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Hi TUMBLR I’m on another search for more blogs to follow :D


Doctor Who (Classic and New)

Harry Potter

Lord of the Rings/The Hobbit

Disney (Especially Zootopia. My Zootopia Blog is @zootopiahustle​)

Nintendo (Mainly Mario, Pokemon, EarthBound, Legend of Zelda, Pikmin, Splatoon, Animal Crossing, Kirby, and Super Smash Bros.) (my Pokemon blog is @wondrous-world-of-pokemon​)


Sonic the Hedgehog

Over the Garden Wall

Star Wars

Jurassic Park

Ghostbusters (Old and New)

Steven Universe

DC (Especially Batman)


Star VS the Forces of Evil

The LEGO Movie

Gravity Falls

 Wander Over Yonder

Avatar: The Last Airbender/ The Legend of Korra

Stranger Things

Game of Thrones

Adventure Time


Game Grumps


Elder Scrolls


Five Nights at Freddy’s/Sister Location



Drawn to Life

A Series of Unfortunate Events

We Bare Bears

Mad Max


Back to the Future

Team Fortress 2


Rick and Morty

The Nancy Drew Games by Her Interactive (My Nancy Drew Blog is @nancydrew-cluecrew)

Les Miserbles

Don’t Hug Me I’m Scared



Buffy the Vampire Slayer

One-Punch Man

American Horror Story

Bob’s Burgers

Normal Boots

Hidden Block

The Wolf Among Us


Left 4 Dead

Star Trek

American McGee’s Alice


Mystery Skulls Animated



Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu


Ava’s Demon

The Amazing World of Gumball

Neko Atsume


Monster Factory

Voltron: Legendary Defender

Milo Murphy’s Law

Cucumber Quest



Mission Impossible

Yuri!!! On Ice

Camp Weedonwantcha

The Walking Dead

The Kane Chronicles

Percy Jackson and the Olympians/ Heroes of Olympus 

Aesthetics base on ANY of the mentioned fandoms



Cute Animals

and if you’re a roleplay blog (my roleplay blogs are @zootopiahustle​ and @wondrous-world-of-pokemon​)

So gave in and did the art style challenge.
If you can’t read my terrible writing here’s the styles left to right:
My style, Disney, Tim Burton, Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, The Book of Life, 20’s, Semi realistic, Nahuatl codex, Over the Garden Wall, Star vs. the Forces of evil.


-over the garden wall
-undertale (getting it for christmas)
-Wander over Yonder
-Yuri on ice (a friend recommended)

Can anyone give any opinions on any of these?? Also do you have anything else for someone who likes shows like Gravity Falls and Steven Universe?
(I already watched Star vs. the Forces of Evil so not that)
Also I need more gravity falls friends! Especially if you ship mabcifica/dipcifica but even if you don’t ship the same stuff I’d still love to chat! (Unless you’re one of those people who is super anti-mabel. There are some people who really hate her and it makes me so sad.)


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Relationship Status : Very very single, wow how can one be this single (tons of crushes tho, wish me luck)

Favourite Colour: Purple too!

Pets: I would’ve loved to adopt a kitty but one of my roomies has a pet rat and the other one is allergic to cats so no,just the pet rat in the living room

Last song I listened to: GISCARD, C’EST UN VRAI DINOSAURE

Favourite TV show: Adventure Time or Over the Garden Wall or another cartoon

First Fandom: Doctor Who I guess

Hobbies: Knitting, finding myself hot, finding lots of hot ppl who don’t think I’m hot, never listening to my classes, watching a shit ton of shows, staying in my bedroom

Books that I’m currently reading: H2G2, Men Without Women

Favourite Book: Battle Royale? World War Z?

Worst thing you’ve ever eaten/tasted: turnips are the worst. Cucumbers too.

Favourite place: My bed. And my LGBT association.

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question meme

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Rule: answer 10 questions, tag 10 people

• the last movie you watched: White God

• the last song you listened to: I want it all by Natalie Taylor

• the last show you watched: OVER THE GARDEN WALL OMG I LOVED IT IT WAS SO GOOD

• the last book you read: Whaling in Japan - Power, Politics, DIplomacy

• the last thing you ate: Gnocchi with Wasabi/Soy Sauce Veggies

• if you could be anywhere right now, where would you be: At a pretty beach somewhere where it’s warm and there aren’t too many other people. 

• where would you time travel to: I don’t know. I want to see dinosaurs and dodos and tasmanian tigers and moas but I also want to see how much or if we will fuck up in the future so I don’t know.

• fictional character you would hang out with for a day: Theon Greyjoy? We could do archery together! 

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Relationship Status: single

Favorite Color: I don’t really have one. I like green. But I also liked red. And blue. And yellow, at least some shades. I don’t know. Wouldn’t paint my appartment in either of those, though, so…

Last song I listened to: “Artificial Flowers” from the Composer’s (and Lyricist) demo of Tenderloin

Favorite TV Show: I always find it hard to pick just one… so… Last Tango in Halifax, Cucumber/Banana, Doctor Who under Davies, Happy Valley, Over the Garden Wall, Fawlty Towers. 

First Fandom: Musical/Sondheim, I guess? A bit of Doctor Who sprinkled in but since I came onto tumblr during Series 7 and lost interest by then, probably not. 

Hobbies: [I thought about just using yours, Theo, bc that might just applie to me as well, except for scuba diving which I’ve never done] So… reading, writing, cooking, baking, eating (well. I mean), going for walks, hiking, swimming, listening to music, watching obscure British TV series from whenever or American sitcoms from pre-1996. 

Books I’m currently reading: Well, Gypsy: A MemoirMusical Theatre, Realisim and Entertainment; Porn Story (a German comic/graphic novel); aaand Wandering Stars by Sholem Aleichem.

Favorite Book: Again, finding it hard to pick *THE* favourite. The Zamonia books by Walter Moers I love, especially Ensel und Krete and The City of Dreaming Books. The Potter series should be mentioned, probably. Astrid Lindgren’s Ferien auf Saltkrokan, I read that every summer since I was ten or nine. And The Graveyard Book by Neil Gaiman.

Worst thing I’ve ever eaten/tasted: I don’t think I should say this.

Favorite Place: There’s that little sidestreet in Forest Hill, London, where my best friend lived, which looks like a film set. I love that. I have a love/hate relationship with my flat, but overall it’s probably true to give that as my favourite place, since… I like staying in my flat with my stuff. Oh, and also a) the rock formation in “my” forest back in Bayreuth and b) a meadow on the edge of said forest. Would love to go back there, some day.

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