”

Bucky got the hint. “It’s going to take time, but Cho says you will heal. Let it rest properly and you will have full functionality in both your leg and finger again.” Bucky said as he pulled a chair up to the side of her hospital bed and took a seat.

“Sounds promising.” She groaned as she accidentally moved her upper body, recalling the kicks she had received in her stomach. “God, that hurts.”

“I’m so sorry…” Bucky couldn’t contain it any longer. He reached both his hands out and held Y/N’s left one in them. “I’m so sorry for what they did to you. It should have been me-”

“I want to kiss you to shut you the hell up, but I can’t reach you.” She interrupted him with a frown and a hint of anger mixed with a dozen of other emotions.

Hesitantly, Bucky rose from his seat and leaned down to her, softly placing his lips against hers as if she would break from his mere touch.

She placed her left hand on his cheek and savored the peaceful moment that had already made all of the torture worth it. “Don’t judge yourself so harshly… Do you think I judge myself for all the mistakes I’ve ever done?”

He knew she didn’t, so he shook his head.. She was the strongest person he knew. She would never allow to be that weak, not for anyone and definitely not for herself.

“Exactly, so let’s move on from this. Torture was sooo yesterday…” She sassily raised her hand and made Bucky chuckle involuntarily. “I’m all about the latest fashion.”

He looked at her with so much admiration he could never put it into words. “And what’s that?”

She smiled. She had feared for her life when she was a prisoner of Hydra. They had tortured her like never before using both mental and physical techniques. To see Bucky again was like realizing what life she could have missed had she been killed by them.

She soothed her thumb over his cheek as she cupped his face again. “Us.”


Hello. Many of you know me, my name is Millie and I have this nice blog where I’ve met a lot of wonderful people. Sometimes I feel really thankful for this platform, tumblr has been a great experience for me. However, I’ve decided to write this post and try to help my wonderful friend, who really is struggling a lot at the moment.

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the choreographer

Originally posted by pledisseventeen

Pairing: Hoshi/Kwon Soonyoung x idol!Reader (female) 

Word Count: 1,383

Rating: F for fluff

A/N: Yeah, my bias Hoshi also completely destroyed me in Clap, that red hair, Jesus Christ.

By the time he’s finished showing you and your group the full choreography, you’re all covered in sweat and breathing heavily. 

No matter how many times you’ve watched him dance, you’re never prepared for how good he looks. His normally cheerful face turning intense as he focuses on the steps. His body rolls and hip thrusts just might kill you, you think to yourself, a grin tugging at the corner of your mouth.

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51/100 Ways To Say ‘I Love You’

Pairing: Vampire! Ong Seongwoo / Reader  ft. Fairy! Jihoon and Vampire! Daniel (? idk)

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 607 

A/N When you can’t write kissing scenes cause you’ve never had one…ಥ_ಥ

Warnings: There is like minor swearing but like really really minor. Like if you blink you’ll miss it. Idk, just in case anyone is offended by it. 

51) “Are you sure?”

Vampires. Mythical beings capable of wreaking havoc and chaos, all while being wrapped in a coat of deception and seduction. They haunted the medieval era, leaving traces of mockery in the form of scattered lives which littered the towns. At least, that’s what they were supposed to be… 

However, as you stood at the entrance, glancing over at Seongwoo who was huddled in the corner of the dimly-lit room, you found it almost impossible to be terrified. Not when he’s clutching a hello kitty stuffed toy like a small child. 

“Seongwoo~~” You cooed gently, tentatively taking a small step towards him. “You can’t stay like that all day. You need to get some sun, get something to eat!“ 

“Oh I see how it is babe.” He mumbled, his voice being distorted by the large plush toy. “Now you’re really pushing it." 

"Just tell me what’s wro-" 

"NO! Stop right there!” He yelled abruptly, before the room fell into silence. Soft whimpers escaped from his lips as he turned to face you. His eyes shone of desperation and fear, they spoke of his internal turmoil and conflict, framed by the ever growing dark circles. “I don’t want to hurt you…" 

"But…Jihoon told me you were in trouble…” you trailed off as you fiddled with the hem of your shirt. Your concern increasing tenfold. 

Seongwoo froze, his eyes entrapped by the smooth expanse of your skin as your fingers continued to tug at the fraying hem. Letting out a choked sob, he threw a nearby sweater directly into your face. Real smooth… 

“Jihoon! You little fairy shit! How could you bring the loVE OF MY LIFE HERE?!” Seongwoo yelled into the open door. 

“Excuse you!” Jihoon called back, his voice rung of an airy clarity which contrasted against Seongwoo’s smooth and deeper voice. “You need to feed! You get a little cranky when you’re hungry!" 

"So you brought my (Y/N) here to die?!" 

"Whatever I’m leaving!” Jihoon yelled straightening his wings before literally jumping out the window. 

Then it clicked on your mind, remembering that Seongwoo was always slightly repulsed by the idea of having to hurt someone else. He’d often opted to completely starve himself unless Daniel was able to nick a bag from the blood bank. Man…Mythical creatures were weird. 

“I mean…I guess you could have some…" 

Dropping the toy from his hands, his eyes snapped to yours immediately shocked by your seemingly, willingness. 

"Are you sure?" 

"What’s the worst that could happen?” You scoffed, taking quick strides across the room. 

“You are far too optimistic” Seongwoo muttered, his eyes softening as you approached him. 

He cupped you face gently in his palms, watching for any hesitance on your part. Instead, he was met by doe eyes of determination and stubbornness. He always adored all these personal traits that spelled you. 

Seongwoo’s eyes trailed from your eyes down the gentle slope of your nose, to find its rest at the curves of your lips. Craning his head down, he met your lips in a gentle caress, hands finding home in the tangle of your hair. With you lips moving in perfect harmony, you barely notice as Seongwoo walked you against the wall, molding your bodies together. His lips began trailing butterfly kisses downwards towards your neck, each peck was punctuated with soft murmurs of adoration. 


“Seongwoo I’m home!!!!” Daniel yelled from the entrance. “Where are yo- shit oh my god. I’m so sorry!” He yelped, tossing a bag of suspicious maroon liquid into Seongwoo’s arm before running in the opposite direction. 

“Well… that solves that… I guess.” You sigh, feeling oddly disappointed for some strange reason.

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Don’t listen to them, being you is more than enough.

Out of Nowhere

A/N: A request from @sweetg for a slightly smutty, slightly fluffy fic where the reader already works for the BAU, and Spencer is going on a job interview. After he gets the job, a relationship develops. 

Warnings: Smut


All of you were already smart. Why did you need to hire a technical genius that couldn’t run and whose marksmanship sucked? “How many people are interviewing for this position?” You asked Hotch. Unfortunately, you were the lowest man on the totem pole, the one who got hired most recently, but you had earned the team’s respect.

“Just two. Dr. Spencer Reid and Dr. Ned Coulson.”

Should you overstep your boundaries? Ok, sidestep. How could you say this? “Okay, Hotch, I don’t want to sound out of line, but why are we hiring someone who’s insanely smart but can run or shoot?”

His tight-lipped smile curled up a little more; he did understand where you were coming from. “I can understand your skepticism, but having someone with an extremely high intellect will allow us to tackle cases from another angle. It’ll give us a perspective that we don’t already have.”

You guessed that made sense. “Alright, I guess I get that. Just…can you make sure whoever it is isn’t completely inept with a gun?” You laughed.

“I’ll do my best.”


“So, who’s our new guy?” You asked. The week after the interviews, the team could see in his eyes that he had made a decision. “We know you’ve chosen someone. Who is it?”

“Dr. Spencer Reid. He’s 22 years old, has three Ph.D.’s and an IQ of 187, and Y/N , don’t worry, he passed his marksmanship test, if only just.”

That you could handle. “Cool, when does he start?”



Oh, this was going to be difficult. Yes, he was a genius, and yes, he also was very physically inept, but he was very sweet, and though you wouldn’t admit it to Hotch or anyone else on the team, but you were developing a little bit of a crush on the team’s new genius. If you had to put money on it, you’d say he had a bit of a crush on you too. Whenever he spoke to you, he blushed like a madman, stammered like he was in high school and just generally couldn’t meet your gaze. “Spencer.” He was sitting at his desk and looked like he was deep in thought. “Hey Spencer!”

His head snapped up from the desktop. “Oh, oh, s-s-sorry, Y/N. W-what is it?”

“Can I get the paperwork from your first case?” As the two young ones, Hotch thought it best to pair you up, so you needed to sign off on some paperwork that he started. “I need to hand it to Hotch by the end of the day today.”

Spencer got up from his desk and nearly tripped over his own feet as he grabbed the pile of paperwork and handed it to you. “Oh, s-s-sorry.” As he handed it over, he averted your gaze and started to ramble.

“You don’t have to be sorry, Spencer. We want you to be comfortable here. Okay?” You took the paperwork from his hands and your fingers brushed up against his. He had soft hands. When he stammered, about to apologize again, you met his gaze and smiled. Hopefully, he’d become more comfortable.


Spencer had been with the BAU for less than a month, but during that time, he’d become much more at ease with himself. Once or twice, he’d come out with the team, but more often than not, the two of you would find yourselves as the last ones in the bullpen at night, talking for hours about anything from Star Wars to comic books to Einstein’s theory of relativity. “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan is obviously the best of those movies”

“I’m sorry, Spence. I have a soft spot for Star Trek: Generations. I used to watch it with my dad all the time.” This was a recurring theme over the last month - arguing over the best and worst films in fandom. As you entered the elevator, you bumped his body with your hip.

“But that doesn’t mean it’s the best one, it just means your nostalgic for it,” he said. “You wanna grab a slice? I’m hungry.”

Gods, yes. Food was necessary. “Totally, but you didn’t ask for what was the technical best film, yes Wrath of Khan is arguable the best. You asked for favorite. Generations is the favorite because it’s amazing and I used to watch it with my dad.”

“Okay, we need to have a quick question and answer type deal because I need to figure out whether we can actually be friends,” he laughed, pressing the button for the garage floor.

“Oh really?” This was the most out of his shell he’d been since he started.

After deciding to grab a slice at the place down the block, he started the game. “Okay, no thinking, just answering. Ready?”

“Yea, go.”

“Star Trek or Star Wars?”


“Coffee or tea?”

“Coffee, duh.”

“Legolas or Aragorn?”

“AHHHHH!!! Aragorn! I hate you for making me choose.”

It went on like that, question after question for nearly the entire time they ate. They both preferred autumn over any other season. Y/N was a dog person, while Spencer was a cat person. Both preferred a walk through the woods rather than one on the beach, and would also prefer a quiet night at home as opposed to going out. 

While the questions started out more random, it seemed that as the night wore on, the questions got deeper, until what was the final question. “Love or trust?”

“Trust,” you said without hesitation, “Love can come from trust, but just because you love someone doesn’t mean you trust them.” 

While you were talking, you’d somehow ended up by your car. “Spence, that was fun. We should do that again some time.”

“I’d like that.” The way he blushed made you think he thought of this as a date, and before this moment you hadn’t, but seeing him like this, his face soft and blushing in the shine of the moon, something about it made you admit to yourself that you were crushing on the Doctor.

Leaning up, you quickly pressed your lips to his, pulling away as quickly as you’d approached. “Sorry,” you said. “I just…”

“Don’t apologize,” he said softly. Without another word, he brought his hand to the side of your face and kissed you again, more needy and hungry than before.  While the moon peeked in through the openings in the parking structure, Spencer gently backed you into your car, his hands hesitantly roaming your midsection. 

You whimpered into the kiss when he pulled you closer. “Spence…I…”

“I’m sorry,” he stammered, swallowing back his need as he backed away.

Reaching your hands out, you grabbed his shirt and pulled him back in. “I didn’t mean it like that…I meant…maybe…would you want to come back to my place?” The heat rose in your cheeks. You never blushed? Why the fuck were you blushing? Why were you falling for this lanky nerd boy? 

Spencer quickly gave you a peck on the lips before getting in the passenger seat and driving to your apartment in utter silence with the little but the moonlight to guide you. “Are you s-sure?” He asked as you pulled up.

“Yes. You?”

He nodded, biting his lower lip as his gaze unglued from yours and allowed him to get out of the car.

Once upstairs, his seeming nervousness subsided. His hands effortlessly glided underneath your jacket, peeling it off and throwing it toward the floor. Again, you whimpered into the comfort of his kiss, reveling in the feel of his lips against your skin. “Inside,” you breathed heavily. 

In a torrent of clumsiness and heat, you disrobed each other save for your undergarments and tripped into bed. “That was smooth.”

“Sorry,” he laughed. 

“Don’t be. It’s the most fun I’ve had in a while.” Laughing, you turned him over and straddled his thighs, grinding back and forth and feeling his length begin to stiffen even more. The way his eyes bore into you made you feel…wanted. You hadn’t felt that in a while.

His hands slid up your thighs, thumbs teasing at the fabric of the panties you wore. Even the slightest touch had you wanting. As he watched, you reached behind you and unlatched your bra. His breath hitched at the sight and his hands followed, cupping the mounds of flesh and squeezing just slightly - enough to make you whine for him. “Take me,” you breathed. 

Quickly, he removed your panties and threw them to the side before removing his own boxers. You situated yourself back on top of him and pulled a condom from the night stand to sheath him before sinking down onto his length. “Oh,” you said, shaking as your walls molded perfectly around him, “oh fuck.”

A strangled grunt escaped him when you started to move up and down on his length. “I still can’t believe you like Generations more than Wrath of Khan,” he smiled as you bent down to kiss him. “I don’t know if I can be with someone like that.”

Your tongue stuck out slightly from your lips, taking Spencer’s laughter into your mouth. “Is that so?” You contracted your muscles around his length and giggled at the cry that escaped him. “It doesn’t seem like you’re having a problem.”

“Maybe I can make an exception.”

As your bottom half continued moving up and down, contracting tighter and tighter around his length, the laughter subsided; in its place took desperation. “Spencer…please.” You were doing the majority of the work, but your breasts needed attention. Grabbing his hands, you brought them up to your chest, silently telling him exactly what you needed. When his pinched your nipples in between his thumb and forefinger, you arched back, the feeling going straight to your core.

Your cry brought him to sit up, burying his head in your chest as you continued your grinding motions against him. “Will you come for me?” He whispered. The confidence - the 180-degree turn from earlier - made you shiver. He thrusted up into you. Everything became much more frenzied. He needed you and you needed him. Perhaps more importantly, he wanted you and you wanted him. “Y/N, please…come for me.”

Spencer wrapped his hands around your body, which started to shake with the force of your release. “Come with me,” you begged. “Oh fuck.” You gasped when his length hit the deepest parts of you and made the shaking more intense. And when his hand reached between your writhing bodies to touch your sensitive bundle of nerves, you cried out. “Spencer!”

“Fuuuucccckkkk…” he groaned. He hungrily devoured your flesh, peppering your collarbone and chest in kisses that made your body melt. “Oh my god, Y/N…that was…”

“Was it better than you thought from someone who likes Generations more than Wrath of Khan?” You asked, giggling into his mouth as you kissed him and removed yourself from him. “Or someone who likes dogs more than cats?”

“I think I can get over that,” he laughed. When you removed his condom and threw it away, he fell backward into the bed and stared up at the ceiling. “For you, I’ll get over it.”

“I’m honored,” you laughed.

“Should we tell anyone?” He asked. “That is…if this is more than just a one night thing…” He trailed off, his words losing their edge as he spoke. 

It was ironic how you questioned his need to be on the team just a month earlier. “I’m not a one night thing kind of person, Spencer. I was hoping it would be more of a-”

He cut you off, turning into you and taking your mouth in a searing kiss. “Good. Should we tell anyone?”

“Let’s wait a while,” you said honestly. “But in all actuality, they already know.”

@coveofmemories @jamiemelyn @sexualemobitch @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @lukeassmanalvez @yoinkpeter @the-slytherin-ice-queen

Finally molding the fox mount, and the dead bird too because why not. Old business cards make great quick mold walls. Also they’re great for mixing epoxy on. Very useful.


Requested by anon.


You were in bed, in nothing but your panties and one of Hans old shirts. It made you feel close to him whenever he was out, flying around.

But today, he was finally back home. He was exhausted to say the least.

He slipped into his pajama bottoms, and threw his shirt into the pile of clothes. His eyes glued to your body, and immediately, he felt himself twitch under the thin fabric.

“What?” You exhaled, placing your book on to the night stand.

He shrugged his shoulders as he climbed into bed next to you. “I just love watching you read.” He muttered.

You rolled your eyes. “Shut up. I bet you’d much rather fly than watch me read.”

Han shook his head, and gently cupped your cheek. Grazing his thumb on the smoothness of your skin. “The Millennium Falcon has nothing on you, sweetheart.”

He closed the small distance between you two and collided his lips to yours. It’s been a week since you’ve felt him, tasted him. And honestly, you missed it more than ever.

You gradually tangled your fingers in his hair, pulling him closer as he moved his hand to your back, holding you in his arms.

“God, I’ve missed you so much.” You whispered in between kisses.

You could feel Han’s lips curve just a bit and a small chuckle escape him.

He climbed over you, and pressed his lips to your neck, making his way down to the waist.

The sensation of his lips caused you to shudder.

As he reached the area of your waist, he began running his hands up and down your thigh. He would be inches away from your already drenched panties then immediately pull back down.

It drove you insane.

He loved watching you grow impatient. It somehow turned him on even more. Which was why he enjoyed teasing you until you had enough.

But as the minutes came and gone, Han felt his shaft grow hard.

“Solo, stop playing games.” You demanded.

He furrowed his brows, as a smile battled to form on his lips. “Whose playing games?”

You snarled at him, making him belt out in laughter. You couldn’t take it anymore.

As he was laughing, you threw your shirt off you, exposing your breasts. Making him shut up immediately.

You raised an eye brow at him, and flashed a cynical smile. “Like what you see?”

He quickly licked his lips, feeling himself rustle under his pants. “Dammit woman, you are going to be the death of me.”

Without missing a beat, he crashed his lips to yours, hovering over you as he ran his hand down your body until his fingers met your clit.

You let out a soft moan, feeling your stomach flutter from his sudden touch.

Han was done with teasing. He was at the point of no return. And he couldn’t hide it any longer.

He pulled your panties off, along with his pants, and boxers. He positioned himself between your legs and gripped himself in his hand.

You wanted him more than ever. To feel him inside of you. The anticipation was killing you.

Carefully you helped him meet your drenched flower, his tip teasing you. He pushed himself in slowly, giving you time to adjust to him.

You both let out a breath of relief as he entered inside of you. Your walls molded around him. He almost forgotten how tight you were, making him shake for a moment.

He steadied his pace, sliding out until the tip was barely touching you, then shoving himself back in until there was nothing more of him.

You were on a high. And your mind was hazed with nothing but serenity.
Han’s breathing grew harsh. Feeling you around him, and calling out his name, drove him crazy.

His hard cock hit every right spot, his waist rubbed against your already swollen clit. You were on a high. Constantly trying to breathe and keep from screaming. His dick throbbed inside of you, your loud moans bordering screams that only encouraged him to fuck you faster.

“I want you to cum for me.” He growled.

And within that next minute, you felt yourself reach your peak. You arched your back as your eyes rolled back behind your eyelids. Your heart raced as you let out soft whimpers of pleasure.

“Fuck, han!” You exhaled, feeling your body shake.

The sound of his name roll off your tongue and the way your walls throbbed around him, he was about to burst.

With on last thrust, he pulled out and felt himself let go all over your stomach. His eyes rolled back as he panted and grunted.

Watching him made your stomach flutter. You weren’t sure why, but seeing him this way always turned you on.

“Shit.” He mumbled. His chest heaving as he tried to catch a breath.

You let out a chuckle as he rolled over on to his back. “That was fun.”

He reached for a tissue and handed it to you, with a smirk plastered on to his face. “Had to show you just how much I missed you.”

“Han Solo missed me?” You pretended to act surprised.

He rolled his eyes, still smiling. “Alright, don’t get cocky kid.”

Han pressed his lips to yours, and stared deeply into you. “I love you Y/N.” He whispered.

“I know.” You muttered.

You wiped the cum off you. “I should make you clean this up since you were the one who made the mess!” You cackled.

Han was knocked out immediately after turning on to his stomach. With all the flying and running around and now this, he was exhausted.

You let out a soft chuckle, as you threw the tissue away and wrapped your arm around him.
And gently pressed your lips against his shoulder.

“Goodnight.” You whispered.

Chains (Part 2) // Theo Raeken

Originally posted by teenwolf--imagines

This is Part 2 in a three part series. You can read part one here.

*i can’t remember if theo can hear heartbeats, but if he can’t then he can now ok deal with it

Warnings: swearing

Theo’s POV

The crisp autumn breeze blew as I walked up the front steps towards Scott’s house. I’d received a frantic text from Mason not twenty minutes earlier calling a pack meeting at the McCall residence. I knocked on the door only once before it opened quickly in front of me. As I stepped into the living room, I noticed everyone was already there. The text said 3 o’clock, so I know I couldn’t be late but the way everyone’s head turned slowly to look at me with worry in their eyes made my heart race. My eyes darted to Mason, who stood at the front of the room, palms rubbing together anxiously.

“What is it?” I asked, my voice low and eyes wide. I held my breath awaiting his answer, and as I shifted my gaze to others in the room, they would quickly look away.

“It’s Y/N… she’s gone”, he replied in a whisper. At the moment her name came from his lips, my head felt as though it was spinning. My mouth opened to question what he had said but nothing came out. The breath I had been holding was released and the pace of my breathing from then on was heavy. I looked to him in confusion, wondering as to where she could have gone, and who could’ve taken her there.

Mason recounted what had happened when he arrived at her house earlier that day. The door was left unlocked, the lights were left on, and her car keys were still on the table near the front door. He searched the whole house for her, calling out her name, but got no answer in return. He finally decided to call her phone which lead him to the kitchen table downstairs. Her phone laid on the table along with a few books, but what stuck out the most to him was the papers strewn across the floor, along with the chair pulled out from the table. She’d been there, but where had she gone?

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Damsel In Distress Pt.2 [Bodyguard!Jungkook]

Summary: It was Jungkook’s job to protect you. To keep you safe and away from the danger in the world. But you wished he was there to rescue the damsel in distress by love, not by obligations.

Genre: Angst and fluff // three cups of cliche, beware

Words: 2.3 k

Warnings: Mentions of violence and blood

Parts: pt.1 ; pt. 2 ; pt.3 ; pt.4 (coming soon)

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That Perfect Feeling

A/N: An anon request for a Spencer x Luke x Reader smut. I decided they are in a polyamorous relationship. @coveofmemories @sexualemobitch @jamiemelyn @unstoppableangel8 @iammostdefinitelyonfire26 @hogwarts-konoha @lukeassmanalvez @yoinkpeter @the-slytherin-ice-queen


Polyamory was not anything I had ever thought of, until I met Spencer and Luke. On a random night out at the movies, which I went to by myself by the way, I ran into the two of them, on a rare date night together. Spencer had commented on my “I Make Bad Science Puns But Only Periodically” t-shirt. I responded with another bad science pun that I honestly can’t remember at this point, and then Luke ended up asking what brought me to the movie by myself. 

From there, we exchanged numbers and started hanging out whenever they weren’t away on a case. It was nearly six months after the fact that they mentioned me joining their relationship, and although I’d never thought about it before, something about it seemed right and perfect for me. Fast forward a year later and the three of us are living together.

Spencer took a rare day off; whenever he did that, Luke would work and vice versa, so the team wasn’t down two agents all the time. “When’s Luke getting home?” I asked, pouting as I plopped down on the couch next to Spencer. They’d both been working or one of them had off and not the other for days now and I was really missing having the three of us together. “I miss having my boys in the same room with me.”

Leaning in, Spencer brushed his soft lips against mine, grabbed my hand and resed his arm on my shoulder. “Haven’t you checked your phone? He messaged about 20 minutes ago and said he’d be leaving in 20, so he should be home any minute now.” I smiled against his collarbone and pressed a kiss at the hollow of his neck as the heat rose in my cheeks.

“You’re very blushy tonight.” Spencer observed. 

“Like I said,” I replied, not-so-gracefully hopping into his lap to snuggle into him, “I miss having my boys together.”

Spencer’s face scrunched up the same way it always did when he was embarrassed, or more specifically, caught thinking something dirty. “I feel like that’s a loaded statement.”

“Maybe it is, maybe it isn’t,” I giggled.

Just as the two of us were about to turn off the tv, Luke walked in. “Hey, my loves.”

“Hey babe,” we both spoke simultaneously. Luke laughed, his dimples melting my insides as he bent down to kiss me, and then Spencer. “How was work?” I asked.

“Boring today, thankfully,” he laughed. 

It took him less than five minutes to pull on some comfortable flannel pajama pants and join us on the couch. Even after a year with them, I still gaped whenever they had their shirts off. I was sitting in Spencer’s lap, my head against his chest, looking over at Luke, whose muscles rippled like he was fresh out of the water; and they did that all the damn time. “I think you’re ogling me,” Luke laughed.

“I’m ogling you both.” Gently, I threw my head back and laughed, moving off of Spencer’s lap and sitting in between them. “All the time. Can’t help it when I can call two of the most beautiful men in existence mine.” Smirking, I glanced between them a few times until Luke caught my meaning, his smile mirroring my own as I stood up and starting walking toward our bedroom. 

“You know, it has been at least two weeks since we’ve had any real length of time together,” Luke snickered. 

Spencer got up and walked toward me, reaching his hand back for Luke’s as we gathered in the bedroom and our glorious king-size bed. Luke and I are both “one leg off the bed” kind of sleepers, while Spencer prefers being surrounded, so our sleeping situation was perfect. But that definitely wasn’t what we were going to do right now.

Excitedly, I walked into the bedroom and flopped down onto the bed, grabbing Spencer by the face and bringing him down with me; his lips grazed my skin, trailing over my neck and chest, my breath catching in my throat as I felt Luke’s weight near my bottom half. No piece of me went unloved as Spencer’s hands wandered toward my breasts, kneading them gently through the fabric of my top while Luke pulled off the pajamas pants I’d been wearing and throwing the panties away with them. “Always so responsive,” he whispered against my thighs. The stubble of his beard bristled against my sensitive skin making me hiss with pleasure as Spencer devoured my mouth.

“Only for you two,” I breathed.

As Luke began to dip his tongue into my sex, I reached down and pulled off my shirt and bra, handing them to Spencer so he could discard them on the floor before returning to me. “While he’s down there, you look at me,” Spencer said, kissing the tip of my nose. “Don’t take your eyes off me.”

It was so erotic.

Sweet kisses, slow licks and nimble fingers played at my center, increasing the pace of my breathing while Spencer’s fingers caressed the side of my neck, coasting up and down my jugular vein and sending tingles throughout my body. More than once, my eyes floated closed in sheer pleasure, only to be snapped open when he spoke. “Look at me.”

“Oh fuck…fuck, fuck, fuck,” I moaned. My hips jutted upward as Luke stiffened the tip of his tongue against my sensitive nerves; my mind was begging for more, but my body was pulling away from the stimulation.

“Not so fast,” Luke laughed. His strong hands flew to my hips to keep me in place as he continued his assault on my pussy.

It’s a good thing I enjoyed being overwhelmed in this sense, because with one devouring my center and another refusing to let my eyes leave his, I was shaking with the force of my orgasm. “Look at me when you come undone,” Spencer whispered into my ear, his teeth gently biting down on my earlobe, as his hand floating over my breasts.

“Who would’ve known he’d be such a good dirty talker?” Luke laughed, inserting two fingers into my slick folds.

Spencer laughed at Luke without taking his eyes off me. “I don’t understand why everyone is surprised by that fact. I have a way with words, why would it be limited to certain kinds of words?” I couldn’t help but giggle when they teased each other; it was one of the things I loved about their relationship before I’d even been asked to join them.

All of a sudden, Luke fingers grazed my g-spot and his thumb pressed against my clit, pushing me over the edge into a quivering mess and causing me to moan into Spencer’s mouth.

Shakily, I pushed myself up and saw the time on the clock. It had been less than 6 minutes since we got the bedroom. “How do you two manage to make me explode in less than 10 minutes?” I laughed.

“I guess we’re just that good,” Spencer replied, pulling my backside toward him and bending down to place a kiss on the small of my back as I reached out for Luke, bringing him toward my mouth. “We’re shooting for under five.”After being devoured so thoroughly, I wanted to do the same in every sense of the word for the men I loved.

As Spencer’s kisses traveled lower and lower, I wiggled my lower half. I wanted him to take me and I wanted him to take me now. “Do you like kissing my ass, Spencer?”

“When the ass is this amazing, yes I do.” Luke joined in, leaning over to give my ass a smack, before claiming that he was the ass man of all ass men. He was definitely more of a butt guy than Spencer.

The lightheartedness of encounter dissipated as I tugged Luke’s pants down, his erection straining forth, eager to have someone’s lips around it. Using one hand to prop myself up, and the other to caress him, I began to move up and down on his length, moistening it with the heat of my mouth. Just as I placed a kiss on tip of Luke’s cock, Spencer pushed into my center, my walls molding perfectly around his length. There was nothing funny about the way I was feeling now. All I wanted was to be filled completely.

Spencer’s cock thrusted in and out of me, his hands gripping my hips and using them as leverage for his movements while I groaned against Luke’s length. “Oh my god.” Drunk with feeling, I wrapped my lips around the head of Luke’s cock and reveled in the sound I pulled from him. Immediately, his mouth dropped open, his eyes closing at the heated sensation my mouth provided.

“Oh hell, Y/N,” he breathed. His hand rested on my head coaxing me further down onto his length.

Spencer’s consistent thrusts pushed me further onto Luke’s cock and the overpowering sensations caused me to moan around Luke’s length. Given my position, I couldn’t see much, but I could feel Luke sliding down my throat more as he leaned over to kiss Spencer. My arms started to give way from keeping myself upright, but my boys kept me safe, holding me by the hips and shoulders as they continued to fill me. “Look at me,” I heard from above. This time it was Luke, who always took pleasure in watching either myself, or Spencer on our knees pleasing him. “Look at me, while I fuck your pretty little mouth.” Smiling around him, I pushed back against Spencer’s length, but no matter how I tried I couldn’t get close enough.

With only the sound of our moans and the slapping of my skin against Spencer’s, I started to contract around Spencer’s cock, pulling his release from him while Luke watched us both lose control. Seconds later, Luke allowed himself his own release and spilled into my mouth. After quickly swallowing, I kissed up his stomach and chest, while Spencer kissed up my back. The three of us lazily melded together as the shaking subsided. “Let me go clean up, and then I’ll come back to bed,” I said, smiling to myself as Luke and Spencer started kissing. “Should I bring back anything?”

“Water,” Spencer mumbled. Luke gave a thumbs up. Apparently, we were all a little thirsty. Once I freshened up, I grabbed three glasses of water to bring back to the bedroom and was greeted by the loves of my life already snuggled underneath the comforters with the TV on. It was our nightly routine to watch a little TV as we fell asleep.

“Any room for one more?” I asked, standing there in all my unabashed nakedness as they gulped down their water. Quickly, I finished my own and situated myself between the two of them, lying face down so my butt was in the air.

Luke muted the tv for a moment. “How are we supposed to be able to watch TV with this staring us in the face?”

“Try really, really hard,” I laughed, shaking my butt around before sitting up and lying back into the pillows. Now my boobs were hanging out above the blanket. “What about this?”

Spencer kissed the side of my head as he gathered my hair in his hand and glanced over me toward Luke. “I say we win no matter what.”