wall intervention

When you look at Clinton’s record on pushing for draconian anti-woman restrictions on social security in the 90s, her seriously grim record on Iraq and Afghanistan, her scarily recent conversion to supporting LGBT rights, her arrogant dismissal of Black Lives Matter activists, her political baptism as an aide to anti-Civil Rights dinosaur Barry Goldwater, her secret speeches to her asset-stripping elite backers on Wall Street, her support for fracking and big oil companies such as those pushing the Dakota Pipeline … Her record of doing *actual* harm to working-class Americans is very much comparable to Donald Trump’s wild, undeliverable politics.

That said, nothing Hillary Clinton says gives succour and active encouragement to racists and cranks - but ‘not being a wannabe-Führer’ is not a legitimate sole qualification for the support of the working-class movement.



The design focuses on the lobby as a clear, strong response to this brief. Here, a new atrium becomes the vibrant heart of the building that increases daylight and air into the deep building, improves quality of space and offers opportunities for interaction. The main intervention removes wall and floor in-fills between the concrete frame at the centre of the building. This opens up a spacious four-storey atrium that becomes the new social core around which shared functions are organized. This results in a dynamic atrium with overhanging balconies, walkways, vistas and voids, which is complemented by the interplay between open and closed sections of the exposed concrete structure.

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