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It’s Complimentary

Summary: Morality decides that the mindscape could use a coffeeshop, and when he starts giving out “complimentary” coffees things take a turn for the better. Anxiety adores reading the little compliments Morality leaves on his napkins (although he’ll never admit it) but discovers that running the coffeeshop has been more of a burden on Morality than he’d like to admit.

Ship: mostly Moxiety, a little bit of Prinxiety, was intended to be polysanders but didn’t end up that way (all ships can be seen as either platonic or romantic)

Wordcount: 5,019

Warnings: panic attack, self-dislike, swearing. if you need absolutely anything else tagged please let me know!

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“I Make The Reporter Beatbox” (Lin/Reader)

Ah yes, POV Switch day for @hamwriters write-a-thon. I was looking forward to this, but at the same time I wasn’t because I was afraid I’d slip back into second person accidentally, but I don’t think I did. I’m really proud of this, but kudos to @psychedemigod for the idea and encouragement and many gifs.

Also??? I have 193 followers? Thank you all so much! I’ll try to write some back up fics to post on some type of schedule once writeathon is over!

Warnings: Beatboxing? Coffee? Cookies? Nothing much, really. It’s p fluffy.

Words: 1000 (u g h so pleasing <3)

“Well you know,” I started, knowing the reaction I was to expect. “I make the reporter beatbox.” I cross my arms and see the reporter’s eyes go wide. I didn’t exactly know why, but I had a feeling that they would impress me and give me what I had been waiting for from a reporter. They seemed to know something about what they were doing with the actual interview and I was hoping they’d know what to do when beatboxing.

“Uh, well… Shit… I mean, I can do it! Alright, uh, I haven’t beatboxed since late high school or early college, Jesus Christ…” They laugh, rubbing their neck, setting their list of questions down on the table beside us. I cross my arms and smile at them, waiting.

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coffee wars

prompt: barista rivals au + donghyuck

pairing: lee donghyuck | reader
genre: rivals to lovers au / fluff
word count: 6,491
description: the ongoing rivalry between you and Lee Donghyuck all comes to a standstill when feelings get involved.
author’s note: very loosely based on this prompt!

Everything starts with the flat white.

It’s a small detail, almost easy to miss if someone doesn’t think to look twice. There comes adoration for the ones who take notice, something in the small design on the tops of their coffees seems to tickle their fancies. Thus leading into a snapshot found on Instagram or even making a spotlight on their Snapchat stories. To you, that’s absolutely everything—the details, the response, the damn flat white.

It’s hard to achieve too. The very accents and details are no easy feat, and it’s something you’ve prided yourself in since your mastery of the skill. You have a steady hand and a keen eye for the very designs that come to mind, whether they’re pre-conceived or doodles you’ve been given free reigns on. And because of this, it rubs you the wrong way when you hear customers gush about the Dreamie’s latest innovation. Though you haven’t been working at 127’s that long, you know for damn sure this isn’t their thing. Their appeal is the cute, soft hues of pastel pinks and blues, their bubble letter logo plastered at the top and on the wall aside their hanging menu in the curly font, and the customer service each of the workers offered with a jovial gleam in their eyes and an unsuspecting smile curled on their visages.

Of course, you know it isn’t a coincidence that they emerged with something new. Yuta and Jaehyun still laugh at the memory of the Flat Lines that came out of the Dreamie’s being adventurous, and it was only because of the sudden emergence of a certain auburn-haired boy that those lines were becoming something other than white blobs and laughable outcomes. Since Lee Donghyuck’s arrival, he’s been nothing but an aggravator, a perpetrator, a damn solicitor that relishes in your gritted teeth and firm lips, because the flat white is your thing and he knows it. Everyone knows it.

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etsyfindoftheday 4 | FRIDAY FRENZY | 6.9.17

wall-mounted paper roller by georgeandwilly

i recently found this etsy shop and i am in LOVE with it’s minimalist vibe and interesting product selection. my number one pick? this rad wall-mounted paper roller, which would be perfect in-home for lists or in a business or restaurant for various uses. TOO cool.

jace/simon + the accidental first date (2.7k)

simon is contemplating the merits of daydrinking.

he’s standing with jace, a block down from the restaurant where they’re supposed to be meeting clary, wondering if his silent pleas for her to hurry are actually working, and wholeheartedly wishing he was drunk right now.

it had been clary’s idea for the three of them to grab lunch in the first place. she picked the restaurant where she and simon had gone to celebrate when simon realized he could eat human food again (as opposed to humans as food, which simon does not miss at all).

simon had agreed because clary asked, and he imagines that jace agreed for similar reasons. and now they’re both standing here, sans clary, basically suffering. simon gave up long ago on ever trying to speak to jace without a guardian present; it’s too difficult and probably also extremely dangerous. this concept, of course, was not at all inspired by his massive, embarrasing crush on jace.

simon is at a loss. this is nothing like when he had unrequited feelings for clary. at least with her he knew how to hold a conversation. maybe it wasn’t always what he wanted to say, but he could string together sentences full of actual words, which is a feat that seems almost impossible right about now, with jace three feet in front of him, looking some ethereal combination of bored and stupidly hot.

and that’s it. simon can’t take the silence anymore. he’s gotta say something.

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The Gentleman in the Corner -- Chapter One “Tea and Tropes”

Tom Hiddleston x OFC

by: @scarlettsage77 & @goodnightwife

Rated M for Eventual possible Smuttiness and Adult Themes.

Chapter One - Tea and Tropes

It was later in the morning than he had planned when he stepped out of the hotel, hoping to grab a quick coffee and find a quiet place to sit and go over some of the talking points that Luke had emailed to him for the next day’s round of press. As he strolled through the neighborhood, he noted the trend toward small, niche shops: two different bookstores (he’d come back to those), a promising-looking bakery that had the block smelling of cardamom and yeast (another to check in on later), several small vintage and antique shops with elaborately decorated windows, a pizza place that looked like it predated the neighborhood Renaissance so it must be good, and finally, about five blocks from where he had started, a tidy but homey little coffee shop tucked in between a candle shop and a bar.

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dreamteamsims  asked:

Hi again dear, can you please tell me in your awesome Cafe /post/148968326940/ WCIF the pipes and columns on the roof, also the vertical columns, the brick and concrete walls, the menu/espresso posters and the wall plant in the 4th picture? Thank you in advance <3

1. pipes HERE (I can’t find recolor version)

2. menu/posters are your cc. I’ve recolor it.

3. columns EA

4. wall plant HERE

5. brick wall HERE

6. concrete wall HERE

Practically Perfect | Oh Sehun


Word Count -1.8k

Summary - In which your best friend keeps insisting for you to date her boyfriends friend and you refuse to meet him. Little do you know that fate had exactly that planned for you…



“I shall be alone forever and I’m fine with it” I ended the on-going debate about my ever-so happening  love life, flopping down on the couch as she simply rolled her eyes at my persistent words

“Well, you shouldn’t be hun” She trailed.

“You should be happy, that you have a perfect boyfriend and a perfect life” I sighed.

“Don’t you think I’d want that for my Best Friend too?” She asked.

“Not everyone’s perception of perfect is the same hun. Trust me, I’m fine” I lied. She gave me a slight nod and went on with her report on her laptop, but I knew she wasn’t satisfied with my answer. Relationships aren’t really my thing. That’s a lie; I just don’t know how to keep one. I just like to stay in my own bubble considering the fact that I am the most socially awkward person on earth.

“So Luhan’s friends are going to come over in a few.” She informed. “I was thinking you’d want to meet them” She suggested. In case you want to know, she has been in a secret relationship with Luhan; secret being required as he is a part of one of the biggest boy groups in K-pop. Yeah, no thanks. Now, I might be coming off as rude, or unsociable but give me a break. I already went to that party last week. So the amount energy and effort I will put into meeting someone new is running very low at the moment.

“Great! So that you can set me up with one of those dimwits” I rolled my eyes and she gave me a glare

“They’re not dimwits, they’re actually great guys” She sighed, looking up at me

“Great! Okay. How about, you sit here and make me a list of all of the reasons why they’re great guys, while I go on a little drive to clear my mind” I emptily suggested, getting up and grabbing my bag

“You’re going to have to socialize with someone sooner or later Y/N” I heard Y/BF/N exclaim from behind me

“I choose later.” I laughed as I went out the door. The fact that I’m 20 years old and people had to force me to get out and socialize was quite worrying, but oh well!

My aimless drive brought me to the front of a small bubble-tea shop that I’d been contemplating to visit for a while, so I decided now was a good time to try something new since I’m clearly not capable of doing that naturally. Standing in line, I began to search through the menu on wall, my only view blocker being the lean figure of a fairly young looking guy standing in front of me. Subconsciously analysing his tall and pale form, I mindlessly began to walk forward just as he turned around to return to his place, causing us both of us to collide. The absolutely best part being, the fact that he spilled his chocolate tea all over my white sweatshirt! Perfect. Now I had a huge chocolate stain on my favourite sweatshirt and whoop! Everyone can see my bra. How. Bloody.Wonderful.

“Omo! I waited half an hour for that bubble-tea!” The boy whined, the depth of his voice shining through. Damn! It’s going to be hard to get mad at him. Light-brown fringe sticking to his ever so slightly dampened forehead as he carried an annoyed scowl; he hinted how much he was pissed about his tea. He was wearing a tank top that showcased his muscles as he moved. He was well built with beautifully sculpted biceps and lean, long and toned legs. He noticed me basically checking him out, so I quickly retorted from analysing his body, to analysing how mad I was at him.

“Well next time you should see where you’re going!” I snapped, trying not to get too annoyed as he rolled his eyes.

“An apology would be appreciated” He simply said pushing my annoyance level to its highest point

“Are you being serious!? You just spilled all of your freaking bubble-tea all over my WHITE sweatshirt! And you demand an apology!?” I finally lashed out. By this time he looked furious and it seemed like we were the current centre of attention.

“Seriously, you’re making a scene out of nothing. Just apologise and we’ll call it even” He half requested, half- demanded and I lost it.

“If I don’t think I’m in the wrong, I will never apologise” I sent him a sickening sarcastic smile .I soon took a note of my surroundings and realised that literally everyone at the café were staring at us and I started feeling really self-conscious. I pulled out my wallet and slapped notes into his hand. “Pay for your precious tea” I rolled my eyes as I dashed out of the café feeling extremely awkward.

I drove straight back to my house and walked in on Y/BF/N and Luhan making out on the couch. There’s an image for ya! But the pissed off expression on my face and the huge stain on my sweatshirt, kind of broke them apart.

“You okay Y/N?” Y/BF/N asked wearing a worried expression on her face, getting up and sorting her clothes out.

“Yeah! Yeah. I’m perfectly fine! A complete and utter asshole spilled his bubble-tea all over my new white sweatshirt, made a huge deal about how I should’ve apologised and now I’m really pissed off! But I’m fine!” I yelled.

“Right… That seems like something Sehun would do” Chuckled Luhan and I shot him a death glare.

“Okay. You might want to get changed Baekhyun and Sehun will be here in a few” She informed and I just groaned and went up to my room. Y/BF/N was the mom of the house I guess, but it’s one of the things I love about her. I took a shower trying to get rid of the stickiness -although I didn’t mind smelling like chocolate-  and changed into comfier clothes.

I flopped down on onto my bed and went straight onto my phone. In the process of aimlessly scrolling through my Tumblr dashboard, I heard a familiar voice entering the living room and things seemed quite suspicious. As I walked out of my bedroom, I stopped dead on my tracks. It was him.

“You!?”  We both exclaimed as we caught a glimpse of each other from across the room. I also spotted a tall black haired guy sprawled across our sofa, looking up from his phone to watch the show that was about to go down.

"Well, you two have clearly met…” Luhan awkwardly trailed

“Yeah, no kidding! This is the asshole I was talking about! Thanks for ruining the sweatshirt by the way” I snapped as he simply rolled his eyes

“This is the clutz I was talking about. Still have the stain” He pointed towards his now sticky white tank-top and it was now my turn to roll my eyes. Eye-liner guy seemed to be enjoying this whole scene as he kept giggling

“Okay Y/N, calm down. It was just an accident. I think you should be the bigger person and just apologise to him” Y/BF/N came beside me and calmed me down as I rolled my eyes

“I’ll be in my room” I huffed stomping away

Sehun’s POV

I had to admit, I was a d*ck about wanting her to apologise. I mean it was clearly my fault, but it was something about admitting my mistake to her that didn’t seem appealing. I know, I’m a d*ck. But did anyone notice how her (Y/E/C) eyes sparked whenever she talked to me, or how her sharp jaw clenched whenever she was angry. She’s pretty hot, I mean I was going to make a move at the café, but we weren’t exactly in liking position.

“You want to change into a fresh T-shirt” Luhan asked patting me on the shoulder as he got up from the couch and I nodded. “I’ll go get you one” He said

“Lu! Could you get me the dip from the shelf” His girlfriend requested and he gave me an apologetic look

“It’s a small flat, just go down the hall and it’s the second door to the right. Make sure you don’t get the wrong door, you wouldn’t want to encounter an angry Y/N” He chuckled.

I lightly laughed and made my way down the hall. By the time I was in the hallway, I was already confused as to which door I was looking for. I just grabbed onto a random handle and stumbled into the exact room I wasn’t supposed to be in. I innocently smiled and looked up at her scowling face

“May I help you?” She asked not-so-sincerely

“Ohm, Y/BF/N’s room? - I –Uh-Need -A -T-shirt” I coughed as she giggled. I loved how her (Y/E/C) eyes lit up when she was looking down at me. They almost looked like they had tiny golden flakes running through them against the million fairy lights she had hung up in her room


I looked at him for a long while, carefully picking out his features. He had an amazing jaw line and cheekbones, silky brown hair and the most gorgeous chocolate brown eyes. I’m checking him out again! Damnit! But this time, he didn’t notice as he was practically doing the same to me

“The next door across the hall to your right” I finally spoke after our eternity of silence, but he seemed confused “Y/BF/N’s room” I clarified and he nodded getting up off the ground. As he began to walk out, I turned my attention back to my laptop, lightly smiling to myself.

“Hey! – Uh…” He trailed coming back to my room

“Y/N” I smiled and he smiled back. Okay, he’s not cute, he’s adorable! With a combination of hot as well, which is- Getting off topic!

“Yeah, I’m sorry for the whole tea spilling thing, I should’ve apologized but I don’t-“  He babbled

“It’s fine, I’m the one who should be apologizing for being a brat about this whole situation” I cut him off, but he seemed some-what relived because I forgave him. He gave me one last smile before proceeding to leave my room again, when I called him back

“Sorry, I didn’t catch your name” I shyly smiled

“The names Sehun. Oh Sehun” He introduced in a deep voice and we both fell into fits of laughter seconds later. “Hey, where’s the room again?” he asked as we caught or breaths and I rolled my eyes

“Next door across the hall to your right. Try not to get lost” I smiled which earned a chuckle from him as he left. Score! What? No. Totally not into him. Who am I kidding, he’s practically perfect.

Back to writing Scenarios and One shots! I have a request which I am currently working on, so this was a little coming back post :) My requests are open so please do request if you’d like and I’ll see you later Loves!

~Shazz xx


Six Dates And How To Fail At Them [Cullen-centric]

Originally posted by butteryplanet

Pairing: Cullen Rutherford/(??)

Metaverse: Dance Like No One Is Watching (modern AU/dance!fic)

Synopsis: Cullen Rutherford is not completely incapable of finding himself a date, but he just doesn’t have time to look. When his friends catch the wind of it, they volunteer to help him improve his love life. To various degrees of success, of course.

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Over the years Cullen had tried – really, he did - to find a woman who would put up with his particular set of peculiarities. That being said, he wasn’t exactly keen on approaching random women, perusing online sites, or putting himself at a bar on a Friday night. All of that sounded worse than spending a whole day calibrating a finicky trebuchet. So when some of his friends decided to help him find female companionship, he was almost relieved.

He should have known better than to trust Varric with these choices, but he learned that lesson a tad too late. As he sat at a booth of some disreputable dive, the dwarf in question sitting across from him, in came a woman that he could only have been described as ‘The Sex’. Her luscious brown body completely filled out her skimpy white dress and the overflow boldly spilled in all the right places. She immediately spotted him and he felt like prey pinned down by a hungry vulture.

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Pink Posey #7

Note: Based on the original Malvie Greaser AU by freddyxbonnieshipper459 on tumblr, URL freddyxbonnieshipper459.tumblr.com.

THE FOLLOWING WORK IS UNEDITED. Also really sad because the author wanted to make something depressing for once.

1950′s Greaser AU, with Greaser!Mal and Girl Next Door!Evie.

@magenta-sunrise @evies-mal @baby-prince-oppa

She watched from the corner of the L shaped diner, just inside the solid wall with the menu and the black-and-white photos of satisfied customers; the owner Mrs. Godfrey (AKA the “Fairy Godmother”) wasn’t too happy to see her, the look on her face blatantly telling her she thought she was up to no good, with her plans to get her to leave politely or not as politely brewing in the back of her head.

But, she was hidden from the two people she actually cared about, and that was all that mattered.

“I’m not sure…” Jane said as she sat on one of the stools.

Evie gave her a reassuring smile as she sat on the one next to her. “Trust me, Jane, you’re going to look fabulous! Just try it! I swear you won’t be disappointed.”

“I–” Jane sighed. “Alright…”

Evie beamed. “That’s the spirit!” She reached into her purse and started rummaging. “Just so you know, Pink Posey #7 also works extremely well as date make-up—I should know, Chad was just dying to kiss me all night!”

Mal felt a sharp pang deep in her chest.

Jane’s hands flew up to her mouth to hide her blush. “Evie!” She squeaked.

Evie laughed and shot Jane an amused look. “What? A girl can’t share her fun night with her friends? Everybody does that, don’t they?”

“Usually, it’s in private, and not in public places like my diner.” The Fairy Godmother said as she hustled by, giving Evie a mild glare as she poured rich, warm maple syrup onto a customer’s stack of flapjacks.

“Time are changing, Mrs. Godfrey,” Evie replied calmly.

“That they are, Evie, that they are…” The Fairy Godmother said sadly. She poured exactly as much as syrup as her customer wanted, without spilling a drop, and without even looking, before she shook her head and hustled off to the next customer, hot stove, or coffee pot that needed her attention.

“You are really stretching my mom’s patience some days, you know that?” Jane whispered.

“I know, but she knows I’m her second best employee, too.” Evie grinned and poked at the little “#1” pin on Jane’s lapel.

She just blushed and hung her head.

“Come on, chin up!” Evie chirped. “How else am I going to show you how good this lipstick is on you?” She chuckled as she reached back into her purse.

Jane sighed, pursed her lips, and reluctantly leaned forward like getting lipstick applied was a form of horrific, inhumane torture.

She waited and watched Evie dig through her purse trying to find the tube of lipstick; Jane opening her eyes and wondering what was the hold up; and Evie laying on the counter her portable mirror, her brush, and her notebook.

She finally stepped in just as Evie was about to turn her purse over and dump all of its contents out.

“Looking for this?” She purred as she pulled the Pink Posey #7 out of one of her jacket’s pockets.

Jane stiffened.

Evie smiled and gave a mock sigh. “You know, M, it’s called ‘borrowing’ when you ask permission first, and 'stealing’ when you just take it.” She said.

She smiled. “Yeah, well stealing also involves not giving it back, and here I am doing just that.” She said as she leaned against the counter, in the space between Evie and Jane’s stools.

Evie rolled her eyes. “You know my mom still owes you for getting that shipment back, right? You could probably get free make-up for anything and everything so long as you pace yourself!”

“Yeah, but a girl like me’s got a reputation to maintain,” she said as she uncapped the tube. “Can’t exactly have a bad girl like me be seen walking in the make-up aisle.” She pursed her lips.

“And yet here you are, putting on a fresh coat of Pink Posey #7,” Evie said flatly as she watched her.

She laughed as she twisted the stick back into the tube and capped it as she always did. “What can I say?” She said as she leaned into Evie, bringing their faces inches away from each other. “Everything you pick out looks so good on me…~”

Evie chuckled low, her eyes turning half-lidded. “That they do…” She purred.

She felt her heart raising. A thought flashed through her mind: lean in, just a little bit more, press those pretty pink lips of yours against hers.

Then Evie snatched the lipstick right out of her hands and leaned back, smiling like it was all a joke, good, innocent fun between friends.

The sharp pain slammed into her chest again, driving in deeper, so much more excruciating that it made Mal twitch, however little.

“Thanks for 'returning’ my lipstick, M, now could you please get out of the way?” Evie smiled. “I kinda wanted to let Jane borrow it, too.”

She grunted and pushed off the counter, head up as she forced herself to strut back to the corner, making sure everyone heard her leather boots thunking on the linoleum floor—a bad girl like her had an image to maintain.

You let her borrow your lipstick…?” Jane whispered as soon as she thought she was out of earshot.

“Uh, yeah? What’s the problem?”

“It’s just—I just—I’m sorry, Evie, but do you even know where her lips have been?”

Evie laughed. “No, but it can’t be anything or anyone that bad. Besides, Mal’s my best friend!”

Mal hung her head as she stepped out of the diner, its little bell jingling to announce her exit.

'Yeah,’ she thought as she walked back to her bike, 'just her best friend.’


are you a console player who can’t maintain happiness in your settlements because the citizens don’t have a place to drop their dumpage? Are you going to build a new settlement and want to take preliminary cautions against an outbreak of the dirty squirties? Here is my tried and true method of creating your basic shitshack, or bathrooms, if you will. All you’ll need is steel, wood, and ceramic. 

the first step is to select a shack wall from the workshop menu. You can choose any you’d like but I prefer one with a full wall for optimal privacy. Once you snap it down in the place where you want your toilets to be, select another and angle right so that it snaps into place onto its brother. The result will be a shotgun shack looking thing like so: 

after that, select a shack corner wall, again something that offers coverage of whoever is dropping their kids off at the pool or taking a bath to get all that ghoul cum out of their various crevices. Snap two into place on one of the ends, like so:

right now the inside of the shack should look like this

but hold onto your honkers cause we’re not done yet! Now, select one more wall corner, and snap it onto the other end. But! Just one. Not two, or else you’ll create a hyper cube with no entrance or exit. It should look like this:

This is where are toilet will be. Snap a wall end of your choice onto there to round it off, and then place your toilet there

viola! a private area to cut your chocolate logs. Feel free to put some grognak comics or boston bugles around there if you want. 

the next part is putting another wall end up in the middle of the shack as a divider, like so: 

this is important, because behind this wall will be the bathtub, and this divider will prevent the other townsfolk from seeing you suds up your ass. 

ta da! Now, you could call it quits here, or you could put up some decor in the form of informative signs on the outside of the shack: 

now this is the basic formula, and can be altered to suit your needs, whether you need multiple shitters or something compact. Good luck! 

Okay ummm, it’s called Hawthorn and Henge and most of it is done in medium wood. There’s an Art Deco skyscraper lamp hanging from the ceiling and Victorian Shakespeare heroine prints on the wall.

Menu well, russian teas and apple gallettes, homemade jams with hokkaido milk bread, cream soup, sweet onion chestnut and french lentil pate, bylochki, siberia, some sort of almond dessert, maybe a copenhagen, a salad sandwich that’s honestly just a salad I make that I figured I could make into a sandwich, another soup I’m blanking on right now and probably seasonal items? It’s more of a cafe.

Horseshoe Cafe, Southport, CT

When I was home visiting my folks over Easter weekend, I mentioned a couple buddies of mine who are regulars at a bar called the Horseshoe Tavern. My dad commented that he used to drink there when he was younger but hadn’t been back in over 50 years! So we all jumped in the car and went for a ride…

It’s a “cafe” now, but even if you’re drunk and hunched over, you can find the place…

My dad remembers the Horseshoe being a dive back in his day, and it’s still a dive now, in the best sense of the word…

As for its name, before being converted into a bar in 1934, the Horseshoe used to be… a horseshoe factory! Pictures on the menus and walls take you back to that time…

They’ve got HD TVs and Two Roads beers on tap now, but the menu hasn;t changed much, still featuring their “Famous Shoe Cheese”…

Swiss, bacon and thousand island dressing on rye…

Crisp and crunchy as you bite in…

All melty and meaty in your mouth…

Hearing my mom and dad tell stories of their time there back in the day made our visit the Shoe that much more meaningful. Right near the Southport train station, the Horseshoe Cafe is a Connecticut classic where folks from all different generations meet and mingle and make new memories of their own.


355 Pequot Ave.

Southport, CT 06890


Into the Unknown (Instrumental)
Into the Unknown (Instrumental)

So, I got the OtGW DVD, and wanted to see if I could get some of the awesome music that’s on it (and it’s menus) to share. Through the magic of Audacity, I’ve made it happen.

So, here’s the main menu music, an instrumental of the main theme “Into the Unknown”.