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My animation instructor's perspective of the Pixar films...
  • What if toys had feelings.
  • What if bugs had feelings.
  • What if monsters had feelings.
  • What if fish had feelings.
  • What if superheroes had feelings.
  • What if cars had feelings.
  • What if rats had feelings.
  • What if robots had feelings.
  • What if old people and dogs had feelings.
  • What if scottish people had feelings.
  • What if feelings had feelings.
  • What if dinosaurs had feelings.
Pixar reality
  • Pixar, 1995: What if toys had feelings
  • Pixar, 1998: What if bugs had feelings
  • Pixar, 2001: What if monsters had feelings
  • Pixar, 2003: What if fish had feelings
  • Pixar, 2004: What if superheroes had feelings
  • Pixar, 2006: What if cars had feelings
  • Pixar, 2007: What if rats had feelings
  • Pixar, 2008: What if robots had feelings
  • Pixar, 2009: What if dogs had feelings
  • Pixar, 2012: What if Scotland had feelings

Ten various Disney movies re-imagined posters

(1) Alice In Wonderland by Ken Taylor

(2) Fantasia (Sorcerer’s Apprentice) by Jeff Soto

(3) Maleficent by Jason Edmiston

(4) Sword In The Stone by Rich Kelly

(5) The Black Cauldron by Francesco Francavilla

(6) The Incredibles  by Tom Whalen

(7) Wall-E by Kevin Tong

(8) The Black Hole by Kilian Eng

(9) Lion King by Tom Whalen

(10) Finding Nemo by Tom Whalen

MBTI as Pixar Characters
  • ENFP: Dory
  • ENFJ: Woody
  • INFJ: Alfredo Linguini
  • INTJ: Hopper
  • INTP: Eva
  • ENTJ: Lots-o'-Huggin' Bear
  • ENTP: Mike Wasowski
  • ESFJ: Buzz Lightyear
  • ISTJ: Marlin
  • ISFJ: Sulley
  • ESTJ: Helen Parr 'Elastigirl'
  • ESFP: Joy
  • ESTP: Lightning McQueen
  • ISFP: Disgust
  • ISTP: Merida

okay,   freddie breathed in deeply, covering his face with broad hands as they walked out of the movie theater. i just want to say that if you didn’t tear up just a little bit when watching how to train your dragon 2, then i don’t know you as a person and, quite frankly, i’m not sure if you even are a person.