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@secretlyrosequartz did this meme and I was like YES I gotta join in the action. 

From top to bottom I have Akko from Little Witch Academia, Jade from Homestuck, and Wirt from Over the Garden Wall.

Akko and I are both super feisty, enthusiastic, and rather headstrong and impulsive! I share my intuitiveness and bravery with Jade for sure, and also I feel like we have similar ways of going about things. ALSO SAME CIRCUMSTANCES KINDA?? And Wirt’s just Wirt.


Because Anne of Green Gables is my favorite childhood book and Anne is still my OG. 

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Over The Garden Wall

Jesse wasn’t stupid, no matter what Miles said.

He couldn’t exactly remember what had happened, but that didn’t make him stupid. All he could really recall was the blinding light and a distant train whistle before rolling down a hill, his newfound toad clasped tightly in his arms. They tumbled into a river and everything went dark.

They exited the river and began walking. Walking and walking and walking. It seemed like they had been walking for years, but Jesse didn’t really mind. He was holding his toad in front of him, rambling off odd names that he decided would be the worst names for a toad. He was glad that Miles had agreed to go toad hunting with him, but was confused as to why his brother seemed so upset. He figured it was because they had never seen this part of the woods before, but Jesse brushed his worry away and continued thinking up horrible toad names.

“LegFace McCullen, Atichoke, Thomas, Steve… but I think the very worst name for this frog is–” he was cut off by an anxious looking Miles and Jesse glanced up, meeting his brother’s dark eyes as he spoke

Describe Yourself as 3 Fictional Characters

Thanks for tagging me @emofaith and @buffy-quinn.

1. Luke Danes (Gilmore Girls) is me in school:

2. Wirt (Over the Garden Wall) is me out of school:

Yeah, melodramatic af.

3. Willow (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) is me in general:

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