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An NCT Johnny fanfiction

~by Admin Mari

Word Count: 2,130

A/N: When your basic and you don’t have a title picked out so you go with the song off their comeback that fits a little too well :l 

“Hey!” Johnny smiled at her as she pulled up a chair.

It was fairly cold in their usual meeting place as the windows were open, but the sound of birds chirping outside made her hold in her protests.

She smiled in return and gave a greeting of her own before turning her attention to the world outside the window. The sun was shining and people walked about in the chilly Autumn air as (Y/n) and Johnny sat inside, surrounded by beige walls and framed art.

This was their routine. Everyday, without fail, the two would meet up and keep each other updated on their lives. It had began about a month ago when they had both decided that seeing each other once a week was not enough. They had discussed moving in together, but one by one their efforts failed due to several problems arising. So the two settled for getting together every day and keeping each other company, if only for a short while.

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