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The Signs as Pirates

Aries: A crew of pirates that hail from a port city overrun with corruption. Their acts of disobedience put the crew at risk of being silenced forever so they escaped to the sea to develop their plan. They deliver supplies to residents of the city in the form of food and basic necessities as well as weapons for the brewing rebellion. The crew is on the run from corrupt officials but viewed as protectors by civilians.

Taurus: No other crew has been at sea as long as this one. This pirate crew is composed of several families that have sailed the same huge ship for countless decades. Their extensive knowledge of the sea is made clear by all the riches they have acquired and the jewels that dangle from their bodies. Other crews regard them with deep respect, making them pseudo-royalty in the seafaring world.

Gemini: A playful crew of master tricksters, sailing the world on a ship unlike any other–the crew constructed and repaired it as they traveled, which resulted in a ship with parts from all around the globe. The eclectic ship suits the crew well because each member joined the crew at a different location, creating a very diverse group. Days on the ship are filled with discussions, pranks, and learning about each member’s past life on land.

Cancer: The youngest known pirate crew. However, what they lack in years they make up for in courage and compassion. This ocean-eyed bunch boarded their ship and sailed away from a tragic past in a destroyed city. The crew protects each other from the dangers of the sea and takes in any lost children they encounter. Often underestimated for their youth and kindness, the crew surprises other pirates by coming to the rescue when another crew is in need.

Leo: These pirates sail in a ship plated with gold, crowned with ruby red sails and led by a beautifully carved marble lion figurehead. On board, the crew enjoys all the riches of the world, from diamond rings to emerald-crusted goblets. Exotic animals roam the deck, tigers and leopards dozing in the open sun and lionesses standing regally at the side of each crew member. It is considered an honor for your city to be visited by these pirates.

Virgo: Pirates that keep their ship docked in rocky caves with crystal-covered walls carved out of cliffs by ocean waves. These secret caves are also home to the crew’s legacy: tunnels leading to rooms filled with books written by crew members long passed, tables littered with hand drawn maps, and unique inventions and creations from all over the world. These pirates are known as the first to map the Seven Seas. 

Libra: Pirates who drifted away from civilization and became overcome by the beauty of the world. The crew can be found on islands with their immaculate ship anchored nearby, dancing in ankle deep water on white sand beaches to music made with their own handmade instruments. Seashells and pearls are tangled in their hair and they sip a beverage similar to wine.

Scorpio: This pirate crew is known by most people as half reality and half folk lore because they are rarely sighted and never communicate with people outside the crew. The dark sails of their ship loom on the horizon every full moon for only a few moments before they seem to disappear without a trace. People speak of their wild eyes and jewelry made of shimmering fish scales, crystals, and dark gemstones.

Sagittarius: A ragtag band of rogues and outlaws, banished from their homeland for refusing to support a tyrannical ruler. They have been given a bad name by authorities but this reputation could not be further from the truth. This crew remains deeply loyal to each other as they travel the sea and find themselves in risky situations. While battling sea monsters and saving stranded refugees, they risk their lives for each other and constantly display their “all for one and one for all” philosophy.

Capricorn: This pirate crew has roamed farther than any other, reaching the Arctic Circle. They’ve adapted to the freezing climate, living in solitude for most of the year and migrating back to the mainland along the equator only when they need supplies. They are industrious inventors and skilled hunters, but record all their secrets in a coded language that only crew members can decipher.

Aquarius: This pirate crew is known for the strange events that seem to follow them wherever they go–hurricanes suddenly calming when their ship approaches, worldly objects disappearing from their homes and reappearing on board the ship, and the strange way the crew abandons the ship for the sea every night, trading their legs for scaly fish tails in the light of the moon… The crew itself is few in number and each member is of the same rank.

Pisces: A pirate crew that drifts from coast to coast in a ship that reflects the sun in a way that makes it appear to be made of silver. The sails seem to be the color of the ocean itself. These pirates let the stars guide them across the sea, stopping in port cities periodically to trade handmade tapestries for supplies. Their arrival is met with anticipation because most people believe the crew has been gifted with the otherworldly power of clairvoyance.

You saw everything ugly in me that I desperately tried to hide from you. All my flaws and annoying outbursts. My depression. The huge black, rotting hole in my heart that I tired to paint over with kindness and love but every time the despair proved to be too strong. I tried to tell you, and warn you before my stupid heart wrote your name on its walls, carved it in its floors and spread it in the air. But you fought everything I told you. How I was not made to be loved goddammit yet you said otherwise. And my silly little heart believed you. You gave it false hope. You gave it something to cling to then you tore it away! Smiling while you did it. Giving cold hearted a whole new meaning. You left it in a pit. Snatching all the happiness from the few things that made it happy. Now it just bleeds your name, over and over again
—  iilahi

@hynpos Mythology Event
Favorite Egyptian Mythological Creature → The Sphinx

And thus the creature spoke, voice soft and low;

What crawls on fours through the morning
Walks on twos to the day
And gallivants on threes
into the night?

The traveler thought and thought. ‘Be careful.’ the winged Sphinx warned. 'Answer incorrectly and I will devour your ignorant tongue as a snack.’

magical communities across the globe

i love harry potter (as do we all) and like most im incredibly disappointed with the lack of multiculturalism in it and i havent been able to stop thinking about how wizarding communities in different cultures might evolve. some cultures are much more in touch with spirituality and magic, so the wizarding community doesnt have to be as repressed everywhere as it is in england. so… think about it?

  • spell casting in different languages!! tonal languages like chinese. if i know anything from 5 years learning mandarin its that intonation can change your meaning completely… a transfer student attending the beijing wizarding school. theyre doing charms and accidentally get the tones wrong. the only thing you hear is their chinese classmates yelling “nO NO NONONO-” before they all get turned into frogs
  • big wizarding families with ancient lineage having had generations living in hidden hutongs across chinese cities!
  • what about all those stories of old emperors sending envoys out to search for the key to immortality - and this brings up the interesting possibilities of intersections between magic and traditional medicine!
  • you know how bats are a symbol of good luck in china? and black cats are symbols of good luck in japan? yeah
  • also screw the gross western conflation of blackness with evil, with corruption. screw the death eaters with their “dark marks”. many cultures see white as death, as emptiness, and black as richness, as life. wizarding communities finding power in the darkness of the night
  • what about indian wizards and witches? theyre big on scientific magic (unlike the incredibly scientifically backward communities in england) bc for centuries india and the middle east had the greatest scientific developments in the world
  • indian wizards/witches making breakthroughs in astronomy through their charmed instruments and maps that rotate with their view of the skies!
  • hindu wizards using mehndi to form magical symbols on their skin
  • and what about tattoos and piercings across cultures! so many communities across africa and south america and the pacific that have long histories with tattoos. imagine tattoos glowing while they spellcast. 
  • young witches and wizards earning tattoos as they grow… the tattoos grow organically and shift and change
  • and its incredible bc all different cultures would have completely different approaches to spellcasting at all!! what if wizards across the world dont generally use wands? some use staffs or their bare hands or scrolls or even their eyes!
  • inuit magical communities!! conjuring fire for warmth. keeping seals and wolves as familiars. using ice and water in their magic and hunting in the icy waters by transforming into animagi 
  • wizards and witches in the amazon who are hidden from the rest of the world. they use plants to their advantage by merging into foliage or slipping into shadows, leaving no trace behind at all. they nurse their ecosystems back to life
  • east asian wizards using martial arts to strengthen their magical abilities or to duel
  • and what about the possibilities in art across different cultures!! old japanese woodblock prints that oscillate and move around. wall carvings in hindu temples dancing and walking around
  • kashmiri and pakistani wizards with eye colours that subtly shift and change depending on what magic theyre performing
  • hieroglyphics in ancient egyptian wizarding communities!! they often have cat familiars too 
  • nomadic communities living in scorching deserts… wearing shimmering fabrics, almost appearing to be mirages themselves bc they can bend and twist light
  • viking wizards exploring the world on ships!! powered by wind they harness themselves by performing incredibly powerful coordinated spells. especially strong norse wizards could harness lightning
  • maori magical communities and southeast asian communities and pacific islanders taking care of reefs. they can manipulate air and water to travel deep below the surface of the ocean
  • magical communities atop the himalayas in monasteries. they protect muggle climbers from avalanches and heal climbers who have been wounded
  • wizards/witches in the swiss alps who are animagi. they transform into saint bernards and form strong bonds with explorers

im just in love with wizarding communities across the globe evolving separately and having different relationships to spirituality because!! nothing is ever black and white but the world is vast and diverse and there are ten thousand sights that could blow you away and how tiring that the only glimpse into wizarding communities we receive is the drab and repressed one in the UK

The Golden Cave (Newt Scamander x Reader)

Prompt: same plot as most angst newt fics (except angstier)

Word Count: 2395

A/N: Yeah Yeah, I know.  The Bones part 3 fic should be out.  Well, now I can work on it without this fic being in the way. XP

“Hey Y/N?” Newt called.

“Yes?” I called back, trying to find him from where I stood.

“Can you feed the mooncalves?” he asked, “The Goldsteins have invited us to dinner so I was hoping you will be okay with me starting on my way.  With you in the case.”

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‘Swee’ brag-worthy destinations you can go to without breaking the bank!

Envy all that picture-perfect photos on your social media feed? Make all your friends wish they were there with you at these ‘swee’ destinations! What’s more, the trips won’t burn a hole in your pocket!

Embark on a food, art and architectural expedition at Penang George Town, Malaysia

It’s easy to fall in love with this charming colonial town when you think of how much you can enjoy with so little money. This renowned paradise of multi-ethnic flavours is home to a variety of cheap and signature fares, from Char Kuey Teow and Penang Laksa to its most popular local dessert, Penang Chendol!

Image: shankar s.

Food isn’t the only thing George Town is known for. Take to the streets to uncover Penang’s famous wall murals and navigate past traditional shophouses, Chinese temples and colonial architecture to fill your Instagram with #swee-worthy snapshots.

Find adventure around Borobudur, Indonesia 

For those in search of wonder and awe, visit the ‘Garden of Java’ for stunning views of the region’s lush greenery and verdant rice fields.

Getting to Borobudur is a short plane ride to Yogyakarta (AirAsia is a good direct option for cheap and flexible flights), followed by an hour’s bus ride from city.

Admire the sacred wall carvings and ancient stone statues at the world’s largest Buddhist temple and witness the early morning sunrise over this colossal monument. Be sure to have your cameras and selfie sticks ready to capture your next epic profile pic with the alluring sunrise that will have your friends grumbling with envy!

Hit the beaches of Cebu, Philippines

Cebu is the perfect weekend getaway for budget travellers and short-term vacationers alike. Food and accommodation options are cheap in this bountiful seaside town, with plenty of offshore and inland activities to keep you entertained.

Island hop to the nearby white beaches and snorkelling sites, discover underwater magic and vibrant coral gardens around Balicasag Island, or take a beginner’s diving course at one of the many scuba schools that offer amazing rates for dive packages.

Explore the old temples of Chiang Rai, Thailand

Changi Rai is easily the best place to stick to a budget. Filled with food, fun and friendly locals, escape to Thailand’s northern province to experience beautiful mountain landscapes, laid-back vibes and affordable adventures!

Embark on a tour the many mesmerizing Buddhist temples, take an enchanting jungle trek in search of exotic waterfalls and hidden hillside tribes, bargain for exotic handicrafts and cheap eats at the daily night bazaars, or take a liberating motorcycle ride through the remote province of Mae Hong Son.

It’s easy to fly direct from Bangkok, where you can stopover for a quick city sojourn before embracing nature! 

Get in touch with your spiritual side in Pondicherry, India

Feeling exceedingly stressed out? Sign up for a short stay at the Sri Aurobindo Ashram to enjoy an (almost) free stay with healthy vegetarian meals provided to all who’ve come to deepen their experience with yoga and meditation.

Not digging the pious life? You won’t have to go far to find cheap booze and fabulous fusion cuisine from this former French colony that will leave you craving for more!

Trek the nearby hills of Dalat, Vietnam

Image: Dung Le Tien

Dalat is the perfect destination for tourists looking to beat the heat and relax in the cool mountain air of this beautiful hillside city. Temperatures hover between 15°C and 24°C daily, making it ideal for trekking, canyoning and other outdoor activities that would usually leave you sweating buckets.

Explore the elegant architecture and French-colonial vibes of the inner city, visit Dalat’s oldest Pagoda (Chua Linh Quang), or cruise through the countryside on a motorbike while passing acres of strawberry and coffee plantations on your way to the legendary Elephant Waterfalls.

Chaos in the Pantheon (Part 7)

((A/N: As promised, the next chapter ASAP. It’s getting rather intense, for those who haven’t noticed. I’m pretty excited about where it’s going. There’s also the potential for a ‘spin-off’ of sorts, depending on how it’s received. This one I loved writing. I love it all, but this is bananas. 

Pairing: Bucky Barnes (Ares) x Reader

Word Count: 3.3k 

Warnings: Language, awkwardness, alcohol use. Also: hilarity. 

Catch up!: Part 1// Part 2// Part 3// Part 4// Part 5// Part 6//))

Ares wasted no time in getting to you, that was for sure. He moved with the speed Hermes had endowed in him without much care for the fact that he was likely on Zeus’ radar at this point. There was a feeling of need and fear as he made his way to you as fast as his feet could take him. He saw you, in his mind’s eye, and felt your pain. He wasn’t entirely sure what he was seeing, but he knew it was the beginning of the explanation for why Zeus was so terribly interested in you.

The wonderful part about gods on earth, all of the Pantheon had found, was that they could blend with ease. In truth very few humans knew the real forms of the gods and those that did were said to have been under a spell when approached. It was how Ares was able to run towards where you were in time to watch the fire burn out.

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A Visit To The Teacher.

Request - Happy with an art teacher?? Lots of freedom:)

I’m not sure this was exactly what you were thinking but I hope you like it all the same! :) - Red_w00dy xoxo


Leaning back into your chair with a heavy sigh, you lifted your head to stare out at the empty classroom in front of you, with the exception of Abel Teller. You were an art teacher at the high school in Norco, California and Abel was proving to be one of your more difficult students. It wasn’t as if he didn’t have any talent, in fact he was probably one of your best students, but he also had a habit of losing his temper for no apparent reason. Lately he had been drawing a lot of disturbing images during class, something that worried you which was why you were sat here after hours waiting to have a meeting with one of his emergency contacts. It wasn’t the first time, you’d had many meetings with his mother, Wendy, and his other guardian, Nero, but they had been unable to make it due to work engagements which meant they were sending someone else. A man named Happy Lowman.

A knock at the door broke you out of your train of thought, calling out a tired ‘Come in’ to whoever was in the corridor. The door opened to reveal an incredibly good looking man chewing on a toothpick, the tattoos that covered his arms making you just that little bit more attracted to him. You pushed yourself up into a standing position after Abel grunted in acknowledgement, gesturing for the man to take a seat on the chair next to you. It meant Abel couldn’t see what was on the desk in front of you, and therefore delayed the inevitable tantrum that he’d throw when he saw what you were showing his parents’ friend.

“My name is Y/N Y/L/N, I’m Abel’s art teacher” You held your hand out for him to shake, wincing a little when he gripped it tightly before sitting down next to you.

“Happy,” He replied gruffly, his deep tone sending shivers down your spine as you pulled Abel’s art folder towards you. “So what has he done now? Wendy says this ain’t the first time you’ve called a meeting”

“I haven’t done shit,” Abel defended from the back of the classroom, his arms folded over his chest and his eyes narrowing in your direction. “She just enjoys getting me into trouble for no fucking reason”

“Stop swearing, kid. It ain’t big and it ain’t clever” Happy snapped, glaring at the blonde haired boy and therefore rendering him silent. You were gobsmacked. You had never seen anybody manage to shut Abel up so quickly before.

“Abel, perhaps you’d like to go to the cafeteria while me and Mr Lowman talk? Or maybe the metal workshop, I know Mr Stone is eager to talk to you about some motorcycle he’s working on” You suggested, your eyes following the lanky teenager as he pushed himself out of his chair and slung his backpack over his shoulder.

“See you later, Uncle Hap. Don’t listen to anything she says, she’s full of shit” Abel scowled, squeezing the older man’s shoulder before exiting the room with the door slamming behind him.

A silence fell between you after the boy’s departure, unsure of how to start a conversation with the man next to you. Upon closer examination, he was more attractive than your first impression. His deep brown eyes were swimming with a combination of mystery and darkness and he had various scars that contrasted against his tan skin. It was his tattoos that drew you in though. The way in which they all merged into each other to decorate his body, a mixture of several different colours causing the black outline to accentuate the design perfectly. It may have been the fact you were a fan of Japanese culture but your attention was immediately captured by the lotus flowers tattooed on his wrists, confirming that they would be how the conversation started before you put a dampener on your meeting by showing him Abel’s disturbing artwork.

“Are you interested in Japanese culture then?” You said slowly, receiving a confused look from Happy in response. “I noticed you have two of them on your wrists, I just assumed…”

“Oh right,” he chuckled deeply, his gaze flitting to where his hands rested in his lap before returning to stare back at you once more. “I guess I like the spiritual meaning behind them, the whole purity and harmony stuff”

“I get that, I have a couple lotus flowers myself” You grinned, pulling your shirt back to reveal the Japanese themed sleeve tattoo that covered the majority of your right arm.

“Hey they’re pretty cool,” he commented, his fingers wrapping around your wrist to pull it towards him and examine your tattoos closely. “You need a few of these touching up though. Not in a mean way! I’m a tattoo artist, I notice these things”

“It’s fine, don’t worry about it,” You shrugged, covering your tattoos with your shirt once more and flipping Abel’s art coursework folder. “Anyway we’re here to discuss Abel, not my poorly done tattoos”

Happy laughed a little at your comment before falling silent at the sight of Abel’s drawings. To say they were troubling were an understatement. The pair of you spent the next fifteen minutes flipping through the folder, pausing at the more disturbing images to take in the amount of detail that had been put into them. There was one of a blonde haired man holding a gun, a cigarette dangling from his lips and blood coating his face. Another consisted of a slightly overweight man lying on a bench outside, his eye and several fingers having been removed horrifically judging by the blood and bruises that surrounded them. The most alarming one had to be his most recent piece of work though. It portrayed a thin, dark haired woman slumped against a blood splattered wall, a carving fork embedded into the top of her head whilst a considerably older woman wept in the corner, surrounded by broken crockery and a gun that lay discarded by her feet.

“As you can see, they’re pretty horrifying” You declared once you had finished looking through, slipping the folder into a drawer in your desk and turning to face the bald man, his eyebrows knitted together with worry.

“Um yeah, just a little,” he stuttered, rubbing the back of his neck anxiously whilst figuring out what to say. “I assume you know the shit that he went through when he was younger?”

“I’ve read his file. I know all about his adoptive mother and his father’s suicide if that’s what you mean,” You flashed him a sympathetic smile, knowing that he’d been close to Abel’s Dad when he’d been alive. “What concerns me is the amount of detail, like he witnessed all these events first hand”

“I can assure you that he didn’t, it must just be something that he’s imagined. I’ll talk to him though, see what’s going on with him and try to sort it out” Happy said honestly, pausing as if he wanted to say something else but obviously thinking better of it.

“Feel free to say what you like, Mr Lowman,” You urged, knowing it’d be likely that you’ll probably see him again in the near future. “If it can help Abel then I’d love to know what you’re thinking”

“I was just wondering whether I could take that first drawing? It’s of his dad and I know my friends and I would really appreciate it if we could have it” He asked cautiously, his eyes searching yours for any indication of you turning denying his odd request.

“But of course, Mr Lowman,” You nodded, opening the drawer and removing the picture he’d been talking about, handing it to him and accidentally brushing your fingers against his. Your eyes met his at the conact, unable to deny the spark of electricity that had coursed through you when you had grazed his calloused hands.

He shot you a grateful smile as he stood up from his seat, nodding at you whilst tucking the drawing under his arm and exiting the room with a slight swagger in his step. You let out a frustrated sigh once the door had closed. You couldn’t believe that you had been so stupid as to let him leave without your number, especially when you were so attracted to him. You spent another five minutes in your classroom before making your way out to the lot, not catching sight of Happy leaning against your car until you stopped rummaging through your bag in search of your keys.

“Mr Lowman…” You began, stopping in front of him when you finally reached the beat up Sedan that you’d had since you were seventeen. “Is there something else you’d like to ask about Abel?”

“Call me Happy. And no, actually I wanted to speak about you. I was just wondering whether you’d want to hang out sometime, maybe go for a drink or something?” He smiled, raising his hand up to take a drag on his cigarette as your eyes flitted to where Abel was sat waiting on the back of a Harley Davidson, shaking his head in disbelief.

“I’m not sure whether that would be appropriate, Happy,” You sighed, although deep down you were feeling like an excited teenager all over again. “I don’t usually date one of my student’s guardians, even if they do have as many as Abel does”

“I’ll pick you up on Friday after school, don’t forget to bring a helmet. I’m all about that health and safety when it comes to riding bikes” He winked as he clearly ignored your previous comment, giving your hip an affectionate squeeze and making his way over to his motorbike where Abel high fived him triumphantly.

As you climbed into your car, you couldn’t fight the smile that had crept onto your face. He looked over his shoulder at you one more time before he pulled out of the lot, flashing you one of his lop-sided grins as he kicked the bike stand with his heel and set off at an alarming speed. A small chuckle escaped your lips at his amount of attitude. It looked like you were going to have to go buy a motorcycle helmet on your way home.

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che1sea-xiao-long  asked:

Is the 6th lion on the carving gonna be important in Season 3? Many people have pointed out that it's the White Lion from the original series in the episode, "The Secret of the White Lion" and a Robotech/Voltron crossover comic.

For myself, I think so. There’s a reason why the lion is set off to the side like that to draw attention to it. Clearly the team wanted people to go, “oh there’s another lion there.” Now this could be the original white lion, which, if memory serves me right, was Allura’s mother. I didn’t get to see the cross over so I can’t say much about that, sadly. 

What sort of importance could it have. Well if it is Allura’s mother then it could tell the story of the past to the other characters. It could also lead them to Shiro at some point, being the spirit of the lions. It could also be a representation of the Space Angel that may have blessed Voltron in the first place. I’d like to see more about it when the series comes out. 

Short answer, I absolutely think it’s going to be important. How important though is the question that we need more info for to give proper theory as to what role it’s going to play. 

I’ll have to make a post about the connection between the white lion and this possible lion in the near future. (I hope)


“It is a rather fine throne.”

Indeed, it was. The throne at the center of the palace at Ios seemed to flow out from the walls themselves, a carved seat of white marble, padded with a cushion of down and fine linen. It was, well and truly, a seat fit for a king.

Even so, Laurent seemed rather displeased with it, sitting straight-backed, legs crossed, his mouth pursed in irritation. “It doesn’t suit me,” was his final assessment.

“No, it doesn’t.” Ignoring the dismissive look that earned him, Damen knelt before the throne, one hand coming to rest on Laurent’s knee. “There’s one that suits you, you know, back in Vere.”

There was something distant in Laurent’s eyes, something wistful in his voice when he replied, “One day, I’ll claim it.”

One day?” Damen’s hand slid down along Laurent’s bare thigh as he spoke, sword callouses dragging along silken skin. Even if the throne didn’t suit him, the chiton certainly did. “Why not now?”

“Are you in such a rush to be rid of me?” Laurent seemed amused by the idea, sinking deeper into the throne as he spoke, sinking down into Damen’s arms.

“Not at all.” Earnest as always. “But the longer you wait to return, the greater the risk of another usurper rising.”

“I’m aware,” Laurent said, sliding his fingers into Damen’s hair, carding through the thick curls with practiced ease, giving a warm shiver when Damen’s arms looped around his waist. “But I have the whole of Akielos at my back. I’m not worried.”

“That’s new.”

“It feels nice,” Laurent admitted, a soft, genuine smile blooming across his face. “I never thought there would come a time when I had no need to worry.”

To that, Damen could only smile.

“You’ve thought about it, haven’t you?” Laurent’s left hand slid lower, his thumb stroking along the curve of Damen’s cheek, and he shivered when a soft kiss was pressed to his palm. “Peace.” The word was spoken softly, as though it were sacred.

To them, it was.

Okay but let’s talk about Fred & George.

You have to be observant to be as successfully mischievous as the twins are. Imagine 11-year old Fred entering the Great Hall and when all the first years are marveling at the ceiling that looks like the sky, and the first thing he notices is a broom closet door behind the High Table, and he thinks that’s a strange place for a broom closet, and now he thinks Argus Filch is glaring at him for looking at the broom closet, and he turns to George to point it out but George is already pointing at the ceiling like everybody else - except wondering how to get above the sky, because there’s no way it’s actually raining on them right now.

Imagine Lee Jordan figuring out the credit card trick to open doors, except wizards don’t have credit cards, but butter knives work just as well (maybe better). Imagine George filling his backpack to the brim with butter knives because he wasn’t really sure how many they would need, so he just took all of them. Imagine Fred running into the Great Hall to tell George he figured out how to get on the roof of the Gryffindor tower, and he slips a bit, and he crashes into George, and 16 butter knives are clattering to the floor, and now Argus Filch is glaring at them again.

Imagine Lee and George and Fred climbing up to the top of the Gryffindor dormitories, and on the top floor there’s a rusty old ladder, and at the top of the ladder there’s a rotting wooden trapdoor with a 40-year-old padlock barely holding it shut. But alohomora doesn’t open it (maybe the caretaker before Filch put it there, and knew a charm or two), so the three boys convince a third-year to buy them a couple extra cans of butterbeer at the Three Broomsticks, and spend the next week and a half learning how to make padlock shims out of aluminum. And they spend the last night of their first year drinking the rest of the butterbeer on the roof of the Gryffindor Tower, toasting to the pranks they’re planning, and to the rest of the hidden places they’ll find, and to the lock picks that they ordered via owl post to practice with over the summer, and to next year - when they SWEAR this time they’d convince a seventh year to buy them proper firewhiskey for a farewell toast.

Imagine they’ve come back from the summer for their second year, having mastered picking seven-pin locks with the cores they ordered via owl post, because who knew that wizards didn’t think they needed more than four pins on any of their locks? (They all knew they needed to practice picking more pins than that, even if it would only be helpful in the muggle world - turns out it was, two years later when they busted Harry’s trunk out of the cupboard under the stairs).

Imagine they finally get through that broom cupboard behind the High Table in the Great Hall, and much to their delight they find a rickety spiral staircase that winds straight up to a catwalk that stretches the length of the Great Hall - and the catwalk sits above the enchantment that makes the ceiling look like the sky, and for the rest of the year none of the students can figure out why it looks like there are two suns (an enchanted jar with a flame inside, labelled “Tatooine,” sitting on one end of the catwalk), and the young professor who finally figures it out is a muggleborn who saw A New Hope in the cinemas the day before she was accepted to Hogwarts and hasn’t the heart to remove the jar.

Imagine Fred and George and Lee exploring the castle at 3am with the help of the Marauder’s Map, sometimes with Angelina and Alicia, and one time Cedric Diggory - but he didn’t know he was afraid of heights until it was too late, and he never went exploring with them again. Imagine all the nights they didn’t find secret passageways or roofs or underground tunnels, just a hole in the wall or an entrance to a pipe big enough for a person to climb through (or, a giant snake), and just when they are about to be disappointed they see a wall covered in carvings and ink scratches. Most of them look centuries old - (code?)names like “Daedalus,” or a picture of a ball of string. One of them looks more recent - an intricate drawing of a cat wearing glasses - and they find that in almost every place they go (but it takes another generation for Lily Luna Potter to wonder how old Minerva McGonagall really was when she became an animagus). And sometimes they find their good friends Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot, and Prongs - but usually it’s just drawings of a wolf, a rat, a dog, and a stag (never one without the other).

Imagine the night before they leave Hogwarts in their dust (and a wake of destruction for Umbridge to clean up), they sneak up to the Great Hall catwalk one last time, except this time they leave candles enchanted to float in a pattern, and as the sun sets over dinner the constellations are no longer the Big Dipper and Orion’s Belt, but words that read out “Weasley’s Wizard Wheezes” and the address for their new joke shop in Diagon Alley.

Imagine all the things they were able to do thanks to lock picks and butter knives, to aluminum cans and a couple hours of brainstorming. Imagine how they would have been totally fine without the Marauder’s Map, but all that much better for it. Imagine Remus returning to his favorite hiding spot as a teacher to find a handful of new carvings next to his little wolf on the wall. Imagine all the generations of Hogwarts muggleborns who teach the wizard-born children how locks work, and how doors work, and why they can always be opened, and why magic is great - but all it is is helpful, and what’s really great is what they can do when they combine magic and common sense and a little bit of whim.

Dancing shoes

Request: Newt x reader. They go dancing.

Newt and reader travel together, and Queenie insists on taking them on a night out before they head back home.

Newt x fem reader

Master list


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Newt fiddled with his bowtie as he paced the length of the Goldstein’s living room, waiting a little impatiently for the girls to emerge from their respective bedrooms, Jacob sat on the plush sofa twiddling his thumbs, as he tried to chat with newt.

As newt was taking his twenty something trip about the lounge, y/n peeped her head around the door, newt almost choked on his own breath, she was utterly stunning. The hem of her dress just hiding knees, leaving a ghost of things yet to be discovered, Perfect lips painted in the deepest of reds.

“newt honey, you’ll catch flies if you stand there gawking much longer’ Queenie whispered on her way past him, a knowing look in her bright kind eyes. Newt had the good grace to blush, suddenly finding his freshly cleaned shoes rather interesting.

“I always knew there was a handsome gent underneath all that dirt’ y/n joked lightly, looking up at him, a sweet smile at her lips, newt felt the heat rise in his freckled cheeks, as he smiled at his shoes slightly embarrassed.

“come on then, everybody ready?’ Tina asked, finally entering the living room, her black dress sparkling as the beads caught in the candlelight, clearing his throat a little nervously, newt offered his arm to y/n, swallowing thickly as she took it with a grateful smile.


The five friends strolled to a wizarding dance hall, Tina tapping the secret knock on the dark wooden door, y/n giving newt’s arm a light squeeze, along with an excited giggle, as they made their way inside the grand ballroom. The high ceilings decorated with endless galaxies, the white marble walls ornately carved with flowers and vines, the dim candlelight, casting a warm, romantic mood, its light dancing on the beads of the women’s dresses.

“be brave, ask her to dance’ Queenie encouraged softly, as she swayed to the music, before Jacob spun the giggling woman onto the dance floor.  Tina gave newt a  pointed look as she disappeared into the crowd, having spotted a friend from work.

Newt took a deep calming breath, turning to the fantastic woman by his side, who was swaying and humming along to the jazz that flowed in the air, ‘would, would you like to dance?’ he asked his voice slightly strangled. Her eyes lit up, making them look quite at home amongst the galaxy that decorated the ceiling, ‘yes, of course’ she answered excitedly, her eagerness giving newt the courage to intertwine his long slender fingers with hers, placing his right rough work worn hand at her waist, making his breath hitch slightly, as she took his shoulder in her much smaller, delicate hand, before newt spun the pair, making y/n let out the sweetest of giggles.


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sagestiel  asked:

can you please do an imagine, where Sherlock and the reader are secretly dating, and nobody knows it and one day Anderson is trying to convince the reader to go on a date w/him, but the reader says she's already taken and the secret reveals! I just kinda want the reactions of everyone:D thank you xoxo

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You pressed a light kiss to Sherlock’s lips before leaving through the front door as quietly as you came before heading over to a nearby coffee shop. For a few months now, you and Sherlock had been secretly dating. With everything going on regarding Moriarty, Sherlock thought that it would be safer if no one knew you were together.

Reaching into your pocket, you grabbed your phone and answered it.

“Miss me already?” You smiled.

“Yes.” Sherlock replied, “but that’s not why I’m calling. There’s another case, and we need your help.”

“I’ll be there as soon as I can.” You told him and stepped up to the barista ready to order.

After you got your coffee, you walked a few blocks back to 221b Baker Street. Before you could knock on the door, Sherlock had already opened it and ushered you inside.

“Continue.” Sherlock told Anderson as you took your seat.

“We found a body-” Anderson began, but Sherlock cut him off.

“I already love it.” Sherlock smiled, clasping his hands together and resting them on his chin.

“Sherlock.” John scolded, motioning for Sherlock to pay attention to Anderson.

“Right, well, we think it might be Moriarty.” Anderson continued. “The body we found is the fifth one this week. Each one has a clue in their hands and that yellow smiley face in the wall carved into their chest.”

“It’s him alright.” Sherlock confirmed.

“Great, so you’ll help us?” Anderson asked.

Sherlock stood up and took the case file from Anderson’s hands, already flipping through the pages. “You know I love a good case, Anderson.”

Anderson smiled and let out a sigh of relief before turning to face you. “And actually, Y/N, I was wondering if I could talk to you for a minute?”

“Yeah, what’s up?” You asked, standing up and walking over to Anderson.

“I was wondering,” He began, “If you wanted to grab coffee or something sometime?”

“She can’t.” Sherlock cut in.

“Why not?” Anderson asked.

Sherlock looked up from the case and gave you a smile. “Because she’s my girlfriend.”

“Girlfriend?” John asked, looking back and forth between you and Sherlock. “Since when?”

“It’s been a few months.” Sherlock answered.

You looked at Anderson, offering him a sympathetic smile. “Sorry.”

“How did I not know about this?” John asked Sherlock still in disbelief.

“Because I didn’t want you to know.” He shrugged and walked over to you. “With everything going on between Moriarty I didn’t want to put Y/N in danger.”

“Girlfriend.” Anderson muttered slowly.

“Yes, Anderson.” Sherlock confirmed. “Y/N is my girlfriend. We are dating. And I am Sherlock Holmes so please show us the scene of the crime.”

“From girlfriend to murder,” John shook his head and grabbed his coat. “How do you go from talking about your girlfriend to murder?”

“It’s not rocket science, John.” Sherlock sighed and put his coat on before grabbing your hand.

You and Sherlock walked out apartment 221b while John and Anderson trailed closely behind, still trying to figure out how it happened.

Why I think Yellow Diamond may be full of sh*t

Hear me out, hear me out! After the most recent (and early *eyeroll*) Steven Bomb, I find myself increasingly suspicious of Yellow Diamond.

Yellow seems very intent on the Earth going boom. She’s pissed off about Pink Diamond? Sure. But why totally destroy the Earth when your species is in the middle of a resource shortage? Peridot said they were in “Too Short to Ride”.

Seems like a pretty stupid thing to do. When Peridot mentions having ideas for mining resources in “Message Received”, Yellow immediately shoots her down.

Lets be frank here. At the moment, there’s only 7 Crystal gems, if you count Connie and Lapis. If Homeworld invaded as of right now, they would be defeated rather fast. Also, Homeworld doesn’t currently believe there ARE any Crystal Gems. They think it’s just humans chilling out.

They could easily go back to Earth, take it back, and get all the resources they need.

But Yellow wants to blow it up.

Pink Diamond was not as old as the others. In her wall carving, she is shown with only one planet. Everyone else has 5+. Either Pink was really sh*tty at getting planets, or it was her first one.

What if Yellow wanted her out, for some reason?

I know she was singing to Blue about missing her, and being sad, etc. And I’m sure to some degree that is true. But she was also telling Blue to get rid of everything Pink related. Maybe she WANTS everyone to forget about it?

“But Anna, Where does Rose fit into all of this?”

Well, Rose obviously wasn’t happy with her position on Homeworld. She wanted out. But details about how the rebellion got started have been scarce, at best. We also don’t know what Lion is, either. The other gems didn’t know about him. Rose kept a lot of secrets.

What if Yellow found out about Rose, and helped her? What if Rose made a deal with Yellow, but was betrayed when Homeworld corrupted everyone on the planet? Or maybe she found out Rose was going to act on her own, and did nothing to stop it? Maybe she helped her out without Rose’s knowledge?

What if there’s evidence of Yellow’s lying on Earth, so destroying it will clear Yellow’s trail from the others? Maybe she knows Steven is there, but instead of exposing him to the others, just wants to silence him in secret? She may be like Jasper, thinking Steven and Rose are the same being.

I could be totally wrong. Yellow could be so overcome with grief, she’s making crappy decisions. Maybe there’s more details coming that will totally debunk my theories.

But from this point on, I’m going to remain very suspicious of Yellow (and Rose/Lion, for that matter). Something is off about her, to me.