wall drawing

Thought to myself “I’m okay I don’t feel a thing”

But in the end there’s a drag weighing down on me

Running on ahead again you seem to escape

every step never touching down

couldn’t do a thing but stare without a sound

Finished!  Here’s a concept idea for a pmv I might or might not end up doing in the future, thought if I do it’ll have a lot less detail in every panel, haha!

Anyways this is pretty much a Rupphire AU based off of the song Ikanaide, though it follows the beginning of the Answer pretty closely up to a point, and here is essentially Sapphire figuring out Ruby doesn’t care to play the role fate intended for her.

There’s a lot of shitty, hateful things happening in the world right now. But despite feeling utterly powerless, we should keep marching and talking and drawing and shouting until we’re heard. Don’t be silent, compassion is all we’ve got. Fuck racism. Diversity is beautiful.

#RefugeesWelcome #BuildBridgesNotWalls #StandUpToTrump 🖕

Aroooo ~
Still playing around with quick & sketchy styles, hoping I can whip out a full painterly painting by April 1st!
haha not gonna happen I’m afraid