[ saturday, september 10th ]

So… This is what my wall looks like now! Don’t really like the way the photo looks but oh well, that’s as good as it is gonna get! I literally cannot believe my first day at university is on Monday and I still haven’t bought any supplies! I guess I just don’t know what to buy… Luckily, this week is just an Introduction to Mathematics and uni itself doesn’t properly start until the 21st, so I guess I still have time to figure out what I need!

Like if want to study/work in here and white is your favourite color! 

 What do you think??

I love everything tbh :)

(source: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIu1KaUA7vY/ )

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Like if you want to work/study in here. 

 There are no words can describe how cute this workspace is!

And my favourite part are black wire wall grid, chairs and plants.

(Source: @kidsdesignlife via Instagram)