wall carvings

💕Who accidentally pushes a door instead of pulling/vice versa: Junkrat, and sometimes he will fight with it for a few seconds before realizing.

💖Who doodles little hearts all over the desk with their initials inside them: Junkrat, he more comfortable with PDA and likes to announce his love for Roadhog at every turn (including grafitting walls+carving their name into tables)

💓Who starts the tickle fights: Roadhog, Junkrat is crazy ticklish and just goes nuts when he’s being tickled, kicking, screaming, laughing, crying. It’s super cute and Roadhog loves making him giggle.

💞Who starts the pillow fights: Junkrat, being on the run is just such a bore! He hates those days when they can’t leave their motel cause trouble city is crawling with cops, so he of course needs to be a brat and entertain himself, but Roadhog usually doesn’t mind and will humor him, though he can send Junkrat flying across the room if he’s not careful

💟Who falls asleep last, watching the other with a small affectionate smile: Roadhog, he likes to watch over Junkrat to make sure he actually falls asleep, Junkrat is an Insomniac so Roadhog learned if he doesn’t watch him Junkrat may give up on sleep and wonder, which is bad especially in their line of work when you always need to be alert. Junkrat finds Roadhog to be a huge comfort, he can only sleep with the man right next to him, feeling his warmth and the caressing of his hair, or the scratchy tickle of Roadhogs beard against his forehead.

💗Who mistakes salt for sugar: Junkrat, All the time! But he doesn’t always notice, usually Roadhog will take a sip of his coffee or bite of his pancake and gag because of the strong salty taste (Junkrat doesn’t waste food though and will still eat it with no complaints) he also loads it other sugar, he loves the stuff (want some coffee with your sugar Junkrat??“

💝Who lets the microwave play the loud beeping sound at 1am in the morning: neither that shits annoying and makes Junkrat hyper focused on it, even small noises can wake him, a noise like that and he’s not likely to fall asleep again. He will instantly jump out of bed to turn that annoying thing off, Roadhog on the other hand will listen to it for a few minutes with a glare on his face, hating and cursing such an annoying sound. (And he’s use to annoying sounds 😆 jk he actually loves and adores Junkrats voice and could listen to him all day)

💋Who comes up with cheesy pick up lines: both are pretty dorky and have little pick up line contests. Usually initiated by Junkrat but won by Roadhog. Junkrat considers Roadhog the master of pick up lines, I mean they work on Junkrat so they must be good

🐖Who rearranges the bookshelf in alphabetical order: neither, chaos is their thing, they are more likely to break into your house and rearrange your alphabetical bookshelf based on something random, like book cover austetic or the main characters first name spelled backwards.

🐀Who licks the spoon when they’re baking brownies

💘Who buys candles for dinners even though there’s no special occasion: Roadhog, he really missed the better things in life like sweet scented candles, Junkrat has also grown fond of them and will get some for Roadhog on occassion if he comes by them.

💅Who draws little tattoos on the other with a pen: Roadhog, he’s actually surprisingly good at drawing tattoos! With his Maori background he likes to draw similar body art on Junkrat and tells him what the symbols and stuff mean. Junkrat likes the idea of having tattoos that remind him of his achievements and good times with Roadhog.

💐Who comes home with a new souvenir magnet every time they go on vacation: Roadhog, he never expected to travel as much as he is now. When he was young he always wanted to see the world, go backpacking or something but with the omnics crisis he never got a chance, and after the crisis never expected to, didn’t think he deserved to see its beauty.

🌹Who convinces the other to fill out those couple surveys in the back of magazines: Junkrat! They are a fun way to pass time during boat trips, plane rides etc. He will get upset if the results are negative


Tiwanaku, Part 4: The Kalasasaya

The Kalasasaya is another large courtyard area, more than 300 feet long. Just north of the Akapana, beside a subterranean temple. It is surrounded by short walls, that have been carved into, displaying what are called “tenon heads.” Built from sandstone, the largest rock in the wall weighs over 26 tonnes.

Why Can't You See

Summary: Dan thought that Phil loved him. Now Dan’s falling apart and Phil can’t see that he’s fading.

Warnings: tw, self harm, blood, unrequited love, mentions of sex, bad writing

Words: 999 (I kid you not)

A/N: I’m sorry



Drops of ink. Drops of blood.

Dan couldn’t tell where one started and the other ended.

The black smudged and blurred the red. Around Dan’s page. Around Dan’s mind. Around Dan’s heart. The colours twisting and blurring to spell out a single word.


Dan rubbed angrily at his eyes, the red of his eyelids being squished into the black of nightmares

Phil laughing.

Phil smiling.

Phil happy.

With someone else.

Upon hearing another moan through the wall. Dan carved two lines into the dual white canvases.

One in ink. One in blood

As the black began to lull Dan with whispers of a dreamless sleep, Dan reflected on what Phil was.


Phil was everything

Funny, joyful, caring, smart-


Selfish. Phil was selfish. Dan decided.

Phil was the one in his bedroom fucki-no making love to his boyfriend. While Dan, his best friend and ex-fuckbuddy was sat alone in his bedroom, slowly letting his love drain out through ink and his life drain out through blood.

The first time had only been an accident. Both of them at a New Year’s party and loaded up on god knows what. 30 seconds to midnight and everybody else already coupled up, they had no choice.

Until the New Year’s kiss quickly tuned into something hungrier, more primal and deeper which ended in them whispering sweet nothings into the night’s air until the dawn sent them scurrying back to their own room, their lips tingling and their hearts pounding.

The second time was a bit more skeptical. They were less drunk, under less pressure, however that didn’t stop it from being any less intense, less memorable, less real than the first.

The third time was downright inexcusable. They weren’t drunk at all, alone in the house with their TV blaring out the credits of the last episode of their latest anime.

Although neither of them protested as hands found bodies and lips found lips.

That morning after, Dan and Phil had decided to settle their arrangement. Fast, easy and quality sex was what they decided on. Fast, easy and quality sex with no strings attached

Dan just assumed that was a cover for their true relationships. After all, platonic friends with benefits didn’t cuddle in bed whispering sweet nothings into the other’s ear. Platonic friends with benefits did not quickly steal lingering kisses while cooking dinner or watching a movie. Platonic friends with benefits did not act like anything more than just friends anywhere outside the bedroom.

And so Dan was happy.

Until he wasn’t.

Until Adam had been assigned to be the technician of the Internet Takeover.

Dan still remembered the evening when Phil burst into the lounge, smiling a smile that usually only Dan could make him wear. “It went brilliantly! We exchanged numbers and I’m going to see him again on Thursday. ”

Phil had then retired to the other end of the sofa, smiling while tapping away on his phone and Dan had forced a smile and tried to ignore the rip in his heart.

On Thursday, Phil had brought Adam home and Dan had carved the first line into his arm.

And Phil didn’t notice.

Dan started to wear long sleeves which covered his lower arms, even though the days were starting to get warmer.

And Phil still didn’t notice.

And that’s when Dan realised that even though Phil was the centre of Dan’s universe.

Dan wasn’t the centre of his.

Fourteen red lines were drawn that night.

Dan was fading. He could feel it. Blackness was eating away at the edges of his vision. His pounding lifeblood was seeping out of the artwork covering his canvas of a body. Dan felt light, light and numb. Perhaps that was what prompted him to call out Phil’s name.

The noises stopped, soon replaced by angry muttering which kept fading in and out of focus as Dan fought to stay conscious.

“Dan… I’m sort of busy right now. Is it urgent?”

Is it urgent. Dan had a wild urge to laugh. He was dying. Dan Howell was dying and Phil had asked whether or not it was urgent.

Dan’s lips felt bloated and heavy as he called out the only word he seemed to be able to say.


It was silent for a few moments before Dan heard a barely audible sigh float into his ears.

“Dan.” the voice sounded annoyed, snappy “Dan, I’m with Adam right now. If it’s urgent then say so. If not then please can you leave us be?”

Us. The word echoed around Dan, amplifying the call of the black void surrounding him, engulfing him. And Dan can only wonder when us stopped meaning Dan and Phil and started meaning Phil and Adam.

Every movement, every thought was almost too much of an effort, yet a final word was dragged from Dan’s lips. He needed to hear him, needed to see him for the last time.

“Phil.” Dan eyes fluttered shut as his life soaked into the bedsheets in a vivid shade of crimson.

“Dan.” the voice is icy now, as cold as the night sea. “Please shut up.”

Shut up . The two words stab and twist cruelly at his heart. Dan feels like he is drowning. Shut up, shut up. Phil doesn’t love him, maybe he never has. Maybe Dan has assumed too much, believes try had something. Shut up, shut up Dan doesn’t have the energy left to cry, he can feel his heartbeat irregularly pounding and fading. Dan lets a harsh laugh bubble its way past his lips and when did he get so tired.

Shut up, shut up . Dan can feel the blackness tugging and pulling and attempting to detach his soul from his body. His body marked in so many ways by Phil. Phil’s love- no Phil’s pleasure, Phil’s betrayal and Phil’s faults.

Shut up. Shut up.

Dan is almost gone. He can feel himself slowly fading away, his mind curiously blank and somehow he manages to ignore the deep ache from where his heart should be.

Unbidden, a final word slips past Dan’s lips.


And Dan gives up.


A/N: You all still alive out there? You there at the back, alive? Barely? Good enough.

I’m still in shock about this but this fic has been nominated for a phanfic award in the emotional wreck category! (guys I am a barely known author with shitty writing and an even shittier personality but god do I love you all so much, all of you are amazing) 

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Neo-Assyrian Glazed Terracotta Tile from Nimrud (Kalhu), Iraq, c. 883-859 BC

A clue to the colour scheme of an ancient palace:

This glazed tile was found by the excavator Henry Layard at the Assyrian city of Nimrud. Along with the stone reliefs, it was part of the decorative scheme of the royal palace, although few examples survived Nimrud’s destruction in the seventh century BC.

This example depicts an Assyrian king, possibly Ashurnasirpal II (reigned 883-859 BC), accompanied by his bodyguard and attendants. It was probably part of a sequence showing the king as triumphant warrior and hunter. Such tiles provide a clue to the kind of colour scheme used for the relief panels. The decoration was executed in yellow, black and green (perhaps originally red) paint. These were made from natural materials.

It is likely that most major Assyrian buildings had paintwork at least in the reception rooms. Ashurnasirpal recorded that he had represented his triumphs in paintings. There were murals on the walls above the carved stone panels and the ceilings were also painted.

Glazed bricks are mentioned first in the second half of the second millennium BC when the mastery of the mechanical properties of glass had become known.


etsyfindoftheday 5 | 9.3.15

theme thursday: take me to the mountains

mountain finds by nativebear

hand-carved designs and stamps are nativebear’s specialty — i love the rustic yet clean look of their wares. these three mountain finds are perfection, from a 4-color art print to a personalized address stamp to a ‘new frontier’ card in poppy red, i bet you’re loving them, too.

A Court of War and Starlight: Part 44

(Read: Part I | II | III | IV | V | VI | VII | VIII | IX | X | XI | XII | XIII | XIV | XV | XVI | XVII | XVIII | XIX | XX | XXI | XXII | XXIII | XXIV | XXV | Nessian I | XXVI | XXVII | XXVIII | Elucien I | XXIX | XXX | XXXI | XXXII | XXXIII | XXXIV | XXXV | Elucien II | XXXVI | XXXVII | XXXVIII | Nessian II | XXXIX | XL | Feyrhys I | XLI | Elucien III | XLII | XLIII | Elucien IV | Nessian III | XLIV | XLV | XLVI | Elucien V | Azriel I | XLVII | XLVIII | XLIX | L | Elucien VI | Moriel I | LI | LII | LIII | LIV | LV | LVI | LVII | LVIII | LIX | LX | LXI | Nessian IV | LXII | LXIII | LXIV | LXV | LXVI | LXVII | LXIII | LXIX | LXX | LXXI | LXXII | LXXIII | LXXIV | LXXV | Epilogue )

I spent far more time in the Court of Nightmares over the next three days than I cared to. Rhys wanted me beside him at all times as he discussed defense tactics with high-ranking members of his court. He said that it was important that I be there, not just because these things were necessary for me to know as a High Lady, but also because they wouldn’t expect me to be sifting through their minds as they gave their reports to Rhys.

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can u imagine if kara went to work in war zones & investigate refugee camps bc like? she had her whole world explode too yknow so she knows what it feels like & she’s so fiercely protective of these ppl who dont have her powers but still keep trying to protect their families & literally everyone there figures out that kara is supergirl bc she puts out fires & wraps herself around a kid when a bomb goes off & she holds up a wall as they rebuild & she just?? this is what she wants to do, she wants to help ppl & if u look carefully sometimes there are little S crests carved into walls so that ppl know this is a safe house & kids spray paint el mayara on the rubble in letters twenty feet high so the pilots that drop bombs on them & the drones that fly overhead can see them & words in their own language that mean we won’t be beaten we will survive we will grow stronger u cant beat us &  anyway just a thought