wall intervention

Slytherin!Chan x Ravenclaw!Reader

A/N: This became very long and conversation-heavy, but I love Lee Chan and no one can stop me lmao

  • As far as overprotective mom friends go, Chan did not think Minghao and Jun could become even more of overbearing mothers than they already were.
  • But he was quickly proven wrong. One night after going out to practice quidditch by himself, he came back up to his dorm room, ready to flop on his bed and go straight to sleep, only to be greeted by Jun and Minghao throwing confetti at him and popping party poppers directly at him (which it says on the box clearly not to do but that wasn’t the point)
  • Chan: “What the he-”
  • Minghao & Jun: “Surprise! This is an intervention”
  • Chan looked up to see a banner strung on the back wall, with “intervention” carefully written across it.
  • Chan: “If this is an intervention, why are you wearing party hats and throwing confetti at me”
  • Jun: “The intervention was Minghao’s idea, and I thought it might come off a bit harsh so he let me decorate”
  • Minghao: “Chan, we’re having an intervention for you because we’re worried. From what we’ve seen, you’ve been practicing quidditch more and more, and studying less. How are your grades right now?”
  • Chan: “My grades are fine! I mean, except for Charms… I’m not exactly passing that class right now”
  • Minghao: “Your grades should be better than ‘fine’, and Charms is easy as long as you do the work! Have you been doing the homework?”
  • Chan: “I haven’t had the time, I’ve been practicing for our upcoming match! I want to make sure we win the cup this season”
  • Minghao: “That’s great and all, Chan, but you can’t keep managing your time like this. Jun, tell him”
  • Chan: “Jun, tell me what?”
  • Jun: “Chan, as captain of the quidditch team, I am only permitting you to come to our scheduled practices. So no practicing on your own”
  • Chan: “But I practice on my own almost every day!”
  • Jun: “We know, but you have to be passing your classes, and should want to do really good in those classes. So instead of practicing, we’re going to get Wonwoo to tutor you almost every day, until your grades go up and you’re passing Charms”
  • There’s a little flashback for some context, now we get to see things from your eyes, lovely reader.
  • Back to present time- where you come in.
  • You’re sitting at a table in the library, waiting for whoever Wonwoo told you you’d be tutoring. All you were told is that his name is “Lee Chan”, but you don’t have anyone with that name in your classes.
  • You’re like “meh, someone will show up”.
  • But. They. D o n ‘ t.
  • You wait in the library for two hours before giving up and leaving.
  • You wander around the castle trying to find Wonwoo, to see what the heck the deal is with this kid he asked you to tutor. If there even was someone you should be tutoring, or if this is Wonwoo’s idea of a stupid joke.
  • When you realize that if Wonwoo is anywhere in Hogwarts, it’s the library. So you make your way back to the library, semi-defeated already.
  • You see long legs sticking out between two shelves of books and you’re like “well there’s Wonwoo”
  • You round the corner of the bookshelves on the opposite side from where you spotted Wonwoo’s legs, to see him sprawled out on the carpeted floor of the library, his cat in his lap and nose in a book, as expected.
  • Attempting to sneak up on him, you carefully make small steps towards him until you’re about two feet away from him and he still has no clue you’re there, smh
  • You immediately shout “JEON WONWOO!”, causing him to drop his book and his head to snap up to see what the f r i c k you were doing. You accidentally spooked the cat though, and it bolted away from the both of you.
  • Wonwoo: “Three things- 1.) This is a library, you can’t yell like that, 2.) I will get you back for scaring my cat like this, and 3.) I’m busy, so what do you want?”
  • You: “Wait, so having me tutor this ‘Chan’ kid wasn’t a joke?”
  • Wonwoo: “…no? Why would it be?”
  • You explained to Wonwoo how no one had showed up and how much time had already passed.
  • Wonwoo: “Maybe he just didn’t see you and left? Did you see a really smiley guy with dark brown eyes, and short, brown & probably messy hair? When he smiles his eyes squint up kind of like Soonyoung”
  • You: “I didn’t see him. If I saw anyone like that, I’d remember. He sounds really cute”
  • Wonwoo: “He is very cute, but that’s not the point. If you want to find out why he didn’t show up, you should go ask his mothers”
  • You: “His w h a t
  • Wonwoo then tells you to go find the “Slytherin hooligans”, and figure it out yourself.
  • You start make your way down to the Slytherin commons, only to pass Lee Jihoon in the hall.
  • It occurs to you that Jihoon is a Slytherin. And his last name is Lee?? So is Chan’s. Maybe he’s one of Chan’s moms??
  • So you awkwardly clear your throat to get his attention (tbh you’re a little intimidated by him, from all the stories you’ve heard from some of the Gryffindor kids)
  • But he turns around and is like “hmm? Do you need help with something?”
  • And you’re lowkey shook because- woah he’s actually pretty nice. AJU NICE
  • Which makes your next question more awkward.
  • You: “Um are you perhaps one of Lee Chan’s… mothers?”
  • His face became the physical embodiment of “-_-”
  • Jihoon: “Over my dead body, I am. They honestly need to leave him alone”
  • You: “So you know who they are? I need to talk with them”
  • Jihoon: “Yeah, you’re talking about Jun and Minghao. Minghao could be anywhere, but you’ll probably find Jun clinging to someone or wherever there’s food”
  • He pauses for a minute, seeming hesitant to ask you something.
  • Jihoon: “If you’re looking for them… I mean… is Chan okay?”
  • You’re like “wow, the Lee Jihoon is worried”, and assure him that Chan is probably fine, but that he was supposed to meet you for you to tutor him and never showed up.
  • Jihoon: “Normally, as prefect, I’d do something about it, but I think the wrath of his ‘mothers’ will be all the scaring he needs. Especially Minghao”
  • You thank him for his advice and walk away, a little concerned on what the ‘scaring’, that Jun and “especially Minghao” will do actually entails. Shrugging it off, you make your way to the dining hall, even though you doubt that anyone would be there at this time of day.
  • The minute you step in, you see two boys at the Slytherin table. They’re literally the only ones there, besides you. One is tall with pitch black hair, and the other, a slightly shorter and thinner boy, with deep chocolate brown hair. They were in obviously in the middle of a conversation, the darker haired one cackling at something the brown haired boy hair said. You felt a little bad for interrupting them but you needed to know if they were 1.) Chan’s mothers?? (you still felt dumb asking people that) and 2.) if they weren’t, if they knew where/who the heck Jun and Minghao were.
  • You: “Um excuse me, are you two Jun and Minghao?”
  • The boys turned their attention to you, only now noticing that you were in the room, even though you’re only like four feet away from them. They glance at each other like “do you know them??”, before directing their attention back to you.
  • Jun: “Yes we are! And you might be?”
  • You: “Oh I’m Y/N, are you two supposed to be Chan’s mothers?”
  • Minghao: “Yeah that’s us, but he’s studying with Wonwoo right now, so if you need him you’ll have to catch him later”, he said, popping one of the chocolates, which were spread out across the table, into his mouth nonchalantly, as if declaring yourself someone’s mother was a totally normal thing. (it is, I am the mom friend to several lovely kids idiots)
  • You: “Studying with Wonwoo? I’m the one who was supposed to tutor him today, but he never showed up”
  • Minghao sharply turned to Jun and mumbled something along the lines of “I knew Wonwoo was too lazy to tutor him”, and they briefly had what seemed like a whispering argument low key lover’s quarrel before they turned back to you. Jun looked inconvenienced by this news, if anything, but Minghao’s forced smile and eyes full of fiery rage made you very much glad that you were not going to be on the receiving end of that wrath.
  • Even though you don’t know this Chan kid, you figured he at least deserves a chance to explain himself before Minghao… does whatever he’s planning to do. Probably yell at him, you figured.
  • Minghao: “If you’ll excuse us, we need to go give this kid a talking to, so we’ll have to leave”, he said with tension dripping from his voice.
  • You step in front of them as they try to exit the dining hall, pleading “Let me talk to him instead! So you can think about what you want to say to him? I mean, I just-”
  • Jun: “They’ve got a point. Plus, they were the one he stood up”
  • Minghao looked like the last thing he wanted to do was agree, but with a knowing look from Jun, he nodded, and told you that Chan was almost definitely practicing quidditch in the stadium.
  • You thanked them and left the dining hall, walking out to the courtyard and resting on a bench for a few minutes, because this was the most walking around you’d done in a while.
  • After regaining your energy, you make your way to the stadium, planning to curse every god and goddess above if Chan isn’t there (because it’s a far freaking walk and you are already tired by this point, tbh I’d be dying if I had to walk around that much)
  • Quietly entering the stands, the first thing you see is a person-sized blur whip past you- someone on a broom going insanely fast. Your initial reaction was “what the hell was that”, but you quickly realized that it’s probably Chan, that thought persuading you to slowly make your way down the steps of the stands and to the railing at the edge of the stands, the closest point to the field.
  • For about fifteen minutes, you don’t say a word. You just watch him practice, entranced by his constant effort to catch the snitch he’d been chasing since before you entered the stadium.
  • He suddenly started picking up speed, reaching out with his right arm, until he closed his hand around the tiny speck of metal. Gradually slowing down to a stop mid-air, he was maybe twenty feet from where you were standing, in the high stadium stands, but his smile shone radiantly even with the distance between you two.
  • You decided now was probably the best timing you were going to get to talk to him, but you were in such awe at what he just accomplished that you start cheering and clapping for him.
  • Chan, thinking he was alone in the stadium, got so startled by your hollering that he almost fell off his broom. After his initial shock, he noticed that you were cheering for him, causing him to look down with a faint blush evident on his cheeks.
  • You waved him over and he flew over to where you were in the stands, flying over the railing and hopping off his broom, and landing directly next to you with an impressive amount of gracefulness.
  • Chan: “Do you need something?”
  • You: “Yes actually, I was supposed to tutor you today and you never showed up. Have you been practicing this whole time?”
  • You didn’t know someone’s eye could get so wide. His face covered a variety of emotions ranging from shock, to guilt, to annoyance, before he seemed to remember that he was mid-conversation with you. Coming back to his senses, he sat down on the bleachers and patted the seat next to him for you to join him, which you do gladly because tbh he’s really cute and obviously talented so you’d be lying if you said you weren’t beginning to catch feelings.
  • Chan: “Wasn’t Wonwoo the one supposed to be tutoring me, though?”
  • You: “He asked me if I’d do it because he was ‘too busy’, but I’m pretty sure he just didn’t want to be bothered. I don’t mind though, teaching someone else the material is one of the best ways to study”
  • Chan: “I thought I was standing up Wonwoo, if I had known someone as nice and gorgeous as you would be helping, me I would’ve showed up an hour early”, he said with a sign, somewhat lost in his own thoughts. Realizing he just called you gorgeous to your face, he became cutely flustered. “I mean I wouldn’t judge you based on your appearance, it’s just that you’re really pretty and obviously smart and caring and I should really stop talking right about now”
  • You just laugh it off, flattered, and thinking he’s freaking adorable.
  • You: “How often do you practice by yourself like this?”
  • Chan: “Almost every day for a few hours”
  • You: “!!! Every! Day! When do you sleep? Or study? Well I guess you’re probably not studying much if a sharp guy like you needs a tutor… but why do you practice so much? From what I’ve seen, it’s obvious that you’re good at quidditch”
  • Chan: “But I don’t want to be just ‘good’. I want to be the best that I can be, because as the Seeker, the whole game relies on me catching the snitch as fast as I can. If I don’t do well or if I slack off, my whole team will lose and it’ll be my fault. But Jun and Minghao are dead set on me not practicing and… I don’t know if I can do that and be happy with myself as a part of our team”
  • At the beginning of the day, your impression of Lee Chan was some punk that skips out on tutoring for no reason, but after hearing all this, you see the reality- that he’s a loyal and dedicated member of his team, who he obviously thinks the world of. With this, you decide that you should help him out as best as you can.
  • You: How about this, I’ll talk to Jun and Minghao about working out a schedule where you can spend a little time practicing each day, but also spend time studying with me. That way you don’t have to stop practicing to do your best, but you still do well in your classes. Sound like a deal?”
  • He looks so surprised that you’re offering to help him, looking at you with wonder, as if you might not be real.
  • Chan: “Are you an angel?”
  • You: “Is that a crappy pick up line?”
  • Chan: “No! I just- well I stood you up today but you’re offering to still help me out, so I’m really thankful”
  • Now it’s your turn to be flustered, because here’s this sweet boy sitting next to you, being so genuine, even though you haven’t known each other more than half an hour.
  • You: “But in all seriousness, if you’re going to go talk to Jun, and especially Minghao, you might want me there as a buffer. Minghao seems p i s s e d”
  • As soon as you say this, his expression changes from interest in you to looking like a kicked puppy.
  • Chan: “Please come with me, you don’t know how scary Minghao is when he’s mad”
  • So you and Chan make your way back to the school grounds and about three steps into the building, Minghao appears from around the corner of a hallway and is giving Chan the most intense death glare. Instinctively, Chan hides behind you a little and squeezes your hand tightly, lacing your fingers together. Your heart is suddenly beating faster, but not because of Minghao’s intimidating expression.
  • Minghao: “Chan, explain please”, he asks in the most passive aggressive tone possible trumped only by Jeonghan’s passive aggressiveness
  • You and Chan take turns explaining how he’s feeling about the whole situation, and your study & practice plan.
  • By the end of this conversation, Minghao seems pleased enough, and doesn’t yell at Chan like you both thought he would.
  • You three actually end up chatting in the hall for a little while, and all initial fear you had of Minghao went down the drain. He’s a soft bean, just a confrontational soft bean.
  • Minghao yawns and is like “well it’s getting late, we should all go to bed”
  • You’re about the part ways with them when Minghao tells Chan to go on ahead without him, and turns to face you.
  • Chan looks at the two of you together with a subtle, jealous stare and trudges down to the Slytherin dorms.
  • Once Minghao is sure the Chan’s out of hearing range, he begins to speak to you in a parental tone of voice.
  • Minghao: “When you’re with him make sure that he’s drinking enough and staying hydrated. And whenever he goes to practice on his own, if it’s not too much to ask, could you go with him? I want someone there with him so he doesn’t over-exert himself, or in case he injures himself. I’m begging you, please take care of him. He doesn’t know how to take care of himself, it doesn’t even occur to him that he should. I know that you have no reason to accept, but I really trust you with him, and I’m a good judge of character. Plus, he’s a great guy, so it’s not like I’m asking you to spend time with a complete idiot Soonyoung
  • You accept, more than willing to get any excuse to spend more time with this very passionate, pretty boy by the name of Chan.
  • You also begin to understand why Jun & Minghao are referred to as Chan’s moms. And how they might appear a little overbearing, but in reality they’re just worried about him.
  • The next morning at breakfast, you walk up to Chan at the Slytherin table to confirm the time you’d meet today for you two to study, and the whole time you’re talking to him, he seems kind of flustered and reserved. On the inside you’re like “lol why tho, you poured out your heart and soul to me yesterday after 10 minutes, why are you shy now”, but you brush it off and go back to your table once you finish your conversation.
  • As soon as you go back to the Ravenclaw table, and sit between Wonwoo and Jeonghan, you hear someone yell obnoxiously loud from the Slytherin table, “No way Chan! Are you dating them?!”, with such a tone that you couldn’t tell if it was supposed to be a good thing or a bad thing.
  • All the thoughts pouring through your head are, “what did he tell them about me”, “are they mocking me?”, and “maybe Chan isn’t as nice as I thought”
  • For the rest of that meal you close up a little bit and don’t chat a lot, much to the dismay of DK, in the seat across from you, who spends more of his meals talking than he does eating.
  • You try to rush out of the great hall when you’ve finished, but as soon as you step five feet out of the room, someone grabs your wrist and whips you around to face them.
  • Not much to your surprise, it’s Chan. You don’t want to let him get the first word, though.
  • You: “Is this some kind of joke to you? Are you just making fun of me?”
  • He looks taken back, and a little hurt, but quickly apologises.
  • Chan: “I’m sorry for that guy shouting out like that, I didn’t mean to embarrass you or anything. He just was really surprised when I told him that I think I really like you. He said something about ‘what kind of a person does it take to get Chan to like them more than quidditch”, but that’s you. Right now I’m not thinking of when I get to practice next, I’m thinking of when I next get to see you. Even if that means I have to end up studying, I know it won’t be all that bad, because I’ll be with you”
  • Your heart does a 180 flip, from “how could he do this to me” to “what did I do to deserve such an amazing guy like him”
  • Stunned into speechlessness by his confession, instead of telling him how you feel, in a split second decision- you choose to show him. You wrap your arms around his waist and bury your face in the crook of his neck.
  • Chan: “So I’m assuming you’re not mad anymore?”, he says, chuckling and pulling you closer.
  • You: “Yes, and I like you too, but you still have to study later”
  • Chan: “Well d a m n”
  • Jun: *somewhere in the distance* “CHAN DON’T SWEAR”
  • From this point on, you help Chan study every freaking day until he passes Charms. When he finally passes, the way he tells you about the big news is by sprinting towards you when he sees you in the hall, swooping you up into a hug, and spinning you around.
  • When you’re like “Chan I love you but what is this about” and he tells you he’s passing, you immediately pull him down by the collar of his shirt for a kiss, as a reward for studying so diligently.
  • So this is how your relationship with Chan blooms, whether you’re somewhat forcibly making him study, or cheering him on from the stands as he practices quidditch, and even stealing a victory kiss from him after a successful match, you two are hands down the sweetest and most caring couple at Hogwarts.
A shock, an unexpected assault like ecstatic intoxication, can suddenly open up new perspectives, and it can do so all at once, and therefore without the mediation of evolution or education. We may also think of an earthquake that knocks down a wall. Its intervention is certainly violent; one must, however, keep in mind that, if it was not so violent, this wall would perhaps have restricted one’s perspectives throughout one’s entire life, until, in the end, death, the great equalizer, would have made it disappear along with one’s house.
—  Ernst Jünger, Approaches - Drugs and Ecstatic Intoxication
25 Days of ML Christmas - Day 2: Ugly sweater

Just do a drabble, maitre. Less than 1,000 words, maitre. Pffffffttt.

Audience: T

Words: 1635


Adrien stood on the doorstep of the Dupain-Cheng bakery staring at the gold logo on the glass. His emotions were a confusing mix of excitement, anxiety, wonder, and worry. He checked his watch and saw that they were 15 minutes early. He could knock, they were expecting them after all, but his arm wouldn’t move. Insead, he thought about the circumstances that had brought him to this exact spot on Christmas Eve.

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When you look at Clinton’s record on pushing for draconian anti-woman restrictions on social security in the 90s, her seriously grim record on Iraq and Afghanistan, her scarily recent conversion to supporting LGBT rights, her arrogant dismissal of Black Lives Matter activists, her political baptism as an aide to anti-Civil Rights dinosaur Barry Goldwater, her secret speeches to her asset-stripping elite backers on Wall Street, her support for fracking and big oil companies such as those pushing the Dakota Pipeline … Her record of doing *actual* harm to working-class Americans is very much comparable to Donald Trump’s wild, undeliverable politics.

That said, nothing Hillary Clinton says gives succour and active encouragement to racists and cranks - but ‘not being a wannabe-Führer’ is not a legitimate sole qualification for the support of the working-class movement.



The design focuses on the lobby as a clear, strong response to this brief. Here, a new atrium becomes the vibrant heart of the building that increases daylight and air into the deep building, improves quality of space and offers opportunities for interaction. The main intervention removes wall and floor in-fills between the concrete frame at the centre of the building. This opens up a spacious four-storey atrium that becomes the new social core around which shared functions are organized. This results in a dynamic atrium with overhanging balconies, walkways, vistas and voids, which is complemented by the interplay between open and closed sections of the exposed concrete structure.

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Pet names. It’d become a serious problem of yours. It started out with a few cute nicknames here and there. Soon you were calling everyone in the tower by at least three nicknames of which they despised. 

 "Y/N, we need to talk.“ 

“What is it Bucky-Boo?” You smiled up at the super soldier who’s eye’s grew wide as he quickly glanced around the empty halls.

 "We had an agreement that you would only call me that if we were alone!” Bucky whispered, as if someone was listening to them. 

You rolled your eye’s playfully. “Alright, what can I do for you, Mr. Barnes?”

“Just come with me.“ 

Without another word you two were making your way down the halls of Stark tower to a conference room. When the two of you entered, all the Avengers (save the Asgardians) were seated around the table and a big sign hung on the far wall with the word "Intervention." 

You glanced around confused while all eyes just starred at you. "What is this?" 

"Y/N, let’s get straight to the point. Your nicknames are getting out of hand.” Tony spoke up. 

“But… I thought you guys liked the names.” You looked around at everyone hoping that someone would disagree with Tony but they all stayed quiet. 

Finally Cap spoke up, his voice sympathetic. “The nicknames aren’t bad, some of us are just embarrassed by them.”

“Not you too, Captain Cutie…” You looked at Steve with big, worried as his face turned red at the mention of his nickname. 

“You aren’t supposed to call me that around people…” He mumbled as a few of the other avengers snickered. 

At the loud noise, everyone turned towards the door and saw the Asgardian princes, both in their full battle attire, including their extravagant head pieces. 

“What is the meaning of this ‘Intervention’?” Thor greater loudly, causing Loki to wince. 

“No need to be so loud you oaf.” Loki grumbled. 

That’s when a few of the Avengers shared a moment of realization. With a smirk Natasha walked up to you, “you know Y/N, there is a way we could use your pet names for good.” 

“How’s that?”

Natasha stepped closer to whisper something in your ear as the team looked at you curiously. 

You smiled widely and looked at Loki who gave you a confused look.

“Loki-dokie!” You said as you stepped towards the Asgardians. 


“How about Rudolph?” You ask Natasha, “because of the antlers, ya know?” 

“I think it suits him. Plus his face turns red when he’s mad.” Said Wanda, who was currently reading your thought with a huge grin. 

“It does not!” Loki said, as he stomped his foot like an angry child, his cheeks turning slightly pink. 

“Rudolph it is!”

“Oh oh! Bestow a nickname upon me!” Thor said happily.

“Goldilocks!” You said surely as you pointed to Thor who shook his head enthusiastically.

“It suits me well, lady Y/N! I like it!”

“It’s not a compliment, you fool!” Loki sneered as he walked out the door, followed closely Thor who continued to tell him what an honor it was to be given a pet name.

You laughed and followed the gods, “See ya later, Super squad!”