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I made these walls by request for loobyloucreations. Sorry it took me so long!

There are ten patterns, and each wall has a full wall version and a half panelled version. Please click the pics to see bigger previews of the patterns :) All 20 walls are included in one package file and they all show together, as one wall with 19 recolors. They are seamless and come in all heights.

If you like these please consider donating @ loobyloucreations’s paypal so that she can be further on her way to a new wheelchair :) Just a thought, not required. The link to her paypal is at the top of her blog. 

Download at my 

google drive

Jungkook Scenario: Just maybe.

You’re older, he’s younger, and that’s perfectly fine for both of you.

The song totally nailed it, in your own words, it was painfully accurate because a war of hormones was what you felt happening in your body whenever you observed Jungkook perform that song. He was perfect from the raven black hair showing a bit of his forehead, to the alluring clothes covering his body while he danced and sang with the rest of the group.

You always thought he looked marvelous wearing red, and the sweater he was wearing for this stage wasn’t the exception. The only exception here was Jungkook and the age fact, because even though he was younger than you, you couldn’t stop yourself from feeling attracted to him. It was something about the laid back smile, about the eyes, the smooth voice and that whole appearance of his that could make you forget about the little issue

You were waiting calmly in the back for the showcase to end, daydreaming with Kookie and his ways, so when you noticed, the performance had already ended and the boys were moving back to the dressing rooms. A sigh left your lips while you watched him walk towards your spot, the breathtaking smile shining bright on his lips, his body almost bouncing with each step until he stood in front of you, placing his index finger on top of his lips in an accomplice gesture and motioned for you to follow him.

Both of you strolled down the corridors and by that time you were smiling too. It felt actually like a game and that was what you liked the most about Kookie, how everything seemed so easy with him. Following him close from behind you both stopped at one of the offices, Jungkook looked at both sides confirming that there was no one looking and opened the door so you could get inside.

-What are we doing here Jungkook? - you asked in a mere whisper, fearing someone would find you both. You eyes strolled around the office, giving Kookie your back while walking to a wall full of idols pics.

-I wanted to ask you something Y/N… - He didn’t need to say more. Your body turned towards Jungkook and faced him. He was scratching the back of his neck and had something tightly pressed inside his left fist.

-Ask me then…-You told him softly. A million ideas of different kinds were fluttering inside your mind. As your boyfriend, Jungkook always managed to surprise you somehow with his daily occurrences and you really couldn’t think about something specific he would want to ask you about, so you waited for him to speak while playing with your hands.

-I…- His voice stammered a little. He looked down to the floor and handed you a piece of paper, all crushed and wrinkled. -I really like being with you Y/N, and I’m glad you’re with me too, despite well, our differences…

You looked at him but he wasn’t really returning your gaze, so you started to unfold the paper on your own. Your cheeks were tingling, you loved when Jungkook said he liked to be with you, it actually gave you confidence to go on with the relationship. You smoothed the paper as much as you could and it turned out to be an invitation for what you could read from it.

-I was supposed to give you this in a prettier way…- Jungkook continued. -But I got nervous Y/N, and I knew you were coming to our broadcast so I kept it in my pocket to not forget it and with the dancing, and the rush, and well the people pulling me around and such it got all crumpled and I’m sorry but what I mean with all of this is that I want to take you out for dinner to a fancy place  like you deserve, like a more grown up date -He finished it all in a rush with the words stumbling on his pretty lips.

You smiled with it, Jungkook’s naivety was mostly refreshing to you, it was such a cute trait. The previous tingling on your cheeks evolved to a heat and you knew you should be blushing by now. Oh that boy, you just loved him.

You folded the crumpled paper carefully and walked closer to him, placing your hands on his arms. Jungkook raised his head and looked at you a bit embarrassed by the outburst of words, but you really didn’t mind it.

-You dumb, -You managed to say between soft giggles that made Jungkook giggle as well. -Don’t worry, it is special anyway.

-Really?- Jungkook looked at you with so much expectation it made your stomach jump with tenderness.

-Really.- You corroborated him, and then, there it was again the smile you liked so much.-I would love to have dinner with you.

With those words, Jungkook lifted you up surrounding your waist with his arms and rolling around inside the office. In that moment you thought to yourself that honestly, Jungkook was always going to be your personal exception.


I don’t know why but I suddenly felt like sharing some pics of my bedroom with you guys.
I have many Free! posters on my wall, a board full of pics of Makoto and my Mako pillow which I love with all my heart.

Besides that, I have posters of Kuroko, Shingeki no Kyojin, UtaPri and Natsume on my closet and door.

In the third pic my Simba and Minion plushies appear as well lol. I bought them during my Orlando/Miami trip.

So, this is the bedroom of a 25 year-old psychologist. I can honestly say I feel proud and happy (:

Drunk and High (Derek Luh)

Requested: Derek imagine or text au where he’s mad at you and you have to apologize/make up for it.

I remember when Derek took me home, helped me undress and clean my face, then he left. I didn’t want him to leave, I was horny and I felt really lonely inside. But he definitely had a reason to leave…

Yesterday we were partying, I don’t remember much, everyone was drunk as hell. Derek and random boy in the middle of the party brought weed to my area. I knew that mixing alcohol and weed is not a good idea, but past month was hard for me and it was the time when I could forget about everything. 

After smoking two joints I got really wild and no one could stop me. Derek was trying but he gave up on point when I started offending him. 

I wasn’t classy at all, I had watched videos from this night on YouTube, everyone around was shocked by what I had been doing, I felt really sorry for Derek, because I messed up. He is a grown man with future and I showed him as crazy boy with fucked girlfriend. 
I had to face with the problem and prove him that I was really sorry.

I started planning what I could do for him, not many ideas came up into my mind. I decided to text him to know if the situation was really that bad.

Me: “I missed you this night in my bed.
Derek: “Yeah, whatever :)

And I knew how much I was blamedworthy… 
I knew that probably he spent that night in Nate’s place so I called Nate and asked in what mood Derek was. He left the room where he was and said everything really secretly, I was thankful to him. I also asked Nate to stop Derek if he would want to leave.

I prepared something special for him. It took me 4 hours. 

It was 5pm, I missed Derek so bad, I didn’t want him to be mad at me anymore. I took the most needed things and headed to Nate’s house. I notified him that I was on my way. He prepared everything there. He said that Derek was really excited about his surprise. 

I was about to get into house and start the show, the lights inside were turned off, I was trying to be as quiet as I only could. 

When I noticed Nate I gave him my phone, he turned on one of Derek’s songs. He had no clue what was going on. I prepared for him something really special, Nate sat next to him on couch and brought him popcorn, he begged him to relax and watch. I clicked play button on my phone and whole wall opposite to couch was full with pics of me and Derek.

“Man, is someone there?” Derek asked shocked and started looking in my way through the darkness.

My heart started beating faster and it was hard for me to breath so quietly. 

“No, easy man. Look.” Nate pointed on the wall.

My face popped out, it was the right show. 

I made a video for him in which I was talking about the way I am and how much I was sorry. I apologised over 20 times in 4 minutes of video. 

He started smiling, I knew that everything was on good way. 

“Oh bro, you are blushing!!” Skate laughed saying this.

I laughed too loud from the back too, so Derek turned around and noticed me. It was the most important moment of whole video, I was talking about my love to fool Derek and things I wanted us to do together. Derek came closer to me and started kissing, Nate was still sitting on couch eating popcorn, he looked like he was really into this video.

I pushed Derek little away “So you are not mad?” I smiled.

“Nope, now gimme your lips. I missed you.” he started doing his thing again.

I jumped on him, we enjoyed this moment, I was really happy that my bad behavior was forgiven. But Skate decided to break our joy and choked and then turned on the lights. 

We realised that it was the right time to leave his house.

Untold Story (Nate Maloley)

Requested: You and Nate dated for a year, you broke up like a week ago, you have a bad past. You were a bad kid and always liked/knew how to fight. Then you’re at a party, you get into a fight and Nate looks surprised AF by  Anon.

AN: shit, I love this idea!!!

You were sitting in your room looking at walls, they were full of pics of you and Nate. You decided to get rid of them. When you were cleaning your room of what he gave you, things that had long story and were important for both of you, for a moment you had one thought into your mind. The thought that you still loved him. But it was definitely ended, no coming back, you had to be strong and forget about him as probably he did. 

Finally after 2 hours of cleaning your room, everything was done and clear, just like your mind. 

Your walls were white and empty. It reminded you about your past, when Nate wasn’t in your life, when your struggle with the police started, when everything seemed like there was no future for you. Nate changed your life, he showed you the bright beautiful side of it. And then it was finished. You started crying, you were strong but not enough.

When you went out of home for shopping you passed by the bin full of memories with Nathan. You stopped for a moment and kicked it over, your left foot hurt asf.

On shopping you got an message with an invite for the party that night. Every of these messages were always sending from weird number, but parties were always the best. You were willing to go. Last party you were at was worth remembering, it was your first time with person who you were loved by.

You bought really sexy white dress for that night. Your red lipstick would fit perfectly to it. 
When you got back to home you decided to check Twitter out. There was Direct Message from Nate to you: 
No matter what you think I will always love you.
You wanted to reply to his message, but something held you back.

After long time you were ready to go.

When you were in the club some boys bought you drinks, your plan was working, red lips, white dress and your high heels attracked attention of every guy in the club. 
You decided to party on the second floor with your friends, but you spent a lot of time standing on the balcony looking down on the dancefloor. You wanted to see Nate, just for a moment. Too much alcohol caused that you missed him more than ever. 

Your friends were dancing and they haven’t noticed when you left them. You didn’t want more alcohol so you ordered bottle of cold water. Bartender was your good friend and you talked to him a little, you haven’t knew when Nate made it but he was standing right next to you. He was looking so hot and innocent, you were really horny but you only smiled to him and said goodbye to bartender.
You moved your hips in the rhythm of music, you knew that Nate was starring at you and you wanted him to want you. He was following you and then he placed his hands on your hips and got intimate with you. 
You turned around to face him and you placed your arms around his neck. He smiled to you and all these memories came back. 

You and him weren’t dancing into music, you were the only couple who had own style, you were enjoying your time with him.

You felt really bad about the fact that you broke up with him and when you were dancing you wanted him back. You left him on the dancefloor and faded in the crowd of people. 

One girl attracked your attention, she was waving to you and wanted you to come closer. When you were opposite to her and enough close she whispered: “Don’t you have enough? You hurt him, don’t give him fucking hope. He doesn’t love you and he won’t. I am now the most important person in his life and don’t try to ruin it because you might end in prison just like two years ago. And I don’t think you want it, cutie, so better keep away from him. Just saying.” She bettered your hair and gave a sign to her boy friends to bring you away. 
You were trying to release yourself from their grip, when it finally happened you took off your high heels and kicked them in balls. You came closer to this girl and punched her in face, she gave you back. These boys picked themselves up and then their grip was harder, but you didn’t give up. You used them as a support and you stepped out and kicked her beautiful face once again. She fell to the ground. Nate noticed that something happened, he came running really fast, he checked what happened to girl on the floor. And then he looked up and saw you releasing from boys’ grip. 

The only words he said were “I…I… I didn’t know you are like that.”

“You don’t know much about me.” you said.

You bent to pick up your shoes and started wiping your nose full of blood with your hand. Skate gave you tissue and take you up to give you piggyback ride.

You both left the club within a minute, it was raining outside. He brushed away your hair from face and checked your nose and then kissed you really passionately.