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since it has been requested a few times now. This will be available as print. I just don’t know how large the endresult will be since the original file is not that huge.

you could put it up this way, or upside down (thanks to iwa-chan’s first name Kanji :’D ). The Kanji are their names “Hajime” and “Tooru” but as bonus if you take them together like this it will also read “obstinate” or “stubborn” :’D. Because they are.

Kanji Translation of Touhou Names

EDIT 5/16/17: Now updated for HSiS demo! Double Spoiler added, Hatate moved. Kasen moved to ULiL section, pets added. Hisoutensoku and Taisui Xingjun added, not that anyone cares. Added translations of print work titles. Minor formatting edits. “Imitation” corrected to “Vignettes,” no idea how that happened. Other old translations left untouched for posterity, even if they suck.


I found an old document that where I kept notes of their names, because I never found any adequate English translations and I can’t read 80% of the kanji. I cleaned it up because hey, some of you nerds out there might want to see it.

Note that these are just direct translations of the kanji, so any nuance brought by allusions are usually not represented; the only exception to this rule are place names, which are left as is in the poetic translation.

The format for each goes: [romanization] / [kanji] / [poetic translation, in which I try to represent the most likely intended meaning of the name in an artful manner] / [literal or snarky translation, an alternate and blatantly wrong or awkward reading.] Highlights include Aya, the entire Moriya Shrine, Kogasa, Minamitsu, and Tojiko.

紅魔郷 / Realm of Scarlet Magic ~  Embodiment of Scarlet Devil:

  • Hakurei Reimu / 博麗 霊夢/ Esteemed Graceful Spirit Dream
  • Kirisame Marisa / 霧雨 魔理沙/ Drizzly Magical Law of Sand and Seas / Foggy, Rainy, Magical, Scientific Sand
  • Hong Meiling / 紅 美鈴/ Scarlet Pretty Bell / the Most Stereotypical Chinese Name, but More Red
  • Izayoi Sakuya / 十六夜 咲夜 / Flowering Night of the Full Moon / Sixteenth Night, Laughing Night

妖々夢 / Bewitching Phantom Dream ~ Perfect Cherry Blossom / Ghost Ghost Dream

  • Chen / 橙 / Orange 
  • Konpaku Youmu / 魂魄 妖夢 / Soul Phantom Dream / Cloud Demon White Demon Dream
  • Saigyouji Yuyuko / 西行寺 幽々子 / Quiet Ghostly Child of the West-facing Temple / Westward Temple’s Ghost Ghost Kid
  • Yakumo Ran / 八雲 藍 / Indigo of the Unfathomable Clouds / Eight Clouds Blue
  • Yakumo Yukari / 八雲 紫 / Violet of the Unfathomable Clouds / Eight Clouds Purple

永夜抄 / Eternal Night Vignettes~ Imperishable Night

  • Kamishirasawa Keine / 上白沢 慧音 / Wise Sound above a White Pond
  • Inaba Tewi / 因幡  てゐ / Tewi the Flag of Purpose
  • Reisen Udongein Inaba / 鈴仙・優曇華院・イナバ  Bell Hermit, Esteemed Lady of the Banana Flower House, Inaba / Bell Hermit of the Supreme Cloudy Flower Institution, Inaba
  • Yagokoro Eirin / 八意 永琳 / Eternal Jewel of Unfathomable Intent /  Eternal Jewel of Eight Reasons
  • Houraisan Kaguya / 蓬莱山 輝夜 / Brilliant Night upon the Hourai Mountain / Mountain of Herb Clumps on a Sparkly Night
  • Fujiwara no Mokou / 藤原 妹紅 / Scarlet Sister of the Wisteria Field 

萃夢想 / Gathering Reverie ~ Immaterial and Missing Power

  • Ibuki Suika / 伊吹 萃香 / Gathering Fragrance at Mt. Ibuki / the One Who Blows to Collect Perfume

花映塚 / Flower-Viewing Tomb ~ Phantasmagoria of Flower View / Flowery and Reflective Pile of Dirt

  • Shameimaru Aya / 射命丸 文 / Words of the Viewfinder Bursting with Life / Words like Life-Shooting Bullets
  • Kazami Yuuka / 風見 幽香 / Lonely Fragrance Seen by the Wind / The Wind Sees Something that Smells Creepy
  • Onozuka Komachi / 小野塚 小町 / Tiny Village of the Tiny Untamed Mound /  Small Town upon a Rural Cemetery
  • Shiki Eiki / 四季 映姫 / Reflective Princess of the Four Seasons / Four Seasons Utsuhime-SA Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD

風神録 / Chronicle of the Wind God ~ Mountain of Faith

  • Aki Shizuha / 秋 静葉 / Placid Leaf of Autumn
  • Aki Minoriko / 秋 穣子 / Autumn’s Child of Plenty / Ten Octillion Kids in Autumn
  • Kagiyama Hina / 鍵山 雛 / Doll Upon the Mountain of Keys / Button Mountain’s smol birb
  • Kawashiro Nitori / 河城 にとり / Nitori of the River Fortress
  • Inubashiri Momiji / 犬走 椛 / Maple Tree of the Dog Path / Doggy Walks upon [This Kanji That Doesn’t Exist]
  • Kochiya Sane / 東風谷 早苗 / Early Sprout in the Valley of East Winds / the Early Sprout Who Wields the Grain of Eastern Wind
  • Yasaka Kanako / 八坂 神奈子 / Divine Nara Child of the Unfathomable Hills / That Kid Some God Sent Down to the Eight Hills to Solve Everyone’s Problems Because They Were out of Options
  • Moriya Suwako / 洩矢 諏訪子 / Geyser Child of Suwa / Child Conceived after Consulting the Blabbering Arrow

緋想天 /  Heaven of Scarlet Thought ~ Scarlet Weather Rhapsody

  • Nagae Iku / 永江 衣玖 / Nine Vestments of the Eternal River
  • Hinanawi Tenshi / 比那名居 天子 / Heavenly Child of [some obscure earthquake goddess]’s Earth Realm/ Emperor of Comparing That Named House 

地霊殿  / Palace of the Earth Spirits ~ Subterranean Animism

  • Kurodani Yamame / 黒谷 ヤマメ / Yamame of the Black Valley
  • Mizuhashi Parsee / 水橋 パルスィ / Persian of the Water Bridge
  • Hoshiguma Yuugi / 星熊 勇儀 / Ritual of Courage for the Starry Bear 
  • Komeiji Satori / 古明地 さとり / Satori of the Bright Ancient Earth 
  • Kaenbyou Rin / 火焔猫 燐 / Phosphorus of the Fiery Cat / Fire, Bigger Fire, Kitty…uhhh…Phosphorus!
  • Reiuji Utsuho / 霊烏路 空 / Void of the Spirit Crow’s Path
  • Komeiji Koishi / 古明地 こいし / Koishi of the Bright Ancient Earth

星蓮船 / Starry Lotus Ship ~ Undefined Fantastic Object

  • Tatara Kogasa / 多々良 小傘 / Overwhelmingly Pleasant Little Umbrella / Tiny Umbrella with Lots and Lots of Good
  • Kumoi Ichirin / 雲居 一輪 / First Wheel of the Cloud Dwelling / Cloudy House on a Unicycle
  • Unzan / 雲山 / Cloud Mountain
  • Murasa Minamitsu / 村紗 水蜜 /  Peaches of Village Gauze / Village Gauze Water Honey, Indisputably the Girliest Name out of All the Characters
  • Toramaru Shou / 寅丸 星 / Star of the Tiger Hour’s Ship / Star of the Tiger Circle
  • Hijiri Byakuren / 聖 白蓮 / the White Lotus Saint
  • Houjuu Nue / 封獣 ぬえ / Nue the Sealed Beast 

文花帖 / Book of Literary Flowers ~ Double Spoiler

  • Himekaidou Hatate / 姫海棠 はたて / Hatate the Crabapple of Princesses 

神霊廟 / Divine Spirit Mausoleum ~ Ten Desires

  • Kasodani Kyouko / 幽谷 響子 / Resounding Child of the Deep Valley / Kid Making a Racket in a Quiet Valley
  • Yoshika Miyako / 宮古 芳香 / Fragrance of Ancient Shrines / Palaces from Way Back Then Smell Really Nice
  • Kaku Seiga / 霍 青娥 / Sudden Cerulean Belle / Fem!Sonic
  • Soga no Tojiko / 蘇我 屠自古 / Ancient Slaughtered Corpse of the Soga Clan / a Past of Reviving Me then Killing Yourself
  • Mononobe no Futo / 物部 布都 / the Mononobe Clan’s Decree to All / Cloth City of the Ministry of Stuff
  • Toyosatomimi no Miko / 豊聡耳 神子 / Divine Child with Wealthy Clever Ears
  • Futatsuiwa Mamizou / 二ッ岩 マミゾウ / Mamizou of the Two Stones

心綺楼 / Beautiful Tower of the Heart ~ Hopeless Masquerade

  • Hata no Kokoro / 秦 こころ / Literally No Meaning Other than Kokoro of the Hata Clan

輝針城 / Shining Needle Castle ~ Double Dealing Character

  • Wakasagihime / わかさぎ姫 / Princess *throws darts at hiragana table* Wakasagi
  • Sekibanki / 赤蛮奇 / Red Savage Oddity / Red and Really Weird
  • Imaizumi Kagerou / 今泉 影狼 / Shadow Wolf of the Modern Fountain
  • Tsukumo Benben / 九十九 弁々 / 99 Eloquent Speeches / 99 Talk Talk
  • Tsukumo Yatsuhashi / 九十九 八橋 / 99 Unfathomable Bridges / 792 Bridges / Way Too Many Bridges
  • Kijin Seija / 鬼人 正邪 / Righteous Evil of the Demonic Human / Demon Human Right Wrong
  • Sukuna Shinmyoumaru / 少名 針妙丸 / the Unsung Clever Needle-Wielding Boy / Little-Name and Needled Weird Pellet
  • Horikawa Raiko / 堀川 雷鼓 / Thunder Drum of the Canal 

深秘録 / Chronicles of Deep Secrets ~ Urban Legend in Limbo

  • Usami Sumireko / 宇佐見 菫子 / the Violet Child Seen by the Universe’s Aide  
  • Ibaraki Kasen (aka Ibarakasen) / 茨木 華扇  (aka 茨華仙) / the Flower Fan of Briar Wood (aka the Lovely Briar Hermit)
  • Kasen’s Pets: 
    • Koutei / 黄帝 / Yellow Emperor
    • Mukou / 務光 / Serving the Light
    • Kume / 久米 / Rice of Long Times / Expired Rice
    • Kanda / 竿打 / Striking With a Pole / Baseball
    • Houso / 彭祖 / Drumming Ancestors
    • Manzairaku / 万歳楽 / Ten Thousand Year Old Music 

紺珠伝 / Legend of the Aquamarine Orb ~ Legacy of Lunatic Kingdom

  • Seiran / 清蘭 / Cleansed Orchid
  • Ringo / 鈴瑚 / Bell Coral
  • Kishin Sagume / 稀神 サグメ / Sagume the Infrequent Goddess
  • Junko / 純狐 / Pure Fox

憑依華 /  Spirit Possession Blossom ~ Antinomy of Common Flowers 

天空璋 / Ceremonial Scepter of the Firmament Hidden Star in Four Seasons / Sky Void Thingamabobber

  • Sakata Nemuno / 坂田 ネムノ / Nemuno of the Rice Field Upon the Hill
  • Komano Aunn / 高麗野 あうん / Aum from the High and Lovely Wilderness

Everyone Else

  • Hisoutensoku (also the game title) / 非想天則 / Unthinking of Natural Law
  • Taisui Xingjun / 太歳星君 / Starry Lord of Grand Ages / Old Starry Geezer
  • Morichika Rinnosuke / 森近 霖之助 / the Help of the Long Rain near the Forest
  • Watatsuki no Toyohime / 綿月 豊姫 / the Cotton Moon’s Princess of Plenty
  • Watatsuki no Yorihime / 綿月 依姫 / the Princess with the Deference of the Cotton Moon
  • Motoori Kosuzu / 本居 小鈴 / Little Bell of the Bibliotheca
  • Usami Renko / 宇佐見 蓮子 / the Lotus Child Seen by the Universe’s Aide
  • Hieda no Akyuu / 稗田 阿求 / the Millet Field’s Flattering Plea / Sycophant from the Insignificant Field

Print Serials

  • Kourindou / 香霖堂 / Temple of Drizzling Fragrance ~ Curiosities of Lotus Asia
  • Sangetsusei / 三月精 / Spirit of March ~ Whatever / Three Moon Fairies, Clownpiece Conspiracy Confirmed
  • Bougetsushou / 儚月抄 / Ephemeral Moon Vignettes ~ Whatevs
  • Ibarakasen / 茨歌仙 / Poetic Sage of Thorns ~ Wild and Horned Hermit / How Many Names Does Kasen Even Need I Mean Like What the Heck
  • Suzunaan / 鈴奈庵 / Nara Bell Hermitage ~ Forbidden Scrollery

Official Books

  • Bunkachou (same as DS) / 文花帖 / Book of Literary Flowers 
  • Shikoubana / 紫香花 / Violet Fragrant Flowers ~ Seasonal Dream Vision
  • Gumonshiki / 求聞史 / Requested Histories of Sensations ~ Perfect Memento in Strict Sense
  • Gumonkuju / 求聞口授 / Requested Seminar of Sensations~ Symposium of Post-Mysticism
  • Bunkashinpou / 文果真報 / True Report of Literary Fruits ~ Alternative Facts in Eastern Utopia
  • Gairai Ihen / 外來韋編 / Leather-Bound Collection from the Outside ~ Strange Creators of Outer World

So uh, given ZUN’s standard naming scheme, Hecatia Lapislazuli, Patchouli Knowledge, Wriggle Nightbug, Medicine Melancholy, and other such western names really aren’t that weird. 

Except Clownpiece, I still have no idea how that happened.

Three Times Mulder and Scully Got Caught and One Time They Didn’t Care -- Part 4

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Rating: Explicit

Author’s Notes: Here it is, folks. The conclusion to this smutty little journey. This series has been an absolute blast to write. It was definitely a challenge dipping my toes into pools of different writing styles, but I had a ton of fun writing this. Thank you so much to all of you for reading and for leaving wonderful bits of feedback. As always, thank you so very much to the beautiful @piecesofscully for being an incredibly encouraging beta and someone with whom I can shamelessly spiral. Thanks, babe! 


She is nearly done with organizing the last of her slides in her designated area near the back of the newly reconstructed basement office when she is startled by a loud thump.

“Scully! Door!” Mulder demands, his voice muffled behind the closed door.

“It’s unlocked, Mulder!” She yells back.

She leans down to her microscope once more only to be startled again by yet another loud thump.


“Jesus, Mulder,” she mutters under her breath as she crosses to the door.  She swings it open to reveal her partner balancing two cardboard boxes precariously stacked one on top of the other.

He stumbles toward his desk and drops his cargo loudly onto the clean surface, the dust from the boxes soaring into the air like infectious spores. She waves them off with a flick of her wrist.

“What is all this, Mulder?”

He looks at her sideways before lifting the lid off the top box. “Files.”

Scully’s eyes involuntarily shift to the series of filing cabinets that line their freshly painted walls. “Mulder, what files? These X-Files stayed in this office the entirety of Agent Fowley and Agent Spender’s assignment.”

Mulder’s silence screams at her as he steadfastly ignores her and thumbs through the various folders.

“Right? Mulder? All of The X-Files stayed intact. Here in the office. Right?”

Taking a large breath, he answers, “Yes, Scully. Those X-Files stayed right here in the office. Those. Files.” He casts a mildly contrite glance at her for a beat before stressing,  “Those.”

She crosses her arms over her chest as her head tilts in admonishment. “Mulder, you didn’t.”

“Hey, I needed some light reading while we were off shoveling literal shit, Scully. What Diana and Spender don’t know won’t hurt them, and besides, we have The X-Files back. These are officially our files again.”

Keep reading

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There isn’t enough talk about Mulder’s old apartment walls. I know there are many other things in The X Files more interesting than that but, I mean, he doesn’t even have a bed but his walls are full of paintings, prints of galaxies and beautiful and mysterious images about the Universe, I love that! I also like a lot the unremarkable house but it’s lack of these big dreams. So CC or whoever is taking care season 11, put some really big prints on the house to accompany the Tooms’ hole where Mulder lived the last season. 

Wouldn’t it be lovely if Scully brings some paintings when she returns to their home? feel free to write that fic ;)

:D bye


food washi tape! (*・▽・*) a few people have asked what washi tape is all about–it’s just fancy tape with a waxy texture you can use for decorating your notes/files/walls/anything?? and they peel off easily without tearing the surface too, at least in my experience! a lot of traditional artists use ‘em in their art! basically, a fun thing for artsies!

for me there’s just something so satisfying about creating small, compact designs on one thin surface, LOL! I’ll be selling these at Doujima this weekend! I’m at booth 17, in the Left Wing~ (: 


X-Files Deleted Scene ‘Home’

Mulder & Scully are confined together in a small bathroom. This 16 second exchange follows, full of UST, complete lack of personal space & innuendo.  

–Scully feels something poking into her back, and turns to Mulder.  

MULDER: Oh - that was my pen light.

SCULLY: Well. I thought a long-standing curiosity had just been satisfied.

MULDER: Mhhmm.

anonymous asked:

hello please do "you have a cute nose" for jikook please?

a/n: hmu w some short prompts and i’ll write you smt

i went w i l d w this one om…g……insp by this here’s a buzzfeed!au i guess

all in all, sometimes jungkook really hates working on the internet.

the cameras’ red lights all flash simaltaneously, as if they’ve ganged up on him and are trying to permanently blind him. the pulse points and wires attaching his body to the lie detector machine that expert kim namjoon is using are uncomfortable and itchy. yoongi, hoseok, and seokjin are hovering over him in white dress shirts and loose ties like “real inquisitors,” though real inquisitors probably dress in completely styles. jimin sits quietly off to the side on top of a file cabinets - which is the one cute gift jungkook’s been given for this video.

the rest of it is a curse.

seokjin blows a bubble with his hubba bubba bubble gum, an action quickly followed up by a sharp pop. he walks around where jungkook is sitting behind a desk piled with wires and resembles a tall, circling, drunken wolf.

seokjin starts loudly, “you and jimin are just so cute with each other, jungkook! it’s almost as if you’re-” seokjin pauses to pop another bubble, and by now jimin has perked up from where he was leaning against the wall above the filing cabinet-“ something else than what you show. something more. i’m just throwing it out there, but it’s almost as though you two are… together.”

jungkook shoots seokjin a look of daggers, only receiving a laugh, a wink, and a bubble for reply. jungkook knows that their “guys try lie detectors” video has reached the Very Very Personal Questions segment, but god, did they really have to do this? he shifts in his seat,  sure that namjoon notices sitting next to him.

hoseok clears his throat and closes in on jungkook (the victim) next. he’s pretending to toss nunchucks between his hands, even though jungkook is certain inquisitors don’t use nunchucks.

“the fans speculate as much about you two, but the most particularly thing is that you aren’t dating.” hoseok raises a brow. “or are you? will you?”

“case in point!” cries yoongi, dramatically tugging his root beer dum-dum from his lips and pointing it at jungkook. “do you or do you not,” yoongi growls, leans in with narrowed eyes, “like park jimin?”

jungkook hesitates, not wanting this to breach Romantically Personal Questions That - Oh My God Let’s Not Discuss This on Camera Please I’m Begging You territory.

“of course i like jimin,” he says tentatively, though more easily than his dishonest answer because he means this one. at this point, jimin has leaned back, looking at ease again. “he’s my favorite buzzfeed member.”

namjoon is about to open his mouth and announce the honesty result of jungkook’s words (he’s telling the truth), but yoongi holds up a palm to stop him. if possible, his eyes narrow even further, scrutinizing.

“we’re talkin’ more than friends like, bud.” yoongi’s hand slams on the table with a BAM, starling everyone but hoseok and yoongi himself and getting a dirty look from namjoon, whose wires and machine clanked and shifted from the hit. “is that how you really feel about park jimin, jeon jungkook? do you like jimin as more than a friend?”

they have officially breached Romantically Personal Questions That - Oh My God Let’s Not Discuss This on Camera Please I’m Begging You territory.

jungkook is surprised to find that his blood thrums in his ears, because he’s sure blood would be rushing to his cheeks. he’s a trifle impressed with himself. maybe - maybe he’s even good at this lying thing, and he’ll be able to trick the machine into saying that he’s telling the truth when he says no, he doesn’t like jimin that way. no way. that’s all he has to say.

jungkook’s mouth is dry but his voice is confident as he lies, “no. i don’t like jimin that way.”

everyone’s heads whip to namjoon, who stares at the screen. jungkook’s heart becomes a beating drum in his chest. the room breathes once, twice. jungkook feels hope spark in his lungs, pleading that the world can be nice to him and let him keep his dignity close and intact, safe in his arms-

namjoon announces, “he’s lying.”

- but jungkook’s dignity ends up scurrying out the door with its tail tucked between its legs.

he’s numb as hoseok, yoongi, and seokjin howl and yowl behind him, shouting something along the lines of “i TOLD you so!” and “that’s ten dollars from my wallet, a whole ten dollars, goddamn, i should’ve seen it comin’” - all the same, jungkook feels mortified. he can’t bring himself to even think about what jimin’s face might be like, can’t possibly imagine what he’s going to say when they get back to the office.

he pushes at his brain not to think about it. if his dignity is gone and done then he has to at least keep his bodily systems all from rupturing. no jimin. not now. leave it for Tomorrow Jungkook or Night Jugkook to suffer through. no. jimin. none.

the issue, however, is that jimin doesn’t have to imagine jimin - he appears right in front of jungkook, kneeling besides him as their other co-workers hoot and whoop and argue, as always.

the issue is also that jimin then giggles, straining his head upward to affectionately rub the tip of his nose against jungkook’s, practically making jungkook go cross-eyed. jungkook tries to ignore the awkward cough namjoon gives into his fist, the way the camera whirs a few yards away.

“you have a cute nose,” notes jimin simply, and jungkook tries to scowl to maintain his whole web reputation on buzzfeed as chic, cool guy, but he’s sure it comes out wobbly and flustered. 

jimin giggles again, and while internally exploding jungkook notices that one of jimin’s buttons is done incorrectly. he reaches out to fix it, but jimin is already standing up to lean against the wall and look into the camera with a huge smile.

“i could already tell he was was lying.” another giggle. “if he says the thing confidently, he’s lying.”

yoongi, hoseok, and seokjin quickly settle down just to agree with jimin’s statement, and jungkook blushes hard but finds it in him to laugh.

he’s not laughing when the video is finally released and he founds out that a certain somebody (cough, devilish editor by the cursed name kim taehyung, cough) decided it would be a good idea to keep jungkook’s coercion-induced confession. even the part where he turned pomegranate red. the video already has one million views.

all in all, sometimes jungkook really hates working on the internet.

(but jimin kisses him on the cheek the next day at the office and says he’s free for dinner, and so maybe jungkook doesn’t hate this internet thing so much.)

((especially when they get so many excited praises for the instagram picture they post.))


doggett/scully + relationship

“He’s worth the effort.”