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are you a console player who can’t maintain happiness in your settlements because the citizens don’t have a place to drop their dumpage? Are you going to build a new settlement and want to take preliminary cautions against an outbreak of the dirty squirties? Here is my tried and true method of creating your basic shitshack, or bathrooms, if you will. All you’ll need is steel, wood, and ceramic. 

the first step is to select a shack wall from the workshop menu. You can choose any you’d like but I prefer one with a full wall for optimal privacy. Once you snap it down in the place where you want your toilets to be, select another and angle right so that it snaps into place onto its brother. The result will be a shotgun shack looking thing like so: 

after that, select a shack corner wall, again something that offers coverage of whoever is dropping their kids off at the pool or taking a bath to get all that ghoul cum out of their various crevices. Snap two into place on one of the ends, like so:

right now the inside of the shack should look like this

but hold onto your honkers cause we’re not done yet! Now, select one more wall corner, and snap it onto the other end. But! Just one. Not two, or else you’ll create a hyper cube with no entrance or exit. It should look like this:

This is where are toilet will be. Snap a wall end of your choice onto there to round it off, and then place your toilet there

viola! a private area to cut your chocolate logs. Feel free to put some grognak comics or boston bugles around there if you want. 

the next part is putting another wall end up in the middle of the shack as a divider, like so: 

this is important, because behind this wall will be the bathtub, and this divider will prevent the other townsfolk from seeing you suds up your ass. 

ta da! Now, you could call it quits here, or you could put up some decor in the form of informative signs on the outside of the shack: 

now this is the basic formula, and can be altered to suit your needs, whether you need multiple shitters or something compact. Good luck! 

Horseshoe Cafe, Southport, CT

When I was home visiting my folks over Easter weekend, I mentioned a couple buddies of mine who are regulars at a bar called the Horseshoe Tavern. My dad commented that he used to drink there when he was younger but hadn’t been back in over 50 years! So we all jumped in the car and went for a ride…

It’s a “cafe” now, but even if you’re drunk and hunched over, you can find the place…

My dad remembers the Horseshoe being a dive back in his day, and it’s still a dive now, in the best sense of the word…

As for its name, before being converted into a bar in 1934, the Horseshoe used to be… a horseshoe factory! Pictures on the menus and walls take you back to that time…

They’ve got HD TVs and Two Roads beers on tap now, but the menu hasn;t changed much, still featuring their “Famous Shoe Cheese”…

Swiss, bacon and thousand island dressing on rye…

Crisp and crunchy as you bite in…

All melty and meaty in your mouth…

Hearing my mom and dad tell stories of their time there back in the day made our visit the Shoe that much more meaningful. Right near the Southport train station, the Horseshoe Cafe is a Connecticut classic where folks from all different generations meet and mingle and make new memories of their own.


355 Pequot Ave.

Southport, CT 06890


During one part of the session, we encountered someone from part of a shady group of assassins. Since we didn’t know about them, we had to find information. Everyone else was gonna ask around and such, but I had a different idea.

DM: “There seems to be an old lady nearby who looks suspi-”

Rick Roll: “Stop. I press the pause button and circle on the little wheel until I get to the codex part. I press A and search for an entry on them. 18.”

DM(laughing): “Congrats, you broke the game, and you’ve managed to find out a little about the order.”

The menus in Dead Space (outside of the options menu) are all presented in an in-game display that either emits from Isaac’s helmet, or from a projector on the wall. These menus reinforce the inability to escape the environment, as well as provide a unique method of letting the game continue playing out while A) allowing the player to customize/adjust their weapons and armor, and B) provide that functionality without actually pausing the game.

Seventeens names according to Google voice typing

Jeonghan: Jovan
S.coups: s groups
Vernon: burnin
Hoshi: ocean
Jisoo: YouTube
Seungkwan: Sun Quan
Junhui: January
Wonwoo: wall new
Mingyu: menu
Woozi: Luigi
Minghao: Mean how
Dino: Final
Seokmin: suck man

Lan Zhou Beef Noodle Shop, Shanghai, China

One of my favorite noodle shops in Shanghai is this little hole-in-the-wall in Xintiandi with mostly outside seating that covers the sidewalk. I tried to go for lunch on the one free afternoon I had last week, but it was pouring rain and there was no way to get in. Instead, my sister and I opted for a brighter joint around the corner, Lan Zhou Beef Noodle Shop. With no English menus, we simply pointed to the pictures on wall menu and hoped we’d get what we thought we ordered. Turned out alright for us. Here’s a look…

Stir-fried beef and vegetables over noodles…

For a place named “Lan Zhou Beef Noodle Shop“, I felt they skimped a little on the beef…

The noodles were long and chewy and tasty though…

Cabbage in tomato sauce with chili peppers…

Sauteed potatoes with beef, peppers and onions…

And my sister’s vegetarian noodle soup with bok choy…

These four dishes along with bowls of white rice and bottle of waters ran us about ten bucks! Well worth it.

I wish I could share the actual address for this place, but the best I can do is tell you it’s directly across from the main entrance of the Andaz Xantiandi.